The Second Part Of Cryptozoology 2: Phantom Demon

"Feng, what did you see?" he asked solemnly.

A gust of wind blew over, and the burnt smell completely dissipated. What do I see? Nothing was seen but ashes.

He continued muttering to himself: "Elder Sahan said that there is a phantom demon buried in every pyramid, big or small, young or old, no one is missing. The pyramid is the tomb of the Pharaoh. The phantom demon is a loyal servant who guards the tomb, permanently guarding the pharaoh's spirit. The spells engraved on the stone doors, stone walls, and sarcophagi are not smeared by humans, but are the masterpieces of the phantom demon…"

The sun was setting, and the rooftop was immersed in hazy light and shadow. The sound of the scalpel was dark and slow, as if it was deliberately simulating the tone of a desert wizard.

There are also records about phantom demons in many classics. The most typical one is the story of the fisherman and the devil in "Arabian Nights". That devil is the phantom devil imprisoned in King Solomon's bronze bottle. He can be as big as a mountain, or he can turn into smoke and shrink into a small bottle in an instant. His transformations are endless, and his powers are all kinds of strange.

Suellen sniffed and wrapped her robe tighter.

"Anyone who wants to open the tomb of the Pharaoh will be retaliated by the phantom demon. He will die without a burial place and bring harm to his whole family and clan. Therefore, subjects who truly believe in the Pharaoh will never think of robbing the tomb. Regardless of poverty or wealth, everyone will stay away from the intrusion of the phantom demon. And its owner, the huge Pharaoh, will also cast a spell on the phantom demon, allowing it to distinguish between good and bad enemies and not to kill innocent people indiscriminately…"

These words have been described in classics, but I always thought they were rumors deceived by the Egyptian Pharaoh to scare the ignorant people. In order to consolidate their empire, all rulers will create all kinds of magical legends to explain that they are ordered by heaven to manage the country. Anyone who rebels against Him rebels against the will of Heaven.

I stood up and prepared to leave the rooftop and take a shower first. After being in the desert for so many days, I was very dirty.

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The giant snake of the underworld_The devil of the underworld, I am the giant snake_The blood snake of the underworld’/>

"Feng, remember these words, Elder Sahan said, I must ask you to remember these words!" Scalpel hurriedly finished his narration, stood up, and put his arm around Su Lun's shoulders. The brothers and sisters looked at me with eyes full of hope and expectation, as if I was some hero who could save the world. However, I know I'm not.

"Brother Feng, I also want to say – I'm sorry…" Su Lun's eyes were filled with tears. Of course she should know that I would not intentionally set a "Kirigakure Itto-ryu" trap to harm her. As for why those weird ninjas appeared near the camp, maybe you can only ask the Japanese Tanano.

In the great hot spring bathroom of the villa, I kept thinking about the two things "phantom demon" and "imperial poison" in my mind. The scene seen in the underground tunnel was too mysterious to describe. If according to Elder Sahan's theory, it should be the phantom demon guarding the Pyramid of Tulukhan.

Since it is an illusion demon, everything will be an illusion, so what about those innocent people who were drowned? Are they just temporarily imprisoned and put on hold? Are they still alive?

When I think about it, I feel relieved. After all, the disappearance of more than 40 lives without any explanation will make me feel uneasy for the rest of my life.

A tiger that has been poisoned also needs the help of a poison-repelling expert——

Facing people from the Tang Sect in Sichuan, one must be cautious and cautious almost every minute and every second. It is indeed an extremely difficult problem…

The blood snake of the underworld_The devil of the underworld, I am the giant snake_The giant snake of the underworld

I washed my clothes while thinking about it, and it took me almost an hour before I came out of the bathroom clean, put on the embroidered robe prepared by the servant, and walked slowly to the dining room in black satin slippers.

The restaurant is decorated in a traditional Egyptian style, with colorful pure wool tapestries hanging everywhere.

All the tableware is made of sterling silver and is polished brightly. The four-meter long dining table is covered with a white embroidered tablecloth. The silver plates are filled with whole roast lamb, roast chicken, and roast beef. Legs, roasted goose, roasted turkey.

The air is filled with the smell of mint leaves and rosemary, which makes people want to eat.

The wine glass in front of each seat is filled with pink high-quality Egyptian red wine. It is brewed using the secret method of native wild grapes with extremely low yield in the desert. Not only is it famous, but it is also so expensive that Scotch whiskey The manufacturers are all ashamed.

I first saw the arrogant and luxurious Tang Xin. The fox fur on her body was dazzlingly white, and the faint smile on her face, accompanied by the two rows of precise white teeth that appeared and disappeared between the red lips, seemed to be born from birth. They are as noble as princesses and queens, and everyone must look up to them to express their inner admiration.

Sitting next to her was Tiger, whose face was full of tenderness and affection. Five steps away behind her was Song Jiu, who was standing upright, with a perpetual expression on his face and his fingers perpetually pressed on the hilt of his sword. These three people seem to be connected into one body and will always appear in my field of vision at the same time.

The devil of the underworld, I am the giant snake_The giant snake of the underworld_The blood snake of the underworld

Su Lun stood up and nodded to me with a smile. Next to her, Scalpel, who was sitting in the master's seat, looked at the wine glass in a daze with a slightly melancholy look.

