Chapter 225 Of The Solution To The Sealing Of Zombies

Liu Jinmo shrunk and got into the hole in the wall. This secret room is about the size of half a room, with empty walls. The brick platform and the mummy on the platform already occupy a large space. Spider silk hangs upside down above the head, and the ground is covered with dust. You can clearly see When the messy footprints circled behind the brick platform, the sinister wind also blew from behind the mummy.

Liu Jinmo quietly walked around behind the brick platform and saw a circular hole on the ground, two feet square, deep and bottomless, and a cool and moist air blew in his face.

Liu Jinmo looked vertically into the cave with his flashlight. There was a swampy mist inside, and the light beam could not penetrate the white mist.

What is this place? How could there be so much water mist? It stands to reason that this is just a cave within the ancient pagoda building.

Liu Jinmo was thinking when he suddenly felt a sudden gust of wind coming from behind, secretly thinking that something was wrong! There is a sneak attack from a powerful enemy…

It was too late, but it was too late. No matter how quick Liu Jinmo's reaction was, it was already too late. He received a heavy blow on the back. The force was extremely strong, and it was definitely not comparable to ordinary martial arts masters.

In an instant, Liu Jinmo's back felt numb, he was unsteady on his feet, his feet were empty, and he fell into the hole…

As his body fell rapidly, Liu Jinmo grabbed the cave wall with both hands. The smooth and hard cave wall where he started had no place to apply force. The steel nails drew several sparks on the hard wall, making a "chichi" sound.

Finally, with a "pop" sound, Liu Jinmo felt himself falling into a large pool. He heard the sound of splashing water in his ears. He got wet all over and even choked a few mouthfuls of water in his panic. The speed of his fall suddenly stopped, and the buoyancy of the water lifted his body. Liu Jinmo quickly pushed a few times, and his head came out of the water, and he took a deep breath.

At this moment, a big hand pinched the back of Liu Jinmo's neck, and fingers like steel pliers pressed on Dazhui point, lifting him out of the water…

Liu Jinmo's Dazhui point on the governor's meridian was controlled, which was the key point at the intersection of the three yangs of the hand. He did not dare to move it. Looking sideways, the first thing that caught his eye was an altar with candlelight flickering and emitting a faint yellow light.

The big hand on the back of his neck dragged him to the altar, and tapped the Dushu point on his back, cutting off the Yang Qi of the Du meridian leading to the bladder meridian, and threw him on the ground.

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"Qingtian Liu Jinmo, are you okay?" A familiar voice sounded next to his ears.

Liu Jinmo knew that this was Mr. Yang.

"Mr. Yang, why are you hiding underground where you can't see the light of day?" Liu Jinmo said contemptuously, his voice sharp and harsh.

Yang Gong sat carelessly on a grand master's chair on the altar. A layer of short black hair had grown out on his bald head, and he looked much more haggard.

"Liu Jinmo, you are quite capable. You actually came to Guandong Huanglong Mansion. Tell me, what happened?" Yang Gong stared into Liu Jinmo's eyes and said.

Liu Jinmo thought to himself that he had narrowly escaped death in the hands of Duke Yang, but Han Sheng was still out there. If Duke Yang knew about it, he and Xiao Cuihua would not be able to escape his clutches, so he had to cover up and delay as much as possible. So he yawned and said, "Mr. Yang, you seriously injured Wu Chushan people. Now Han Sheng and Lan'er are waiting day and night, having trouble sleeping and eating. Liu has no choice but to come to Guandong and ask you for the antidote."

When Duke Yang heard this, he was surprised and said, "Are the people from Mount Wu Chu not dead yet?"

Liu Jinmo said: "The phlegm poison in Wu Chushan has attacked the brain and has become a stupor. He is unconscious all day long. Han Sheng sent me to ask for the antidote."

Yang Gong asked suspiciously: "Antidote? Where can I find any antidote? Even if there is one, do you think I will give it to you?"

"So, Liu must convince you." Liu Jinmo said.

"Stop dreaming, Liu Jinmo, you are also an old man in the world, don't you still understand your situation?" Yang Gong said.

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Liu Jinmo simply pretended to be stupid and said in confusion: "Do you really have no antidote?"

Yang Gong's expression suddenly changed and he laughed loudly: "Qingtian Liu Jinmo, you are so stupid. Aren't you just paying for the antidote yourself? It just quenches my hunger, haha."

"Liu doesn't understand." Liu Jinmo said, already scolding Yang Gonggu in his heart.

Yang Gong tilted his head and looked at Liu Jinmo. After a moment, he slowly said: "Liu Jinmo has a lot of experience in the world and has stored it in his mind. Although the old man has a bit of a slutty taste and is not very delicious, eating it can make a big difference." It’s a tonic, well, let’s just make do with it, it’s still a good late-night snack.”

Liu Jinmo sat on the ground, trying to use his zhenqi to open the closed acupuncture points, but Yang Gong's acupuncture technique was extremely heavy and weird. After several attempts, he couldn't bring up his zhenqi. In the end, he gave up his efforts and couldn't help but sigh. He thought to himself, who would have expected that my dignified Qingtian Liu Jinmo would end up being brain-eaten today. Even so, it only lasts for a while. I hope Han Sheng and Xiao Cuihua will retreat and escape this disaster.

Thinking of this, Liu Jinmo felt calm and smiled slightly: "Liu is a little unclear. Can Mr. Yang clear up his doubts?"

