Death Music

The song “Black Sunday” was born in France in 1932. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in 1945, and no one who actually heard the piece survived. There is still this song on the Internet, but a lot of changes have been made, which is completely different from the original version.

Due to the increasing number of suicides, many countries called on European and American countries to boycott “Black Sunday”. The author repented before he died because of guilt, “I never thought that this song would cause so much harm to the world . The ghost story in the song , let me be punished in another world.”

Xiaoyu looked at the introduction on the Internet and said disdainfully, “I really don’t believe there is such a wicked music!”

He looked at the translated lyrics on the Internet again:

“Desperate Sunday,

my time is sleeping,

Darling, I live in countless shadows

The little white flower will no longer wake you up

The black sad car is driving you

angels won’t look back on you

Are they angry because I want to join you

desperate sunday

sunday is hopeless

with shadow i will end it

My heart and I believe this is the end of it

“It’s nothing, as for committing suicide after listening to it.” Xiaoyu laughed.

The next day, Xiaoyu went to several record stores but couldn’t find the record. Every record owner said almost the same sentence, saying that without this record, Xiaoyu should stop looking for it in vain. Xiaoyu just didn’t give up, and posted on the post bar when he got home.

But the ones who replied to him were all boring people who had never heard this song before. Xiaoyu looked at these comments and went to bed without any interest.

It was nine o’clock in the evening when he woke up, “I’m so hungry, I’ve slept for so long.” Xiaoyu stretched himself.

He walked out of the house to have a quick meal, strolled around and went back. When I got home, I turned on the computer to see if there was any reply to him. There were many people who replied to him, and they were also boring people. Suddenly he saw a very short comment, “I can borrow the ghost story in your song at your own risk.”

Without thinking too much, Xiaoyu entered the homepage of the person whose screen name is 3:30 and clicked on the private chat, “Are you there? Do you really have the original album of “Black Sunday”?”

The other party didn’t reply him for a long time, Xiaoyu couldn’t help being a little disappointed, thinking that the other party must be teasing him.

At three o’clock in the middle of the night, the computer beeped, it was a message reminder. Xiaoyu was awakened by this sound in a daze. He remembered that the computer was obviously turned off, so why would it beep? Did he forget? He opened the message without thinking too much. Who the hell is staying up so late.

It was 3:30 to reply him, “Yes, look for me at Room 303, Building 4, Huangsha Community, at 3:30, and you won’t wait when it’s over.”

Xiaoyu didn’t feel surprised when he saw this passage, he felt strange, and asked Xiaoyu to go to him if he didn’t sleep in the middle of the night. Xiaoyu replied with a message, “Is it okay tomorrow? Now there is no car in the middle of the night.”

The other party replied in seconds, “There is a car downstairs at your house.”

Xiaoyu walked out of the balcony and looked downstairs, and there was indeed a taxi downstairs. He felt very strange, but he couldn’t tell what was so strange. He put on a coat and went downstairs.

Sure enough, there was a driver waiting for the guests in the taxi. Xiaoyu told the driver the address, and the driver arrived at a flying speed. But he didn’t feel the vibration of the car driving on the side of the road, and the driver didn’t say anything along the way, Xiaoyu handed the money to the driver, the driver took the money without looking back, and drove away from Xiaoyu’s sight Inside.

There was a strong wind outside, and the leaves fell one by one. Xiaoyu wrapped his coat around his body and walked in.

There is no security guard at the gate, and the gate of the community is not locked. Xiaoyu opened the door as soon as he pushed it. Xiaoyu thought that the security guards would go back to sleep so late. Xiaoyu found Building 4 and walked in, “Why can’t the lights be turned on, really.” Xiaoyu said to himself.

Xiaoyu looked at the dark stairs as if he could eat people, and he couldn’t see any lights. Xiaoyu turned on the flashlight of his mobile phone and ran up. When he felt that he had reached the third floor, he took a photo, and it was here.

He knocked on the door, but no one answered, and when he was about to knock again, the door opened, but no one came out.

He took the courage to go in, but the house was empty. He let out a sound, and then a man who seemed to be about thirty years old walked out. It should be half past three.

He said, “It’s on time, this is what you want.” The man handed Xiaoyu a record, Xiaoyu looked at the black record, then at the man, said thank you, and left .

He didn’t want to stay anymore, because he felt very strange from the moment he entered his house. The man’s house had no furniture, and the walls were still moldy.

After Xiaoyu got home, he put the record on the DVD and played it, and the singing began.

Slowly Xiaoyu began to hallucinate, and he didn’t know why. He saw that his wife wanted to divorce him, but he didn’t have a wife. He was begging for something in the air, and he saw his parents die one after another, and the boss fired him…

When the music finished playing, a corpse appeared downstairs in his house, and this corpse was Xiaoyu.

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