Fireworks In The Orphanage: Lost Lives And The Truth (11)


After dinner, my father leaned on the sofa and looked at his mobile phone. He always kept his mobile phone in his hand, so he had to put some thought into seeing it.

I got an idea from a ghost novel where the main character is Ouyang Xu , so I leaned over and started acting coquettishly: "Dad, my phone is still not working well. I want to use your phone to check Taobao, okay?"

My father looked at me and handed me the phone.

"Dad is the best in the world. Can you please help me cut some fruit for me?"

"Okay, I'll go right away. I really can't do anything to you." The father stood up and walked to the kitchen.

I opened Taobao first, and then opened my phone address book and messages. There was nothing unusual. The camera was full of my photos.

My father cut the fruit and brought it over. I turned off the program in the background, opened the Taobao page, complained that I didn’t see any good ones, and returned the phone to my father.

Sometimes, behind the seemingly normal things are turbulence, and it becomes more and more obvious that something is deliberately hidden.

I can almost conclude that there is something wrong with my father.

I asked Sheng Ning to find out who was in charge of the orphanage, and I would find an opportunity to go to the study again.

Sheng Ning moved really fast. He sent me the picture in less than half a day. The person in charge was named Li Hong, who was Li Xiang’s father.

Li Xiang was born with a heart disease and needed a heart replacement to maintain his life. Therefore, his father took over the orphanage just to find a suitable heart for him. In this way, it makes sense.

But what does it have to do with his father?

Sheng Ning said that she was looking for evidence about Li Hong's crime, but I had to find a solution on my father's side.

I understand that in this battle, without support, the baby kangaroo will one day grow up and be able to stand alone.

"Dad, I want to eat the coconut jelly from the store in the south of the city, can you help me buy it?"

It takes nearly an hour to go back and forth from my home to the south of the city, which is enough time for me.

Entering the study again, I observed carefully and did not miss any detail.

I walked around the room and noticed something was wrong. The room was smaller than I remembered.

There is only one possibility, the father is hiding part of the space.

I moved the books on the shelf and accidentally discovered a secret door. No wonder, there are so many books, otherwise there would be no way to cover up the past.

When I walked in, I was stunned by what I saw.

There were a lot of documents piled on the table, and I started to look through them. Every page I read made me tremble all over. My mind went blank, as if I had been pressed into ice water and couldn't breathe.

It turns out that there is so much evil in the world, but I just can’t see it. The real world is far from as beautiful as I imagined.

After a moment of dizziness, I slowly raised the camera and took pictures one by one.

In order not to be discovered, I dragged my heavy body and walked out.

I told Sheng Ning everything, and she was silent for a long time.

I told Sheng Ning that I would hand over the evidence to the police.

"Have you thought about it? In this way, you will no longer have a father."

"I know there are countless broken families behind this, and I can't pretend not to see it."

The sun was shining brightly, so I went to the police station and explained the situation. Sheng Ning also provided a piece of information about Li Xiang's parents.


"What's going on? You're not answering the phone? I was just trying to find you."

My father's face was full of worry, and he seemed relieved to see me back.

I know that my father loves me the most.

When I was ten years old, he adopted me from an orphanage and treated me as his own daughter. I saw every bit of it. Having never felt family affection, I became very dependent on him and enjoyed everything he arranged for me.

During this period of time, my father was worried about me, and he had become much older visibly. What happened today was too strange, so I didn’t say anything about it.

I raised my phone and curled my lips: "My hand slipped and the screen is no longer sensitive."

"Let's go repair tomorrow. Drink some ginger soup to warm yourself up, and go to bed first."

I took it and drank it all in one breath. My father showed a satisfied smile and left.

Lying on the bed, I tossed and turned and couldn't sleep.

"Hey, Siri, play the song 'The Fog.'"

I crossed my arms under my head and slowly closed my eyes. This is Lin Hao and I's favorite song. Recalling the good times in the melody, the corners of my eyes became moist unknowingly.

