The Mystery Of The Savage

Majiayu is a small mountain village. It is hidden in the belly of Taihang Mountains. It is surrounded by tens of miles of no human habitation. It is full of high mountains and jungles.

One day, an old man who went up the mountain to herd cattle told everyone that he saw a savage in the depths of the mountain with his own eyes. He said that the savage had long hair and beard, and was covered in black hair. He walked on the ground, but because he was too far away, he couldn’t see the facial features of the savage, saying that the savage looked like a gorilla. People didn’t believe what the old man said. They only heard that there was a legend of savages in Shennongjia. Where did the savages come from in our Taihang Mountains? What’s more, I have never seen a gorilla before. Everyone knows that the old man likes to talk about strange things to make people happy, and everyone laughs when he hears it.

Then one night in the middle of the night, Li Youming’s wife suddenly had a stomachache and was about to have diarrhea. She had just walked to the hut when she came out of the house. Suddenly, under the moonlight, she could see clearly that there was a monster that looked like a gorilla not far from the wall of a courtyard. He turned inside out, grabbed two chickens in his hands, and carried something like a bundle, and flew out of the village. She was so frightened that she didn’t dare to go to the latrine, and ran home quickly, saying that she saw the savage.

Li Youming got up quickly and went to the latrine with his wife. While waiting for his wife, he looked around the village. If there were any savages, he thought maybe his wife was not feeling well and his eyes were blurred.

But the next day, they heard that the family really lost two chickens and a few clothes hanging in the yard. As a result, Li Youming’s family told what happened last night, saying that the savage she saw was exactly the same as what the old man saw. People in the village recalled that over the past few years, many houses did not even have a courtyard wall, and most of the empty houses did not have door locks. Often either the east family lost food or the west family lost clothes, and the thief was never found. Either cats and dogs or mice stole those things, but they didn’t care. After talking for a long time, it turned out that this savage was responsible, so everyone believed that the savage was not a rumor, but a fact.

Some young lads feel strange, there are savages in the Taihang Mountains? It’s so strange. So I thought of waiting for the savage to appear in the deep mountains, and see how the savage is different from myself. But the old man said, a savage, a savage, must be full of wildness, a savage is similar to a beast, let him meet you, and he will not peel you alive to eat meat. After hearing this, those young people gave up the idea of ​​going to see the savage.

Later, several thefts happened in the village one after another. What was lost was nothing more than some daily necessities. There was a family with more than 100 yuan beside the lost food, but the savage didn’t take it. Based on this, people analyzed the situation. The guy must be a savage. He only knows that food can be eaten and items can be used, but he doesn’t know that money can be spent. Since then, everyone in the village has been afraid, fearing that one day the wild man will come to visit his house again. It is a small thing to lose something, and if he hurts someone’s life, what should we do? So precautions were stepped up. In this way, the news of the savages in this mountain quickly spread throughout the county.

Later, things were rarely lost in the village.

After more than half a year, Li Youming went to the county to handle errands. When he came back, he told people another strange thing. He said that there was a mayor’s house in a town forty miles away. One day the mayor celebrated his father’s 70th birthday in the village. After a busy day, some doors and windows were forgotten to be closed, and they were stolen at night. Someone happened to see a monster like a gorilla coming out of the mayor’s house in the middle of the night, carrying a leather bag. After walking not far, the monster took the bag Opened it, saw that there was nothing useful inside, and left, throwing the tens of thousands of cash and a few bank cards in the purse on the side of the road. The County Public Security Bureau received a report and investigated for many days. As a result, no criminals suspected of being wild men were found, but the mayor’s assets of several million were found, so the mayor was prosecuted for corruption. As a result, the whole region knew about the wildlings. But everyone was just listening to the legend. No one had ever seen the savage, and no one knew where the savage came from. For a while, the savage became the most talked about topic and a mystery in people’s minds.

This matter also reached the ears of Ma Xingchang, a police chief in a neighboring county. He thought, once the savage said it, it was absolutely impossible. For some reason or what his purpose was, he decided to investigate and find out.

Director Ma took a few people to a neighboring county and got in touch with the local police station. They first went to Majiayu Village, where the savage was first discovered, and learned about the savage in detail. They came up with a rule, this so-called savage is generally active at night, rarely during the day, it is a coincidence that the old cowherd man saw him in the daytime, and besides, this savage wants everything that can be eaten and used. , but there is one thing that they can’t figure out, why doesn’t this savage want money? Even a child of a few years old knows that he wants money, why does he throw away tens of thousands of money instead of it? Could it be that he is really a savage who only knows how to eat and wear but not how to spend money? Could it be that he made a wrong judgment? If so, this action will become another big failure for him.

