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7 years ago, I failed the college entrance examination and failed to get into the university I wanted. Originally, I wanted to study something easier, like fashion design, art school or something, but my mother wanted me to study nursing and become a nurse in the future. There is a shortage of nurses in the hospital and it is easier to find a job. Secondly, they can take care of someone at home who is sick. I suddenly lost my backbone, and finally listened to my mother’s advice and signed up for a private medical school.

After receiving the admission notice, I began to long for what the college life I had longed for would be like. But one thing I was very happy about was that I was finally free and no longer had to listen to my mother’s nagging at home every day. School was about to start. I started to pack my luggage and found a senior sister from the school. She went there a year earlier than me. Two days before the school started, I went to school with her. It was the first time for me to go out so far by myself. , I really left my hometown, I felt so pitiful, I changed from car to train, then from train to car. I left the door at 6 am and arrived at the school at 3 pm. It was still raining that day. As soon as I entered the school gate, I saw the 5-story building of the school. Maybe it was because of the cloudy weather that the whole building seemed eerie. I had an indescribable feeling. My senior sister and I dragged our luggage into the building. It was very dark inside. The senior sister said that she didn’t see the corridor on the left side of the first floor. Don’t go there if you have nothing to do. It was an anatomy room. There were corpses in it for use during anatomy classes. I saw that the corridor on the left side of the first floor was very dark and gloomy. I have always been a timid person, so I didn’t dare to go there. I was afraid of causing trouble. s things.

The teacher in charge of receiving me arranged me to the dormitory on the third floor. However, our class was also assigned to the first floor, but it was in the corridor on the right. The dormitory opposite the anatomy room was arranged for boys because there were only a dozen boys. I didn't arrange another dormitory for them. There are more than 300 girls and a dozen boys, so the yin and yang are out of balance. I want to arrange the boys to the dormitory opposite the anatomy room to control the yin energy.

There were a total of 8 people in our dormitory and we got to know each other within a short time. We all left our hometowns and we all felt very close to each other. Within a few days, we became good friends. Jing, who lives in the same dormitory as me, is the monitor. Her bed is my bed. They were right next to each other. On the first night, we talked all over the place until very late. Plus, I felt very tired after traveling all day and slept very deeply. In the middle of the night, something suddenly hit me on the forehead. I was confused. I woke up in a daze, but I was very sleepy and didn't open my eyes. I touched a hand, a cold hand. I thought to myself that Jing was so dishonest in her sleep. I took her hand and threw it back to her bed. I turned over and fell asleep again. When I woke up in the morning, I remembered what happened last night and was about to tell her, but I found that although we slept head to head in bed, it was not easy for her to reach me with her hands. There was an upper bunk next to her. I scratched her hand on the ladder, and her hand should have hit the ladder. I really couldn’t figure it out. I told Jing what happened at night, and she said maybe I was dreaming. She slept very honestly at night, and her arms and legs It never moved, it was really strange, so I forgot about it and went to class.

There were no classes arranged in the morning on the first day. The class teacher and we were familiar with each other. After handing out the books, there was nothing to do. The next few days were filled with classes in the departments of gynecology and pediatrics. On Thursday, our period finally came. The long-awaited autopsy class was explained to us by a professor in his 50s. We had to go to the autopsy room in batches. I was placed in the first batch. There were 8 people in total, including the professor and the corpse, a total of ten. As soon as I entered the autopsy room, I saw a corpse without human skin lying on the bed. I felt that my hands and feet were so cold that I couldn't move due to fear. I stood stiffly beside the bed. The professor began to explain to us the organization of the human body. This corpse It was a man with a hole in his forehead. The professor said he was shot to death for unknown crimes. Later, he was bought by the school as a teaching tool. The professor pulled the muscles on his body to explain to us. It can be seen that He was very strong when he was alive. His abdomen was empty and his internal organs were placed in glass containers. I felt something cold on my back. When I looked back, I saw nothing. The one-hour class was over and I hurried out to do the autopsy. In the room, I sat back in the teacher's room and my hands were shaking for a long time. Then someone put his hand on my shoulder, which made me scream. It turned out to be Jing. Are you hungry? Let's go eat together. In fact, I'm not hungry at all. I had a nightmare in the morning , but I didn’t want to go back to the dormitory alone, so I went to dinner with them. Shanshan, who was on the bunk above me, ordered a piece of shredded fish-flavored pork, but she suddenly ran out after less than two bites. When I saw She was vomiting at the door of the cafeteria. She said that when she saw the shredded meat, she remembered the corpse in the morning. I also felt nauseous, so I gave up eating and went back to the dormitory. At night, some of them were talking about the corpse. I took a book, tried not to think about it, read it for a while and then went to bed. I slept until midnight and wanted to go to the toilet. When I got up, I found that the toilet light on the third floor was broken. Forget it, I went to the playground toilet. When I walked to the first floor, I accidentally found that the light in the anatomy room was on. My curiosity drove me to go I walked over, and the lights inside were flashing. I opened the door and saw that the corpse had taken out all the internal organs in the bottle and put them on himself. He also saw me and asked me to put them on him. Well, he held up a lung and asked me where I should put it. I turned around and ran towards the dormitory, and he chased after me. The corpse oil on his feet clicked on the ground, and he muttered: Help me put it, help me put it. . . . . When I ran to the door of the dormitory, the door could not be opened. I slapped the door hard, opened the door, and opened the door. . . He caught up and put his hand on my shoulder. I looked back at his shameless features, ah. . . . .

