Chapter 6 Fishbone Temple

The next day we woke up early, packed our things, and according to what we learned yesterday, we went out of the village and turned two mountain ridges to find the Fish Bone Temple.

The two mountain ridges are easy to say, but the straight-line distance may be very short, but it is not easy to actually walk. It was already dark when I arrived here yesterday, and I couldn’t see the surrounding environment clearly. At this time, I looked around with the light of dawn, and there were ravines and ditches, and fragmented earth fields, earth beams, earth mounds, and earth ditches stood around.

Although this is not the Loess Plateau, due to the influence of the yellow flood, there is a large amount of yellow hard mud on the surface. The wind is the creator’s carving knife. Scary deep.

The natural environment here is harsh, the land is vast and sparsely populated, the wind blows through the valley, and the whine sounds like a ghost wailing. Covered with black spots.

We walked for nearly three hours and finally found the Fishbone Temple in a ravine. This temple is more dilapidated than we imagined. We heard that the incense of the Dragon King Temple had been broken for decades, so we had some psychological preparations in advance, but we didn’t expect to see it on the ground, and the ruined temple was almost falling apart.

There is only one temple in the Fishbone Temple, and there is no distinction between the front and the back. The east chamber and the west chamber have long since lost the temple gate, but they finally saw the skull of the iron-headed dragon king fish, and the mouth of the fish is the temple gate.

The fat man tapped it with the engineering shovel, and it made a loud noise. The bone was really hard enough. We watched carefully and saw that this fish skull was completely different from ordinary fish bones. Although there was no skin and flesh, it still made people feel hideous and ugly. We have never seen this kind of fish, not a whale or an ordinary river fish, it is so big that we dare not look at it.

The statue of the Dragon Lord in the temple has disappeared for a long time, and the beams on the ground are covered with dust and cobwebs, but inside, it is impossible to see that the beams are made of fish bones, and the fish bones are probably sealed in bricks and tiles.

The walls were not completely peeled off, and the four characters “Feng Tiao Yu Shun” could barely be discerned on them. There were several nests of small mice on the ground, and they were frightened to scurry around when they saw someone coming in.

We didn’t dare to spend too much time in the temple of the Fish Bone Temple. This ruined temple may collapse at any time. If there is a strong wind, the roof may be blown off.

In front of the temple gate, Da Jinya said that there are several Dragon King Temples built with fish bones in the coastal areas, but they are not common in the interior. During the Republic of China, there was such a temple in Jinghai, Tianjin. It was also a big fish that died on the shore, and good people paid for it. The Dragon King Temple was built with fish bones, and the incense was very popular. Later, the temple was destroyed in the early 1970s, and I have never seen it again.

I looked at the topography of the Fishbone Temple in the ravine, and said with a smile, “If the location of the Fishbone Temple is at the Fengshui level, I will burn my “Sixteen-Character Yin-Yang Fengshui Secret Art” when I go back.”

The fat man asked: “Isn’t this place pretty good? The wind is blowing, the Feng Shui wind is there, um… just a little bit of water shortage, and there is a small river, it is almost a treasure land of Feng Shui.”

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I said: “Compared with building a house and building a tomb, the place to build a temple is different. The temple is for the benefit of one party. You can’t just find a place to build it. The place where the temple is built must be a place where the stars are upright and the Mingshan Hall. Except This fishbone temple, have you ever seen a temple in a ditch? Even earth temples can’t be built in such a deep ravine, as the saying goes: there is hidden in the valley, but there is nothing to penetrate the heart, and the heart cannot be seen through the heart.”

Da Jinya asked: “Master Hu, what did you mean by the last sentence you just said? Does it mean that it is not good to build temples in the valley?”

I nodded and said: “Yes, look at these ravines, they look like dragons and snakes, but the surrounding mountains are barren, without tents and protection, and nothing can happen. In addition, they are deep in the mountains, and the yin is heavy. If you say this The mountains are densely covered with dense vegetation, which is a little bit better. That’s called “the hidden immortals fly in the tent, and the hidden protection is deep and the Lord prospers.” This broken mountain ditch, according to the principles of ancient Chinese geomantic omen, let alone building temples, buried people are not Appropriate, so I concluded that there is something wrong with the construction of this temple, and it must have been used by the captains of Mojin to cover Daodou, and it was as expected when I saw it today.”

The fat man said: “If it’s to deceive people, it’s not worth mobilizing people like this. I think building a straw shed is enough. Besides, there is no one in this ditch. At most, a sheep herder comes occasionally. According to the villagers, after passing This beam is the Longling Miku, the inside is very evil, and it is impossible to go there at ordinary times, so I am afraid that there are not many people here to herd sheep.”