Halfway through the song, a scratchy sound suddenly came out, like the sound of a CD jamming. However, when I play it on my mobile phone, this doesn't happen at all.

Could it be that the malfunction occurred because the phone was broken?

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Ouyang Xujun_Ouyang Xuchu_A ghost novel with a protagonist named Ouyang Xu’/>

I wanted to find another version. The original Slasla's voice suddenly disappeared. When I thought it was back to normal, I heard a low roar, mixed with a cry for help. I couldn't hear it clearly.

I am too familiar with this song, there is no way it would sound like this.

who is it?

Turning on the light, I stared at the empty house, not a single soul in sight.

Slasla's voice sounded again, and intermittently, Lin Hao's voice came, asking me to save him.

The familiar yet unfamiliar cry for help seemed particularly scary late at night. When I wanted to call my father, the voice stopped abruptly.

One second, two seconds…

The sound completely disappeared.

I have always been a materialist and do not believe in ghosts and gods! But everything that happened today made me suspicious.

In order to find out what was going on, I got out of bed and wanted to open the door and call my father.

Who knows, something even weirder happened.

The door could not be opened no matter how hard I tried. Lin Hao's cries for help got louder and louder in my ears, and I was trembling with fear.

"Ruirui, save them."

"Ruirui, please."

who are they?

Before I could react, I heard the sound of glass breaking. Following the sound, I seemed to see something written on it, but I couldn't see clearly.

I staggered forward, my legs felt like they were filled with lead and I couldn't move an inch.

Soon, my forehead was covered with sweat and the clothes behind me were soaked. I gasped hard and leaned forward desperately. I had to see clearly what those words were.

However, there was heavy fog in front of me, and I felt dizzy and exhausted.

I wanted to shout loudly, my father was next door, and he would definitely hear me, but there seemed to be a pair of invisible hands at my throat, holding me tightly.

In a daze, I seemed to see Lin Hao coming and bringing a little boy with him…

"Ruirui, wake up, don't scare me?" I felt dizzy and slowly opened my eyes.

My father's kind face came into view. His eyebrows were twisted into a knot, and he looked at me worriedly.

"Ruirui, how do you feel?"

This dream was too real. Thinking about what happened today, I broke out in a cold sweat.

Lin Hao’s death is really problematic!


Early the next morning, the psychiatrist came to the door.

My father said that I was so sad that I had delusions. I felt inexplicably repulsed and dared not say anything.

I have always been a flower in the greenhouse, pampered and pampered by my father.

"This is the first time we meet. My name is Sheng Ning." She politely extended her hand and smiled at me.

Perhaps it was her smile that infected me. I asked her to sit down and observed her carefully.

She looked to be no more than twenty-five years old, and she was dressed in a mature style. The mole at the corner of her eye was very eye-catching, giving her an indescribable sense of charm.

"You have a good chat with Dr. Sheng, and I won't disturb you anymore." His father closed the door and left. Sheng Ning looked back, wondering what he meant.

"Jiang Rui, it looks like we are about the same age, how about I call you Rui Rui?" I heard from Lin Hao that this is a way for psychiatrists to get closer to their patients.

I nodded to her without saying anything.

"Ruirui, you also understand that your father cares about you. I'm just here to chat with you. Don't be too nervous." Sheng Ning kept closing the distance between us. I don't have any hostility toward her, but I'm a little resistant to the profession of psychiatrist. I don't know the specific reason.

"Ruirui, I know Lin Hao's leaving has been a big blow to you, but life still has to go on, and I believe Lin Hao doesn't want to see you like this."

I understand everything she said. After all, I am no longer a three-year-old child. It's just that I'm not sad, but confused about Lin Hao's death and that extremely real dream.

I didn't dare to tell her all this because I didn't trust her.

Sheng Ning asked me about the acquaintance between Lin Hao and me. She told me that memories are wonderful, and it would be fine to send them away and cry.

