Chapter Thirteen Jinpilu Water God Cannon

Thinking of this cold sweat, crying secretly, feeling lost in my heart, I didn’t know where to go. At this moment, I saw the ship’s lights flickering in the sea fog on the mast. Shirley Yang commanded Ruan Hei to drive the “Trident” to break through the waves. , I was overjoyed, although I don't know if they were looking for the sound, or they came back from the sea with the sharks surrounding the three-masted ship. I was already thankful to Mazu if I could make it back in time.

The three-masted ancient ship was swaying crookedly, and the mast was tilted towards the sea. When the trident could be seen in the fog, the distance was already extremely close. Seeing that the two ships were about to miss again in the fog, I thought it was too late to get down from the mast. , grasped the distance between the two ships, and decided to take a risky jump. When the ship was shaking and fell towards the Trident, he jumped off the mast without hesitation, fell obliquely, and passed by. The swarm of sharks rushed towards the rubber lifeboat tied to the side of the Trident boat against the turbulent sea.

But the ship fluctuated with the waves, and it was not a static and fixed target. The timing and distance changed in an instant, and it failed to land directly on the rubber lifeboat. It missed half a step and fell straight into the sea. , Amidst the exclamation of the fat man and others, I rushed forward with both hands desperately, and finally caught the rope fixed at the bottom of the rubber lifeboat, my body was suspended in the air, and my feet had already touched the sea water.

Ghost Submarine Full Story_Ghost Submarine Detailed Drama_American Movie Ghost Submarine

My hand was in sharp pain from being strangled by the rope, but I knew very well in my heart that even if my hand was broken, I would not let it go. I would feed the sharks as soon as I let it go. The thing hit the sole of the foot. It turned out that there were too many big sharks around the three-masted ship, and I stepped on one. I don't know where I stepped on it, but the bloodthirsty wildness in the shark's body was quite different from it. The living and fierce power feels very real.

I was so startled that the roots of my hair went numb, as if my whole body had gone through a call back at that moment, and I didn't care to look at the shark under my feet, so I desperately climbed onto the boat, but the more impatient I was, the more weak my feet became. The upper part held me with a hook bar, and they pulled me up, and I climbed onto the rubber lifeboat.

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Shirley Yang stretched out his hand and pulled me into the boat: "Old Hu, you are a desperate man. You dare to jump at such a high height. Are you going to die?" I can't tell whether it's cold sweat or sea water, but I still want to say a few words to explain the situation.

At this time, Uncle Ming climbed onto the deck from the cabin. He may have just passed out of alcohol and was still a little not sober, but when he raised his eyes, he saw a three-masted ship swaying backwards like a white shadow nearby. However, his face suddenly changed, as if he had seen Gui Kui, and he didn't bother to say extra words, he just shouted to everyone: "This is a marked blood ship, hurry up… hurry up and raise the sea-shocking cannon, Prepare the shells."

Ghost Submarine Full Story_Ghost Submarine Detailed Drama_American Movie Ghost Submarine

I heard Uncle Ming say this suddenly, and thought that he might know the details of the three-masted ship. Since the matter is urgent, there is no need to go into details, so I called everyone on the ship to deploy the Jinpilu Water God Cannon urgently, and prepared to bombard the "ghost ship". It was very fast, and although the cabin was narrow, all the people could be fully prepared, and they could still be in an orderly manner even in an emergency. Because everyone knows that it is unrealistic for a rabble in a mess to venture into the coral spiral. Fatty and I, as well as Guchai and Duoling, were at sea under the command of Shirley Yang in accordance with the navy's standards. Paramilitary training. Because sailing at sea is different than on land, it is difficult for individuals to face the stormy sea. All members must be combined into a well-trained whole. Once an accident or danger occurs, only by the cooperation of all members can it be possible to save the day. There are only seven people, so everyone must take on several roles, all of which are indispensable and important forces.

So with an order, according to the deployment that has been practiced many times before, we quickly took our positions. Fatty and I disembarked first to adjust the gun positions and aim at the target. The telescope on the ship instructed Ruan Hei to adjust the course and give way to the firing angle of the muzzle.

Ghost Submarine Full Story_Ghost Submarine Detailed Drama_American Movie Ghost Submarine

A few seconds later, the water cannon on the "Trident" was ready to attack. The sea fog was thick, and the two ships had missed it for the third time. The blood-soaked three-masted ship was gradually disappearing from our sight Among them, Shirley Yang kept reporting the azimuth, angle and speed. Although Ruan Hei, the captain of the ship, was afraid of the ghost ship, but his life was at stake, he still mustered up the courage to turn the bow of the ship, increase the speed, and approached from the side and rear of the three-masted ship. .

Uncle Ming gesticulated in the cabin and Fatty and I were ready to fire. Everyone gasped and waited for the "Trident" to enter the best shooting position. Taking advantage of this gap, I asked Uncle Ming: "That three-masted ship is sealed with blank paper and covered in blood. What kind of ship is it?"

Ghost Submarine Full Story_Ghost Submarine Detailed Drama_American Movie Ghost Submarine

Uncle Ming wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, "Lost his old mother. Fortunately, your uncle and I found out in time that it was a marked blood ship ghost submarine . If we don't use the sea-shaking cannon to hit it to the bottom of the sea , you might run into big trouble.”

It turns out that on the coast of Nanyang, there is a rare custom similar to exiling plague ships, called "marking". The difference is that the marking ship does not contain dead people, but a huge sea beast. The huge creature very close to the "Yuan" is called "Dayongsha". There are no living turtles in the sea. Dayongsha is commonly known by fishermen. Its shape is similar to that of a turtle but not a turtle. It is black and blue with big white stripes on its abdomen. It usually lives in shallow seas and is buried in the sand. It often makes waves in secret and capsizes the fishing boats. Inform the others to lock it up with no iron chains and catch it alive. Anyone who catches this thing and meets the time of offering sacrifices to the sea dragon will repair the dilapidated ancient fishing boat and put the big sand into the bilge with blood. Then wrap the ancient boat with a paper armor fishing net, pull it to the deep sea and let it go with the ocean current.

The waves in the South China Sea are choppy, and the wind and waves are always high. Most of these ships are not strong. When they reach the deep sea, they will be sunk by the wind and waves in a short time, and they will be buried in the bottom of the sea if they are full of sand. , they like to eat the meat of the sand, they will drill into the broken hull one after another, and bite the big sand until there is only an empty shell. The fishermen believe that there is a "dragon" on the bottom of the sea, and they regard it as the god of the sea. This custom is an act of offering sacrifices to the God of the Sea, allowing the Dragon King to bless the sea with peace and tranquility.

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