Chapter 971 The Second Resurrected Person

Eagle's eyes moved, but he didn't find it strange, because Liu Qingqing must have known that she was dead, and now that she was resurrected, no one would be able to accept calling her again. "Although I didn't see you during the last letter delivery mission, according to my guess, you should still be alive. If even you die, then the remaining people will definitely not survive." Yang Jian felt that this Resurrecting the dead is wonderful, but just resurrecting one seems a bit unsatisfactory.

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And Reborn On The Sedan Chair

What Wu Yuanwai never expected was that Fengzhen, who had been resurrected from the dead, actually seemed to be a different person this time and took the initiative to agree to the marriage. Sun Yunian was not too surprised after hearing this. He told Feng Hui seriously that he never believed in the theory that the dead could be resurrected. He always felt that there must be an ulterior reason, so he quietly launched a follow-up investigation and found out as expected. He learned all the secrets of Feng Hui. … Continue readingAnd Reborn On The Sedan Chair

Chapter 713: People Do Not Exist Now

"Nowadays, people really want money rather than life. If he were here, he would definitely come to make trouble. Yang Jian didn't know the family members, they were very strange. If there were any, they would probably all be dead. Hu Kai was a little embarrassed "That's right," he said, "so I can't tell whether she is related to Captain Yang or your cousin. They just look exactly the same. After all, a dead person cannot be resurrected." If Yang Jian doesn't answer, will he say that he can resurrect the dead? … Continue readingChapter 713: People Do Not Exist Now