Chapter Three Hundred And Fifteen

Outside the cave, Han Sheng helped Daoist Jin to sit on a bluestone under the Wangtian tree.

"Jin Daoist, how are you feeling now?" Han Sheng asked with concern.

Daoist Jin smiled wryly, and said slowly: "Pindao accidentally inhaled some poisonous gas. Fortunately, he noticed it early. It was just a moment of suffocation. Pindao almost got rid of it with the innate stellar energy. It's such a powerful poison."

"That's corpse aura. Onizuka practiced an evil witchcraft that has long been lost in the Central Plains . Okada will give birth to evil people . He specializes in sucking the corpse aura of old corpses, especially the corpse spots on his body, which can fly up and hurt people. It's really unimaginable that just one upper body can instantly make people stiff." Han Sheng explained.

"I saw that you used a small white and green vest to easily dissolve the corpse spots and corpse gas. What kind of treasure is that?" Daoist Jin asked curiously.

Han Sheng smiled shyly, and when he was about to answer, Taiguan Lu came to Han Sheng with his brows tightly furrowed, pointed at the foolish looks of his subordinates and Dai Bingguo and others worriedly, and said, "Brother Han Sheng, Do you see if the lowered head among them can be healed well?"

In fact, Han Sheng has been thinking about this for a long time. This kind of head lowering technique, which uses the blood flute to control people's thinking and mind, is not recorded in the "Shiyi Sutra". .

"I've never heard of this kind of head-dropping. At that time, I saw Mon Rachaon Prem waving his turban, and these blood-red fleas flew out of it. They must have been specially cultivated by him. After biting people, they would drop their heads and lose their minds." , even the ancestor Mingyue, who is very skilled in martial arts, was not spared…By the way, the baby Shen Caihua was also controlled by the blood flute, and he bit my arm desperately, eh, where is Caihua?" Han Sheng suddenly remembered After meeting Shen Caihua, he said in amazement.

"I saw you carrying him into the cave at that time, and he should still be in the cave." Taiguan Lu recalled.

Okada will give birth to wicked people_People are good and bullied by others, and evil people will have their own grind_Evil people will have their own twists to evil people

Han Sheng felt relieved when he heard the words, and went to carry him out after the bald old woman taught Mingyue martial arts.

At this moment, Yuanmu's "wawah" cry suddenly came from the cave, Han Sheng and the others were all taken aback.

"Bald-headed mother-in-law, you are really dead this time, woo woo…" Aomu cried out.

Taiguan Lu and Han Sheng looked at each other, and ran towards the cave.

On the stone platform inside the cave, the bald old woman had already straightened her body, her two blood-weeping eyes were staring indifferently at the top of the cave. a white cloud…

Taiguan Lu gently knelt down in front of the bald old woman's body with tears in his eyes, stretched out his palm and slowly wiped his aunt's eyelids, and murmured: "Auntie, don't worry, the eunuch will definitely take care of your aunt. Take the body back to Poyang Lake Valley, fulfill your last wish, and lead 64 Wu family children back to your hometown."

"Kill the one surnamed Huang!" Aruki said angrily beside him.

"Yes, the eunuch promised my aunt that no matter how difficult it is, I will kill that wicked man Huang Jianguo." The eunuch Lu swore.

The bully will have its own grind_Okada will beget the wicked_The wicked will have his own grind

Han Sheng looked at Mingyue, and found that her gaze was still wandering, and her expression was dull, so he asked Yuanmu, "Mu, did mother-in-law teach Mingyue martial arts?"

Yuanmu blinked, then tilted his head to look at Mingyue, and said naively: "She is stupid, even more stupid than Mu Mu. The bald-headed mother-in-law wants Mu Mu to go with Mu Mu's woman."

Alas, it seems that Mingyue's sanity is still unclear, and the last three Zhuyou poses realized by the bald-headed mother-in-law may be considered useless, Han Sheng shook his head with a sigh.

Shen Caihua silently got up from the corner under the stone platform, tiptoed to Han Sheng's side, held Han Sheng's hand, raised his little head, his black pupils glistened with tears, and called softly in his mouth Say: "Dad…"

Startled, Han Sheng quickly knelt down and grabbed Shen Caihua's shoulders, staring at him suspiciously.

"Father." Shen Caihua called again timidly.

"Caihua, what's the matter with you?" Han Sheng was stunned, and stroked his forehead. Could it be that his hair had fallen and he couldn't tell who he was?

Looking at the baby's clear and deep eyes, the affectionate and attached eyes are completely different from the indifferent and confused look before. Could it be that the lowering of the head on his body has been resolved?

