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The most wonderful book in the world – the Feng Shui fragment "Sixteen-Character Yin-Yang Feng Shui Secret" Wulin Gaiden Yin-Yang Disk was created by Mo Jin Xiaowei in the Qing Dynasty. "Although it is called "Sixteen Characters", it can be more accurately said that it should be sixteen volumes. Each volume is represented by a character in the ancient hexagram of Zhou Tian, ​​totaling sixteen characters, so it is called "Sixteen Characters".

The sixteen characters are: heaven, earth, human, ghost, god, Buddha, demon, animal, deterrence, suppression, escape, object, transformation, yin, yang, and emptiness. This ancient book mainly records Yin and Yang Feng Shui. It can be said to be all-encompassing. It not only covers Feng Shui and Yin Yang, but also covers a large number of ancient tombs of various dynasties and generations because it was written by a master who touched gold. Descriptions of the shape, structure, and layout, as well as the various difficulties and dangers encountered by the captains of Mojin during the fight.

It can be said that "Sixteen-Character Yin-Yang Secret Technique of Feng Shui" is a genuine "Guide to Gold Touching and Fighting", but this book is only a fragment, and the part of Yin-Yang Technique has not been handed down. Only the sixteen-character Feng Shui Technique, The sixteen characters of Feng Shui correspond to the following contents:

Sky: This part is mainly about astrology, which is the starry feng shui that plays a large part in Feng Shui. The earth is good and bad, and the stars are good and evil. Looking at Feng Shui to find the dragon veins means looking at the stars above and examining the earth veins below.

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Earth: The main body of Feng Shui is the shape of the earth. The dragon's movement on the great road has its own truth. The upright stars and peaks are the body of the dragon. By interpreting the direction of the mountains and rivers on the earth, we can judge the coming and going of the dragon's veins, and observe the "dragon, sand, "Points, water", this is the content of the Dizi chapter.

People: Feng Shui has the theory of Yin and Yang houses. The Yin house is a cemetery, prepared for the dead, while the Yang house is the residence of the living. There is also a profound Feng Shui theory for the selection of the Yang house, which is also known as the "Eight Houses Mirror" technique.

Ghost: As the name suggests. The Netherworld is said to be a ghost. This article mainly explains the situation of the owner of the ancient tomb, such as the placement of the corpse and coffin, the location of the victims and their burial objects, the symbolism of the eternal lamp and the eternal candle, etc. Everything in the tomb has something to do with the deceased. Most of the directly related ones are in this volume.

Wulin Gaiden's yin and yang judgment_Wulin Gaiden yin and yang jewelry_Wulin Gaiden yin and yang disk

God: Since ancient times, countless people have longed to become immortals after death and are obsessed with this way. There are many records of corpses turning into immortals in Feng Shui, which is closely related to the situation, reason and aura. The main content of this article is how to disintegrate corpses into immortals, but just like the "art of slaying dragons", in most cases, "emerging into sleep in immortals' caves" is just a set of unrealistic and empty theories.

Buddha: The Feng Shui theoretical system is huge and complicated. The Feng Shui secrets that Mo Jin Xiaowei is good at all use "Yi" as the general outline and belong to the Taoist lineage. Other religions also have their own Feng Shui theories. Of course, maybe among those It is not called Feng Shui in religion, but its essence is the same. The volume of Buddhist characters records Zen Feng Shui.

Demon: Everything under the auspicious star is unlucky, and under the evil star there is evil. The situation is that the evil dragon does not enter the hole, but just wanders away. The content in the Magic Words chapter mainly talks about the bad omens of the earth's veins and the stars, so that people can avoid the disasters of the earth and heaven. This is a chapter dedicated to the evil omens in Feng Shui.

Wulin Gaiden's yin and yang judgment jewelry_Wulin Gaiden's yin and yang_Wulin Gaiden yin and yang disk

Animals: Saints say that you should not associate with animals. Mountains, rivers and landforms are all miraculous creations of nature. Some strange mountains and rocks are naturally shaped into the shapes of beasts. This is also famous in Feng Shui. For example, if a mountain resembles an ox, it can be divided into a lying ox, a sleeping ox, a plowing ox, a slaughtering ox, and a moon-gazing ox. The postures and situations are different, and the good and bad are different. This article mainly talks about the animal shapes formed by Feng Shui. .

Deterrence: The essential content of analyzing gold points to determine the acupoints. This technique was called "the technique of observing the disk and identifying the situation" in ancient times. It does not require the cooperation of a compass and a golden needle to accurately confirm the dragon, sand, acupoints, water, and directions in Feng Shui. It is the most important step in finding the location of the ancient tomb.

Zhen: Feng Shui is one of the most taboo shapes of "evil". The Zhenzi volume mainly records how to suppress and avoid evil spirits. However, in the Zhenzi chapter, the most talked about is "avoid" rather than "suppress", which is not bad. The wise way to protect yourself.

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Dun: The layout of the organs in the ancient tomb, the location of the burial trench, and other details such as the outline and orientation of the ancient tomb palace can be calculated through structures such as ground seals and open towers. The most important thing is of course to explain the agency ambush. There are deep Yi principles hidden in it. If you are not proficient in the changes of the five elements, it is difficult to get a glimpse of it.

Objects: In ancient times, there was a theory of weather and earth movement, heaven and earth movement. The earth movement changes, and the weather follows it. Heaven's movement rotates, and the earth's energy responds to it. Changes in the natural environment lead to changes in the Feng Shui situation. In the mountains and rivers, All spiritual things in the world will undergo changes due to the huge changes in good and evil in Feng Shui . Wulin Gaiden's yin and yang disk . If the pure and turbid yin and yang are confused, some very terrible things will occur. Those that are inconsistent with common sense are called monsters. The chapter on things is Describe the strange phenomena caused by Feng Shui.

Transformation: Transformation is the transformation of change. In the eyes of earth masters, it is the most difficult to change Feng Shui. Small ones can change the door, and big ones can change the pattern. In ancient Feng Shui, it is not advocated to artificially "change" the Feng Shui situation. There is a great connection in the universe, and the mountains and rivers have their true nature. How can their Qi and their destiny be acted upon rashly? The "Hua" scroll is considered taboo by Captain Mo Jin, but when faced with some ancient tombs that change their layout to create geomantic treasures, the "Hua" scroll is its nemesis.

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Yang: This yin and yang is not the yin and yang of yin and yang. Simply speaking from the perspective of Feng Shui, yin and yang are actually "situations". What can be seen is yang, and what cannot be seen is yin. In Feng Shui, what can be seen? The terrain represented by a mountain and a river can be seen. Yangzijuan is a volume that talks about "shape".

Yin: What can be seen is Yang, and what is invisible to the world is Yin. What is the invisible shape? The terrain of a mountain and a river, the energy and luck contained in it, and the momentum presented by this energy and luck, are all spiritual qualities that cannot be seen directly with the naked eye. The Yin-character volume is a volume that talks about "potential" .

Emptiness: The elephant is invisible, the loud voice is faint, the highest state of the secret art of Feng Shui, there is not a single word in it, study it step by step until the end, the great road has been proved, you can naturally understand the volume of "empty", "within creation, heaven and man" The ultimate mystery of "unity".

The secret technique of touching gold has been passed down from ancient times and has experienced many ups and downs. How can it be used today? Please read the fourth volume of Ghost Blowing the Lamp 2.

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