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(2) Necropolis and Death Tunnel

“If I had become a monk with Master back then, maybe everything would have been different.”–Excerpt from “The Diary of the Exorcist Chen”

“July 15th? Do you mean Ghost Festival?” Writer Liao Liao turned to me after looking at the pool of blood for ten minutes.

As expected of a writer of supernatural stories, his ability to accept is unmatched by ordinary people.

“July 15th…the ghost gate is wide open…the dead resurrected…it can be barely explained. But the ghost gate is opened every year, and people are resurrected every year. Could it be related to leap year? I have never heard of every Four years of deceitful corpses. This… this… I will go back and look up the information. You wait for me!” Liao Liao pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and said to me seriously.

Seeing Liao Liao quickly disappear outside the door, he couldn’t help sighing again, he really deserves to be a supernatural writer!

But I kind of don’t understand why that guy acted like in the movie. If it disappears, it will disappear, and I will leave you some clues. This is obviously to attract you to investigate on purpose. When you dig deeper and deeper, it seems that you are about to reveal the opponent’s hole card, that is, when you fall into the opponent’s trap. So in other words, I have been calculated by the other party. Realizing this, I immediately made a decision: find a place to hide as soon as possible.

Only when your head is rusted will you care about whether your dead will not be resurrected. If you want to be resurrected, go far away. Human beings have survived on the earth for so many years, which only proves one truth. The most tenacious vitality in this world is not Xiaoqiang (note: cockroach) but human beings. The Vatican’s “Exorcist’s Diary” and Changlu Temple’s “Receiving Demons” also tell us that there are no demons and ghosts that cannot be destroyed. The most important point is: supporting roles are basically cannon fodder. I don’t want to be a victim in order to be a hero. I’d better go back to St. Paul’s Church to avoid it for a while, and I just want to report this matter to the Vatican. The best cardinal can ask me to tell the matter in person, so that I can avoid the limelight and travel abroad at public expense.

I went to Liao Liao’s door and shouted: “Old Liao Liao , the dead spirit of the city of death , no need to check. Do you want to travel abroad with me?” I thought that since Liao Liao had witnessed this incident, he would also be invited. Go for the record. But after waiting at the door for a long time, there was no response.

“Did something happen?” Feeling a little bad, he rushed into the house with his hand bound.

There was no one in the house, the windows were open, and there was a pool of water stains on the ground that continued to the window sill and disappeared outside the house. In a panic, he jumped out of the window, but the house was still silent.

The Lonely Island: Death in the Dead City_The Truth About the Death in the Dead City_Death in the Dead City

“Oops! If you really care about it, you will be confused. Lao Liao should still be in the house. The water stains didn’t come out of the house, they should have entered the house through the window! The pool of water stains in the house is where Lao Liao disappeared. He It should be on the ceiling! How careless it is!”

Damn, jumping out is easy jumping back I won’t! I had no choice but to go around to the front door and rush to Lao Liao’s room. After such a delay, the room was really empty this time.

“Why is this smell so strange? It’s a bit familiar.” I lowered my body , stretched out my right index finger and middle finger to touch the water stains in the house and smelled it. Well, it’s a bit like the smell of Zixia paste, the smell of corpses soaked in lake water. Could it be the three heads in Zixia Lake? If I knew they would come out to cause trouble, I should have purged them forcibly a few years ago. At the beginning, it seemed that the restrictions imposed around Zixia Lake had other purposes besides trapping them in it. If they were purified, it might spoil other people’s business. Later, when I saw that they couldn’t come out to do evil, I didn’t take it to heart. I knew it earlier, I knew it earlier!

No matter what, let’s go and check it out first. Thinking about it, I rushed to the window sill and wanted to jump out of the window. At this time, a hand was placed on my shoulder to stop my movement.

I was shocked in my heart: “It’s amazing, you can approach me without a sound.”

suddenly turned back…

“How could it be you? Old Liao!” I worried for him for a long time and now he is standing behind me safely.

“Hey, what do you see hanging on the window?”

I looked up and saw a wind chime hanging on the window.

“Wind chimes?”

“Look carefully.” Lao Liao looked at me with a smile.

The Covenant of Death

“don’t know……”

“By the way, your skill seems to be very deep, why don’t you even know the soul calling bell?” Lao Liao looked at me in surprise, making me feel like I was watching an idiot. It’s really ashamed. I usually don’t need props like soul detection at all, so it’s only natural that I don’t know them.

“Look at what this is again?” Lao Liao made a handprint with his hands as he said.

“Amazing, Lao Liao! You can even know the seal of the vase.”

“How can I say that I am still a folklorist, but unfortunately my skills are not enough. I can only deceive people and little ghosts by being invisible for a short time.” Lao Liao explained with a smile: “When I saw the soul calling bell automatically without wind, I felt bad. Quickly tied the seal of the vase and hid it aside. First, I saw a wet human head flying into the house, and then it rose to the ceiling when it heard you calling me outside the house. I wanted to remind you when I saw you rushing in, but it’s a pity You rushed out again. But the head was still inside the house, so I had no choice but to stay hidden. In fact, when you ran out, it also went out, but I was afraid that it would come back, so I didn’t dare to untie the fingerprints for a while. Until you I will only dare to show up when I come back again.”

“One head? There should be three, aren’t they?” The matter was getting more and more complicated.

Lao Liao went on to say, “But seeing that flying head just now reminded me of something.”

“Don’t talk about it yet.” I stopped Lao Liao from continuing: “This matter is not that simple, let’s go to St. Paul’s Church to avoid it.”

“Are you afraid?”