Wang Jia, what's wrong with you? Why are you shouting to open the door? It woke us up in the middle of the night. It turned out to be a dream. It scared me out of my mind. I said it's okay. You guys should go to bed quickly. I was comforting myself mentally. It's okay, it was just a dream, but I was still very scared. It was almost dawn before I fell asleep. I vaguely heard the sound of arguing. What's so great about being a monitor? . . . When I woke up, I saw that Shanshan and Jing were quarreling. It was not unusual for them to quarrel. They had disliked each other for a long time, but it was not so obvious. Shanshan was also a talented girl, but Jing had a good relationship with her senior sister. When she became monitor, she must have felt uncomfortable. People in the dormitory were trying to stop the fight. After the truce, they went to class. When they came to the teacher and classmates, they were all talking about it. They said that a car came in the morning and a large rectangular car was removed from the car. The box was placed in the exhumation room. The man's body was taken away, but his organs were not taken away. I don't know if he will come back. It seems that he really can't do bad things. After his death, his whole body was not left intact and he couldn't be buried in peace.

When I came back to the dormitory at noon, Jing went to get something from the bed, and we heard her shout. We ran over and saw the bright red letters written on her sheets, "I will be back, come and stay with me." Who is this boring person? The people in the dormitory said it was okay, it must be a prank, we washed it for you, Shanshan sat aside and watched all this with cold eyes, Jing was always thinking about this matter, and was criticized several times by the teacher for being distracted in class, because of the bed sheet We all know that the blood on it is human blood. It can’t be washed clean no matter how hard it is washed, so we throw it away. This incident was forgotten after a while.

It was time for the dissection class again. We came to the dissection room. The teacher asked several male students to open a large iron box. As soon as the box was opened, there was an unpleasant smell of chemicals, which made me choke. Tears flowed out. The students were so frightened that they dared not move when they saw the inside of the box. Inside were two corpses, one male and one female, lying sideways, with their hands and feet tied with red ropes. The corpse was well preserved and must have been dead not long ago. The female corpse's hair was very long and braided. Several male classmates put on isolation gloves and took her out of the box, placed her on the operating bed, and then covered the box inside. Only the tied male corpse was left. We walked to the operating table and I saw her face. It was very delicate and I could see that she was very beautiful in life. The professor walked to the operating table and took the female corpse into his hands. The red ropes on their legs and feet were untied. Why were they tied with red ropes? Is it to ward off evil spirits? Or was it because I was afraid that they would run out of the box? I was puzzled. At this time, the professor had already very skillfully tied the red ropes on the abdomen. Use a scalpel to slowly cut open and start explaining the epidermis, dermis, fat and so on. Wouldn't it be too cruel to treat a corpse like this? If their corpses can't be laid to rest, will they never ascend? Will they still have the chance to be reincarnated? I'm really afraid that this woman will suddenly do it and strangle the professor's neck. , Oh my god, I'm thinking wildly again, I'd better listen to the class carefully.