As Sheng Ning played soothing music, those memories bloomed in my mind, seeped into my blood, and slowly spread throughout my body.

I slowly closed my eyes and let my thoughts affect my body…

Lin Hao and I met through a blind date and have been together for five years. He is very kind to me, remembers my preferences, tolerates my little temper, and gives me little surprises from time to time.

He always said, if life is sorry for you, don't be sad, the light will penetrate the fog and embrace you.

A ghost novel with a protagonist named Ouyang Xu_Ouyang Xujun_Ouyang Xuchu

The night before I came back from a business trip, Lin Hao vowed to accompany me to try on wedding dresses and make me the most beautiful bride. I didn't expect everything to happen so suddenly.

How could such a sunny person commit suicide?

"I don't believe Lin Hao committed suicide." I almost shouted.

Sheng Ning looked at me with confusion, watching me bury my face in my hands, watching me fall into pain and be unable to extricate myself.

At this time, a knock on the door interrupted my sadness. My father looked embarrassed and held a plate of fruit in his hand. He was probably worried about me.

"I'm sorry to bother you. Let's eat some fruit." The father seemed a little cautious, put down the fruit and left in a hurry.

Sheng Ning handed me a tissue and I wiped my tears clean.

"As for the truth about Lin Hao's death, it is beyond the scope of my work. If," Sheng Ning leaned forward and lowered his voice, "if you firmly believe that Lin Hao did not commit suicide, you might as well… go and check it yourself. .”

Check it yourself?

Over the years, whenever anything happens, I discuss it with my father. I knew my father would definitely not agree to this, and he would never let me take the risk.

However, if I don’t know the truth, the cause of Lin Hao’s death has been lingering in my mind, and it has been lingering in my mind for a long time, making me confused.

"Lin Hao… once brought a little boy to see me." This sentence was as light as a gust of wind blowing past my ears. I opened my eyes in confusion.

Could it be the boy Lin Hao was holding in the dream?

Is he… the boy I saw?

Sheng Ning glanced at his watch and stood up: "It's time."


After Sheng Ning left, my thoughts couldn't calm down for a long time.

He was so obsessed with finding the little boy and figuring out what was going on that he didn't even notice that his father had come in.

"Ruirui, how do you feel?" Since Lin Hao's death, his father has become much older visibly, and for a while, a sour feeling filled his heart.

I thought God was too pitiful for me and couldn't bear to see me abandoned by my parents and suffering so much, so he sent me to my father to take good care of me.

"Ruirui, what's wrong? Is that doctor bad? It's okay, just tell me, I will file a complaint against her, you dare to bully my daughter!" The father was angry, like an old hen protecting its young.

I hugged his neck directly and let the tears flow.

Just like that, I leaned quietly on my father's shoulder. It was clear that my heart was in turmoil just now, but now it is calm. I even heard the sound of seagulls flying over the sea, it was quiet and peaceful.

After a long time, my father's voice sounded again: "Ruirui, you have been too depressed these days, which scared me. Seeing you cry today makes me feel relieved. Well… I heard you say that Lin Hao is not Suicide, this matter is over, don't interfere, Dad just wants you to live a good life."

If I hadn't met the little boy again, I would have been persuaded by my father not to delve deeper into the cause of Lin Hao's death.

After I got up from my nap, I went downstairs to buy some fruit. I just paid for it, and I remembered that my father had been coughing a little recently, maybe because he caught a cold that night, so I turned around and picked some pears.

Who knows, my face was wet with something, I subconsciously covered it with my hands, and when I looked at my white skirt, it was stained red by the red juice.

When I saw the culprit clearly, I was stunned. It was the little boy from that day.

He is still the same, with a droopy face and an old-fashioned look, which is completely incompatible with the word "child".

"Li Xiang, let's go." At this time, a woman with big waves came over. Her makeup was so exaggerated that she looked as if she had just eaten the flesh of a dead child.

I clearly saw the smile that appeared on the corner of Li Xiang's mouth. He did it on purpose!