I said: “I’m afraid the main thing is to win the trust of the local people. Foreigners pay the local people to build the Dragon King Temple to ensure that the weather is smooth and peaceful. The local people will not doubt it. If they come directly to build a house in the ravine, will it be good?” It makes people feel that the behavior is abnormal, and it is a bit inexplicable. What kind of house should be built in the ravine? This is easy to be suspected. It is better to say that this is a geomantic level, and a temple is built, so that it is deceptive. There used to be a place to pretend to grow crops Yes, planting green gauze tents and then working is all for one purpose, and no one else will know about it.”

After listening to my analysis, Big Gold Tooth and Fatty both agreed that it is indeed easier for outsiders to pretend to be building temples in ravines than building houses.

In fact, what the fat man said was not unreasonable, but he had to go up to the mountain ridge to see the situation in Longling, so as to further judge the reason for building the temple here. I estimate that the distance between the ancient tomb and the Fishbone Temple will not be too far, otherwise the amount of tunneling will be too large.

Now that I have finally arrived at the slope of Longling, I am most worried about two things. The first is whether there is a large tomb in Longling. Now it seems that the answer should be absolutely yes.

The second thing is that this tomb is so big, and it has been targeted by the fake businessman who built the Fishbone Temple. It must be determined to win.

But even if the ancient tomb in Longling has been turned upside down, I think we can go in and visit it to see how other masters did their work.

Lieutenant Mojin’s rules are very strict, if you open a bucket, you can only take one or two things, if there are too many things, the rules will be broken, look at this expert who repairs the fish bone temple, since he can find many people in Longling The big tomb that can’t be found must be a veteran.

The more veterans and masters, the more they value these rules, and sometimes they even regard the rules as more important than their lives. However, I am afraid that no one cares about these fine traditions now. The current bandits are similar to the Japanese devils in those days. They basically enforce them everywhere. Sanguang policy.

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We circled around the Fishbone Temple a few times, but we didn’t find the location of the tunnel. It seems to be very hidden and not easy to find. It may even be completely sealed off after the Mojin school lieutenant did his job. .

Da Jinya asked if he could see the specific location of the ancient tomb. I said that he couldn’t see it in the ditch, but he had to climb up the mountain ridge and look down from a high position to see it clearly.

Da Jinya eats, drinks, prostitutes and gambles on weekdays, and his health is not very good. He can’t stand the long-distance trek. He is already very tired after reaching the Fish Bone Temple. I asked him and Fatty to stay in the Fishbone Temple to find out if there was a tunnel nearby, and told them to be careful if they entered the temple, so as not to be smashed inside.

I myself climbed up the hillside with hands and feet, and it didn’t take me long to climb to the top of the mountain beam. I saw ravines under the beams, and the earth seemed to be pinched, forming wrinkles. very complicated.

The general feature of Shaanxi’s topography is that it is high in the north and south, low in the middle, high in the northwest, low in the southeast, and slopes from west to east. The northern part is the Loess Plateau, the southern part is the Qinba Mountains, and the central part is the Guanzhong Plain. In this area, due to the continuation of the Qinling Mountains, there are rare low mountains and hills. These ridges are not too high. If you look at it from a height, it may feel like a scar on the earth.

I set up a pergola with my hands, and carefully distinguished the shapes of the mountains and mountains in front of me. Longling is really well-deserved, with vertical and horizontal veins and branches rising side by side. There is a saying in the dragon search formula: There are hundreds of mountains and rivers, and there are countless dragon towers and treasure halls.

In this Longling, there is a “Dragon Tower Palace” that is hidden very deeply, following the situation, gathering people around, these rolling mountains are the momentum presented by this “Dragon Tower Palace” in the middle. The “potential” of the dragon here is not the kind of “potential” that can bury the emperor. The “potential” of the emperor’s mausoleum needs to be stable and strong, like the kind of place with towering mountains, great rivers, high and deep, and majestic in the world. The “momentum” presented by Longling is the “momentum” of lying in the far-reaching, peaceful and stagnant.

In such a situation, relatives of the country can be buried, such as close relatives of the royal family such as queens, queen mothers, princesses, and princes. Burying here can make the imperial family prosperous and stable, and the palace is peaceful and peaceful. To put it bluntly, it is similar to living in your own backyard.

However, this “potential” has been broken by the natural environment, cut by wind and rain, earthquakes and landslides, the water and soil erosion in this area is very serious, the surface of the earth is broken, and it is no longer what it used to be.