After class, Shanshan found Jingmeng Yichenggui and told her about studies and talents that make you worthy of being the squad leader. In this way, we each stayed in the anatomy room for one night. Whoever returned to the dormitory halfway would lose. If you lose, stop being the monitor. If I lose, I will drop out. Jing was forced to have no choice but to agree to her.

In the evening, Shanshan finished her bath and waited until 10 o'clock. When the lights were turned off, she went to check out the room. Shanshan was usually very brave, so we didn't worry about her. At midnight, we slept soundly, and there was a bang in the quiet night. With a sound, we quickly turned on the light and found that a small mirror on the table was broken. Shanshan loves beauty very much. The mirror is her treasure. She has been with her for many years. Let’s tell her the bad news tomorrow. We looked at the watch and it was 3 o'clock. She was really brave. It seemed like she wouldn't be back tonight.

The next morning, Shanshan did not go back to the dormitory, but went directly to the classroom. When I entered the classroom, many classmates surrounded her, saying that she was so awesome and so courageous. There were two corpses in the autopsy room, even the boys. She's not afraid of things she doesn't dare to do. I walked over and asked her why she didn't go back to the dormitory and had she eaten? She just said favorably. I felt something was wrong with Shanshan. What was wrong? She didn't talk to us and looked straight at the blackboard. Her The eyes are so hollow, like the eyes of a dead person. Are you okay? Were you frightened last night? I asked. "It's okay." Did I hear it correctly? It was a man's voice. I didn't dare to approach Shanshan this day. I felt that there must be something wrong, but something went wrong.

It was night again, and it was time for Jing to go to the autopsy room. She was very scared, so she drank a piece of Valium to calm down. At ten o'clock, we sent her to the autopsy room. When it was lights out, we couldn't turn on the lights, so we held a flashlight. , the female corpse was lying on the operating table, and the male corpse was locked in the box. She quietly walked to the corner opposite the door and sat down. We comforted her and told her to go back to the dormitory immediately if she was scared. She held a mobile phone in one hand and a flashlight in the other. We went back to the dormitory after seeing nothing was wrong. I didn't know what time it was at midnight. I wanted to go to the bathroom and was about to get up. I saw Shanshan getting up from the bed. She didn't seem to take off her clothes while sleeping, and she made no sound when she walked. I followed her out thinking She wanted to go to the toilet, but as soon as I walked out of the dormitory door, I saw her going downstairs from the corridor. I was curious and followed her. I followed her to the first floor. I found her entering the dissection room, so I followed her. Through the crack in the door, I saw Shanshan walking up to Jing, "Why are you here?" Jing asked. The moonlight shone on Shanshan's face, and her eyes were really scary. I felt that those were not her eyes. At this time, a man's voice came from her mouth, "I am not the Shanshan you are talking about. She is already dead. She was scared to death by me last night. After she died, my soul resided in her body." At this time, the operation The female corpse on the stage slowly came down from the operating table and walked towards Shanshan. Under the moonlight, I noticed that Jing Xing's hands were trembling. The female corpse said, "Our corpse is trapped here because it is tied with a red rope." Our souls can't leave either. As long as we find two scapegoats, we can be reincarnated. We don't have a chance to do anything during the day, and you just happened to bring it to our door. That Shanshan deserved her death. Before she died, she said that as long as we let her go, she would help us find scapegoats. , I won’t believe this kind of person’s words. She is beautiful on the outside, but she is scarier than ghosts like us on the inside.”

After saying that, she walked towards Jing, what should I do? I couldn't watch the kind-hearted Jing die in front of me. It was too late to call someone now. I opened the door and rushed in and turned on the emergency lights. As soon as the 2000-watt headlight was turned on, the dark room suddenly turned into daylight. I looked back and saw the female corpse lying on the operating table, as if nothing had happened just now. She was lying on the ground with her eyes open. It was very big, and the death scene was very scary. I walked over to help Jing in the corner, returned to the dormitory, we called the police, and then sat on the bed until dawn, not daring to turn off the light or sleep.

Later, the forensic doctor determined that Shanshan died of sudden cardiac death. Jing was suspended from school because of the bet with her. I didn't tell other students what happened. I transferred to another school not long after. If Shanshan hadn't been filled with jealousy at that time, We won’t die because of it. If we do good deeds and have good intentions, the devil can’t do anything to us.

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