The Second Date At The Ending Of Devil Words Ghost Talk


When she half-jokingly told me that the actual viewing angle is 5° higher than the theoretical angle, my eyeballs trembled inexplicably.

Of course, that was just my illusion. In fact, it was not my eyeballs that were trembling, but my eyes and my whole body.

At that time, the red wine glass in my hand was tilted, and a few drops of red wine jumped onto the white tablecloth due to my trembling.

It was a kind of dim but bright red, which was shocking but also sad.

——Song Ji’s diary


Every weekend of Song Ji's life, and every meal except breakfast, was dedicated to the matter of "blind date". He has almost become accustomed to weekends like this, so he has forgotten how he spent his weekends before this "blind date weekend" started, and he doesn't even know how he will arrange it if one day this "blind date weekend" ends. own weekend.

At first, everyone just said that he relied on his handsomeness and richness, and his vision was too high, so neither the ladies of the world nor the beauty of Xiaojia were in his eyes. Later, everyone said that he was probably dazzled by the fat and thin young women. They said that he had been on too many blind dates. He always looked at the higher mountains and always felt that the next blind date would be higher than this one. It's even better, that's why he hasn't been sure about it for a long time, and he didn't even give him a chance for a second date. In the end, everyone simply said that Song Ji didn't want to fall in love or get married at all, he was just keen on blind dates – rich people are perverts, and rich and beautiful people are even more perverted.

At first, the relatives and friends who introduced Song Ji to his partner almost broke through the metal security door of his home, so that he had to change the doorbell every week. Later, he changed the doorbell once a month. In the end, he didn't need to change the doorbell at all, because the people around him really didn't know what kind of woman Song Ji wanted. They thought he might not need a woman at all.

The first time I met Song Ji was at that time, it should be a Friday afternoon.

At that time, I was secretly hiding in the employee lounge drinking tea. I turned around inadvertently and saw him. Song Ji is that kind of person, the kind of person who can make you notice him at a glance in the crowd.

Wearing a casual gray-blue casual suit, he stood casually at the end of the crosswalk across the road. In fact, he looks very casual, but if you look at him a little more, you will find that his "casualness" is worth a lot of money.

When the little green man at the traffic light at the intersection started running, he was startled, and then walked towards me firmly. It seems a bit pretentious to say this, but he actually walked firmly towards where I was – the Moonlight Singles White-collar Club.

In fact, this place used to have a very tacky name called "Moonlight Dating Agency." Later, the boss renovated and renovated the store, making it look like a high-end club. In fact, it was just the old man wearing new clothes. The people were still the same people, the things were the same, and the marriage trust was still the same. .

When I opened the door of the workshop open a crack pretending to be casual, I happened to see him push the door open and come in. Like everyone who comes to this kind of place for the first time, his eyes are tender and tender, and he seems to be trying hard to hold up some kind of airs, but he can't. He glanced around the splendid hall, his eyes wandering, flashing with some anxiety and some expectation. At this time, I saw Xiao Wang walking towards him politely.

I didn't need to listen to know what Xiao Wang was going to say. It was nothing more than getting close to him cordially, then bragging about the club's resources, showing the wedding photos of the so-called successful people, and finally winning him over as a member.

But Song Ji was different from those country bumpkins who were digging around. He didn't ask those boring and strange questions. He even filled out the membership information form without waiting for Xiao Wang to finish nagging the same phrases. , and it is a diamond card.

After applying for the card, he said to Xiao Wang with great relief: "At noon tomorrow, in the evening, and at noon and evening the day after tomorrow, please arrange meetings with four people. This will be done every week in the future, and never arrange the same meeting twice in a row. People date me.”

I saw from the crack in the door that Xiao Wang's back was drawn back, looking extremely stiff. He must be thinking the same thing as me – this person is not authentic.

I guess Xiao Wang must have wanted to tell him: "We are not Yihongyuan, how can this girl be always available?"

Of course he would not say that, of course he would say to him politely: "Mr. Song, we will try our best to meet your request, but you also know that we have to make an appointment with the woman for this matter, right? How about you start with Choose from the membership information and if you think it’s suitable, we’ll make an appointment for you.”

Song Ji sat down on the sofa, lit a cigar , shook his head slightly, and said slowly: "My conditions are all written in the information, you can find a suitable date, I am too lazy to choose .”

