Short Ghost Story

Today’s story was told by a friend while riding the subway, and it’s very much like an urban ghost story.

Mei Ying is a white-collar worker in a foreign-funded company in Beijing CBD. She lives a regular life from 9 to 5 every day. Her busy and boring days are like a video tape that plays on a loop without any surprises.

Mei Ying worked overtime at the company that day, and it was already past eleven o'clock at midnight when she got on the subway. Mei Ying takes the subway home at Jianguomen Station every day after get off work. She is used to the crowded scenes of thousands of troops fighting for the top of Jianguo, so she has naturally developed a survival skill of squeezing up and down. It's just that it's already past the evening rush hour, and Mei Ying is the only one on the empty platform, feeling extremely lonely.

There are ghosts and supernatural videos in the Beijing subway_Ghosts and animals in the Beijing subway push people_Ghosts and animals in the Beijing subway

After a while, the subway came into the station. Mei Ying got on the train and sat down, and found that there was a man sitting on the seat opposite her. The man, in his mid-thirties, handsome and clean, wearing a long black trench coat, was flipping through the newspaper in his hand.

Mei Ying guessed that he might also be an urbanite who had just returned home from get off work, adding a sense of sympathy to him for no reason. After a while, the man folded the newspaper in his hand, raised his head and smiled naturally at Mei Ying. Only then did Mei Ying see clearly that the man's eyes were as bright as stars, his aura was extraordinary, and his whole person gave off a strong and domineering feeling.

"You get off work so late?" The man asked her with a smile, his voice was rich and steady, which made Mei Ying's heart tingle.

Ghost pushing people

"I'm working overtime today. Are you too?"

In this way, Mei Ying got to know this man who came home late every day. Every time he took the subway home after working overtime until late at night, they would meet unexpectedly, and then walk together for a quiet and tiring journey. The man told Mei Ying that his name was "Duo" and that he was usually very busy working as an executive. Mei Ying secretly guessed that it was no wonder that he always felt domineering and dictatorial, and there was an undeniable sense of oppression in his words. He turned out to be a domineering president. Over and over again, Mei Ying would always share her joys and sorrows during the day with Duo on the subway when she returned home at night. Perhaps because they had no intersection in life, she was extraordinarily frank and trusting of Duo. Most of the advice Duo gave her was practical and helped her solve many problems in work and life.

One day after getting off work on time, Mei Ying was waiting at the bustling Jianguomen subway station in the Beijing subway . She suddenly saw Duo's figure staring at her from afar in the crowds of people. His eyes were as cold as the cold moon, which made people shudder. Mei Ying shuddered and when she looked again, she saw that her eyes were full of strangers hurriedly going north and south, and there was no figure of Duo anywhere.

Beijing subway has ghosts and supernatural videos_Beijing subway ghosts and beasts_Beijing subway ghosts push people

When they met again, Mei Ying couldn't help but ask Duo why he always took the subway back so late. Duo told her that his home was in the Jianguomen area, and he said that he hated subway stations during the day because they were crowded and dirty. I'd rather come home late.

More than a year passed in this way, and Meiying would meet Duo every week after working overtime and burning the midnight oil. It was another late return day, and Mei Ying's new boyfriend came to the company to pick her up. The strange thing was that they took the subway all the way back home, and Duo never showed up. Since then, Duo has disappeared from Mei Ying's life, as completely and completely as if he had never existed.

It wasn't until one day that Mei Ying worked overtime until almost midnight, and she subconsciously hurried into the subway station, only to remember that the subway should have stopped running at this time. Just as she was about to turn around and leave, a familiar figure on the platform stopped Meiying in her tracks. It was Duo. Duo seemed to be specially waiting for Mei Ying. He walked closer and closer to Mei Ying step by step, with a domineering sneer on his lips.

Beijing subway has ghosts and supernatural videos_Beijing subway ghosts and beasts_Beijing subway ghosts push people

"Duo…you…I haven't seen you for a while…how are you?…There should be no subway at this time, right?" Mei Ying was gripped by this sudden fear and said incomparably.

"What? Are you afraid of me?" Duo said, already walking to Mei Ying's side. "There is a subway. Look, isn't it coming?"

Mei Ying followed Duo's gaze and saw a subway train rumbling into the platform. This subway train did not have the headlights in front of the train, and the windows were all dark. Mei Ying was feeling strange, and she felt Duo holding her hand in a daze. In the rumbling sound, she could faintly hear Duo saying to her: "Mei Ying, come be my princess…"

In the next day's newspaper, there was an inconspicuous piece of news in the corner of the social news section: "CBD female white-collar workers couldn't bear the pressure of life, fell into the Jianguomen subway track late at night, and were electrocuted."

Beijingers of the older generation all know that there is another place name in the Jianguomen area that has been abandoned for a long time – the Tomb of Prince Yu. More than 300 years ago, the Beijing subway ghost pushed people . The fifteenth son of Aixinjueluo Nurhachi of the Qing Dynasty and the brother of the regent Dorgon, the iron hat Wang Duduo was buried here after his death.

An accidental meeting across time and space, but it turned out to be a big mistake that the prince had always wanted to win. From now on, I just want to hold your hand and step on the subway to nothingness.

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