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Country Ghost Story: Ghost Lantern

In rural areas, every night on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, villagers go to their ancestors' graves to light lanterns, steamed buns and fireworks. The most interesting thing is to light sky lanterns, which are also called ghost lanterns in the common saying.

One year on the night of the 15th day of the first lunar month, the old people in the countryside told ghost stories . The old Cao in the village couldn't wait to take the ghost lanterns he had made and go to the open space at the east end of the village to light ghost lanterns.

At that time, Lao Cao was a famous paper maker in our village. The ghost lanterns he made were the best among the dozen or so villages around here. So every night on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, Lao Cao went to the field to light ghost lanterns. Many people from other villages will also come to watch the fun.

When Lao Cao came to the open space at the east end of the village, he saw many villagers waiting for him to light ghost lanterns. He first greeted the villagers one by one, and then came to the open space to prepare to light ghost lanterns.

At this time, a villager suddenly saw that Lao Cao's lanterns had red lampshades and green lanterns, and said to him very worriedly: "Old Cao, as the old saying goes, red lampshades and green lanterns attract little ghosts to Huangcheng. It seems that you This green lantern is going to attract ghosts."

Lao Cao shuddered when he heard what he said, but he still had the courage to say: "That's an old saying. It's a lie. Where are the ghosts in the world?" As he said that, he lit a ghost lantern.

Strangely enough, after the ghost lantern ascended to the sky, it flew directly towards Lao Cao's house. The villagers chased it to Lao Cao's house and could no longer find it.

Seeing that he couldn't find the lantern, Lao Cao thought about what the neighbor said just now, and felt very scared. He was afraid that the lantern would really attract little ghosts to harm him, so he squatted in the house for most of the night in fear. In the second half of the night, he really dozed off, so he lay on the ground and fell asleep.

Just as he was sleeping soundly, he had a terrible dream. In the dream, the scary green lantern was swinging back and forth in front of his eyes, and two white hands stretched out from the lantern and kept grabbing at him. He was so frightened that he ran away, but no matter what he did, Even if I run, I can't get rid of the green lantern behind me…

From then on, whenever night came, the green lantern would occupy his dreams, making him unable to rest peacefully even when he fell asleep.

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Finally one day, he fell ill and took a lot of medicine, but the disease was not cured. Half a month later, he died of illness.

On the night of his death, a green lantern was seen flying away from his home…

Ghost Story: Wild Fruit on the Grave

I once heard a ghost story told by my grandfather. When he was young, one summer, he went to the market to sell salt. After selling the salt, he still came to a restaurant in the market and ordered two taels of peanuts and half a catty of them. Bulk sorghum wine, he sat there eating and drinking alone. After he had eaten and drank enough, it was almost dark. Taking advantage of the wine, he picked up the empty salt basket and rushed home.

At this time, he was walking on the country road, and he felt that the willow branches beside the field ridge were gently swaying with the night wind, and the frogs and toads in the field were croaking, which always made people feel very scared and panicked. Grandpa had encountered ghosts several times before and knew that it was easiest to see ghosts at night like this. He would inevitably be frightened by such a gloomy environment and break out in cold sweat. Without thinking too much, he quickened his pace and ran towards home. However, when he ran to a cemetery, he saw an old man sitting in front of a grave and sighing.

Grandpa walked over and asked him, "Why are you sitting here?"

The old man didn't even look at his grandfather, but still sighed and said: "Forget it, I went to the market today to sell apples, and so far I haven't sold a single apple. My wife must be very angry when she finds out, so she sits here and doesn't dare to go back." Home."

At this time, the moon had risen. Through the moonlight, Grandpa saw a basket in front of the old man. The basket was full of red and big apples. Grandpa had been rushing to market for a day and drank some wine. He felt thirsty. He stared at his apples greedily and said, "Uncle, how many kilograms of apples do I want from you?"

When the old man heard about the business, he immediately got excited. He quickly took out the weighing tool and weighed a few kilograms of apples to his grandfather in the bright moonlight. At that time, my grandpa took the apples and put them into the salt basket. He didn't bother to eat them. He just wanted to go home and eat these apples with grandma.

After grandpa said goodbye to the old man and returned home, he asked grandma to bring a lamp and eat these apples together. But the weird thing is that grandpa saw that the big and red apples in the salt basket have now become the usual ones on the grave. Those indescribable small, black wild fruits I saw on the road. Grandpa thought that something was wrong, that the old man might not be a human being, but a ghost in the grave, so he quickly threw the wild fruits in the basket outside the gate.

The next day, grandpa came to the grave and saw that there were many small and black wild fruits on the weeds on the grave, but some of the weeds still had traces of the wild fruits that had been picked.

