Long Ghost Story

In the far distance, there is a big mountain called "Kunlun". The top of the mountain towers into the clouds and is filled with smoke all day long. Countless literati admire it and praise it as the "ancestor of all mountains". Countless monks yearn for it and praise it as the place where many immortals practice and live throughout their lives. My wish is to achieve spiritual enlightenment and become an immortal here.

The Kunlun Mountains are high in the west and low in the east. They are blocked by many high mountains. The annual precipitation is insufficient all year round and the average temperature is very low. The residents here are nomadic, often migrating in pursuit of water and grass, and their lives are hard on the go.

There is an isolated village at the foot of the mountain in the west, known as "Wonderland Village". The way of life in this village is different from that of ordinary local residents. Men farm and women weave. Their life is rich and simple, and people live and work in peace and contentment. All these benefits are due to the blessings they received from the immortals on the top of the mountain. They not only gave them seeds suitable for farming, but also often used rain and clouds to ensure that plants had sufficient water to grow.

Not only that, the immortal also placed heavy clouds around the village to prevent the nomads from plundering the village out of jealousy. Just half a year ago, a group of unemployed vagrants formed a bandit and wanted to loot the village. Unexpectedly, they broke into the clouds and mist. For three days and three nights, they were confused in the morning and dusk, and they were trapped in a dilemma. In the end, the immortal showed great mercy to them and guided them to a way to survive. Otherwise, they might have starved to death, which is not nonsense.

In order to repay the immortal's mercy, the "Fairyland Village" will send a beautiful and unconventional witch to the mountain every year as the bride of the god. Not only will this witch be among the immortals in the future, but even her family members will be able to become immortals after their death and enjoy the blessings of immortals. At that time, the witch will be dressed up. She will have a flowing waist, a bright moon in her earlobes, a phoenix crown, and a head full of pearls.

The escorting procession will send the witch halfway up the mountain, and then with a burst of mist, the witch will disappear without a trace. People who heard that their daughter was selected said that the mother had dreamed of her daughter. The bride was full of joy, and her demeanor and behavior were indeed different from those in the earthly world.

Selecting the bride of the gods requires a specific dance ceremony, in which ten graceful witches dance on special cowhide drums, while the immortals use their magical powers to observe from the top of the clouds.

Their birthdays and horoscopes have been prayed by witches and then burned to heaven. If the immortal likes a certain witch, he will tell the witch in a dream, and then the shaman will inform the witch's family.

And this year’s Witch Dance will be held soon.

All the girls of the right age in the "Wonderland Village" are good at singing and dancing. Originally, to become one of the ten witches, one has to pass a series of screenings, so the ten selected witches are all those who can move their swords in all directions. Gongsun's talent.

The most favored among these witches are the sisters from the Bai family.

"Sister, I'm so worried."

The night before, my sister Bai Xueer tossed and turned all night and couldn't sleep. She was excited about being finally selected, but also nervous about the upcoming competition. In the "Fairyland Village", every girl's dream is to become the bride of the god on the top of the mountain. Not only can she enjoy the blessings and longevity of an immortal, but her family members can also become immortals after their death.

"Sister, everyone can see your graceful dancing, and your chances of being selected are quite high. Have a good rest now, and you will be energetic tomorrow." My sister Bai Bing'er comforted me.

Although the night was hazy, Bing'er couldn't see Xue'er's expression clearly, but she could still hear the deep worry in her tone, "When it comes to being good at dancing, it's the older sisters who have a higher chance of being chosen."

Under the moonlight, Bing'er's smile was a little pale. She reached out to hold her sister's hand, which was placed on the opposite bed less than half a foot away, and said softly: "Don't worry, sister. Even if my sister is lucky enough to be selected, she will still give up this opportunity." Here you are, who calls you my most beloved sister?"

At dusk the next day, a special red cowhide drum was placed in the open space in the center of the village. All the villagers surrounded it on three levels and three outside. After the village shamans prayed to heaven, this group of young witches appeared on stage.

Every girl's dance is very beautiful. It can be said that there is no distinction between the two and it is difficult to compete. Among them, the most eye-catching ones are indeed the Bai family sisters. The elder sister in white clothes is like snow lilies on the top of the clouds, and the younger sister in red clothes is like clouds in the sky. One person starts the show and the other finishes the show. All the villagers are stunned and intoxicated.

That night, the immortal made a choice in Wu Jin's dream, and Bai Bing'er became the best choice for this bride of the gods.

