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From the perspective of outsiders, the lives of Wang Dong and Pan Xiaxia are very enviable. Wang Dong is young and promising. When he just graduated from university, he was admitted to the Public Security Bureau of a certain city as a fresh graduate and became a young and promising policeman. Later, relying on his many years of hard work and outstanding work results, especially the discovery of particularly important clues in the detection of the large-scale anti-drug case two years ago, he was able to completely dismantle the drug gangs that had been lurking in the city for many years. Now 30 years old, he is already the youngest instructor in the bureau. For Wang Dong, his career is bright.

Pan Xiaxia, Wang Dong's college girlfriend, is a financial analyst at a securities company. Wang Dong and Pan Xiaxia did not break up after graduation due to geographical, work, family and other reasons like most college boyfriends and girlfriends. In the year they graduated from college, they obtained their marriage certificate together.

One is an excellent people's policeman, and the other is a young and beautiful financial analyst. The perfection of love, career, and marriage has made countless college classmates die of envy.

Today is a good day to move into a new house. Before, the two of them had been busy with their careers, so they had been living in a rental apartment. Now that I think about it, it has been so many years since I graduated, and I have some spare money in my hand, so Wang Dong and Pan Xiaxia discussed it long ago to look at affordable and affordable houses in the surrounding area, so that they can find a stable and comfortable home for themselves. A few years ago, Wang Dong and his wife took a fancy to a commercial house facing north and south. According to the owner's relatives, the house has been vacant because the owner has lived abroad all year round. In addition, the stock market has plummeted recently, and almost all the funds have been trapped in the stock market. Therefore, he had no choice but to entrust the house to him. resell.

After moving things around, they were busy from morning to night, and finally all the items were placed. At this time, Wang Dong and Pan Xiaxia were already tired and slumped on the sofa, not wanting to move. But they were all happy because they had a bright future in this small house.

"Husband, I'm so happy. The house is finally ready, and we no longer have to rent in someone else's house."

"Honey, do you feel that our current house is a little different from the house we rented before? This house seems to still have the atmosphere of the previous owner." Wang Dong looked at Pan Xiaxia with a solemn expression.

"Wang Dong, don't scare me, I'm a coward." After hearing what Wang Dong said just now, Pan Xiaxia suddenly felt no longer tired. She hugged Wang Dong tightly with her arms and snuggled next to him. She looked like a little woman in urgent need of protection.

"Haha, I was just joking to scare our big analyst Pan!"

Looking at Wang Dong with a playful smile at this time, Pan Xiaxia's pink fist was already impatient.

"Xiaxia, did you sleep well last night?"

"Hmm, I feel pretty good. I just don't know why, but I feel like I still want to sleep in the morning, and my head is a little groggy."

"Oh, oh…" Wang Dong replied a few times to himself.

"What are you doing? My young and promising husband is so worried early in the morning. He looks even more tired than me."

"You really don't remember what you did last night?"

"What did I do last night? I was nervous early in the morning and wanted to scare me again. I don't want to be fooled a second time. Okay, I'm getting up."

"Haha, it seems that our eldest lady's IQ is much higher. She didn't fall for the trick this time. Wait for me at work after get off work in the evening. I will pick you up from your work." Looking at Pan Xiaxia's figure hurriedly walking out of the bedroom, Wang Dong smiled emptyly. Several shouts were made.

A busy day passed quickly. Wang Dong and Pan Xiaxia returned home together and started cooking a sumptuous dinner for them both.

"Du, du, du, du, du, du, du…"

Super delicious expression_super delicious expression_delicious expression

"Husband, if someone knocks on the door, go and open it."

Wang Dong opened the door and saw a woman about 30 years old standing outside.

"I'm sorry, I live in the house opposite you. When I was cooking dinner at night, I just realized that I ran out of rice, so I wanted to borrow some rice from you. I don't know if it's convenient."

"Yeah, what does it matter? Since we all live so close together, we should help each other."

"Husband, who is coming to our house?"

"The neighbor next door is out of rice. She came to our house to borrow some rice!"

"Everything you borrow is from a neighbor. If you say you want to borrow it, you can go out and eat with us at our house in the evening."

"That's so embarrassing."

"Let's eat at our house. Who calls our husband a policeman? Isn't this all about serving the people?"

Faced with the teasing of his wife Pan Xiaxia, Wang Dong smiled sheepishly after hearing this.

Soon a sumptuous dinner was ready.

"We have known each other for such a long time, and I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Xu Lijun. I just finished studying psychology in the United States last month and plan to come back to develop my career."