Ghost stories The rural old man tells stories_The ghost old man tells rural stories video_The rural old man tells ghost stories

Post-note: There are many graves in the countryside, and some wild fruits always grow on these graves, such as: red seeds, cow rice (er), crutches, azalea, mulberry (er), etc. These wild fruits are very delicious. , produce fluid and quench thirst, and have a sweet aftertaste, which makes people never tire of eating them. However, because these wild fruits grow on graves, they have a strong yin energy. If people eat too much, they will be prone to illness and even evil. Therefore, these wild fruits Although it is delicious, no one dares to pick it off and eat it.

Ghost Story: The Ghost Leads the Way

When I was a child, I always liked to listen to my grandfather and my neighbors telling ghost stories. Some of these ghost stories were rumors, and some were their experiences. In fact, there are many things in the countryside that are difficult to explain from a scientific perspective, so They have been mythical and demonized, and these ghost stories in the countryside can easily stay in people's memory and cannot be erased even if they want to. Among them, ghosts leading the way are the ones that can touch people's supernatural nerves the most…

There used to be two businessmen who went to the market to sell vegetables. Although they were not from the same village, they would ask each other to go to the market together every morning. For a period of time, this person was sick and needed to rest at home, so he was asked to go to the market by himself.

After a few days, the man recovered from his illness and wanted to go to the market again. One night in the middle of the night he heard someone shouting outside the yard: "Brother, we're out for the market." He knew from the voice that it was his companion calling him, so he didn't doubt it, picked up two loads of vegetables and walked out. After walking for a long time, he didn't see the companion who called him. What did he think happened to this person? He didn't wait to walk with me, but later he felt that the time was wrong. If he had walked for so long, he should have arrived at the market. Thinking of this, he suddenly woke up and found that there was a river in front of him and there was no road at all. . He sat down and started smoking, and he stayed like this until dawn. He found himself sitting in front of a new tomb, and the tombstone of this new tomb was engraved with the name of his companion. Seeing this, he was so frightened that he didn't even bother to pick vegetables. When the burden was over, he ran home.

Later, he went to the companion's house to inquire about the news, and found out that the companion also got seriously ill during his illness and died soon after. After the companion died, his family buried him not far from the village. A small river in the distance. Maybe it was because the ghost of his companion was too lonely by the river that he was led there…

One of my neighbors also experienced a ghost guiding him. According to the neighbor, one night, when he came back from a friend's house, he saw a shadow like a black cloud in front of him, slowly leading him forward. Let's go. Suddenly he felt that he couldn't call even if he wanted to. He just wanted to follow it. He followed it for half an hour. Suddenly he saw his big black dog running over and barking at the shadow a few times. The shadow disappeared, and he finally woke up, but his limbs were weak and he was very tired. It was his wife who came over and helped him home.

Later he found out that he was led by a ghost that night. Fortunately, his wife and the big black dog at home rushed over in time, and the big black dog scared the ghost away, saving his life.

Ghost Stories: Ghost Stories in Dreams

An old woman once told me a supernatural incident about dreams. She said: If you dream about someone talking to you, don’t answer casually. Every word you say may bring disaster, especially if you are asked to go with him or something like that. Be even more careful.

She once had a five-year-old son who was in the first grade of primary school. One day after school, he went to fish in the river near the village and was accidentally washed away by the river. At this time, an old man who was picking up dung happened to pass by the river. When he saw him being washed away by the water, he hurriedly jumped into the river to save him. Unexpectedly, after the old man rescued him on the shore, he fell ill and died the next night. .

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A few days later, in the middle of the night, she heard her youngest son talking in his sleep again. She listened for a while, but she didn't understand what his son was saying. After dawn, she asked him: "Son, who were you talking to in your dream last night?"

The son replied: "Follow grandpa!"

She asked again: "Which grandpa is it?"

The son replied again: "It was the grandfather who saved me."

She began to have a premonition of something bad and became nervous: "What did he say to you in the dream?"

The son smiled and said: "Grandpa told me that he was lonely in the river and asked me to accompany him."

Listening to her son's words, she knew that the dead old man had gone to look for him in his dream, and immediately asked worriedly: "Son, have you promised him?"

The son nodded and said, "Tonight, I will go to the river to look for him."

As soon as she heard what her son said, she dissuaded him from going to the appointment and locked him in the house, preventing him from coming out. Unexpectedly, after dark, her son jumped over the wall and ran away. By the time she found her son, her son had drowned in the river near the village.