Even so, it can still be seen at a glance that the Dragon Tower Palace in Longling is just under the mountain ridge where I am standing. This is a hillside that has been greatly damaged by the natural environment. All the nearby mountain beams and valleys extend from this hill, and the ancient tomb of the Tang Dynasty is located in the mountainside.

Standing on the ridge, I saw the ups and downs of the mountains and rivers, took notes on the location of the possible ancient tombs, marked the distance and direction, and then turned to look at the fat man and the big gold tooth on the other side.

The two of them were looking for robbery holes around the Fishbone Temple. I put my finger in my mouth and whistled loudly at Fatty and Big Gold Tooth.

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Hearing the sound, the two fat men raised their heads and shrugged their shoulders to me, indicating that they hadn’t found the entrance to the robbery cave. Then they lowered their heads and continued to search, turning the fishbone temple inside and out again and again.

Going up the mountain is easy, but going down the mountain is difficult. I looked at the place where I climbed up. It was too steep and it was difficult to go down the same path. Looking around, I saw that the hillside not far to the left was eroded by wind and rain, and the soil slope had collapsed. Big chunks, it will be easier to go down from there.

So I walked along the ridge to the left for a while, stepping on the collapsed soil bumps and slowly descending. It is still difficult to stand on this section of soil slope, and it will slip when I step on it. I saw a slightly flat place nearby where I could land, so I jumped past.

Unexpectedly, after standing still, just two steps out, my feet suddenly sank, and my lower body fell instantly .

I heard from people in the nearby villages that the Snake Slope is full of such traps. I thought this edge area was safe, so I didn’t expect to be careless. At this time, my waist has completely sunk into the soil hole. I know in my heart that I must not struggle at this time. The geological structure here is similar to the quicksand in the desert. The difference is that there is less sand and more fine soil. The harder you struggle , the faster the fall, in this situation, you can only wait for rescue, if you are alone, you have to wait for death.

I tried my best not to let my body move, and I didn’t even dare to breathe out, lest I would sink into it if I moved a little bit, if it passed my chest, it would be a big trouble.

I supported it gently with both hands to keep the force on my body evenly. After waiting for more than ten seconds, seeing that it was no longer falling down, I freed up one hand to take off the whistle from my neck and put it to my mouth to blow the whistle to say hello. Fatty came to help.

But blowing the whistle requires strength from the chest and abdomen. I am now in a delicate balance of strength, and I dare not move a little bit, otherwise the slope may collapse at any time and bury me alive; of course, it may not necessarily sink. It must be buried alive, and there may be a large karst cave below; what is even more unfortunate is that it falls halfway in, and the sky cannot be seen from the top, and the ground cannot be seen from the bottom, and it is really uncomfortable to be suffocated to death.

This idea turned in my mind, and I decided to blow the whistle, otherwise, when the fat man and the others think of me, the fucking day lily will be cold, I hope they will come to help quickly after hearing this, otherwise my old Hu will really return this time Bit up. I have experienced strong winds and waves, and I really don’t want to just die in this dirt slope.

I blew the whistle, my chest and abdomen moved slightly, my body snorted, and I sank into another piece, just squeezing my chest, and it became more and more difficult to breathe. If a person is buried alive, it is generally not necessary to bury the top of the head, and the soil will suffocate to death if the soil touches the chest. This is the situation I am in right now, with my hands stretched out, I am obviously uncomfortable, but I dare not struggle. This moment is a time to test a person’s endurance. I try to keep myself calm. I must not try to climb out with my arms because my chest is so tight that I am about to suffocate. Doing so will kill me faster.

For my current situation, a second is longer than a year, fuck his grandma, why didn’t the fat man come over here, if they didn’t hear the whistle, then I’d say I’m done here.

Just as I was holding my breath and thinking wildly, I saw Fatty and Da Jinya walking up from below slowly, talking and laughing.

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When they saw my appearance, they were all taken aback, and ran over with their legs loose. The fat man untied the rope he was carrying while running, and he was still carrying the bamboo basket. The two big white geese inside were startled by the sudden acceleration of the fat man and screamed loudly.

Fatty and Big Gold Tooth were afraid that there would be earth crusts nearby, so they didn’t dare to get too close. They stopped a dozen steps away and threw the rope over. buckle.

The two sides worked together to pull me out of the soil shell. When I came up, my legs completely crushed the whole piece of soil shell, and a big hole was exposed on the hillside, and the broken soil kept falling into it.

Panting heavily, I unscrewed the kettle, took a few sips, poured the rest of the water on my head, wiped my face with my hands, and looked back at the collapsed soil hole behind me. It is also unclear how many times this is the first time I have turned back from the ghost gate. I am really scared and dare not think about it.