"Husband, it turns out that the pretty girl next door is a turtle. She's really amazing."

"Xiaxia, it seems that the stock market has not been very good recently. I bought a few and lost money."

"Yeah, Lijun, now I'm so bored whenever I go to work, with all kinds of clients, all kinds of phone calls, and all kinds of pressure."

The dinner ended with the two girls talking and laughing. Unknowingly, it was already ten o'clock in the evening. According to Pan Xiaxia's plan to go to bed early, Wang Dong reluctantly turned off the TV and turned on the sleep mode.

I don't know how long it took, but I instinctively sensed that there seemed to be someone standing next to Wang Dong. I wanted to open my eyes to take a look, but I couldn't, as if these eyes no longer belonged to me. Clear thinking and powerful consciousness were constantly impacting the visual nervous system in his mind. Tossing and turning, Wang Dong was lying on the bed struggling. Finally, he discovered the reason for the abnormality in the room at this time. It turned out that there was one less person beside his pillow. . Your wife who was sleeping next to you has disappeared. No matter how you move your body now, you can't touch your wife Pan Xiaxia's body.

Could it be…

Super delicious expression_super delicious expression_delicious expression

Thinking of this, Wang Dong finally opened his eyes.

"Ah!" Wang Dong shouted instinctively.

At this time, his eyes were looking directly at Pan Xiaxia's eyes, but Pan Xiaxia's eyes had long lost their usual agility and vitality. Now her dead fish-like eyes are staring directly at her, with an empty and cold expression , like a seducer from hell who can directly take away your soul.

After a while, Wang Dong regained his composure. He carefully looked at Pan Xiaxia at this time. Her messy straight hair hangs down to cover both cheeks. Her complexion has not been very good recently due to the pressure of work. She looks even paler under the reflection of the night light. Her lips have been painted blood red with lipstick at some point, as if she has just become addicted. Same as full blood.

"Xiaoxia, Xiaoxia, what are you doing?"

Although Wang Dong, a criminal police officer, was quite frightened just now, he quickly adjusted his mentality.

"I haven't eaten meat for a long time, I'm hungry! I haven't eaten meat for a long time, I'm hungry…" Pan Xiaxia repeated in her mouth.

"Meat? Didn't you just eat it at night? Don't you remember?" Wang Dong asked tentatively.

"Meat, meat, meat… hee hee hee… hee hee hee… delicious meat… hee hee hee… hee hee hee…" Pan Xiaxia murmured to her lips while slowly standing up. , walked slowly towards the living room, "Meat…meat…meat, I'm hungry…I'm hungry…"

Wang Dong also got up from the bed and followed her. I saw Pan Xiaxia come to the living room. She first walked around in front of the fish tank, staring at the fish in the tank in a daze. After about a few minutes, she slowly walked back to the bedroom like a lonely soul and sat down. He took off his lipstick in front of the dressing table, then took off his clothes and lay back on the bed.

Seeing that Pan Xiaxia was lying on the bed and sleeping quietly, Wang Dong felt a little relieved, but he still didn't dare to be careless. He didn't sleep a wink all night again tonight, because he had just moved in last night. On the first day, Pan Xiaxia also had a situation similar to sleepwalking at night. The reason why he didn't tell her about last night's situation in the morning was mainly because Wang Dong was afraid that Xiaxia would be nervous. He thought that Xiaxia's sleepwalking last night was only temporary and should not happen again in the future. The problem, I didn’t expect it to become more serious at night.

Drowsily, it was already dawn. Looking at Wang Dong with panda eyes, Pan Xiaxia joked: "It's rare that our instructor Wang worked hard today during the holiday. Even when he was sleeping, he thought about serving the people. Now he has become a panda."

Looking at his naughty wife in front of him, Wang Dong was in a troubled mood. Finally, he decided to tell Pan Xiaxia what happened to her these two nights.

After nearly three hours of Wang Dong's narration and explanation, Pan Xiaxia finally understood the bizarre things that happened these nights.

"Husband, please stop talking, I'm afraid." Pan Xiaxia begged almost exhausted.

"It's okay, Xiaxia. How about we go to Xu Lijun's house in the evening and ask her to take a look at you. After all, she is also a psychologist who has returned from overseas. She should be able to help with your sleepwalking." Looking at his wife Pan Xiaxia's scared look, Wang Dong said distressedly.

"Yeah, yeah." Pan Xiaxia nodded obediently and agreed.

After dinner in the evening, Wang Dong and Pan Xiaxia came to Xu Lijun's home together.

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"Teacher Xu, can you help my Xiaxia?" Wang Dong said.