In fact, those who come to us are either from very poor conditions or from very high conditions. Naturally, he will not be interested in women with poor conditions, but those women with good conditions or who think they have good conditions all regard themselves as princesses and are extremely precious. How can they make an appointment today and meet tomorrow?

Fortunately, our club really has the style of Yihongyuan. There are many girls, and they are all battle-hardened and experienced.


On the first Monday after that, as soon as I stepped into the office, I heard the four golden flowers who were the first to go into battle sitting on the sofa in high spirits holding teacups. At first I thought that all of them had been tricked by the diamond kasong old five and got gems and pearls from him. After listening carefully, I found out that they had all been annihilated and returned home in defeat.

Only then did I remember that the excited expressions on their faces seemed familiar. I remember that when the female owner of the shop next door suddenly hanged herself a few years ago, they discussed it with this look.


The first golden flower said, have you ever found it strange that he is obviously talking to you and his eyes are facing your direction, but you feel that he is not looking at you at all.

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The second one immediately went on to say, yes, yes, that's it, as if his eyes can penetrate your body and see behind you.

The third one was so excited that the tea spilled on the clothes. Yes, yes. At that time, I was like sitting on a needle felt, as if the pores in my body had been filled with ice water, and the hairs stood up one by one. Get up, because when I tried to make an appointment with him for the next meeting, he actually said that we can only date once, and if we go on a second date, you will die.

The fourth one was not as excited as the first three. She said very seriously, "We have to be careful about this guy. I think he is a drunkard who is not interested in drinking. He is not here for a blind date at all."

Song Ji really didn't look like he was here for a blind date.

Starting from the second weekend, we started dating real club girls for him, four times a week, without fail. The appointments started with the girls with the best conditions among the members, and ended with the old women who were unsalable. There is no suspense, Song Ji didn't like any of them, and we even suspected that he had never looked at them. His eyes are always wandering and unpredictable.

Later, there was an accident during Song Ji's blind date. After that accident, Song Ji became the "hot potato" of our club. He was so hot when he held it in his hand that he was reluctant to throw it out. Some people suspect that Song Ji was sent by our competitors to cause trouble, because our advertising slogans are extremely public.

That was a man-made accident, and the club made a wrong judgment on Song Ji's matter.

There was a girl who fell in love with Song Ji at first sight after going on a blind date with him, but Song Ji was like a steel warrior and refused to go on a second date with her. The girl begged us hard, asking us to change her name and arrange a date for her and Song Ji. She vowed to us that she would definitely make Song Ji fall in love with her on this date.

To be honest, we were not moved by the girl's infatuation. In the club, there are too many such infatuated men and women. But we still agreed to her plea, because at that time we were running out of ammunition and food, and we had no fresh dates to provide Song Ji. He is like a picky eater who demands that every meal be different.

No one can guess the circumstances of that date, and no one can guess what they said or did. Maybe Song Ji didn't remember dating her at all, or maybe he would get furious at the scene and leave the girl there. No one could guess the process, but everyone saw the ending – the girl died. On the way home after the date, she rushed straight towards a speeding truck and was smashed into a brilliant firework. . The truck driver was very innocent. He said that she seemed to be sleepwalking and suddenly rushed into the middle of the road. Before he could brake, blood had already sprayed on the window.

After hearing the news, everyone in the club became panicked, and everyone unanimously remembered the words of the "Third Golden Flower": We can only date once. If you date a second time, you will die.


After that accident, there were no more members in the club that Song Ji could mess with, not even the divorced MILFs. As for the girls in the club, no one is willing to take the risk of going on a blind date with Song Ji. They think he is mysterious, evil, and resembles a Western vampire.

It was under such circumstances that I had a real chance to meet Song Ji.

I am also the marriage trustee of the Moonlight Single White-collar Club, and I was once the gold medal wedding trustee here. It's just that I rarely take action in person now because I'm getting married soon. My fiancé is the owner of this club.

Speaking of which, the number of "blind dates" I have had is no less, or even more, than Song Ji's. As long as I take action, the other party will be satisfied. In order to get an appointment with me again, they have to pay the club again and again. When I have to get rid of the "transit" of the club, I will continue to date them privately, drink tea, chat and watch movies with them, stare at them lovingly, ask for gifts from them, until we talk about marriage.

