Ask The Bird To Evolve The Water Demon, A Long Ghost Story

The dragon princess is thinking. Guan Tao held the bird in his hands and looked at it. The wings were bleeding and it looked like it was dying. Guan Tao held the bird in his hands and brought the bird back. The little bird's teaching was quite simple, that is, prepare a glass of wine, put some salt in the wine, wait until midnight, hold the wine in your mouth, and then spray it on the little bird, and the little bird can Returned to human form. Princess Dragon shook her head sadly. … Continue readingAsk The Bird To Evolve The Water Demon, A Long Ghost Story

Folk Ghost Stories

The king ordered the princess to salute Dou Xu and said, "This is the little girl Lotus." The two were joking, and a palace maid ran in and said, "Oh no, the monster broke into the palace gate, and the king took shelter in the side hall. Disaster will happen soon." It has arrived. Immediately, a palace official came to report: "The monster is coming. Someone told the old man about Dou Xu. When the old man saw it, the hive was quiet. … Continue readingFolk Ghost Stories

The Princess Who Can Guess Riddles

The king immediately issued a proclamation, and many people came and were killed. The princess guessed their riddle correctly. The princess took out the book and looked at it. There was no such riddle in the book and she couldn't guess it. The princess knew the riddle. At night, the princess sent her maid to ask the riddle what it meant. The fool told the princess that this riddle was difficult to guess. If he could guess it, others would know that the princess asked the fool to ask the first two riddles. … Continue readingThe Princess Who Can Guess Riddles