Chapter 21: Taoist Who Moved Mountains

The Zagrama Mountain deep in the Taklimakan Desert has countless secrets buried under the black mountain. Perhaps it is really the same as the name of the mountain – "Zagrama" means "mystery" in the ancient Uighur language. People interpret it as "Holy Mountain", but in short, it is difficult for mortals living around Zagrama to understand its mystery.

In ancient times, an unknown tribe revered as the "Saint" was born there, let's call it the "Zagram Tribe". The tribesmen migrated from the distant European continent and lived in the Zagrama Mountains for countless years without any worries, until people accidentally discovered a bottomless ghost cave in the heart of the mountain. The wizards in the tribe told everyone that in the ancient East, there was a golden jade giant eye that could see the truth of the ghost cave. So they imitated and made a similar jade eyeball to worship the ghost cave. From then on From a moment later, misfortune befell this tribe.

Since then, the Zagrama tribe has been abandoned by the gods, and disasters have continued. The leader of the tribe, the Saint, believes that this must be related to the "ghost cave". Once the door to disaster is opened, it will be difficult to close it. In order to avoid these terrible disasters, they had to abandon their homeland where they had lived for many years, migrate to the distant east, and gradually integrate into the civilization of the Central Plains.

What is the so-called "disaster"? From the current point of view, it seems that it can be said to be a kind of radiation. Anyone who is close to the ghost cave will have an eyeball-shaped red patch on the body after a period of time, which cannot be eliminated for life.

For people with this kind of erythema, the iron content in their blood will gradually decrease after the age of forty. The reason why human blood is red is because it contains iron. If the iron in the blood slowly disappears, the blood will gradually become thicker, the oxygen supply will decrease, breathing will become more and more difficult, and eventually death will occur . By then, the blood had turned yellow.

This painful process will last for ten years. Although their descendants no longer have red spots on their bodies, they will still suffer from iron deficiency. In the end, like their ancestors, they will die in extreme pain, so they have to leave their homes. . After migrating to the Central Plains area, they discovered a pattern after several generations of observation. The farther away from the ghost cave, the later the onset of the disease. However, no matter what, this symptom always exists, one generation after another, and the symptoms are getting worse. It was excruciating to die, and no words could describe the pain of the blood turning into a yellow solid state.

In order to find a way to break this pain, everyone in the tribe tried their best. Many years later, in the Song Dynasty, an important clue was finally found. A huge bronze tripod was discovered in the mud of the lower reaches of the Yellow River. The tripod was produced in the mid-Shang Dynasty. This tripod has a deep belly and a concave bottom, with four legs underneath. It is majestic and dignified, and has exquisite cicada patterns. The tripod is an important ritual instrument in ancient times, especially in the Bronze Age. Bronze mines were controlled by the government. The level of bronze smelting technology marked the strength of a country. Emperors cast tripods to worship ancestors of heaven and earth. Cast inscriptions on it to report some important events to heaven and earth. In addition, the items used to reward the nobles and heroes are often represented by bronze. In order to record this great honor, the recipients will order people to use the bronze as raw materials to build objects to commemorate these events at that time. major events.

What the descendants of the Zagrama tribe discovered was such a bronze tripod that recorded important events. At that time, Wu Ding, the monarch of the Shang Dynasty, once obtained a jade eyeball stained with gold. It is said that this jade eyeball was found in a collapsed mountain peak. , and a red robe was also discovered.

King Wu Ding of the Shang Dynasty believed that this ancient jade eye was left behind by the Yellow Emperor after his immortalization and was extremely precious. He named it the "Muchen Pearl" and ordered a tripod to be built to commemorate it. The inscriptions on the bronze tripod were limited to this. There is no superfluous information.

Sword Ghost Lama Buddha_Sword Ghost Lama Buddha_Sword Ghost Lama Buddha

The Muchen Bead, the Bichen Bead, and the Red Pill are the three most sacred beads in China that have appeared many times in history books since ancient times. Among them, the Muchen Bead is made of a mysterious material similar to jade. It is said that it was obtained by the Yellow Emperor in offering sacrifices to heaven. It is said that it was later used It came to be buried with Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. Hou Maoling was destroyed by the peasant army and its whereabouts are still unknown. The dust-proof bead may be the earliest radioactive material discovered in the world. The bead was discovered in Shaanxi, China. When it was discovered, a vicious robbery occurred. He disappeared; the Red Pill is the most legendary. It is said that this pill came from the Sanshen Mountain and has the magical effect of rebirth. It has always been a secret treasure of the palace and was lost in the late Northern Song Dynasty.