I grabbed him and accused him of staining my skirt. The woman looked at him with disgust. She took her wallet and took out four or five bills from it, flicking it away.

The bills spun in the air, fell lightly, and finally lay at my feet.

The anger was building up in my heart and I couldn't suppress it anymore. What a parent and what a child. Now I know why Li Xiang is such a virtuous person!

I grabbed the woman’s arm tightly and raised the voice louder: “Apologise!”

"Isn't that enough? Okay, okay, I'll add five hundred more!" The woman twisted her waist like a snake spirit, lowered her head and tried to open her wallet to get money.

Everyone around looked over and wanted to enjoy the farce. Only Li Xiang folded his arms and watched indifferently. It was obviously because of him, but he acted like an innocent person.

I didn’t want to get entangled with the woman, so I asked him directly: “Do you know Lin Hao?”

Li Xiang tilted his head and made a shushing gesture towards me: "Sister, if you tell me the secret, you will die."


Li Xiang is very different from ordinary children.

In order to clarify the situation, I found Sheng Ning again.

She didn't seem surprised to see me coming, as if she was expecting it.

"Ruirui, sit down. What would you like to drink?" I waved my hand and told her that she didn't need it. I came here to ask something.

"Is it about Li Xiang?" Sheng Ning said with a smile, pushing a cup of steaming tea in front of me.

Ouyang Xuchu_Ouyang Xujun_A ghost novel with a protagonist named Ouyang Xu

I didn't say anything and nodded to her.

Sheng Ning opened the door and looked outside, then closed it again and locked the door.

This move made me a little puzzled. Could it be that… Li Xiang really has some secret that will kill people if he tells it?

She sat opposite me, with her fingers clasped together and her brows knitted into a knot: "Li Xiang, this kid is a little special. He… seems to be able to see things that others can't. Although, I also find it a bit weird, but Indeed."

"Are you talking about supernatural events?" I suddenly remembered what Li Xiang said to me. He was so young and had no contact with me. He would not know what happened between Lin Hao and me. Today I heard Sheng Ning say, I Some believe it.

Sheng Ning asked me if Li Xiang had said something to me, but I hesitated whether to say it or not.

"I know you don't trust me, but I need to tell you that, in fact, I am Lin Hao's senior sister. I am very sad that he left. I would rather you stand up because I don't want him to see you like this. "

Lin Hao never mentioned this matter. I always thought he had few friends in this city.

Sheng Ning is indeed a psychiatrist. She saw through my worries at a glance and told me about her and Lin Hao. A month ago, Lin Hao found Sheng Ning and consulted on some psychological problems, and then brought Li Xiang to see Sheng Ning.

Lin Hao and Li Xiang have always known each other, but I didn’t know all this.

Although Lin Hao and I met on a blind date, we have no secrets from each other. I can check his cell phone at any time, so I have great trust in him.

I don't understand what the relationship between him and Li Xiang is.

"Lin Hao is a very positive person in life. He once said that he would go a long way with you. I don't believe that such a person would choose to commit suicide by jumping off a building." Sheng Ning glanced at me.

I also have doubts about Lin Hao's death, but after all, I saw it with my own eyes, and the police did not find anything.

"Dr. Sheng, since Lin Hao passed away, I have encountered many strange things. I always felt that he was unlikely to commit suicide."

Sometimes people are very strange. Once I have a relationship with someone close to me, I can let go of my guard and have no reservations.

Sheng Ning seemed to remember something, got up and rummaged in the drawer for a while, then took out a newspaper and showed it to me.

The newspaper had turned yellow and looked dated. The headline clearly read: A fire broke out in Azure Orphanage, and dozens of children are missing.

I know this because my closest friend was among them. She was only nine years old at the time.

"This newspaper is?"

"Lin Hao seems to be investigating the truth about the fire in the orphanage. I wonder if it is related to his death. And is the little boy also a child in the orphanage?" Sheng Ning said this, and everything seemed to be related. .