I sat next to Su Lun, smelling the faint fragrance of lavender on her sleeves, and felt refreshed. Compared with Tang Xin, she never promoted the Nether Demon as a giant snake . She was calm and capable, making her an ideal work partner.

"Everyone, please raise your glasses to welcome our huge guests, Miss Tang Xin and Teacher Song from Tangmen in the middle of Sichuan, and the famous hero Tiger Tiger. There is an old Chinese saying, Isn't it a pleasure to have friends come from far away? Please Let's all drink to our heart's content, and we won't get home until we're drunk." Scalpel's toast was euphemistic, but Song Jiu always stood there faithfully without batting an eyelid.

"Teacher Song, would you please take a seat? Those present today are all my accomplices. Please sit down…"

Tang Xin gently raised her orchid fingers and calmly interrupted Scalpel's words: "He is just my servant, Teacher Scalpel. If you want him to take a seat, you'd better invite all the servants and maids in the villa. Take a seat, is that convenient?"

Tiger was carefully peeling a grape and putting it on the plate in front of Tang Xin. He laughed loudly and said, "Yes, yes, the servants can serve the table. Shouldn't our master stand by and wait on you?" He was completely thinking. Tang Xin didn't even look at the scalpel.

Tang Xin turned around and tilted her chin towards Song Jiu: "Speak."

The devil of the underworld I am a giant snake_Netherworld Blood Snake_Netherworld Giant Snake

Song Jiu opened his mouth fluently, as if he was endorsing: "Duhu, the six great ministers of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, have been slaves of the Tang clan in Sichuan for generations. They will never betray, otherwise they will fall into the den of snakes and be buried in the snake's den."

Indeed, among the major surnames of the Yunnan, Guizhou, and Sichuan generations, including Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing, Du, and Hu, the Tang clan is the most noble. The other six surnames, I don’t know when, have been given to the Tang clan for generations without any reluctance. A slave is loyal and will never betray.

The Jianghu is originally a place with strange shapes and extremely disordered branches. Many of the new rules in the sects are unbelievable just to hear them.

"Haha, funny…" The scalpel made a haha, and the color changed slightly, but he still maintained his style and identity as the host, greeting everyone to eat.

While I was preparing the meal, I kept my eyes on the tiger, and I finally became convinced that someone from the Tang Sect must have tampered with him. Even if it wasn't the "Emperor Gu", it must have been some other kind of ecstasy. In short, it turned him into an idiot who could eat, sleep, talk, and be more obedient, obeying people's arrangements every step of the way.

Towards the end of the meal, a servant hurried in with a black cordless phone on a silver tray.

Scalpel answered the phone and listened for a few seconds. His color suddenly changed, and a burst of ecstasy flashed across his face. He kept saying, "Okay, okay, okay!" He was overjoyed.

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Tang Xin, Hu Lao and Song Jiu's expressions remained unchanged and they didn't even look at the scalpel, as if they were the only three in this huge restaurant. Tang Xin was the focus of everything in the world, making Hu Lao and Song Jiu surrender willingly. I paid attention to every detail. There was a tattoo on the left and right sides of Tang Xin's wrist. The snake head on the left wrist and the snake tail on the right wrist are dark green in color, very thin and strange.

The tattoo has been extended to her sleeve. My mind turned and I secretly speculated: "Will this tattoo run through her entire body?" I am not opposed to tattoos, but a petite girl has a long dark green tattoo. If a snake is on the body, once it is exposed, it will definitely not give people satisfactory enjoyment, right?

Furthermore, there were no accessories on her ears, neck, wrists, or fingers, and her hair was naturally flowing, without hairpins or hairpins. Looking closely, the fox fur on her body has not been machine-processed. It is purely made of natural fox fur sewn by hand.

In short, there is nothing on her body that is machine-processed in contemporary society, including the shoes under her feet, which are also hand-sewn and should be made of some kind of extremely tough animal skin.

My mind was racing at a high speed and I couldn't be distracted. I would have glanced at her a few more times, which made Song Jiu tap his fingers on the hilt of his sword several times and stare at my face fiercely.

When I was leaving the table after the meal, the scalpel tugged on my sleeve and motioned for me to follow him.

One after another, we walked to the end of the corridor on the first floor and stopped in front of a round stone pillar that was as thick as two people's arms. He turned around and couldn't restrain his joy: "Elder Sahan is awake. He wants to see me, and he wants to see you even more." He rubbed his hands happily, paced back and forth, punched the stone pillar hard with his left fist, and said A "boom" sound.

"Meet me? He knows my name?" I was a little surprised.

"Yes, he knows. And, he said that you will become the invincible warrior who can restrain the phantom demon. Feng, Elder Sahan will never make a joke casually. He said you are, you must be."

There was a "ding" sound from inside the stone pillar as the elevator opened, and then the stone wall parted to the left and right, revealing a small two-person elevator. I had known that the interior of Scalpel's villa had a very detailed and complicated structure. Today was the first time I experienced it. I followed him into the elevator. Immediately, the door quickly closed. With a light step, the elevator began to fall at high speed.

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