Many descendants of the Zagrama tribe are good at divination. Through divination, they believe that this ancient jade eyeball stained with gold is the eye of the gods. Only by using this ancient jade eyeball to sacrifice to the ghost cave can the ancient jade eyeballs of the tribe be offset. The wizard created the jade eye to spy on the secrets of the ghost cave and caused disaster. This ancient jade, once owned by Wu Ding, changed hands several times during the war, and is now very likely to have been buried in an ancient cemetery of a royal family and became a funerary object. However, the scope of divination is limited, and it is impossible to know for sure. s position.

At this time, the Zagrama tribe had dropped sharply from 5,000 people when they migrated to the interior to more than 1,000 people. They had long been assimilated by the Chinese civilization, and even their surnames had also been Chineseized. In order to get rid of the shackles of the disease, they had to disperse to various places to search for Muchen Beads in ancient tombs. These people became a branch of the four major tomb robbing sects at that time.

Since ancient times, professional tomb robbers have been divided into four factions according to their different methods of doing things, namely, finding mountains, touching gold, moving mountains, and unloading ridges. Most of the descendants of the Zagrama tribe learned the "Moving Mountains and Dividing Armor Technique" and usually used Taoist priests. Disguised his identity and claimed to be a "mountain-moving Taoist".

There is a big difference between "Moshan Taoist" and "Mojin Xiaowei". It can be seen from the title that "Moshan Taoist" adopts trumpet-style tomb robbing, which is a method that mainly uses external force to destroy; while "Mojin Xiaowei" "Gold" pays more attention to technology and experience.

The mountain-moving Taoists who are descendants of the Zagrama tribe have searched for countless ancient tombs in the following years, and the clues are intermittent…

During this fence-like search, the whereabouts of Muchen Bead remained unknown. As time went by, the mountain-moving skills gradually declined and the talents withered. By the Republic of China, there was only the last young mountain-moving Taoist left in the country. He was the most famous tomb robber in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. He was nicknamed "Partridge Whistle" by old friends just because he was good at ventriloquism and was unparalleled in the world. Over time, everyone forgot his real name and only called him Partridge Whistle. He knows Qinggong and is the best at cracking various mechanisms in ancient tombs. His marksmanship is as good as a god. He has a great reputation not only in the fighting industry, but also in the green forest.

Partridge Whistle followed the instructions of his ancestors and traced the whereabouts of Muchen Bead based on the occasional clues, and finally landed in a treasure cave in Xixia Kingdom. Legend has it that the treasure cave is not far from the abandoned Heishui City of ancient Xixia. It was originally built as a mausoleum for an important official of the Xixia Kingdom. However, the Xixia Kingdom was finally massacred by the Mongols. All the important treasures in the palace are hidden inside, and the Muchen Bead may be among them, but the ground does not have any sealing features, making it extremely difficult to find.

Sword Ghost Lama Buddha_Sword Ghost Lama Buddha_Sword Ghost Lama Buddha

Mountain-moving Taoists like Partridge Shao don't understand Feng Shui and astrology, so it is technically impossible to find the treasure cave. At this time, there were not many of his tribe left, and if the Muchen Pearl could no longer be found, this ancient tribe's bloodline would probably become extinct. Seeing the tragic situation of his people dying, Partridge Whistle had no choice but to seek help from Captain Mo Jin, who was good at Feng Shui and Jin Ding acupoints.

However, the world was in chaos at that time, and the four major factions of Faqiu, Touching Gold, Moving Mountain, and Xiling had almost all lost their incense. They still knew the "Moving Mountain Technique", and maybe only Partridge Shao was left. Qiu and Xiling did not exist many dynasties ago.

At that time, there were not many people who were gold-touching captains. Counting on one hand, there were no more than ten in the country. At that time, those who engaged in tomb robbing activities were mostly official thieves led by warlords or casual thieves among the people. .

Partridge Whistle tried every means to find a gold-touching captain who had become a monk, and asked him to teach him the secret technique of dividing gold and fixing acupuncture points. This monk's name was "Liao" and "Chen", and Elder Liaochen was also a gold-touching officer. A school captain, he fought many battles. In his later years, he saw through the world of mortals and became a monk.

