Haunted House

"The latest news from Dachang City, Professor Wang's younger brother Wang Xiaoqiang is dead. He was shot to death by the new Dachang City Interpol Yang Jian."

Interpol Asia Division.

Because it was related to Professor Wang, a small meeting was specially held for this purpose.

Not only Yang Jian's operator Liu Xiaoyu and team leader Zhao Jianguo were present at this meeting, but also various key members of the department were present.

"I have already said that this Yang Jian is an uncontrollable factor. He will only become more lawless when he becomes a criminal policeman. He even killed Professor Wang's only immediate family member. If Professor Wang insists on pursuing the investigation, this will provoke another An internal conflict.”

The person in charge of this meeting is a middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes. His name is Cao Yanhua, and he is the deputy minister here.

"Look, this is Yang Jian's answer sheet when he took the criminal police assessment."

Cao Yanhua opened a piece of information in his hand: "It's completely cold-blooded and has no regard for the safety of the people. I killed Wang Xiaoqiang as soon as I took office. I'm sure there will be some trouble in the future. I think we should find someone." Take the opportunity to remove this Yang Jian and give Professor Wang a reasonable explanation."

"This is my opinion, what do you think?"

Another man wearing a criminal police uniform remained calm and said calmly: "No matter whose relative Wang Xiaoqiang is, you must know that he organized an assassination operation against the backup criminal police and used a large number of arms and weapons. This is completely a conspiracy." Terrorist attacks, no matter what era they occur in, must be dealt with seriously."

"Yang Jian shot Wang Xiaoqiang to death as soon as he took office. This is a merit, not a fault. Vice Minister Cao, if you condone Wang Xiaoqiang just because he is Professor Wang's brother, then where is the law?"

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In what part is Li Daguo pretending to be a ghost_In what part is Li Daguo pretending to be a ghost_In what part is Li Daguo pretending to be a ghost’/>

"I don't agree with removing Yang Jian."

"Professor Wang's existence is very important to the situation. His every move may affect the future of the country. We cannot joke about the future. If Professor Wang becomes emotional because of this matter and brings this emotion to work, who will bear the consequences? Responsible?"

Cao Yanhua said; "I think it is necessary to give Professor Wang an explanation."

"Deputy Minister, let me express my opinion. I think Zhao Jianguo's opinion should be heard on whether to remove Yang Jian. He has been with Yang Jian for a long time and has met each other. Yang Jian should know something about this Very detailed. If he thinks Yang Jian is a huge uncontrollable threat, then I agree to remove it. If not, I think it should be reused. After all, judging from his information, he solved several supernatural incidents and rescued three people. A criminal police officer took down an uncontrolled Ghost Controller Club. There are not many files in such a beautiful archives that can do that. Zhao Jianguo, can you give me your opinion?"

Another person at the conference table said.

The finger was pointed at Zhao Jianguo.

Zhao Jianguo's face condensed, and he thought for a moment and said: "I agree with what Deputy Minister Cao said. Yang Jian is indeed an uncontrollable person. He is young and energetic, immature in thinking, and has a strong desire for revenge when he is in a desperate situation. He has also made some Threaten to take down the entire department.”

"So you think it's better to get rid of Yang Jian?" Cao Yanhua said.

Zhao Jianguo turned around and said: "But based on my observations of him, although this person has these shortcomings, he has terrible potential. This potential is not in studying and studying but in dealing with supernatural events. From then on, The first ghost-knocking incident in No. 7 Middle School in Dachang City started with Li Daguo pretending to be a ghost . Not only did Yang Jian survive, he also became a ghost controller and successfully rescued six of his other classmates."

"It is very scary for a student to do this. You must know that Zhou Zheng, the Dachang City Interpol at the time, died in that incident."

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In what part is Li Daguo pretending to be a ghost_In what part is Li Daguo pretending to be a ghost_In what part is Li Daguo pretending to be a ghost’/>

"The subsequent ghost incident in Furen Mall, the ghost coffin incident in Huanggang Village, especially the ghost coffin incident, he not only recovered the ghost coffin, but also rescued Feng Quan, the first criminal policeman in Dachang City. His record can be said to be perfect. Everyone must understand , Yang Jian did it under the circumstances that the Huanggang Village incident file had been tampered with."

"Then another ghost knocking incident broke out in Dachang City, and the third detective Zhao Kaiming was involved. I miscalculated and dispatched the detective Tong Qian from the nearest city to provide support. As a result, both of them were caught in the ghost knocking incident and were in danger. "

"Yang Jian acted again. Not only did he rescue Tong Qian, but Zhao Kaiming also survived, and he even brought out a group of survivors."

