Akin’s Fear Read Online

I knew that Ah Jin’s sudden madness must be related to my learning the old man’s language. Because it was the two words he said that reminded me of the strange language that old man Wang said. Ah Jin was very sorry for what happened that day, saying that he was sorry, he had epilepsy since he was a child. Wang Dehou said: “Heiqi is on the top of the head. This kind of evil is easy to cure, and I have cured it well. But this woman has black energy around her waist. She does not rise or fall. She is not ordinary evil and fierce. I saw this Even Wang Dehou didn’t dare to get involved in the matter, and his heart was filled with worry and uneasiness. After all, Ah Jin’s madness and those weird words I said were somehow related. … Continue readingAkin’s Fear Read Online