"Brother Dong, please don't say that. If there is anything I can do to help, I will do my best."

"That's it…" Wang Dong told Xu Lijun everything that happened in the past few nights.

"Oh, Xiaxia, don't be nervous, come to my bedroom and let's have a good chat."

"Brother Dong, I just had a chat with Sister Xia. She has been sleepwalking in the past few days mainly because she has been under too much pressure recently, and she has just moved into a new environment and is still not accustomed to it. This happens to me right here. There is a pot of flowers that can soothe the mind and help you sleep. Put it in your bedroom and see if it has any effect."

Wang Dong took the flowers, exchanged greetings with Xu Lijun, and then returned to his home with his wife Pan Xiaxia.

But it was miraculous that since Wang Dong placed the pot of flowers given by Xu Lijun in the bedroom, Pan Xiaxia no longer had symptoms of sleepwalking at night.

Unconsciously, more than half a year has passed. After experiencing Pan Xiaxia's incident, the relationship between Wang Dong and Xu Lijun became increasingly close.

"Honey, why do I always feel like there is a pair of eyes hiding in the house staring at me recently?"

"Don't scare me again, Wang Dong."

"It's true this time. Every day, whether I'm sleeping or watching TV, I always feel like a pair of eyes are staring at me, which makes me feel uncomfortable."

"You are the devil, stop scaring me, this game is not fun." Pan Xiaxia said casually while tidying up the room, "Husband, you see there is a family photo behind this cross-stitch, I think it should This is probably the previous owner’s family, but why is it hanging behind the cross stitch?”

"Let me take a look."

After Wang Dong saw the photo, he was startled. Now he finally understood why there was always a pair of eyes staring at him. It turned out to be this photo.

"Xiaxia, throw this photo away now. It's so strange to have other people's things hanging in our house. Throw it away, throw it away." Wang Dong shouted nervously.

"Okay, okay, my eldest young master, a family photo. As for you making such a fuss, I'll throw it away right now."

Because of that photo, Wang Dong has been suffering from insomnia for several nights. Finally feeling exhausted tonight, Wang Dong lay on the bed and his eyelids slowly closed. Wang Dong had a long dream. In the dream, he vaguely saw his wife's sleepwalking attack again. His wife kept shouting to him that she was hungry. Finally, she reached into the fish tank in the living room and grabbed a fish. The fish just gobbled it up and started chewing it. Intestines, water splashes, and fish blood splashed all over the floor, but he wanted to stop it, but he couldn't get close to his wife Xiaxia…

"Honey, it's dawn so soon. I'm so tired. Did you sleep well last night?"

delicious expression_ Super delicious emoticon_delicious emoticon

"I slept very soundly last night and am very energetic today. But husband, why is your mouth so smelly this morning?"

"It's inevitable to have bad breath in the morning. Don't worry about it and go to work."


"What's wrong?" Hearing his wife's cry, Wang Dong ran out of the bedroom. Wang Dong was also shocked when he saw the scene at this time. This scene was exactly the same as what appeared in Wang Dong's dream last night: fish corpses, fish heads, and fish blood were scattered messily around the fish tank.

"Husband, I'm so scared. Am I experiencing sleepwalking again?"

"Otherwise, you can take a day off today and rest at home. I'm going to buy a camera and install it at home. Then I can watch what really happens."

"Mmm Good."

All day long, Pan Xiaxia looked listless. The most difficult thing for them now is night, but the more they fear the night, the more it will come. Soon another day passed. Tonight, Wang Dong and Pan Xiaxia sat on the bedside together without speaking, because they also felt that the sleepwalking was getting more and more serious, but only because they were irritated, neither of them spoke much.

"It's getting late, why don't you go to bed first." Finally, Wang Dong interrupted the silence.

Pan Xiaxia lay in bed with her eyes open because she was worried and couldn't fall asleep. Wang Dong was really tired recently and fell asleep as soon as he lay down. After an unknown amount of time, Pan Xiaxia found that Wang Dong, who was lying next to her, sat up and staggered out.

"Honey, why are you going to the living room so late?" Pan Xiaxia asked casually and ignored Wang Dong when she saw no response.