When the news came, the Bai family was overjoyed. Mother Bai knelt down to thank God for his blessing, and Father Bai burned incense to thank his ancestors. Villagers came one after another to congratulate the Bai family. Bai Bing'er blushed with embarrassment and hid in her boudoir, not daring to come out to meet the guests.

No one noticed that Bai Xueer's smile was uglier than crying.

In fact, no one has seen what the immortals on the top of the mountain look like. It is said that only the oldest woman in the village said that when she was sixteen or seventeen years old, she once saw an immortal coming down the mountain to drive away bandits. Every August 15th , the clouds surrounding the "Wonderland Village" are at their weakest. At that time, a group of bandits were preparing to rob the village. Fortunately, the witch prayed to heaven and received the help of immortals to repel the bandits.

Hao Po is ninety-eight years old this year. She has sharp ears and eyes, nimble legs and feet, and she can speak fluently. She said that this was all due to that chance meeting more than 80 years ago, and the immortal's graceful appearance is still vivid in her mind. His facial features were picturesque, he looked like a man or a woman, and his movements were calm and intimidating. With just a flick of his finger, the group of originally extremely vicious gangsters disappeared without a trace.

At that time, the good woman made a vow not to marry anyone who is not the king. Unfortunately, the good woman looks ugly and dances awkwardly. Not to mention participating in the final ceremony, she is not even qualified for the "audition", so she is still alone until now.

Today is the day when the bride goes up the mountain . Douban Ghost Bride . Last night, the Bai family held a big banquet, and almost everyone in the village came to have a drink. There was a lot of drinking and drinking during the dinner, and Bai's father ate in a daze, as if he was really marrying his daughter. Everyone's attitude towards the Bai family is very different from before. Even Wu Jin respects Father Bai very much and indeed regards him as a real immortal.

Mother Bai hid in her daughter's room and taught Bing'er about men and women. Although she imagined that a fairy's wife could be equal to the mortal world, as a common woman, she really couldn't imagine what else she could teach her daughter. Tao Tao.

Xueer was busy pouring tea and wine, with a smile on her face, not at all disappointed about losing the election. According to Wu Jin, whoever the two sisters are selected is the blessing that the Bai family has cultivated for several lifetimes. From then on, they will be freed from the worldly troubles. The difference is just a matter of time.

According to the rules, the wedding party was already waiting outside the Bai Family Courtyard early this morning, waiting for Xi Niang to accompany the bride into the sedan chair. Unexpectedly, the musicians drank cup after cup of tea, but the bride was still nowhere to be seen. They simply put down their instruments and sat around to speculate.

In the side room, Mama Bai was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot.

It turned out that Bai Bing'er had gone to the bathroom five or six times since she had breakfast. The heavy makeup on her snow-white face had long since turned into a mottled face, and her lips still turned purple even if she put on bright lipstick. She couldn't stand or stand. She sat on the edge of the bed and held on to the gauze curtain while breathing heavily.

Bai's father quietly invited a doctor he knew well to come and take a look. The doctor said that Bing'er had probably taken something raw or cold that caused diarrhea. Even if she took the medicine now, it would take at least an hour to take effect. This made everyone in the Bai family change their expressions. It takes half a day to walk up the mountainside from here. Could it be possible that the sedan should stop halfway and wait for the bride to poop?

Mother Bai thought about it, everyone was serving porridge from the same pot, and the pickles were also eaten separately. Why was it that the eldest daughter kept pooping? Xi Niang was impatient waiting in the living room and kept urging her. She tried to enter Bing'er's boudoir several times but was finally blocked by Bai's father.

Bing'er gritted her teeth and tried to get up, but she fell heavily to the ground. The pain seemed to be even worse now. Big beads of sweat fell on her forehead. She didn't even have time to say hello, turned around and went to the latrine again.

Mother Bai sighed deeply. The auspicious moment was about to pass. If she missed this opportunity, it might not be the Bai family's turn next time.

Father Bai looked up to the sky and sighed. It seems that everything has a fate. It seems that the matter of becoming an immortal and practicing cultivation has no fate with the Bai family after all!

At this moment, Bai Xueer suddenly walked out of the back room.

She was wearing a bright red wedding dress and her face was completely made up. The two sisters look alike, and after being carefully dressed up, it is even more difficult to tell them apart.

Then the suona sounded outside the door, and accompanied by Xiniang's high-pitched shouts, the Bai family girl got married.

Bai Bing'er, who was sitting in the hut with severe abdominal pain, couldn't help but burst into tears.

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