Why did Lin Hao suddenly care about this? He clearly said that he would not put himself in danger.

There must be a reason to go!

I told Sheng Ning to investigate in private. She gave me a meaningful look, as if she was hesitating.

"Dr. Sheng, if you have anything to say, just say it. I won't tell anyone."

Sheng Ning lowered his voice like last time: "This matter must be kept secret, especially…from your father."



After leaving the clinic, my thoughts could not calm down for a long time.

Although I am not my biological child, my father has taken great care of me over the years. Because of me, he has been single to this day, just because he doesn’t want me to suffer any injustice.

I really can't believe that such a father has any secrets.

Sheng Ning's advice was still in my ears. After two contacts, I understood that she was a cautious person and would not say such things without reason.

On the way home, I kept thinking about this matter and didn't even notice the football flying towards me and hitting me on the head.

I was in great pain. When I raised my head, I found Li Xiang not far away. He had his hands in the pockets of his coat, and he was much more reserved than last time.

I bent down, picked up the ball, walked over, and handed it to him, but he looked disdainful and didn't reach out to catch it at all: "Why are you following me on the Ghost Festival?"

"I would never do something as shameless as stalking." Li Xiang stared at me, sincerity in his eyes.

In order to find out something related to Lin Hao, I had no choice but to get close to him.

I gently rubbed his head: "Li Xiang, tell Auntie what you like, and I'll take you to buy it, okay?"

Li Xiang didn't appreciate it at all. He rolled his eyes at me, his face full of disgust: "Please, can you find another way to get close to me? It's boring!"

He had a sullen face, and unlike his peers, I didn’t get along with children much, so it was a bit tricky for a while.

"I want to go play football." Li Xiang glanced at me, his eyes dimming a lot.

Isn't this a very simple thing? I put the ball in his hand to show that I could play with him.

He pursed his lips and threw the ball so far that I couldn't understand.

"Don't you want to play with the ball? Why did you throw it away? I'll pick it up and let's kick it around." I was about to turn around when he stopped me.

"I couldn't play football."

A ghost novel with a protagonist named Ouyang Xu_Ouyang Xujun_Ouyang Xuchu

After saying this, Li Xiang walked towards the flower pond with his head lowered and uprooted a flower.

When I saw this, I followed him and told him that destroying flowers and plants was wrong. He picked up the petals one by one and began to count: "One, two…"

"Li Xiang, are you in poor health, so you can't play football? It's okay. When you get better, Auntie will play with you as much as you want."

"Okay? I'm lucky if I don't die. My parents said this is congenital heart disease and you won't live long."

Li wanted to say it calmly, as if it had nothing to do with him. I don’t know why, but I feel a little sour in my heart. Why does he have to go through so much when he is still so young.

"Lin Hao is your boyfriend, right? He is a good man. It's a pity that he was taken away. One day I will be like him. I know you want to ask a lot, but you can't tell secrets. If you really want to know, reply Let’s take a look at your orphanage.” Li Xiang had already finished scattering the petals and looked up at me.

It seems that Lin Hao and Li Xiang have a lot of secrets. Even they know that I am adopted.


I lied that I was going out to relax, but my father didn’t suspect anything and immediately transferred two thousand yuan to me.

I bought a ticket and went to the Blue Orphanage.

The car swayed for more than an hour, and I stood at the door of the orphanage.

Memories of the past came to mind, and I froze in place. This door was a barrier to me, completely separating the outside world from those unbearable memories.

After being abandoned by my parents, it was Dean Liu who brought me to the orphanage. She once told me that the orphanage is my home and there will be warmth here. My eyes are wide open and I feel like the future is full of light.

However, the reality is cruel.

The cries and the sound of sticks hitting my flesh enveloped me tightly, and a feeling of helplessness swept through my body. I have also been whipped, and there is an indelible memory on that whip, as well as an arc of light that can make people lose consciousness.

