Ghost Door

Don’t do bad things, don’t be afraid of ghosts. If you do something wrong, you will be afraid of ghosts!

City big, official big. Harmful, bigger. There is a big city, there is a big corrupt official. Corrupt officials and sex officials, the name is Zaozan. What’s an indecent name? The crowd panicked. I often say to people: God is the eldest, and I am the second! The first level of the official university suppresses the evil, just like the gods in the temple. Officials commit suicide and are lawless. Conspiracy to rebel, want to be emperor. Bring disaster to the country and bring disaster to the people, dig people’s ancestral graves. Corruption and perversion of the law, waste of life. The official is big, and the wealth is deep. Power is greater than the law, not afraid of public prosecutors and laws. who said it? what he said. He controls the public prosecutor’s law, the public prosecutor’s law can’t control him! Covetousness, covetousness, covetousness. Do whatever you want, whatever you want. A large corrupt official brought a large amount of money, and the relatives of high officials and small officials were corrupt. A high-ranking official brought a large area, and the high-ranking and small-ranking officials were relatives. A vice-principal raped and killed a six-year-old girl. A principal became a big pervert, leading the girls to open a room. Stay overnight and play until dawn. who said it? Newspaper TV said. The newspaper also said: An officer was drunk and dizzy, stole a four-year-old girl and raped! Parents found out, sent to the hospital. The results of the gynecological examination showed that a large piece of the hymen was not punctured. Take care of the girl, be careful. The TV also said: An eight-year-old girl was kidnapped by officials, raped and smashed with bricks. Crap, chaff! Satyr Satyr! Xiaomi Mistresses are tired of playing, and they are tired of playing with girls. Have to change, change the little girl! Driving around looking for the little girl. There are many young girls in kindergarten, and their legs are trembling with greed. Salivation poured out, ignoring the guards to drill in. The security guard beat him and limped into the car. The next day, the Public Security Bureau arrested the security guard. What’s wrong with the security? Power is replaced by law, what can you do if you don’t obey?

Learn to be good, and drive the park. A girl is peeing on a bush. Regardless of whether the girl finished urinating or not, she ran over to cover the girl’s mouth, carried her into the car, and hurried away. The girl couldn’t help urinating her crotch. The wet crotch of the crotch is staggered and stung. The girl is very well behaved, uncle is short and uncle is long. uncle! Where are you taking me? Come to my big villa and call you a great blessing. uncle! I dont go! I am looking for my mother. Mom doesn’t want you to be a ghost , I want you. you’re lying! You are a big badass! Say I can do anything, just don’t let you go! Poor six-year-old girl Yuan Wenwen, the sheep will not escape bad luck!

In the evening, the glutinous rice bran and drunken rice are full on a whim. Hungry tigers chasing lambs, hungry cats chasing mice, and rape if they press down on the text. Poor poor! Wen Wen was raped, raped, raped! Wenwen’s soul drifted away from the body, and there was nowhere to hide in tears. At night, the whole city heard a little girl fluttering in the air, crying, crying, and screaming: “Mom, Mom, where are you?” Mom, Mom, I’m looking for Mom. The more people listen, the more horrified their scalps are and their hearts are like a knife, who would have the heart to listen again? In the evening, the good people had to stop their ears with cotton balls in tears. Ears can’t hear, less heartache!

Every night, the chaff loses its soul. Can’t sleep, take sleeping pills. In the middle of the night, a ghost came to call the door, and the one who called the door called the door, and the one who didn’t call it didn’t open the door! Don’t open the door? Ghosts still come in! Terrified he shivered and twitched into the bed. who are you? I am Wenwen. Aren’t you a little girl? How to touch the world and touch the ground? Are you afraid of big people? Afraid, afraid, afraid! I will burn incense and kowtow to you , so please forgive me. Kowtow is also useless, tell you to go back to your hometown! I have died wrongly, and I will not bring you peace. Wen Wen grabbed his feet with both hands, and dragged him hard! Drag it to the door, don’t drag it! The glutinous rice bran is delicious and spicy, and the tall horse weighs one hundred and ninety-eight. Wen Wen Gui is not very powerful, and the young girl ghost has not grown up. Really unable to drag, punching, kicking, biting, grabbing, pinching, twisting and tossing are boring before twitching and roaming the world. Every night, as usual to toss the chaff. In less than half a year, Zha Zhan became a skinny monkey! The weight will not drop by more than 100 quickly, and if the weight drops again, the bones will be pulled! Crap, chaff! Dying! Live or die, die sooner or later!