"It's not good to have doubts in your head. It will affect the taste. If you have any questions, just tell me." Mr. Yang leaned back and leaned comfortably on the back of the chair.

Liu Jinmo asked: "Who is the mummified monk in the secret room on the tenth floor of this ancient pagoda?"

Yang Gong nodded , sealed off the corpse ghosts , and said: "His Dharma name is 'Yelao', and he is the founder of our Shaman Black Witch Cult a thousand years ago."

"Who shot me behind the scenes and knocked me into the hole in the ground?" Liu Jinmo asked. He had clearly looked carefully and found that there was no one else in the secret room. This shows that this person's invisibility is so high that it is unbelievable. I really didn't expect that Huanglong Mansion in Guandong How shameful that such a master is hidden.

"Ye Lao, he was the one who knocked you into the cave." Yang Gong said.

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"…" Liu Jinmo was stunned, how could this be possible? That's a mummy.

Seeing Liu Jinmo's dumbfounded expression, Yang Gong smiled proudly and said, "The magical Black Witch of Guandong, there are many things you southerners don't understand."

At this moment, there was a "plop" sound, and another person fell from the hole and fell into the pool.

With a "swish" sound, Yang Gong jumped up from the altar, flew over Liu Jinmo's head, and grabbed the person in the water. He felt as small as a child in his hands. He carried it to the candlelight of the altar and took a closer look. He was shocked.

"Little Cuihua!" Yang Gong said in shock.

Xiao Cuihua's eyes had already caught a glimpse of Liu Jinmo, her eyebrows moved, and she was about to speak.

Liu Jinmo was currently behind Mr. Yang. He hurriedly blinked his eyes and shook his head to signal Xiao Cuihua not to recognize him.

Xiao Cuihua shook her huge head, blinked twice, and understood what Liu Jinmo meant.

"Let me go!" Xiao Cuihua shouted.

Yang Gong hurriedly let go of her and asked suspiciously: "Xiao Cuihua, why are you here?"

Xiao Cuihua rubbed her neck, pouted and said, "I rushed back from the capital and was going to go up to the eaves of the tenth floor to hang up a signal and contact you. But I found a hole exposed in the inner wall, so I climbed up I came in, but for some reason I was pushed down."

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Yang Gong smiled and said, "Ah, that's it. Is there anything going on at the Lama Temple these days?"

"Well," Xiao Cuihua thought for a while and said, "That old lama has been tricked by a foreign country. I'm afraid his days are numbered. Taoist Master Jin from Baiyunguan, Professor Liu from Peking University and the man who is neither male nor female." Xiao Yanfang and others gathered at Yongyou Hall to stay by the old lama’s side.”

As soon as Yang Gong heard the emotion, he hurriedly said: "Xiao Cuihua, what did they say or do?"

Xiao Cuihua said with a smile: "On the twenty-third of the twelfth lunar month, our agreement has expired, so I ran back."

"Oh, really, now is the most critical time. How can you walk away? You have been monitoring me for ten years and you are just waiting for this day." Yang Gong scolded angrily.

Xiao Cuihua shook her head and said, "We have agreed to come back on the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month to celebrate the New Year."

"Idiot… what a complete idiot." Mr. Yang cursed in an unclean manner. He didn't know whether he was talking about himself or Xiao Cuihua, and he jumped up and down in anger.

"Who is this person?" Xiao Cuihua pointed at Liu Jinmo and asked.

"It's my midnight snack." Yang Gong said angrily.

Xiao Cuihua was secretly anxious. She heard Han Sheng talk about it on the train. This Yang Gong was addicted to brains, and Jin Mo was in great danger.

Liu Jinmo was also burning with anxiety. If Han Sheng came to his door, it would be the end.

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"Hey, why are you, a little kid, here alone? Where are your adults?" Liu Jinmo shouted to Xiao Cuihua.

Xiao Cuihua understood that Liu Jinmo was actually asking about Han Sheng's situation, so she pouted and said, "My adults are still at home. As for me, can you control what I want to do?"

Liu Jinmo thought to himself, fortunately, Han Sheng did not follow him. How can we get out of the current situation? Xiao Cuihua's martial arts is not strong, and she is no match for Yang Gong. Her acupuncture points are blocked and she cannot use her strength. If Old Cuihua were present, the situation might change, but she is still in Tangshan at Wanjin Pagoda. As for Lao Bi'er, water from afar cannot quench his thirst for nearness.

"Little Cuihua, where is Old Cuihua? Let her come out. I have something to discuss with her." Yang Gong also thought of this and urged Xiao Cuihua.

"She's asleep." Xiao Cuihua's heart tightened and she lied.

"Haha, the ghost is still sleeping? Old Cuihua is not with you, right?" Yang Gong looked at her words and could see Xiao Cuihua's nervous expression.

Xiao Cuihua blushed and didn't know how to answer correctly.

"I don't believe it." Xiao Cuihua finally said with a twist of her head.

"Of course I don't believe it, Xiao Cuihua, you know too many things. I will not be polite if you break into the forbidden area of ​​​​black witches tonight." Yang Gong's eyes were fixed on her like a falcon.

"What do you want to do?" Xiao Cuihua was scared.

" After all the corpse ghosts have been sealed , little Cuihua, I guess you are still a young girl, right? A pure yin body," Yang Gong smacked his lips with satisfaction, and continued, "To be honest, I, Yang Gong, have never grown from a dwarf. It collects yin from the body to replenish yang.”

Xiao Cuihua blushed when she heard this and said angrily: "How dare you?"

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