I still remember that day, I talked back to the teacher, and she came towards me with a stick thicker than her arm. I huddled in the corner, shivering. A chubby girl came over. She protected me in front of me. The sticks fell on her body, but she gritted her teeth and remained silent.

Yes, she is the first friend I met, Xiaoxiao.

The teacher got tired and left. Xiaoxiao frowned and told me that here, we are just machines. We must be obedient and not cause trouble to the teacher. Otherwise, we will be beaten severely. Those who were beaten were not allowed to eat.

At night, Xiaoxiao and I were locked in a dark room and sat hungry all night. Xiaoxiao told me a lot, and I realized that most unfortunate families are similar. We are all unwanted children. Even if he dies, no one will care.

Xiaoxiao's smile was beautiful, with two shallow pear dimples, like the spring breeze blowing through her heart. Her eyes were bright and she said to me: "Ruirui, you have to believe that there is always someone who loves you in this world, and we will Get out of here and have a better life.”

With Xiaoxiao's encouragement, life was not too difficult, and we agreed to leave the orphanage together and live a better life.

However, she broke her promise.

No one knows how the fire started. Fortunately, the teacher found it early and took us away. When counting the number of people, it was found that twelve people were missing, including Xiaoxiao. The blazing fire opened its mouth. I was so worried that I wanted to rush in, but was stopped by the teacher.

After more than an hour, the fire was extinguished, and the orphanage was completely burned. Those children have since disappeared, and no one knows their whereabouts.

This incident caused an uproar, and the police also found out the reason. It was said that the uncle in the duty room was smoking. Before arresting anyone, the uncle had already committed suicide by jumping off the building, and the incident ended there.

That girl who loves to laugh has left, and there is no more happiness in my life. Sometimes I think that Xiaoxiao might have escaped while the fire was under fire, which would be a relief.

From then on, I became quiet until my father adopted me a year later.

Suddenly, a hand covered my mouth and dragged me back…


When I saw it was Sheng Ning, I looked puzzled.

"Ruirui, I'm sorry. Did I hurt you just now? It happened for a reason. I hope you can forgive me."

"I'm fine, but why did you suddenly appear here? You even covered my mouth. I thought it was a kidnapping. It scared me."

She looked around, not knowing what she was looking at, and then she whispered to me: "Ruirui, this is not the place to talk."

After saying that, she lifted her feet and left, and I followed closely behind her.

After walking two blocks, we came to a small restaurant. Sheng Ning asked for a private room from the owner. They seemed to know each other very well.

"Dr. Sheng, do you know the boss?" After sitting down, I looked at her. It seemed that she also had a secret.

"Yeah, I've been here several times. The boss is very nice, so we got to know each other. It's clean and the most important thing is that it's safe."


She seemed to notice my doubts and lowered her voice: "I have not been idle these days. I have been investigating things about the orphanage. The truth may be much more terrifying than I thought."

With that said, Sheng Ning handed me the phone to look at. It was a list. Judging from the paper, it should be a few days old. I don’t know where Sheng Ning got it.

I saw Xiaoxiao's name on it. This was the list of missing children that year.

"Dr. Sheng, how come you have this list? Where are they?" I seemed to see hope. Over the years, I have thought about seeing Xiaoxiao again and telling her that everything is fine with me.

"Ruirui, they…died, not long after the fire." Sheng Ning's voice was very low, and every word hit my heart like a plumb bob, making me unable to breathe.

how come?

At that time, it was clearly reported that he was missing.

<img src='×2147483647&quality=80&type=jpg' alt='Ouyang Xujun_The protagonist's ghost novel named Ouyang Xu_Ouyang Xuchu


"Because they are orphans, no parents insist on finding the truth, so no one pays attention to this matter anymore. Lin Hao is investigating this matter."

"According to the orphanage list left by Lin Hao, all I can find is that you are the only one who is still alive, and everyone else is dead."


Could it be that I am next?

My pupils dilated and a feeling of fear swept through my body.