From then on, she became mentally disturbed and told everyone she met not to agree to lies in their dreams.

ghost story ghost

Video of rural old people telling ghost stories_Ghost stories rural old people telling stories_Ghost old people telling rural stories video

When building construction, if you dig out urns, urns and the like, you must not throw them away casually, because you have alarmed these ghosts. If you don't burn incense to treat them, but still throw them away, the consequences will be disastrous, even if you just dug them up. Some green bricks also need to be thrown. When you invite your ancestors during festivals, don’t forget to invite them too, because you are occupying other people’s territory. If you don’t do this, these ghosts will harass you after dark. , it may even cause you to lose your life.

A few years ago, a villager in a neighboring village built a house. When digging the foundation, he found some green bricks and an urn. After digging up these things, he didn't think too much about it and threw them away casually. He didn't expect that after he built a new house and moved in, many strange things happened one after another…

One night in the middle of the night, he and his wife were sleeping soundly when they were suddenly awakened by a burst of crying. He listened carefully to the sound and thought it was like the cry of an old lady. Then he listened carefully again and found that the sound was It actually came from the underground of the house, and I could vaguely hear the old lady saying sadly: "Give me back my house, give back my house, and…" When the couple heard this, they were frightened. He quickly retreated into bed and didn't dare to show his head. After daybreak, the two of them searched the house carefully, but did not find anything suspicious. They thought they heard the wrong sound at night and did not take it to heart.

A few days later, his wife went to take a shower. Since the bathroom was very small, she took a shower very close to the transom. While his wife was washing her clothes, she suddenly looked up and saw the head of an old woman on the transom. At that time, his wife was so frightened that she froze and could not move. At this moment, the old woman's head smiled sinisterly! And said quietly: "Give me back my house, give back my house, give back…" As he said that, the old woman threw her head towards his wife.

At this time, a big black dog he kept at home heard the noise in the bathroom and ran into the bathroom barking "woof" to scare off the old woman's head, saving his wife's life.

After this incident, he invited a Yin Yang Immortal and found out that the urn he dug out when he was digging the foundation was causing trouble. The urn contained the ashes of an old lady. He threw it away. Naturally, The ghost that would alarm the old lady came to his house to cause trouble. Soon he found the urn, burned incense and kowtowed to it, and reburied it. From then on, his family found peace.

Ghost Story: Ghost Highway

Old people often say: If you see a strange car at the scene of an accident, if there is no god to protect you, don't be curious to spy on it, let alone get too close, or you may be taken away as an unjust ghost who died in the accident.

We have a winding small road here. Because car accidents often happen on it and some ghost stories often happen on it, we call it the ghost road. One day after the sun went down, a villager was driving a tricycle to go home. As he was passing by the small road, he suddenly saw a car accident in front of him. The tricycle crashed into a big tree on the side of the road. The driver died on the spot. He went to spy out curiously, but saw a woman with long hair and white clothes waving to him on the side of the road. He couldn't help but followed the woman. Along the way, he felt confused and kept thinking: Who is this woman? Why should I follow her? After a while, the woman stopped in front of a grave, turned to him and said, "We are home."

At this time, he saw the woman's face covered with blood, which was extremely terrifying. He was so frightened that his whole body became weak and speechless. He thought to himself: It's over, it's over, this time I really encountered a ghost! Just when he was about to kneel down to the female ghost with fright, the female ghost suddenly said in a gloomy voice: "Three years ago, you killed me with your car. I have been looking for you for these three years, and now I finally found you." is you."

Only then did he realize that this female ghost was here to seek revenge. It turned out that one day three years ago, after the sun went down, he drank some wine and drove a tricycle home. It was also on that small road that he left the car behind. He was driving too fast and had no time to brake. As a result, he hit and killed a woman in white who was returning home after doing farm work. Seeing that there was no one around, he abandoned the woman and quickly drove back home. Since there were no witnesses at the time, the car accident became an unsolved case and allowed him to escape legal punishment. However, what he did not expect was that three years later, he would be haunted by the ghost of this woman again. So the female ghost quickly rushed towards him…

Ghost stories_Videos of ghost old people telling rural stories

The next morning, the villagers found a tricycle on the small road that had crashed into a big tree. It had been severely deformed. At the same time, they also found him bloody and mutilated next to the car, but his hands and feet were cold. , long dead.

After knowing about this incident, Mr. Yin Yang said: "The scene of the car accident that the villager saw at that time was exactly the maze set up by the vengeful female ghost. She deliberately lured him into the bait in order to achieve the purpose of revenge. The real person who was involved in the car accident was he himself.

Ghost Stories: Weird Cemetery

At the east end of our village, there is a strange cemetery, where strange things often happen. When rural people bury their dead, they don't just bury them anywhere. They usually bury them next to their ancestral graves. However, the dead buried in that cemetery in recent years are mainly young people, including me. The deceased of two neighbors, one of whom was named Wang, once had a well-behaved and clever daughter. A few years ago, when the girl had just turned eighteen, she went to work out of town. One day she suddenly fainted in the workshop and never woke up. So a flower that has just bloomed has withered before it can be beautiful. Her family's ancestral grave was in that cemetery, and she was naturally buried there, becoming one of the young deceased. Another neighbor named Zhang had a daughter-in-law with a child. However, just after her twenty-seventh birthday the year before last, one day she suddenly jumped into the well and became the cemetery. One of the many young dead people, adding a strange color to the place.