Master Liechen advised Partridge Whistle: "The world is in trouble. Everyone is troubled by themselves. I, the Buddha, am the most at ease. I just smile. Why can't you look away from the donor? The old monk was a gold-touching captain in the past. Although he got a lot of money, Most of the things are used by the people. However, when I sit and think about it for so long, I find it hard to settle down. Letting those precious artifacts see the light of day again will lead to many more bloody battles in the world. I don’t care if I use things like artifacts. It is not a good thing to sell it or sell it to do charity. In short, this business of fighting against others is too sinful…"

In desperation, Partridge Whistle revealed the truth. After hearing the reason, Master Liaochen moved with kind thoughts and prepared to teach Partridge Whistle all the rules and methods of gold touching. However, according to the rules, Partridge Whistle must first set up a Only by submitting his fate can he be given the golden talisman.

Historically, fighting activities have been carried out in the dark, and no matter what the motive is, they cannot be exposed. Therefore, the rules are not sloppy. Master Liaochen told Partridge Whistle: "When I became a monk here, I once saw this place nearby. There is an ancient tomb that has not been overturned. It is located ten miles northwest of the mountain outside the temple, in a barren mountain. There is a half-wordless stone tablet there, and underneath it is an ancient tomb from the Southern Song Dynasty. Only the external features remain That half of the broken stele, under the stele is a tomb passage. The cemetery is remote and has never been stolen. However, the acupuncture points were not chosen well and it looks like a broken sword. Do as I say and go to the tomb tonight to get a set from the tomb owner. The clothes of Da Lian are here as your sign of surrender. Whether you can get them back successfully depends on whether the ancestor will reward you for this skill."

Then Master Liaochen gave Partridge Sentry a set of tools, all of which were used by the gold-touching captain, and told him to remember all the rules in the gold-touching business. Mojin is a genre that pays the most attention to technique in inverted fighting, and has the longest history. Most of the lip formulas commonly used in the industry were passed down from the mouth of Mojin Xiaowei. For example, today's tomb robbers all say that they are craftsmen of inverted fighting, but why they call tomb robbing "inverted fighting", I am afraid many people can't explain. The word originally came from a vivid description of tomb robbing by Captain Mo Jin. Most of the large Chinese tombs, except those built in the heart of mountains, have mounds of earth on them. Taking the Qin Mausoleum as an example, the shape of the mound is like a bucket used to measure meters, which is inverted and buckled on the ground. Ming vessels and underground palaces are all in the bucket. , the easiest way to take out the open weapon is to turn the bucket over and take it away, so it is called an inverted bucket.

Sword Ghost Lama Buddha_Sword Ghost Lama Buddha_Sword Ghost Lama Buddha

Allusions like these, as well as various taboos, were unheard of in Partridge Whistle before. Taoist Banshan didn't have so many tricks. After listening to Elder Chen's explanation, I felt enlightened.

Elder Liao Chen finally and repeatedly warned that the rule of inversion is to light a candle in the southeast corner of the tomb. When the light is on, open the coffin to touch the gold. If the light goes out, retreat quickly; in addition, do not take unnecessary things, do not destroy the coffin, and a tomb chamber. You can only go in and out once, and try to backfill the hole when you leave…

Partridge Whistle found the remains of the ancient tomb of the Southern Song Dynasty alone that night. It was getting late at night, the sky was cloudy, the moon was disappearing and appearing in the dark clouds, and the night wind was blowing the dead branches and leaves in the woods, as if It's ghosts crying and wolves howling.

This time, Partridge Whistle no longer used his mountain-moving armor-dividing technique. Instead, he followed Master Chen's instructions and used the technique of Touching Captain Jin to create a robbery hole that led directly to the tomb.

At that moment, I prepared an ink fountain, a rope for tying the body, claws for detecting the vagina, candles, soft corpse incense, black donkey hooves and glutinous rice. I took a red box Miaoxin pill to avoid corpse qi, and put a German twenty-ring mirror box into the box. He pushed the gun's nose aside, inserted it into his waist, and covered his mouth and nose with a wet cloth.