One day, a subordinate said to Director Ma: “If this wild man entered this deep mountain and old forest for special reasons, or because he committed a serious crime, he would definitely not dare to be recognized or known by others, so As long as there is enough food and clothing, why do you need money? How dare he take the money to the store or to the restaurant, just like a hairy monster, without attracting people’s attention, showing his true colors?”

“That’s right! What you said makes sense. Maybe it’s not that he doesn’t want money, but he doesn’t dare to spend money to save his life.” Director Ma was very happy to hear that, and decided to continue the investigation.

But what happened next stumped them again. Think about it, if the savage is really a fugitive, he has been running in the mountains and forests for many years. Needless to say, the police are sitting in police cars and riding motorcycles every day. They don’t exercise at all. They are famous long-distance running. Athletes are no match for savages in the mountains. Needless to say, they cannot be found. Even if they are found, so what?

Just when Director Ma and the others had nothing to do, one morning, the old cowherd man came and told them that he had found the wild man in a crevice in the mountain stream, and it seemed that he was trapped and could not get out. , screaming anxiously.

Director Ma and the others hurried to follow the old man, and they saw that it was indeed the wild man described by people, and they saved the wild man with great effort. At the beginning, the savage looked at them with terrified eyes, and let out a strange scream, but then he didn’t say a word, closed his eyes, and let them deal with them. Only then did everyone see clearly that this savage’s hair was more than two feet long, with a lot of weeds mixed in it, and his beard was six or seven inches long, which was already grey. He was wearing ragged and smelly clothes. From a distance, his clothes are as black as his fur. He is barefoot and hunchbacked. If you look at him not up close or from a distance, you will think he is a gorilla.

Before finding out the situation of this savage, Director Ma decided not to escort him, but only brought him back as a normal person. Back in my own county, I gave him a haircut and took a bath. Looking at him now, he seems to be over seventy years old. He is a normal person, not a savage. Later, he went to the hospital for a comprehensive examination. The hospital said that the man suffered from severe night blindness due to long-term lack of vitamin A, and his other problems were not serious. At this moment, Director Ma and the others understood, no wonder he fell into the gap because he is mainly active at night. It turned out that he couldn’t see the way clearly at night, otherwise it would be really difficult to find him.

But then came other problems, and he never said a word, which made it difficult. Since it seems that he is over seventy years old, and it is not a rare thing to live in the deep mountains and old forests, then who is he, and why does he live in the deep mountains and old forests? Is it because he has a serious case, or is there a special unspeakable secret? Does his age have something to do with living in the wild for a long time? Maybe his actual age is not so old. Director Ma did not tell everyone about these problems, because most of them are young people now, and they don’t know what happened 20 years ago.

But his subordinates didn’t think so. They really didn’t understand why the director went to someone else’s territory to find such a person back.

How did they know that the director had his own ideas and reasons for doing this.

Twenty years ago, in a village in this county, there was a serious murder case. In this village, there was a 32-year-old farmer named Huang Youbao. When he came home from the field one night, he found his wife and a bachelor. In a fit of rage, he killed the man, and his wife was frightened, and confessed her relationship with the other two men, so he killed his wife, and then he killed the two men too. Killed them one by one. Those two were also bachelors. At that time, no one found out that they were killed. Only the next day did the villagers find out that he had killed four people overnight and fled.

Ma Xingchang was not the director of the bureau at the time, but a moderate leader. He took over the murder case. During his investigation, he heard that the criminal had entered the mountain overnight with a roll of bedding. It was not easy for a person to escape into the mountains to find him, but the murderer was never found, so this murder case became an unsolved case, and this case also became a failure of Ma Xingchang since he was engaged in public security work.

But who is this weirdo now? The ages don’t match. I think it’s been twenty years since Huang Youbao escaped. If he was still alive, he would only be in his fifties now. Even if he was found, who would recognize him?

In the first two days, no matter how you asked him, he just didn’t speak. He seemed like he couldn’t understand. Director Ma thought about it, but he had no other choice but to wait patiently for him to speak, or find someone in the village. The older ones come and see if they can still recognize him.

Since the so-called savage came to the Public Security Bureau, he also thought a lot, thinking how many years he had lived, enough money, and made a lot of money, now that he fell into his hands, he didn’t think about anything, just Want to end sooner. For twenty years, he was afraid of exposing himself, he didn’t dare to ask for so much money, and he lived a life of evasiveness, fear and inhumanity all day long, so on the third day he suddenly opened his mouth and said, “It’s been twenty years, and I am Huang Youbao .”

Some things in the world are like this. If it is complicated, it will be complicated, and if it is simple, it will be simple. This short sentence he said ended the murder case twenty years ago and also revealed the answer to the mystery of the savage .

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