Whenever the hot summer comes, the cemetery will be unusually cooler than other places, but few neighbors dare to go there alone to enjoy the coolness, especially at twelve o'clock at noon, because the cemetery is very cold during this time. , some very strange things often happen. A villager once personally experienced such a terrible and strange thing. It was a summer a few years ago. One day at noon, the weather was unusually hot and there happened to be a power outage in the village. He went to the cemetery alone to enjoy the cool air. Just as he walked into the cemetery, in the field not far in front of him, there was a young woman doing farm work in the field with her back to him. Seeing this scene, he felt very strange. In such a hot weather, she did not enjoy the shade under the tree, but actually dared to do farm work in the fields under the scorching sun. Who was she? So with questions and curiosity, he walked quickly towards the young woman. However, just as he was about to approach the young woman, the young woman suddenly turned her face and smiled sinisterly at him. Suddenly he shouted "Ouch" and fell to the ground in fear. Later, he told the villagers that when the young woman turned her face to face him, he saw that her face was rotten, her flesh was sticking out, and there were many fat, white maggots pupating on it. As a result, he became seriously ill and no longer dared to go to the cemetery to enjoy the cool air at noon.

There are many other villagers who encountered such strange things in that cemetery, so I won’t list them all here. In short, the villagers are all spreading rumors that it must be the young deceased who often come out to cause trouble, especially at twelve o'clock at noon in the summer. You must not go to the cemetery at the east end of the village alone. Stay cool inside, otherwise you will meet those young female ghosts.

I want to make a special point here. Some netizens say that you can’t see ghosts during the day. That’s because they don’t understand ghosts at all. They understand rural ghost stories. In the countryside, weird things usually happen at 12 o’clock and 12 o’clock at noon. What happened during the two time periods of twelve o'clock at night and seeing ghosts during the day is by no means random writing, but a real thing.

Ghost story with twitching eyelids

There is a saying in the countryside that a twitching left eyelid brings good fortune and a twitching right eyelid brings trouble. It is intended to tell us that a twitching left eyelid is a good thing. No matter what you do on this day, you will do whatever you want and everything will be successful. But if your right eyelid twitches, it is a good thing. A twitching eyelid is not a good sign. It may lead to loss of life and property, and a catastrophe is imminent. Therefore, if your right eyelid twitches, it is best not to go out to do things. Even if there is an urgent matter, you should do it another day. Here I will Let me first tell you a strange thing about the twitching of my right eyelid.

There is a village called Xujiaao here, and there is an old man named Huang Laosan in the village. Huang Laosan had a son who was old enough to talk about marriage. One day, the matchmaker in the village told his son about a marriage and made an appointment to take his son on a blind date three days later. The next day, before dawn, he got up and went to the market to buy candies for his son for a blind date. Just when he opened the door and was about to go outside, his right eyelid kept twitching. He knew that a twitching right eyelid was not a good thing, so he planned to close the door and not go to the market. However, he thought that his son's blind date was an important event and could not delay it, so he went to the market regardless of the bad luck brought by a twitching eyelid.

While passing by a small river in a neighboring village, he suddenly saw many people selling and buying in a lively manner. He thought it was a market and hurriedly walked into the crowd to buy candies. What made him feel weird was that when he came to the candy stall, he saw that the candy seller was actually his long-dead neighbor, an old man from the countryside telling ghost stories . The neighbor also sold candy and was a good friend with him. , seeing him at this moment, he said to him enthusiastically: "Brother Huang, I haven't seen you for a long time. I miss you very much. Don't leave this time. Just do business here with me." With that, Jump towards him. At the same time, the "people" walking around him also looked scary and rushed towards him. At this time, he was so frightened that he ran away, but before he could take a few steps, his vision went dark and he fell to the ground, motionless. After daybreak, someone passing by on his way to the morning market found him lying wet on the river bank, already dead.

It turns out that the people Huang Laosan saw by the river were all water ghosts in the river, especially his neighbor who sold candy, who was also drowned by the river and became a water ghost here, so he He will bring Huang Laosan here to be the water ghost here. In fact, a twitching right eyelid is when the Yin Qi in a person's body is the strongest. If a person goes out to do things at this time, especially at night, he or she will be easily attacked by ghosts. Huang Laosan didn't know how to deal with this, so he would encounter this kind of thing. Disaster.

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