It is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge. A year is too late for a ghost girl to take revenge. If you can’t take revenge, the ghost girl will be worried. The ghost girl Yuan Wenwen, crying in white and black, broke her soul. She cried to the park, she cried to the back of the rockery. It happened that Ding Beibei, a young girl who was wronged, was crying and crying. Wronged ghost to wronged ghost, tears to tears. Wandering without a fixed place, where to go? The two ghosts tell each other about misfortunes, and share the fate of pity and business plans. Resolute revenge, hit it off. Ding Beibei was raped by Zaozan, raped and raped in a row! The same enemy, the same revenge. On the spot, we swore to the ghost sisters and shed tears of hatred together!

That night, two ghosts came to call the door, and the one who called the door called the door or didn’t call the door, just didn’t open the door! Don’t open the door? The two ghosts still come in! Beibei and Wenwen were ruthless this time. The sun can’t cure you, the underworld will cure you! One ghost grabbed one foot, and the two ghosts dragged them out. Dragging and dragging was stunned, the two ghosts would not open the elevator door. I used to take the elevator a lot during my lifetime, but I can’t figure it out when I die. well! Either way! If you don’t take the elevator and take the stairs, you have to work harder. Drag from the eighteenth floor to the fish pond, the two ghosts were so tired that they were sweating and panting. The gluten is stripped off and the operation is performed. A ghost took out a switch knife (bought at the market), and with the push of a button, the knife popped out, sharply cutting iron like mud. Beibei cut off his penis with one knife, and Wenwen cut off his testicles with one knife. Two stray dogs happened to come, and the dogs were lucky enough to meet. One dog has the penis, the other has the testicles. Run to the dark corner, chew slowly and swallow! The food entered his stomach, and he closed his eyes and snored. The glutinous chaff and the ditch are empty, and without Diliu, he becomes a man again. Men are not men, women are not women. Said he was a eunuch, and a eunuch was a eunuch. The pain rolls all over the floor, and it growls louder than a pig. Get bored, stretch your legs! Bad chaff hurts evil, everyone praises it! The two ghosts got their revenge, and the two ghosts had fun. The two ghosts stood up and shouted together: One, two, three, throw them into the fish pond, and feed the fish! Ask the fish to try something new, and ask the fish to open the meat!

Public Procuratorate, come and arrest him. Running away early? Out of the country? Look everywhere, catch everywhere. No shadow? Ghosted? Found the fish pond, the corpse rotted into mud! The corpses became briquettes, and the fish that were riddled with holes were bitten into pieces. It smells so bad that you cover your nose, and throw it out quickly! Forensic identification, vendetta for sure! Penis testicles, cut clean! Offend a woman, for sure!

After copying the house, the property belongs to the public. How much property? Made a list. Buildings, 101 sets. Villas, 13 locations. Luxury watch, 49 yuan. Gold necklaces, 33 pieces. Gold bracelet, 29 pieces. Gold rings, 53 pieces. Diamond rings, 43 pieces. Gold earrings, 63 pieces. RMB 580 million. Bank deposits, 230 million. Foreign buildings, 19 sets. Foreign villas, 8. USD, 560,000. GBP 230,000. 230,000 francs. Mark 130,000. EUR, 120,000. Yen, 200,000 yuan.

People were shocked when they saw it: where did so much wealth come from? Hi! Heshen has no foreign property! Zaozan is better than Heshen! No more anti-corruption officials, the people are poor!

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