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Xiao Ming is a person who likes to travel. She often goes hiking and swimming alone. Xiao Ming has been to many tourist attractions. But most tourist attractions look the same to him. It’s nothing more than traveling around and eating and drinking. Xiao Ming is no longer interested in these tourist attractions that he has seen countless times. Besides traveling, Xiao Ming also likes to go on adventures.

In Xiao Ming's opinion, adventure is much more interesting than traveling. Not long ago, Xiao Ming discovered a very interesting mountain. Although this mountain is not very high, it has lush trees and stretches for hundreds of miles. And the scenery there is very good. Compared with those artificial scenery, it is definitely a masterpiece! Xiao Ming is an atheist. He never believes in ghosts and gods. Xiao Ming naturally doesn't need to be afraid of anything.

It was another Sunday when two ghosts knocked on the door . Xiao Ming had nothing to do, so he decided to go camping in the mountain tonight. Xiao Ming has been a careful person since he was a child. After preparing everything, he set off. In the evening, Xiao Ming came to the foot of the mountain. The sun was hanging in the west and had not completely set into the mountain. In front of Xiao Ming, lush and large trees faced the afterglow of the sun. On the horizon, the sunset glow, reflected red by the sun, is like a golden-red gauze hanging on the horizon. This scene is so beautiful that it is really difficult to describe it in words.

Two ghosts knocking on the door_What does ghost knocking on the door mean_What is the meaning of ghost knocking on the door

Xiao Ming picked up the camera and immediately took a picture of this rare scene. "Such a rare sight cannot be seen anywhere," Xiao Ming said to himself. Time passed by one minute and one second, and soon the sun had completely set in the mountains. The scene at this moment and the scene just now seemed to be worlds apart. Just now, my eyes were full of red light, but now the surrounding scenery is full of darkness. So Xiao Ming turned on the flashlight. After a while, Xiao Ming had already set up a tent. After laying out a few quilts, Xiao Ming can camp here tonight. This is also what Xiao Ming dreams of.

At night, Xiao Ming discovered that the night here was not just darkness. Under the bright moonlight, the forest and the earth seemed to be covered with a layer of silver light. Fireflies shuttle back and forth in the light. This summer scene is no less beautiful than the scene at dusk just now. Xiao Ming was already intoxicated by this scene and couldn't extricate himself.

What does ghost knocking on the door mean_Two ghosts knocking on the door_What is the meaning of ghost knocking on the door

Time passed quickly, and Xiao Ming was still intoxicated by this scene. After some time, Xiao Ming picked up his phone and looked at the time. It was already twelve o'clock. Xiao Ming calculated the time. He would have to climb a mountain tomorrow, so he might as well go to bed early, Xiao Ming thought.

Just when Xiao Ming was about to return to the tent, a strong wind suddenly blew. Xiao Ming was blown so hard that he couldn't open his eyes. Ergui knocked on the door , and the leaves on the ground were blown all over the sky. One second it was beautiful scenery, the next second it was wind and sand. It's a world of difference.

What is the meaning of ghost knocking on the door_Ghost shooting What does the door mean_Two ghosts knocking on the door

Gradually the wind died down, and Xiao Ming slowly opened his eyes. This opening did not kill Xiao Ming. On the hill about 100 meters in front of Xiao Ming's right, a group of people suddenly appeared. Let me ask, who can not be scared when a group of people suddenly appear in front of you for no reason? Xiao Ming almost screamed in fright.

After Xiao Ming calmed down, Xiao Ming took a closer look. This sight shocked Xiao Ming again. I saw that everyone in the group was wearing armor and holding a long sword. The man at the front was still riding a horse. Xiao Ming was very puzzled. I thought: Why are there so many people here in the middle of the night? Even if we are filming, we shouldn’t do it at night.

What does ghost knocking on the door mean_Two ghosts knocking on the door_What is the meaning of ghost knocking on the door

Taking a closer look, Xiao Ming almost knelt on the ground, and saw that the faces of those people were all bloody and even the bones were exposed. The war horse was covered in armor, and its face was bloody. The eyes were gone, there were only two small holes, and blood was constantly flowing out of them. The team was arranged very neatly. It's just that these people are too mean.

The war horse suddenly neighed, which made Xiao Ming's hands tremble and he turned on the flashlight. The man on the horse looked towards Xiao Ming. Xiao Ming immediately turned off the flashlight again. But it's still too late. The people on the war horses kept looking towards Xiao Ming. Xiao Ming didn't think much and ran away. I don’t know how long I ran, but Xiao Ming ran out of the foot of the mountain. When I looked back, it was already dark and I couldn't see anything clearly.

What does the ghost knocking on the door mean_What is the ghost knocking on the door_Two ghosts knocking on the door

After returning home, Xiao Ming told a master about the incident. The master said that he encountered a Yin soldier crossing the road. Fortunately, he ran fast, otherwise he might not have been able to come back.

Yin soldiers crossing the road can be divided into two types, one is ancient or modern soldiers. They were unwilling to be defeated at that time. So their memories still remain at the stage when they were defeated. The other type is the soul-seducing Yin soldiers. They often appear in places with a lot of dead people. Since a lot of people have died, someone has to come and collect the souls. Because the souls of those who have just died are reluctant to leave their loved ones, they often don’t want to leave. So someone has to take it away.

When encountering Yin soldiers, you must either hide and avoid being discovered, or you can only run if you are discovered. If you don't run in time, everyone knows what will happen. As the saying goes, the King of Hell tells you to die at the third watch, but who dares to keep you until the fifth watch? Try not to go out after twelve o'clock in the evening, because it is said that twelve o'clock is when the gate of hell opens, and you may encounter anything. !!!!!!!

Don't go out in the middle of the night and stay in bed until dawn.

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