It can only go as far as talking about marriage, that is my bottom line. I have many reasons to dump them at this point, and sometimes no reason at all. I don't feel like a fraud, nor do I feel guilty. I am an actor who is very emotionally involved. Even when I am acting, I give my true feelings and let them experience the happiness of love. The money and goods I received from them were only the remuneration I deserved.

I never failed, except that time.

Of course, now is not the time to dwell on those old things. Now I have other worries. That worry does not come from Song Ji, but from my fiancé Yue Guang.

Yue Guang should not have asked me to go on a blind date with Song Ji. In fact, even if he didn't bring it up, I would have asked to go on my own. Although this club belongs to Yue Guang, from its birth to its growth, it is inseparable from my hard work. Without me as a marriage trustee, Yue Guang would not be able to join this club. It can't achieve today's situation alone. I have always regarded it as the child that Yue Guang and I share. Moreover, in the near future, it will truly become the common property of Yue Guang and I.

My ideal situation is that I propose to deal with Song Ji personally, and then Yue Guang pretends to firmly disagree. Then after my repeated insistence, he reluctantly agrees to my date with Song Ji.

But Yue Guang was so restless, which made me feel a little lonely out of thin air.

Therefore, the first date between Song Ji and I was filled with a certain sense of anger, and it also carried the fate of the club to a certain extent. The club's brand cannot be ruined by Song Ji, a pervert.


Everyone said that Song Ji was a pervert and that he didn't want to fall in love at all. I thought so before. However, from the moment he walked into the coffee shop, I immediately rejected this view.

The so-called knowing yourself and the enemy means you can fight a hundred battles without danger. Every time I go on a date as a wedding agent, I will arrive at the date early, choose a quiet corner, and observe the other person's every move.

Song Ji is still so casual, so casual and so valuable. If I hadn't been in love with Yue Guang for so many years, maybe I would really fall in love with him. After he came in, he looked around the cafe casually, then walked straight to the table we reserved, sat down in a gentlemanly manner, and elegantly lit a cigar. His eyes no longer wandered, but became firm and passionate, full of expectation, just like those young men who are looking forward to the girl's early arrival, shy, simple, and showing a cuteness that does not match his age.

At that moment, I knew that there was a jumping fire burning in Song Ji's heart, and he was eagerly looking forward to a beautiful woman burning with him, life and death, and life after life.

It's just a pity that I, a beautiful woman, have ulterior motives.

Obviously, Song Ji has accumulated rich experience from countless blind dates. He is not as shy and reserved as those who are on a blind date for the first time. He was very natural and kind, as if we were old friends who had known each other for a long time.

However, this is only the beginning. Fifteen minutes into the date, his eyes became wandering again. He seemed to be looking at you and talking, but the focus of his eyes was clearly not on you. He seemed to be searching hard for something within his sight, searching for something very important to him. Finally, his eyes wandered to a certain point and stopped moving. He had a complicated expression, looking scared and sad.

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"What are you looking at?" I kept a polite smile.

"Oh, no, it's nothing." He temporarily put away his gaze, and his eyes fell on my face again.

"Have you ever been in love before?" I asked a tacky question like an ordinary blind dater.

He said calmly: "No."

"Why?" This question is what I really want to know, "You have such good conditions, there must be many girls who like you."

Song Ji said nothing, his eyes were filled with melancholy, as if he was trying to hide something that was causing him pain. This look was heartbreaking. At that moment, I changed my mind and decided to show off to him. I had deceived many people's feelings, but for some reason, I didn't want to deceive him.

"Actually… I am not a member of the club." I gritted my teeth, "I am the club's marriage trustee… But please believe that I have no ill intentions. I sincerely hope that you can find a satisfactory partner, but our club You have met all the female members, that’s why I’m sitting here.”

"Oh," he smiled awkwardly, like a child who had done something wrong, his eyes wandered for a moment, and then he looked back in panic, "I think I must have caused you a lot of trouble."

"No, this is what we should do. But our capabilities are limited, I hope you can understand." I looked around uneasily.

He stood up calmly and bowed politely, "I will change clubs tomorrow."

"Mr. Song!" I pulled him, but felt that this action was a bit abrupt, so I retracted my hand like an electric shock. "I really hope to help you, in my personal capacity."

