Chapter 75 The Dragon King Collects The Corpse

Did the Dragon Prince come to collect the body of his "son" during this heavy rain? Boss Wang said that he wanted to return this iron cage to the neighboring village. At the same time, he asked my uncle in confusion, where did the river monster in the cage go? The common people who depended on this mother river for their livelihood had to brave the danger of being submerged by the surging river waves, rowing in the waves, and struggling to beg for food under the beard of the Dragon King.

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Chapter 3 Pottery Figurines

Wang Quansheng was confused when he saw it. It seemed to be a terracotta figurine. In ancient times, once someone drowned and disappeared, his relatives would sink a pottery figure that looked like the missing person into the water to exchange it with the river god, and the body would float up. Several people thought about it, oh, it's the grave man. Regarding the ancient tombs in the Yellow River, he had heard from his grandfather that there were ancient tombs at the bottom of the Yellow River, but this was the first time he encountered it in person, and he didn't believe it before. … Continue readingChapter 3 Pottery Figurines

The Yellow River Ancient Road Ghost Cave Monster Chapter 3 Legend

Some people say that it was used to suppress demons in the Tang Dynasty, while others said it was used to sacrifice rivers. It is not known whether it was taken to a museum or melted by a large-scale steel smelting. That incident is just a legend, not credible, but one can still witness the ancient mystery of the Yellow River, how many secrets are covered in the muddy river mud. I once heard from a local old man that there is an ancient tomb of the Tang Dynasty in Longling. It's secret, and the ancient tomb is hidden so deep that I don't even say whether it exists or not. … Continue readingThe Yellow River Ancient Road Ghost Cave Monster Chapter 3 Legend