Sheng Ning handed me the information, and I looked at it page by page, becoming more and more unbelievable. I know this is no accident, there must be some conspiracy behind it.

Lin Hao is a righteous man . He wants all this to be exposed in the sun, and he will risk his own life for this. I'm going to take over from him and get this done.

"Dr. Sheng, I now firmly believe that Lin Hao's death was not simple. His death cannot be in vain. I must find out and publish these things."

Sheng Ning nodded, as if waiting for my answer. She told me not to go to the orphanage easily, as it would be easy to scare the snake away. She also wanted to find out what happened, but she didn't want me to put myself at risk.

I suddenly remembered what Sheng Ning told me last time and asked, "You suspect that these things are related to my father, right?"

"It's not me who doubts it, it's Lin Hao!"


When I got home, my father came to greet me. He was still so concerned and asked me where I had been and how I was feeling.

"Dad, I'm much better now, and I've figured it out. Let's live a good life in the future." After hearing what I said, my father breathed a sigh of relief, and his worried heart seemed to have fallen to the ground, and his eyebrows relaxed.

"Ruirui, if you want something to eat, dad will make you a Man-Han banquet today."

"Dad, I'm a little tired and want to take a rest first."

"Okay, you go first and eat later."

When I returned to the room, I locked the door, lay on the bed, and curled up.

This was the first time in eighteen years that I had lied to my father, and I felt indescribably uncomfortable.

Closing his eyes, a thread of things came to mind. Lin Hao's death, the incident at the orphanage, and Sheng Ning's instructions. What role did his father play in this matter?

Perhaps Lin Hao and Sheng Ning found out something about their father.

In my head, two villains were fighting fiercely. One was reminding my father of my past, and the other was righteously saying that he wanted the truth to be revealed.

In the end, justice defeated emotion.

The orphanage couldn't take action, so it could only take action from my father. In his eyes, I was innocent, so he wouldn't be on guard against me.

The study is my father's secret base. I think there should be something there.

At six o'clock in the evening, I pretended to have just woken up, rubbed my sleepy eyes and opened the door. In the living room, my father was wearing glasses and looking at his mobile phone. As he gets older, his eyesight is not as good as before.

Seeing me coming out, he took off his glasses and looked at me with a smile: "Ruirui is awake, what do you want to eat tonight?"

In order to have enough time, I named four or five dishes, which was time-consuming and labor-intensive.

After hearing this, my father got up and asked me to stay at home while he went to buy ingredients.

Watching him go out, I quietly came to the study. I still remember that I came in once when I was a child, and my father looked nervous.

After that time, I went there two or three times, and each time I felt terribly itchy. I haven't been in since.

Now that I think about it, maybe my father put something in the study.

When I glanced at it, I saw light yellow powder on the ground at the door, and I smiled.

I have had pollen allergies since I was a child. When I was a child, I liked to go barefoot, so I became allergic.

I stepped over the powder and began to examine the study carefully.

It doesn't look any different, it's just an ordinary room with shelves filled with all kinds of books, but it's neat and tidy, just like my father.

I've looked in the drawers, on the shelves, and even behind the paintings, and everything is fine, and besides, there's no computer here.

I really don't understand where my father's secret is hidden.

Could it be…caught among the many books?

I frowned as I looked at the books on the wall. I had to find the Year of the Monkey, the Horse and the Moon.

I looked at the time and saw that thirty-five minutes had passed. The supermarket was not far from my home. If my father was fast enough, he would be back soon.

I closed the door gently, sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. Three or four minutes later, the door opened.

My father's hands were full of things, so I got up to help and put the things in the kitchen.

While my father was cooking, I sent a message to Sheng Ning: There is no result here for the time being. I will look for it again. I have never figured out why Lin Hao is related to Li Xiang. About him and the orphanage, I still have to trouble Dr. Sheng.

Sheng Ning replied quickly: Don't worry, leave it to me, remember, be careful in everything.

I deleted the message, my mind racing.

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