I thought I must have looked sincere, and I thought he was overwhelmed with his inner troubles, so he sat down again, looking a little embarrassed. His hands even shook a little as he relighted the cigar.

He said: "I really want to fall in love, get married, and have a happy family like most people." When he said this, his eyes became wandering again.

"I hope so too." I wanted to find the end point of his gaze, but there was no trace.

"But I can't do it. I can only date every woman I know once. If there is a second date, the other woman will die…"

"Why is this?" I suspected that a woman who loved him deeply and was very jealous was secretly paying attention to him. As soon as he went on a second date with another woman, she would kill her.

Song Ji did not answer my question. Although he was facing me, his eyes were scattered on my face, scattered in the corners of his sight. He said: "Have you ever paid attention to your peripheral vision? ?”

"Peripheral vision?" To be honest, I have never cared about such a dispensable thing as "peripheral vision". I think everyone is the same as me. They see what they see. Who cares about their own peripheral vision? But when he mentioned the peripheral vision, a figure seemed to flash in my eyes. The figure appeared just at the edge of my sight. When I turned my head, I saw nothing.

Song Ji lowered his voice and said with wandering eyes: "Don't ignore your peripheral vision, it's very dangerous."

I looked at Song Ji with a solemn expression, and I felt a bright red firework explode out of the edge of my sight. It was so beautiful and desperate, just like a real firework dying at the most brilliant moment of life.


Since that blind date, Song Ji has never been to our club again. He probably really changed clubs and continued his endless dating career. Sometimes I wonder if he will just keep dating but remain single until the end of his life. Whenever I think of this, I feel a little pity for him in my heart.

I was very busy during that time. Yue Guang was very absent-minded about our wedding. He seemed to be indifferent to everything about the wedding. What I said was one, and what I said was two, which made me feel that it was my wedding alone.

In fact, I know that he has a grudge against me who has deceived the feelings of countless men, and has completely forgotten who I did it for. Women who give up their moral and physical bottom lines for the men they love will eventually be spurned by men from the bottom of their hearts, and I am no exception.

I know that Yue Guang has been looking for a suitable reason to regret his marriage, and now he finally found it.

He grabbed my face with both hands and asked me to look at him: "You seem to have stopped looking at me recently."

"Did I?"

"Yes. Ever since you went on a blind date with Song Ji, you rarely look at me. Tell the truth, why does he never come to our club again as soon as you see him? Could it be that he has found the woman he likes, and that Is the woman you?"

"What nonsense are you talking about? How many times do I have to tell you before you believe it? I told him bluntly that day that all the women in our club had been married to him, and there was really no one left."

"Then he just gave up? He knew you were the fiancée, but he didn't get angry, and he didn't come back to cause trouble for our club. Don't you think it's suspicious?"

"What's the matter with you?" I shook my head angrily, "Isn't it a good thing that they didn't cause us trouble? Why do you always expect our club to get into trouble?"

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"Don't shy away from the important things!" Yue Guang finally said what he had always wanted to say, "To be honest, I'm too insecure about you. I don't know if your feelings for me are real, or are they the same as before for other men. You're just acting on occasion. You have to admit that when you're acting on occasion, it's just like the real thing. Otherwise, no one would die for you, otherwise they wouldn't be able to deal with someone like Song Ji so easily."

I smiled helplessly, too lazy to explain to him that Song Ji and I didn't have a problem of "doing it or not". I readily agreed to break up. In fact, I was already tired of this relationship. The first love had disappeared at some point many years ago. The reason why we were still talking about the ending together was just out of habit and because "it's natural." ".

It's not entirely Yue Guang's fault. I gave him the opportunity to break up, because I really haven't looked at Yue Guang since the blind date with Song Ji. In fact, not only have I not looked at Yue Guang, I have not even looked at anyone. I was searching for a figure with my peripheral vision almost every moment.

Yes, there was a figure in my peripheral vision.

For example, when I locked the door of my house, he would suddenly appear darkly at the edge of my sight. When I turned my head to look at him, he was gone;

For example, when I was looking for change, he seemed to be standing not far behind me and helping me check my wallet. When I squinted my eyes calmly, thinking I thought he was there, he disappeared again.

He always appears when I don't expect it and disappears the moment I notice him.

Before Song Ji mentioned the peripheral vision, I, like most people, had never cared about my peripheral vision. We only focus on the areas where our vision is concentrated, but habitually ignore the dangerous edges of our vision. .