The fat man lit a cigarette for me to suppress the shock. I was still in shock. I took two puffs of the cigarette and choked myself to cough. This experience is different from the past. In the past, life and death were instantaneous, and there was no time to be afraid. This time, the god of death is slowly approaching step by step. , There is nothing in the world that can torture people’s nerves more than this.

Of my three souls and seven souls, probably two souls and six souls have already flown away, and it took a full twenty minutes for my two souls and six souls to slowly come back.

Da Jinya and Fatty didn’t dare to speak when they saw my face turned pale. After a while, seeing that my eyes were no longer straight, they asked me how I was doing.

I asked the fat man to bring white wine and drank a few sips before I fully recovered.

The three of us went to see the earth cave I stepped on and collapsed just now, and Big Gold Tooth asked, “Could this be a robbery cave?”

I said: “No, the edge of the robbery cave is not so scattered. This is the result of the erosion of the karst cave in the mountain. There is only an empty shell left outside the mountain. Some places are thin and some places are thick. It seems that the karst cave under Longling It’s really not that small.”

I told them what I saw on the ridge just now. There must be a large tomb in the mountain over there, about one kilometer away from the Fishbone Temple in a straight line.

If there is a robbery cave leading to the ancient tomb in the Fishbone Temple, this distance and direction are completely reasonable. It is not difficult for a master to drill a robbery cave of one kilometer, it just takes more time.

The fat man asked: “This man is full. Since he can see the exact location of the ancient tomb, why did he go so far to dig a hole?”

I said to the fat man: “The senior who built the Fishbone Temple is far better than you in comparison. He naturally has his reasons. I speculate that he wants to enter the underground palace from below.”

Da Jinya said: “Oh? Go in from below? Is it because the surroundings of this tomb are too strong and solid, so there is no way to start, so we have to go up from the bottom? I heard that this method is called the top palace.”

I said: “It should be like this. In the Tang Dynasty, all mausoleums were built in the mountains, and in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, the country was rich and powerful, and the tombs must be extremely strong. The tomb wall enters. However, no matter how well the ancient tomb is built, it is not a seamless egg. Any mausoleum has a void. From the perspective of Feng Shui, this is to store wind and gather energy. If there is no such void in the tomb No matter how good the feng shui is, the treasure point is useless.”

The fat man asked, “Just leave a back door?”

I said: “No, the shape stops and the qi is stored. In order to maintain the shape and potential of the feng shui level and keep the feng shui treasure site fixed, the layout of the mausoleum cannot be precise, and it needs to gather and blend. Generally, the corridor or apse of the mausoleum is The place where the energy melts, that kind of place can’t be sealed too tightly, otherwise it will be bad for the Lord.”

In addition, there is another saying that large mausoleums are almost like palaces. When they are finally sealed, in order to keep the secrets in the underground palace, the last batch of craftsmen left behind must be suffocated inside. During the process, they will leave a way out for themselves and secretly build a secret path. This kind of secret path is often under the underground palace.

However, this kind of secret escape route secretly built by the craftsmen for themselves has no basis in Feng Shui at all. It can be repaired in any way that it is concealed. It has a great impact on the layout of the tomb, but it cannot be banned.

Therefore, when encountering such a large tomb with abnormally strong walls, the captains of Mojin would choose to start from the bottom after finding out the situation.

The three of us discussed it for a while, and we all felt that it was worth the effort to go into the Longling Tomb, because the location of this tomb is very special, and the mountain is no longer what it used to be. Anyone who can find a tomb here must be a master of Mojin Xiaowei. He will definitely abide by the rules and take no one. With such a large tomb, let alone one or two treasures, even if he took away a hundred treasures , the rest we casually touch two, but also gain a lot.

We decided to start with the robbery hole of the Fishbone Temple, which is more convenient. First of all, the robbery hole of the Fishbone Temple is only a few decades old, and there will not be much change. Even if there is a collapsed place in the middle, we dig a short It is enough to go around the road; secondly, there are soil shells that trap people in Longling, and walking in the ridge is dangerous. I almost suffocated in it just now, so I can avoid danger.

Now that the plan was made, they went back to the Fishbone Temple, Fatty and Big Gold Tooth had been searching for half a day, but they didn’t find any burglars. The temple was built neither on the mountain nor on the water, nor did it have any layout. It is extremely difficult to judge the location of the robbery cave from the appearance. But this robbery cave is too important to us. All the inferences I made are based on the premise that the Fishbone Temple was built by Captain Mojin.

Suddenly I had an idea, and I greeted Fatty and Big Gold Tooth: “Let’s take a look at the altar where the statue of Lord Dragon was placed before. If there is a robbery hole, it is very likely that it is hidden under the altar.”

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