Elder Na Liaochen said that the situation in this tomb is chaotic, the wind is fierce, the shape is like a broken sword, and the force is like capsizing a boat. There may be a corpse transformation in this standard evil cave, but Partridge Whistle has experienced hundreds of battles, and he will be able to survive again. The dangerous ancient tombs are no longer a problem. Those elves, ghosts, rice dumpling evil spirits, black evil spirits and white evil spirits in the ancient tombs have been killed in the past few years, if not a hundred, but also eighty.

Partridge Whistle thought to himself: "This time Elder Liao Chen is testing his courage and methods. He must not fall into the trap of "Partridge Whistle", which is a well-known name in the industry." So he was ready and looked up. Looking at the hazy moon in the sky, holding the lantern, took a deep breath and got into the robbery hole.

Partridge Whistle relied on his agility to get into the main tomb chamber in a short time. The tomb was small in size and had a very limited height, making it look particularly depressing. There were many bright objects piled on the ground. Partridge Whistle didn't even look at the trivial burial objects. After entering, he found the southeast corner of the tomb, lit a candle, turned around and looked at the tomb owner's coffin, and found that here There is no coffin, only a coffin. It is a gold coffin with copper horns. The entire coffin is made of copper. This is the first time I have seen this kind of coffin in Partridge Shao's tomb-robbing career. I have only heard that this kind of copper-horned gold coffin was specially made to prevent corpses from being discovered. It was probably because a certain person had appeared before the tomb owner was buried. Some signs of corpse transformation.

Sword Ghost Lama Buddha_Sword Ghost Lama Buddha_Sword Ghost Lama Buddha

However, the expert partridge whistler was brave and used his claws to open the heavy coffin lid. He saw a woman in the coffin, with a lifelike face, about thirty years old. She looked like a noble lady, with slightly bulging cheeks. It shows that there are antiseptic beads in her mouth, her hair is covered with gold and silver jewelry, and her body is covered with an embroidered quilt. Judging from the upper body, the female corpse was wearing nine sets of funeral clothes. Only the outermost one was taken off, and she would be given an explanation when she got home. Partridge Whistle turned over and jumped into the coffin, took out the corpse rope, wrapped it around himself twice, tied a knot at the chest, and made a rope loop on the other end similar to that used for hanging, and wrapped it around the neck of the female corpse.

Partridge Whistle held his breath and lay in the coffin, face to face with the female corpse. He lit a piece of soft corpse incense in the coffin and placed it on the side of the Southern Song Dynasty female corpse's face. The soft corpse incense can quickly soften the hard corpse. He sat back on the legs of the female corpse in the coffin, adjusted the length of the rope that bound the body, raised his head and straightened his waist. Due to the pulling of the rope around his neck, the female corpse also sat up with him.

Colonel Mo Jin tied one end of the corpse rope around his chest, and made a noose on the other end to tie the corpse's neck, so that the corpse could stand upright and he could free his hands to take off the clothes on the corpse. Since Colonel Mojin was riding on the corpse, and the corpse was one step shorter than Captain Mojin when it stood up, the ropes used to bind the corpse were wrapped around the chest, and the other end was wrapped around the neck of the corpse to keep it level. Later, this technique spread to civilian thieves, but the details are not clear. The rope used is an ordinary rope, and there is no ink on the rope. Moreover, the civilian thieves did not figure out how to tie the corpse rope, and they did not wrap it around their chests. In front of the body, the same sword ghost Lama Buddha was placed on the other side of the body, and it was put around his neck. Many people died in confusion because of improper methods.

The partridge whistle used the corpse rope to pull up the female corpse. Just as he was about to untie the outermost garment worn by the female corpse, he suddenly felt a gust of wind blowing from behind. He turned around and looked at the candle flames in the southeast corner of the tomb, which were blown away by the wind. It was flickering and seemed to go out at any moment. The Partridge Whistle and the female corpse were tied together with the corpse rope. Seeing that the candle was about to be extinguished, he secretly said: "Oops." It seemed that this big suit was out of reach, but the female corpse opposite suddenly opened her mouth and closed it tightly. A black-purple bead fell from his mouth.

Partridge Whistle looked at the female corpse that was so close. A layer of very fine white down was slowly growing on the female corpse's face. It seemed that as soon as the candle in the southeast corner of the tomb was extinguished, the corpse would turn white. But even if a corpse transformation does occur, my bundle of corpses can restrain it.