I was alert all the time. As long as that figure appeared, I would try to maintain the original posture, and then focus on my peripheral vision, trying to see his appearance clearly. This shift of attention made me My eyes seemed distracted, which made Yue Guang feel that I was not looking at him.

When I was separated from Yue Guang, I couldn't help but said to him: "Yue Guang, I don't know if I am sick. There is always someone in my peripheral vision."

Yue Guang frowned and cursed: "Crazy!"


The night I broke up with Yue Guang, I had an inexplicable dream.

In the dream, I was wearing a snow-white wedding dress, holding someone's hand, and stepped onto the sacred church amid the solemn wedding march. I turned my face sideways, but I couldn't see his face clearly. I could only feel the pleasant smell of sunshine exuding from him. He held my hand gently and forcefully, as if he was trying hard to convey his life to me through such holding of hands. A lifetime of happiness, that is exactly the happiness I want.

I think I woke up with a smile. The moment I opened my eyes, he was standing in my peripheral vision, as blurry as in my dream. At that time, the sun shone through the curtains unscrupulously. At that time, I felt inexplicably Thinking of Su Tang.

When I met Su Tang, the Moonlight Singles White-collar Club was still called the Moonlight Dating Agency. He is an introverted and excellent big boy, and he always seems to have the smell of sunshine. In order to get him to invest more money in the dating agency, I worked particularly hard that time to make fun of him. Su Tang fell in love with me completely and wholeheartedly. Even after others exposed my "marriage trustee" identity, he was still more in love with me than Jin Jian. In order to get rid of him completely, I took Yue Guang's hand and stood in front of him and told him: "You fool, stop loving me. The boss of this dating agency is my fiancé."

I remember Su Tang shed tears at that time. He didn’t blame me, he just said distressedly: “You silly girl, that man doesn’t love you. If he loves you, why is he willing to let you throw yourself into another man’s arms? You can’t Belong to him, you can only belong to me, even if you die."

Then, Su Tang really died, falling to pieces in a very tragic way.

Thinking about it now, maybe he was standing in my peripheral vision from the moment he died, but I never noticed it. And that's when I started not to love Yue Guang.

Now, many years after Su Tang committed suicide, I suddenly discovered that I had never really been in love at all, and no one had ever truly loved me wholeheartedly, except Su Tang.

I suddenly felt that my life in the past twenty years had been unfair and aggrieved, so I decided to start a real blind date and have a real love relationship seriously and without any impurities.

But every time we go on a blind date, no matter what time or place, Su Tang will appear in my peripheral vision, standing so far away, with a lonely figure and sad eyes.

Finally one day, when I decided to go further with a blind date and made an appointment to meet for the second time, Su Tang suddenly appeared in my dream. Maybe it was not a dream, but his soul was really close to me at that time. In my ear, he said: "You only belong to me, and I will kill the man who goes on a second date with you in my peripheral vision."

Because of this dream, I was always absent-minded and uneasy during that "second date". I saw Su Tang baring his teeth and claws in my peripheral vision, so when I broke up with him, I couldn't help but remind him: "You don't want to You think I'm talking crazy… In fact, there is a man floating in my peripheral vision, and he may be harmful to you. When you leave for a while, you should pay attention to your peripheral vision."

When the other party heard this, he was stunned for a long time. He probably thought I was a madman and shook his head repeatedly.

It turned out that I was not crazy. When he came home that night, he stepped into a sewer without a manhole cover and died. According to eyewitnesses, the sewer entrance was surrounded by clear warning signs.

When I learned the news, I suddenly thought of Song Ji and the woman who died because of her second date with Song Ji.


I never thought that Song Ji and I would meet again on a blind date. This blind date was a dangerous "second date" for us.

At that time, both of our faces were filled with inexplicable sadness.

Song Ji sighed heavily: "I'm sorry, I didn't know the blind date was you… The world is so small… This is… our second date, right?"

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I also sighed: "It should be considered…"

After saying this, both of our eyes wandered at the same time. He didn't look at me, and I didn't look at him. We were like two strangers, talking to each other, but turning a blind eye to each other.

Song Ji said solemnly: "No one can understand how much I long for love. Only after she left did I realize that love is so important to me."

"who is she?"