After waiting for about half an hour, Pan Xiaxia didn't see Wang Dong coming back when she was lying on the bed. It felt strange, so she gently got up from the bed and came to the living room. Through the glass, the scene in front of her was so frightening that she huddled in the corner. I saw Wang Dong in the kitchen, chopping minced meat with a knife. "Beep, beep, beep" the knife collided with the chopping board and made a crisp sound. It sounded very weird now. At this time, Wang Dong put down the kitchen knife, grabbed a ball of minced meat with his hand, put it to his mouth and ate it hungrily. Since it was raw meat, Wang Dong chewed it for about four or five minutes before swallowing the meat into his stomach. Suddenly Wang Dong turned to look at Pan Xiaxia with a delicious expression , and saw that his mouth was covered with minced meat. Wang Dong licked the flesh on his hand again and again with his tongue, and walked towards the bedroom step by step. But at this time, Pan Xiaxia's legs were already weak and she collapsed on the ground. She wanted to scream but couldn't, and her mind went blank.

"Lijun" suddenly appeared in Pan Xiaxia's mind. Suddenly, she didn't know where the strength came from, and she rushed out of the door and slapped the door of Xu Lijun's house hard.

"Xiaxia? Is there something wrong at this late hour?" Xu Lijun said hazily in her pajamas.

"Sister Lijun, please save my brother Dong. Please, sister Lijun, I beg you," Pan Xixia hissed.

"Don't be anxious, Xiaxia, don't be anxious, what happened?"

Pan Xiaxia took Xu Lijun to her home and found that Wang Dong was already lying on the bed and asleep, looking normal.

"Camera!" That's all Pan Xiaxia could think of.

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Xu Lijun finally understood everything that happened tonight through the camera. They woke Wang Dong from his sleep and showed him the video they recorded during the night. Only then did Wang Dong realize how horrific his behavior was. He came to the trash can and kept retching.

"Brother Dong, why don't you let me use hypnosis to treat you?"

"Yeah, then you must help me! Lijun."

"Don't worry, don't worry, Brother Dong, I will help you if I can. Come to the bedroom with me. Xiaxia will wait outside."

Under Xu Lijun's guidance, Wang Dong soon entered a hypnotic state.

"What's bothering you recently? It's putting you under a lot of pressure."

"I saw a photo recently."

"Photo? What's so weird about a photo?"

"This photo belongs to the owner of this house. It turns out that I know this owner. I killed him. I killed him… He came back for revenge, he came for revenge…"

Wang Dong became more and more excited, his face turned pale, and his hands kept twitching.

"Calm down, calm down. You are safe now. Speak out the matter slowly and it will be fine. Be quiet, be quiet." Xu Lijun comforted her softly.

"That happened during an anti-drug investigation that changed my destiny. Due to our previous mutual cooperation, I and the drug lord Chen Xiong had reached an agreement on interests. He was responsible for providing me with some small information, and I was responsible for providing Information about his various operations was used to ensure his interests. Later, Chen Xiong's appetite grew bigger and bigger and he wanted to control me, so I provided important information to the unit during one of his shipping operations to prepare to catch them all. The operation that day It went well, but what I never expected was that the conversation before I shot Chen Xiong was overheard by He Jin, the owner of this house. I was very scared at the time, and unconsciously picked up the gun in Chen Xiong's hand and shot him I fired a shot, and finally I was promoted to instructor, and no one knew about it because of my clever setup. But what I didn't expect was that I actually lived in his house, his house, his house… "At this time, the muscles on both sides of Wang Dong's cheeks were completely tense, and his hands and feet were twitching constantly.

"You will wake up when I count to 3. When you wake up, you will forget what you just said. Do you understand?"

Wang Dong nodded


A week later, Wang Dong was arrested by the procuratorate for intentional homicide and cover-up. The evidence was a recording pen.

It turned out that Xu Lijun was the niece of He Jin who died, and she deliberately hung the photo up later, making Wang Dong mistakenly believe that this was He Jin's former home, causing him to become nervous. Then combined with the pot of soothing flowers given to treat Pan Xiaxia's illness, Wang Dong finally suffered from sleepwalking and some horrific behaviors. Because Xu Lijun, who is proficient in psychology, knows that the effect of the potted flowers on people with high mental stress is exactly the opposite. So all of this was arranged step by step by Xu Lijun. Even Xu Lijun's house was rented by her to implement the plan.

Don't do bad things and don't be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door. In the end, Wang Dong still can't escape the sanction of the law.

Story rating:

The story unfolds a complex narrative of secrets, revenge and psychological manipulation through the perspectives of Wang Dong and Pan Xiaxia. The suspense elements and psychological thriller plot in the story provide readers with an exciting reading experience. Xu Lijun's careful planning and Wang Dong's ultimate collapse both add depth to the story. Overall, this is a compelling story that not only provides a thrilling plot, but also explores the complexities and moral boundaries of human nature. The ending of the story provides readers with a warning: good will eventually triumph over evil, no matter how deeply hidden it may be.

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