However, according to the rules of the Mojin Captain, once the candle is out, no bright objects in the tomb can be taken away. Partridge Shao started to work as a mountain mover at the age of fifteen. In the past twelve years, he has gone through many hardships and encountered countless difficulties. If he just gave up on the complicated scene he had imagined, he would be able to escape unscathed. However, returning in spite of difficulties was not his style.

Partridge Whistle's plan was not to let the candle go out, nor to give the ancient corpse a chance to transform into a corpse. The female corpse must also be stripped of the clothes worn by Elder Chen to take back. If not, it would also appear that Don't use your own methods.

The Partridge Whistle glanced at the dark purple beads that fell from the mouth of the female corpse, and knew that they were probably pills mixed with "cinnabar" and "purple jade". This was secretly prepared in the Laoshan technique to prevent the deceased from transforming into a corpse. "Corpse-fixing Pill". Nobles in ancient China were rarely willing to be cremated. If there were signs of transformation after death, they would ask Taoist priests to control the corpse with elixirs and bury them in the soil. However, except for the family members of the deceased, they would never reveal a word to the outside world.

Sword Ghost Lama Buddha_Sword Ghost Lama Buddha_Sword Ghost Lama Buddha

The candle flame in the southeast corner of the tomb was blown by the dark wind from nowhere, and would be extinguished in the blink of an eye. The partridge whistle sat on the female corpse, and stretched out the rope to bind the corpse with his left hand. The female corpse was fragrant with the soft corpse fragrance. After a while, his neck was pulled, and he immediately threw his head back and opened his mouth.

Partridge Whistle immediately picked up the corpse-fixing pill that fell in the coffin with his right hand, stuffed it into the mouth of the female corpse, raised his foot to support the abdomen of the female corpse, pulled the rope to bind the corpse again, and pulled the head of the female corpse downward. , closed her mouth, and the corpse-fixing pill stayed in her mouth again.

Then Partridge Whistle freed up his right hand to pull out the box gun from his waist, and shot back with a "pop" sound, knocking down a tile in the tomb to the ground. This tomb is a brick and wood structure. In order to protect the wooden rafters, the wooden rafters were covered with cylindrical tiles during the construction. The tiles were hit by bullets and a large piece fell to the ground. It just landed near the candle and was covered with it. In the strong wind, the candle only flickered but did not go out. The angle of the shot was just right. The half-hollow cylindrical tile, like a windproof barrel, just covered the southeast sides of the candle. On the east side is the tomb passage. The entrance, in this way, will block all the airflow blowing in from the outside. As long as the tile is not blown down, the candle will not be extinguished.

Because the partridge whistle had to pull the rope that bound the corpse, he did not dare to move his left hand slightly away, and he was also afraid that the candle would be extinguished at any time, so he made a dangerous move and relied on his extraordinary skills to shoot and knock down the tile to block the wind.

As long as the candle doesn't go out, it doesn't break the rule of touching Captain Jin. Even if a corpse transformation does occur, we must do our best to get the body of this Southern Song Dynasty female corpse.

It was getting late at this time, and we had to leave before the golden rooster crowed. There are many taboos and rules for the captain who touches gold, and "Don't touch gold when the cock crows" is one of them, because no matter what the motivation is, whether it is doing justice for heaven, getting money for the people, helping the poor, or being a tomb robber, After all, he is a tomb robber, and fighting upside down is a profession that must not be exposed to the light. If he breaks the rules and remains in the tomb at dawn, even the ancestor will not be able to protect him.

At this time, although Elder Liaochen taught him all the rules and techniques of Partridge Whistle and gave him a complete set of gold-touching equipment, he did not give him the most important gold-touching talisman. It is very dangerous to fight with the captain's method. If you can still pour out the artifact from the ancient tomb, you will be qualified to obtain the gold-touching talisman.

It took a lot of time to dig the hole into the tomb. Things will change if it is too late. The sooner you can pour out the clothes, the better. Guessing that there was not much time left, Partridge Whistle assumed a Kuixing kicking position and sat on the legs of the Southern Song Dynasty female corpse. He fixed the Southern Song Dynasty female corpse in the coffin with the ropes on her feet and chest to keep her in a sitting position. He reached out to remove the outermost layer of clothing covering her.

Suddenly Partridge Whistle felt an itch on his neck, as if there was something furry lying on his shoulder. Partridge Whistle was brave enough, but he felt the hairs all over his body were standing on end. He hurriedly kept his body still and his arms steady, twisting and turning. He turned around to see what was on his shoulder.

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