"The woman in my peripheral vision, Huang Fei. Because she loved me, in order to achieve my business, she tampered with her business partners, and finally chose to commit suicide in order to take responsibility alone. She has done so much for me, But I didn't love her at all. Maybe, I just didn't know if I loved her. But what is certain is that from then on, I could never fall in love with anyone else."

I saw Su Tang smiling in my peripheral vision, so I laughed too: "Because she always kills the woman you go on a second date with in your peripheral vision, right?"

Song Ji was stunned for a moment, withdrew his gaze, and looked at me in surprise: "How do you know!"

I smiled helplessly: "Because in my peripheral vision, there is also a man like her."

After hearing this, Song Ji also smiled: "Then I don't have to remind you like I remind other women who are dating me for the second time."

I swung the red wine in the glass and said, "Is the reminder useful? I remind the other person every time to be careful of the killer in my peripheral vision, but they still die."

Song Ji lit the cigar, but his posture was not as elegant as before. He said: "So, after this date is over, I will be killed by your man, and you will be killed by my woman."

I smiled and nodded: "Yes, if you think about it carefully, this thing is really funny." At this time, I said half-jokingly: "Since I found him in my peripheral vision, I checked some information about peripheral vision." Information. Some information says that a person's actual viewing angle is 5° higher than the theoretical angle."

Hearing this, Song Ji's eyeballs trembled inexplicably. In fact, it was not his eyeballs that were trembling, but his eyes and whole body.

At that time, the red wine glass in his hand was tilted, and a few drops of red wine jumped onto the white tablecloth due to his trembling.

It was a kind of dim but bright red, which was shocking but also sad.

He kept shaking and finally burst into tears.

I sat there at a loss, and until the end of the date, I still didn't know why he was crying so hard.


When I went home that night, I was always on tenterhooks, paying attention to the movements in my peripheral vision from time to time, worried that a green-faced female ghost with fangs would suddenly rush out from the edge of my sight. of lingering.

However, there was nothing in my peripheral vision, and even Su Tang had lost his whereabouts. While I was focusing on my peripheral vision, I was thinking wildly. Did Su Tang go to Song Ji's peripheral vision? Maybe Su Tang will meet Song Ji's female ghost, then will they continue to run towards the goal firmly, or will they compromise with each other so as not to hurt their former lovers? Or, is it possible that they started fighting?

Just when I was concentrating on observing the movement in my peripheral vision, I suddenly felt that my feet were empty and I fell into the rolling river. Only then did I remember that when I passed by in the morning, I clearly saw the no-travel notice at the bridge. How could I have unknowingly crossed the safety line?

I died just like that, and I never saw what the female ghost in Song Ji's peripheral vision looked like. At that moment, I suddenly had a profound realization. I thought maybe those who died because of the "second date" died like me. I think if Song Ji and I had never warned them that there was a killer in their peripheral vision, they would not have died. It was not the two dead people who loved us who killed them, but ourselves.

There are some things that we really don’t need to pay too much attention to, such as the shadows in our peripheral vision. I finally understood that Su Tang had never really appeared in my peripheral vision. In fact, he was just deeply embedded in my heart.

9【End Note】

When she half-jokingly told me that the actual angle of view is 5 degrees higher than the theoretical angle, my eyeballs trembled inexplicably.

Of course, that was just my illusion. In fact, it was not my eyeballs that were trembling, but my eyes and my whole body.

At that time, the red wine glass in my hand was tilted, and a few drops of red wine jumped onto the white tablecloth due to my trembling.

It was a kind of dim but bright red, which was shocking but also sad.

At that moment, I suddenly climbed on the dining table and burst into tears. Because I found that I wrongly blamed Huang Fei. I thought she was hiding somewhere I couldn't see. In fact, she was still in the remaining 5° of me. The extra 5° was actually the softest place in my heart.

I really wronged Huang Fei. She loved me so much when she was alive. How could she harm me after she died? How could she stop my happiness? What really stops me is not Huang Fei, but myself. It’s me who doesn’t want to fall in love with others, because Huang Fei has lived in my heart many years ago, living in that soft 5°.

Later, I used these words to persuade Yue Guang. I said: "There is someone living in your heart, and that person will appear in your peripheral vision, in that 5° that is ignored by others."

That day was her first day. Yue Guang insisted that the woman who had sacrificed her youth for him was lingering in his peripheral vision. [over]

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