Being bullied by others

"Caihua, do you know who I am?" Han Sheng asked tentatively.

Shen Caihua nodded excitedly.

"Who am I?" Han Sheng asked again.

"Han Sheng's father." Shen Caihua said coyly.

"Hey, you recognized me. It seems that the lowering head in you has really been solved! But it's very strange, how did you solve it yourself?" Han Sheng looked at him in amazement, and said to himself He muttered softly, "Why do you call me Dad?"

Han Sheng stared blankly at Shen Caihua. During the time in the cave, will he have any adventures? Could it be the bald mother-in-law? No, Mingyue is still stupid at present, if the mother-in-law can solve it, she will definitely solve it for her first. For a long time, his eyes fell on Cai Cai's mouth, a small red mouth with dried blood stains on the corner of the mouth, which was the mark left by biting his own arm.

Blood? It's the blood from the wound on his arm… Could it be that his blood can resolve this kind of head drop?

Han Sheng dubiously looked down at the wound on his arm with two rows of fine tooth marks. Besides, why did Xiaocaihua call himself Dad? Could it be that if you suck a little of your own blood, you have a blood relationship? Impossible, it's too unbelievable.

But no matter what, it was worth a try, Han Sheng made up his mind.

Han Sheng picked up Shen Caihua and walked out of the cave, and came to the side of the ancestor who was wandering by the stream. Looking at the dazed look, he couldn't help but feel a little sad in his heart. She had ventured out of the valley to protect herself, but the result was a On the way, he suffered a lot, and the wrinkled-skinned baby girl was kidnapped by the evil Thai head-subduing master Meng Rachaon Prem. If the ancestor was sane, I don't know how anxious he would be.

Han Sheng put down Shen Caihua, stretched out his arm, scratched the blood scab on the wound with the other hand, the bright red blood slowly seeped out, then pushed the wound into the mouth of the ancestor, watching her stick out her tongue Come and lick.

Han Sheng knew that the body's sublingual drug absorption speed is extremely fast, second only to intravenous drip and spray inhalation, so emergency rescue drugs such as myocardial infarction are often administered sublingually. In terms of medicine, after oral administration, the general drug first needs to be absorbed into the blood by the action of digestive juice and enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract, and then enters the liver through the portal vein along with the blood flow, undergoes transformation under the action of liver drug enzymes, and finally enters the blood circulation of the whole body Play a pharmacological role. However, before the drug enters the systemic circulation, it is first inactivated by various enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract or liver, so that the actual amount of drug entering the systemic circulation is reduced, which is called "first pass elimination" in Western medicine. For example, the first-pass elimination of nitroglycerin is as high as 92%, and its bioavailability is only 8% when administered orally. If the drug is administered sublingually, the drug is absorbed into the blood through the oral mucosa, and then directly enters the systemic circulation, which can avoid the first step of eliminating the drug. The order of speed of drug absorption is as follows: intravenous drip – spray inhalation – sublingual drug administration – rectal administration – intramuscular injection – subcutaneous injection – oral administration – percutaneous absorption. However, when sublingual medication is used, the duration of the drug effect is shorter than that of oral medication, so it is generally only used for first aid, and immediate relief is also equivalent to first aid.

Han Sheng quietly waited for the ancestor's reaction.

"I want Momo." Shen Caihua murmured.

"What did you say?" Han Sheng squatted down and asked.

"I want Momo…" Shen Caihua continued stubbornly.

Okada will give birth to wicked people_People are good and bullied by others, and evil people will have their own grind_Evil people will have their own twists to evil people

"Who is Mo Mo?" Han Sheng asked puzzledly.

"Zumo, that's my daughter, where is she now?" A loud voice came from above his head.

Han Sheng looked up, the old ancestor's eyes were wide open, the purple pimples on his face were swollen, and he was bending over and staring at him with his head down.

"Ah, how are you?" Han Sheng stood up happily and said.

The ancestor looked around anxiously, and shouted anxiously: "Where is my daughter Zu Mo? Where is she?"

Han Sheng had no choice but to tell the truth: "The patriarch Okada will give birth to a villain , and the wrinkled-skinned baby girl was taken away by Meng Racha Ong Ping."

"Ah! My daughter was taken away? Tell me, where did you go?" Patriarch panicked, and the purple pimples on his cheeks burst one after another, splashing white juice.

"In the jungle over there." Han Sheng pointed to the direction where Mon Rachaon Ping left.

With a sound of "嗖", the ancestor jumped up without saying a word, and chased after him bare-chested all the way, and disappeared in the dense tropical rainforest in an instant.

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