Having said this, Zhao Jianguo said: "The ghost knocking event is defined as an A, catastrophic supernatural event. The fact that Yang Jian survived it twice and was able to rescue people shows how outstanding his abilities are. "

"It is already very difficult for domestic criminal police to handle Class C and Class B incidents. People who are capable of handling Class A incidents are very scarce."

"So I think Yang Jian's abilities outweigh his shortcomings and are worth cultivating."

After Zhao Jianguo finished speaking, he added: "This can be seen from the answers to the assessment, especially the last question. When answering the question, he chose to kill the child carrying the schoolbag without hesitation, and he did not guess it by luck. It’s a very rational analysis, and the real answer is the same, the kid with the schoolbag is a ghost.”

"Sun Yi asked the question and he hardly spent time thinking until he answered the answer. This was an almost instinctive reaction."

"Unlike ordinary police officers, Yang Jian has the ability to deal with supernatural incidents. I think that if he has not sacrificed himself in the future, he will even be qualified to participate in that plan."

"Okay, your report is detailed enough."

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In what part is Li Daguo pretending to be a ghost_In what part is Li Daguo pretending to be a ghost_In what part is Li Daguo pretending to be a ghost’/>

Cao Yanhua interrupted him unhappily.

"It can be seen from Zhao Jianguo's analysis that Yang Jian's abilities outweigh his shortcomings. At least he is much more useful than Zhao Kaiming who does nothing. I think he should be cultivated. As for Zhao Kaiming, find an opportunity to transfer him out of Dachang City , to prevent two people from conflicting in decision-making and causing unnecessary losses." The person before expressed his opinion.

The middle-aged man wearing a criminal police uniform also said solemnly; "In special times, special talents should be reused. I also think that a criminal policeman who has made meritorious deeds should not be easily removed for the sake of a criminal. What part does Li Daguo pretend to be a ghost ? Not even Professor Wang’s relatives,”

"Since everyone has the same opinion, let's let the matter of Ghost Eye Detective Yang Jian be settled. Professor Wang still needs to pay more attention to it." Cao Yanhua said.

"That's the end of the meeting. Dismissed."

After the matter was settled, the meeting was immediately dismissed and left.

On the way back, Liu Xiaoyu, who was silent in the meeting, asked in a low voice: "Captain, why did Vice Minister Cao insist on taking down Yang Jian? He has just taken office, and didn't he tacitly approve Yang Jian's actions before? Why? Let Sun Yi and Zhao Kaiming support him. Now that Yang Jian has successfully killed Wang Xiaoqiang, why should he be killed again?"

A wry smile appeared on Zhao Jianguo's lips; "This is very contradictory, isn't it?"

Liu Xiaoyu nodded.

"It's actually not difficult to understand, because most people want Yang Jian to act, but they don't want him to succeed."

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In what part is Li Daguo pretending to be a ghost_In what part is Li Daguo pretending to be a ghost_In what part is Li Daguo pretending to be a ghost’/>

"I don't quite understand. Can the captain explain it to me?"

"You will understand naturally when you understand." Zhao Jianguo said nothing more.

But at this moment, a staff member suddenly ran over in a hurry and said anxiously, "Zhao, Captain Zhao, the situation is not good."

"What's wrong?" Zhao Jianguo turned around and asked.

"Da, the situation in Dachang City is not right. This is the latest satellite photo."

The staff member opened the folder and there was a satellite map on it.

Zhao Jianguo took a look at it, and his eyes suddenly shrank, with a look of extreme shock on his face: "Damn it, what happened to such a good person? Please inform the minister, deputy minister and others immediately."

"Someone has been notified. The minister is on his way here. Let's gather in the general conference room."

"Okay, I'll be there right away." Zhao Jianguo handed back the folder with a particularly solemn expression: "You go and notify the others."

Liu Xiaoyu said, "Didn't we just finish the meeting? Are we going to have another meeting like this?"

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In what part is Li Daguo pretending to be a ghost_In what part is Li Daguo pretending to be a ghost_In what part is Li Daguo pretending to be a ghost’/>

Zhao Jianguo said; "You go back to the communication room immediately and contact Yang Jian. Once the communication is connected, it must not be disconnected without my order. Let Zhao Kaiming's correspondent also maintain communication. The situation is the same as you."

"Captain, did something big happen?"

Liu Xiaoyu felt something was wrong in the atmosphere.

"It's probably a large-scale supernatural incident… If it's confirmed to be true, it may be classified as S-class. What are you doing here? Take action quickly."

Zhao Jianguo shouted in a low voice and rushed to the general meeting room without stopping.

S-class supernatural event?

Just kidding.

Liu Xiaoyu ran to the communication room, feeling a little confused.

You must know that S-class supernatural events have the ability to destroy the population of several cities.

There have only been two or three such incidents in the world. Last time, we relied on Professor Wang's research results and managed to limit the continuous losses caused by that incident at the expense of many Interpol police officers.

But that incident was not over.

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