Chapter 17: Furious

Facts have proved that Zhang Yicheng really underestimated Zhou Yunran's combat effectiveness. Before she could finish a piece of grilled fish, Zhou Yunran had already finished ten skewers of meat skewers, three skewers of ribs and some slices of grilled steamed buns. Zhang Yicheng took a sip of 1.25 liters of Coke. When he finished drinking it, he poured it again. Only the bottom of the bottle remains.

"Cousin, eat slowly, no one will fight with you…" Looking at Zhou Yunran's devouring look, she is really cute and pitiful. She must be hungry, "Did you not eat at noon?"

"Yeah!" Zhou Yunran nodded.

"Yesterday, did you eat last night?"

"No!" Zhou Yunran spoke without delaying his meal. No matter what Zhang Yicheng asked, he would answer in one word and never raise his head.

"Did you run away from home?" Zhang Yicheng doesn't have such a big appetite to eat haise. In the past, he mainly came here to drink. If there is no beer, he can eat skewers. Who can eat it…


"Forget it, you can eat it first…" Zhang Yicheng snickered, "Boss, add ten meat skewers, ten ribs, and a big bottle of Coke…"

After finishing four or five more meat skewers, Zhou Yunran seemed to be unable to eat anymore, "The food here is so delicious!"

"Don't tell me you've never been here!" Zhang Yicheng lit a cigarette.

"I really haven't been here before!" Zhou Yunran seemed serious.

"When you have time… go out and walk more. You can't eat what you memorize some formulas by heart. Look, if I hadn't brought you to this paradise, Zhang Yicheng , you wouldn't even know where to have a midnight snack. !" Zhang Yicheng took a puff of cigarette, his face full of enjoyment, "Where are you going to go later?"

"I…" Zhou Yunran pursed her lips, Qian Jian shook her head and said nothing.

"I understand, you didn't bring your wallet, right?" As he said this, Zhang Yicheng took out his wallet, opened it and looked at the five or six hundred items left, and simply threw the whole wallet to Zhou Yunran, "I was in a hurry to come out today. , I didn’t take any money, so you can use these first… Don’t go back to that Fukang Garden, just find a hotel first, and when your anger subsides, turn on your phone. If you keep turning it off, it’s strange that your family is not in a hurry… …”

Zhou Yunran didn't take her wallet, but she didn't turn on her phone either. She just raised her head and looked at Zhang Yicheng, sobbing again as she looked at it.

"Oh, my young mistress…" Zhang Yicheng was helpless. What kind of nerve did he hit… "Can you tell me what happened? I advise you to go back and you cry, and I condone you not to go back. You Ye Cry, you have to give me a direction to speak, right?"

"He…" Zhou Yunran seemed to be unable to bear it anymore, "He wants me to go to bed with someone else!"

"You… don't say it here yet! Let's get back to the car!" Zhang Yicheng stood up, picked up his wallet and drew a hundred-dollar bill, "Boss! Pay the bill!"

According to Zhou Yunran, his current father is Zhou Sen, who is his stepfather, and his biological father Wang Jiagui died in a car accident when he was ten years old. In Zhou Yunran's memory, Wang Jiagui, his biological father, seemed to be engaged in wholesale of electronic components. His family was very wealthy at that time. When he was very young, when other children's parents were riding bicycles, the Wang family already had two imported bicycles. It was unthinkable at the time that my parents had a car. Later, his father died in a car accident and seemed to have left a considerable legacy. His father's company has been run by his mother, Yang Zhen. Stepfather Zhou Sen was originally a channel dealer for the company. After Wang Jiagui's death, he began to pursue Yang Zhen crazily for three years. Later, Yang Zhen may have been moved by Zhou Sen's persistence, so she married Zhou Sen. Unexpectedly, as soon as she received the marriage certificate, Zhou Sen seemed to be a different person, staying out all day long under the pretext of discussing business. They spent a lot of time and alcohol, making phone calls at first, but within a few days they stopped even making phone calls. They only went home once or twice a month at most, and they had to be carried back home after drinking too much. Yang Zhenke was better off, except for her property after she got married. Except that Zhou Sen squeezed out not a penny left, everything else was basically the same as if he was not married. Later, Yang Zhen also thought about divorce. As soon as he heard about the divorce, Zhou Sen immediately showed his fierce look and threatened that he had many friends in the underworld. If he dared to divorce, he would leave the mother and daughter dead without their bodies. He also beat Yang Zhen. Jane was afraid and did not dare to mention divorce again.