“Hey.” I looked at Lao Liao and smiled strangely: “It’s not that I’m afraid, it’s that I can’t fall for it!”

Lao Liao and I took a taxi to St. Paul’s Church in Nanjing. This church imitates the style of medieval Gothic churches in Europe, and the towering bell tower is made of city wall bricks. Hey, I haven’t been back since I became a priest and learned how to use the power of the gate of heaven to attract the dead. I didn’t read it carefully when I was studying here, and of course I’m not in the mood to read it now.

When we arrived, Father Kang had been waiting at the door for a long time. Father Kang was the one who tricked me into joining the church. He was in his 50s and always had a smile on his face. That kind of smile makes people feel that he can see through everything and let you have nowhere to escape.

After listening to me, Father Kang did not comment immediately. Instead, he said to Lao Liao, “What do you think?”

Lao Liao was a little cautious, hesitated for a moment before he said: “Do you two know about the six incredible events of Nantong University?”

Lao Liao paused for a moment and continued: “The first one is the flying head of Zixia Lake, the second one is the midnight singing in the cherry garden, the third one is the headless zombie in the grove, and the fourth one is the one outside Gate 1. Station No. 5, the fifth is the ghost of the tin house, and the sixth is the mysterious classroom. And in my impression, three people died in the woods on August 12 last year, and on August 23 of the previous year in Zi Three people also died in Xiahu, and a student was hanged outside the tin house on September 2 the year before last.”

“Old Liao, you even memorized the date. You, a supernatural writer, are really not covered.”

Lao Liao smiled at me: “It’s not that I have a good memory, but that the day they died was too special. They all died on the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month.”

It’s July 15th again.

“At that time, I just recorded it as a material and didn’t pay attention to it. Now I think it’s a bit strange. Look at these six locations.” As he said, Lao Liao drew a simplified map of Nanjing University of Technology on the paper and marked six Point: “Let’s connect these six locations, and you can see what this is.”

“Two intersecting triangles, what are these?” I looked at Lao Liao puzzled.

“Oh, I forgot to draw another circle.” Lao Liao said and drew another circle, and then brought it to me.

Liumang star?

“Yes, it is Liumang Star. The magic circle needed for black magic.”

“Nanjing, also known as Jinling, is a famous resting place.” Father Kang, who had been silent for a long time, said at this time: “The tombs of Zhu Yuanzhang, the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty, and Sun Yat-sen were all built in Nanjing. In the Southern Dynasty, four hundred and eighty Temple, how many smoke and rain towers in Taichung…”

“Father Kang, when you talk about mausoleums, you just talk about mausoleums. What kind of poems should you recite properly…”

“You, you are so ignorant, it’s like killing you to let you read books.” Father Kang said to me, “You don’t even think about why Nanjing is called the resting place, why is there such a thing?” Many temples? That’s because Nanjing is where the caves of the underworld are located, the closest to the underworld.”

“Father Kang, what you said doesn’t sound like a Christian.”

“After all, I’m a Chinese too! Stupid.” Father Kang glared at me, “The cave of the underworld is the entrance to the underworld, and it’s a place full of aura. That’s why many empires built their capitals here, using the aura of the abyss to deter all directions. It used to be the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties.”

“Then it stands to reason that sitting at the Nether Point should be invincible, so why would the dynasty change?”

“You know how to use the dark acupoint, don’t others know how to use the dark acupoint? And you just use it, and it’s not something that belongs to your house and only serves you.” Father Kang said to me angrily: “It’s a pity that it was used by that acupoint.” The Nanjing Massacre disrupted the aura, otherwise Nanjing may still be the capital of China today. The Japanese know how to do immoral things to destroy the graves of their ancestors.”

“Then what is the relationship between the Nether Point and the Six Mang Star?” I still feel puzzled.

Father Kang pondered for a moment: “If the six vast stars are the summoning array, it is probably used to open the death tunnel.”

“Death Tunnel? Father Kang, you don’t speak like a Chinese again.”

The Covenant of Death

Seeing that Father Kang was about to perform the stunt of killing people with his eyes, he hurriedly said: “Yes, you are also a priest. In the spirit of picking the best and discarding the dross, it is understandable to absorb some foreign knowledge.” Wink at Lao Liao.

Seeing this situation, Lao Liao took up the topic and said: “The death tunnel has been mentioned in the accounts of many near-death experiencers. It is said that the other end of the death tunnel is the gate of hell. What does it mean if the death tunnel is opened? Kang Father?”

Father Kang finally let me go: “Opening the Death Tunnel is like digging a hole in the Necropolis. I’m afraid it will suck up all the life energy on the ground in Nanjing, and Nanjing will become a dead city at that time.”

“The situation is serious, Father Kang. But why don’t you act like you’re in a hurry?”

“Hey.” Father Kang smiled at me maliciously and said, “There is nothing that cannot be solved.”

“So Father Kang, you have a solution?”

“What solution do I have? Dealing with the crisis is what the main character has to do. Even if a rare supporting role like me has a chance to participate, I’m afraid it’s just a backer, Chen. The survival of Nanjing City depends on you! I want to Go to the Vatican and report this to the Holy See.”

Damn, why does this old man have the same idea as me.

“Father Kang! Look how I look like a protagonist!”

“This story is written from your first perspective, as well as the number of times you appear and the number of words that belong to you, no matter which aspect shows that you are the protagonist!”

Lao Liao on the side couldn’t stop nodding.

Great and all-round author, don’t you write tragic stories, too dark stories can’t sell these days, everyone likes a comedy ending. My heart began to pray to the author.

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