Time flies, and in a blink of an eye, Zhou Yunran has grown from a little girl to a tall and graceful lady. Not long ago, Zhou Sen was sent home again because he was drunk. The person who sent Zhou Sen home was a Singaporean investment boss in China. When Zhou Yunran went downstairs to pick him up, he happened to be looked at by the boss. After that, something unexpected happened. Zhou Sen seemed to suddenly become a good husband and father. To be honest, Zhou Yunran was not a fool. He knew that Zhou Sen's sudden flattery would not be a good thing, and he always reminded his mother that Yang Zhen wanted to join him. Be careful, but unexpectedly, the mother was careful for a long time, and this bad luck befell her.

Just a few days ago, Zhou Sen first proposed to Yang Zhen that he wanted to introduce Zhou Yunran to the Singaporean boss. Yang Zhen went crazy when she heard that. That Singaporean was over sixty years old. If his own daughter married that old gangster, wouldn't the child's lifelong happiness be ruined? Upon hearing Yang Zhen's unwillingness, Zhou Sen explained in a bold manner that it was not about getting married, but just "taking care of him". In one or two nights, it was an order worth tens of millions. Hearing what Zhou Sen said about Zhong Guiling and Zhang Yicheng , Yang Zhen almost lost her temper. If she dared to fall in love, she might as well get married. Isn't this forcing her daughter into prostitution?

"This bastard!!" Upon hearing this, Zhang Yicheng was so angry that he was trembling all over and couldn't even hold his cell phone steady. "I want to see who has more friends!!!"

"What…what do you want to do!?" Seeing Zhang Yicheng tremblingly pressing the phone, Zhou Yunran snatched the phone away.

"Give it back to me!!" Zhang Yicheng's eyes were bleeding, "I'll find someone to kill this beast!"

"Don't!!" Zhou Yunran simply held Zhang Yicheng's cell phone in her arms, "I won't let you be impulsive!"

Seeing that Zhou Yunran refused to give him his cell phone, Zhang Yicheng simply started the car and suddenly kicked the accelerator. The engine speed instantly reached six rpm. The whole car roared with a "buzz" but did not move at all. "Why the hell don't you move?" ?" Zhang Yicheng was obviously furious. The accelerator was depressed to the bottom but the N gear was still on①.

"Ah!" With the sudden roar of the engine, Zhou Yunran screamed in fright and simply leaned down on the gear lever.

"Fuck!!!" Zhang Yicheng slapped the steering wheel, making Zhou Yunran tremble all over, "Go on! What next!?"

"On the day you went to Cangzhou, my mother disappeared. She kept calling her all the time…" Zhou Yunran sobbed, "He cornered me at home after school that day, told me about it, and asked me to Listen to him honestly, otherwise I will never see my mother again…" Zhou Yunran was still lying on the barrier, crying, "I don't know what to do…"

"Why didn't you call the police!?"

"He didn't let me call the police… He said that as long as I dare to tell this matter, he would let me never see my mother again…" Zhou Yunran burst into tears and said, "That Singaporean was going to come to my house that night. I I don’t want to live anymore, I just think that if I die and things get too big, he won’t dare to do anything to my mother… But I promise you to explain our affairs to my brother clearly, so I want to go finally His family once explained to him that I really didn’t mean to make him doubt you…" According to Zhou Yunran, she lost consciousness a few minutes after taking the sleeping pills. When she woke up, she was lying in the hospital with an acquaintance nearby. None, and Zhou Sen wasn't there either. I was so scared that I could only call Jiang Jun's mother, but when Jiang Jun's mother arrived, she didn't dare to tell the truth. Later, because he was afraid that Zhou Sen would force him to sleep with the Singaporean when he came back, he coaxed and coaxed Jiang Jun's mother to go home first, and then he sneaked out of the hospital. I wanted to secretly go home to get some money, but when I got home, I found that I didn't have a penny at home, so I had no choice but to hide in the ghost house in Fukang Garden.

"Girl… I have never complained about you from beginning to end…" Hearing this, Zhang Yicheng sighed and reached out to touch Zhou Yunran's hair, "Please turn on your phone, just in case your mother calls you. What should I do if the phone can’t find you?”

"…What if Zhou Sen finds me?" Zhou Yunran raised her head and said with aggrieved face. "Don't answer Ye Ye's call! If you have any trouble, call me anytime!" Zhang Yicheng forced himself to squeeze out a smile, "Don't worry, if he still wants to embarrass you, he has to get through me first!"

"No…" Zhou Yunran shook his head and cried until his nose ran down, "I can't hurt you!"

"What's wrong with this?" Zhang Yicheng simply helped Zhou Yunran up, "At worst, I'll pay him some medical expenses, I won't really kill him…"

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