Horror Night At Liwan Plaza: Ten People Jump Off The Building Every Year, The Truth Is Horrifying!

The sixth and seventh floors of Liwan Plaza have been developed for ten years and are decorated extremely luxuriously. The floors that were originally crowded are now empty. There are some elderly cleaners who are not willing to go in to clean at all. Don't say they can't go in. Even looking at it made them feel terrified.

What exactly are the sixth and seventh floors like, and what evil things happened. The specific things should start from ten years ago.

Ten years ago, Lixiang just came to work in this city. She applied for a bar on the seventh floor of the newly built Liwan Plaza, which was half open-air and half inside the floor. Lixiang worked as a waiter at the bar. The newly opened bar was named Xuancai's business is also extremely booming. For a month, it has been playing and singing every night. It is very lively. Because of Xuancai's attentive service and the staff are either handsome guys or beautiful women, it has attracted a large number of customers.

Colorful was originally positioned as mid-to-high-end, but unfortunately over time, the nature of the positioning changed. As long as the customer has money, no matter who they are, they can directly enter the consumer market. Colorful was a mixed bag for a while, and in the end, it was all the ruffians of society. Locally, Xuancai's business was just as good, but the waiters began to suffer, especially the female waiters. Because of their youth and beautiful appearance, they were often harassed by customers.

Once, Lixiang brought several glasses of wine and put them on the guest's table. When she was about to turn around, suddenly a tattooed arm forcefully took a handful of Lixiang. She staggered and fell into the guest's arms. The guests on the table all had tattoos, smoked, and all the words they said were obscene. Lixiang was so frightened by this situation that she quickly prepared to stand up, but her arms did not loosen at all, and Lixiang could not stand up.

She began to panic. Showing off colors was her first job. She was usually careful and never provoked anyone. She just wanted to make some money and learn some crafts while she was young. Unexpectedly, now that she was behind bars, she struggled stubbornly. After a few moments, the surrounding customers were all laughing at her, wondering how a weak woman could escape from the clutches of a burly man. The man who caught her was about thirty years old, and there was a scar on his left cheek. He had been there several times. , Lixiang knows that this is a hard fight. She has been beaten and imprisoned. What should she do now? Li Xiang didn't hit any area, and she scratched hard with her long nails. The burning pain made the scarred man suddenly retract his hand. Lixiang got up and ran away.

Where to escape? Lixiang was thinking of a storage room on the sixth floor. Before she had time to think about it, Lixiang ran away and successfully reached a hidden storage room on the sixth floor. It was just enough for her to shelter and hide herself in the calm darkness. , Lixiang finally calmed down.

She planned to wait until the bar closed before going back, or else it would be fine at dawn. As long as she escaped this time, she decided to resign and never come to Liwan Plaza again.

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Time passed by. Do people turn into ghosts after death ? About ten minutes or so, the door of the storage room was suddenly kicked open by a force. The person who came was the scarred man, and there were several others at the same table. The man with the scar was carrying a girl, it was Kong Yi, who was also Lixiang’s colleague. Lixiang’s heart immediately jumped into her throat, and bad omens broke through all the boundaries of her organs and filled her body at will.

Lixiang took several steps back and said to a few men who were laughing ferociously: "Please let me go. I didn't mean it. Please."

The man with the scar said, "What are you begging me for? It's you who dares to touch Tai Sui's soil." After saying that, he pushed Kong Yi aside.

Kong Yi is not as beautiful as Li Xiang. She works in logistics. She seems to be silent, but she is very jealous of Li Xiang's beauty. Li Xiang has no idea that it was Kong Yi who told the scarred man where she was going. Otherwise, who else is here? Guests can find it.

Lixiang said with tears streaming down her face: "Kong Yi, please call the police for me, or call the security guard for me."

Kong Yi looked at Li Xiang coldly, indifferent, her feet were as if they were nailed to the spot. The scarred man laughed and said, "You are too naive. My arm was bleeding when you scratched it. Tell me, what do you want?" How to compensate?"

The scarred man approached Lixiang step by step, with a ferocious look on his face, a teasing smile on his face, and an uneasy tone in his tone, rape? Lixiang knew without thinking what they would do to her today, but she was unwilling to accept it. How could her young life be taken away by threats? She bent over desperately and tried to run past the scarred man.

Although Lixiang ran away quickly, Kong Yi took the lead and stopped her in front of her. In just one second, Lixiang was doomed.

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There were eight men in total, all of them were fat and strong, all of them were fierce, and all of them were like evil ghosts in hell. Lixiang looked at Kong Yi and asked: "Why? Why are you hindering me?"

Kong Yi said coldly: "Because of you, with your beautiful face, you will attract butterflies and poisonous snakes."

Lixiang was helpless, her body was pushed to the ground by the scarred man, and the storage room was in a mess. Lixiang tried to bite her tongue to commit suicide, but her mouth was stuffed with rags, and someone violated her body somewhere. Will she turn into a ghost? It was torn apart and didn’t stop for a long time. Kong Yi didn’t leave. She raised her phone and was filming this scene. This scene was a bargaining chip to humiliate Lixiang. She would not let go of this opportunity. She was jealous. As a demon, even if the other person is just better in appearance than her, and even if the woman around her is a little better than her, she feels uncomfortable inside. Only by removing the outstanding tumor can she be safe. Kong Yi is the stepmother of Snow White in reality.

Lixiang looked at the woman who was as cruel as the devil. She hated her heart. Lixiang was not a very outstanding woman, and she never expected that she would get into such a disaster. She secretly cursed in her heart. In this life, in every life, she would never do anything to those who harmed her. Let her go. After she dies, she will definitely become the most powerful ghost, lingering here, disturbing the world and making everyone uneasy.

Lixiang was dead. She dragged her damaged body up to the open-air platform on the seventh floor. The men teased her and left. The remaining Kong Yi not only filmed the video, but also twisted her face and beat her continuously. , until half of Lixiang’s face was swollen, and the haggard Lixiang still looked so charming. Kong Yi was unwilling to give in. She used her sharp nails to deeply stir Lixiang’s face countless times. , Lixiang grinned in pain, but endured the pain without uttering a word of begging for mercy. When Lixiang's face was scratched without a trace of integrity, Kong Yicai stopped with satisfaction.

At this time, Lixiang's face was full of ferocity, and her tears soaked into her skin, which was filled with burning pain. She didn't need to turn into a ghost, she was already the most terrifying person at this time. The seventh floor, neither high nor short, can make a person die so hard that he can't die again. She is a person at the bottom of society. She knows that people are indifferent and the only option is to die. With a sudden heart, she rolled down from the seventh floor. The impact was like thunder, disturbing everyone on the street, including Kong Yi and Li Xiang's half who were passing by. Her face was rubbed on the ground, blood was flowing gurglingly, and brain matter was oozing from her head. Her last gaze rested strangely on Kong Yi's face. Kong Yi was most familiar with the spiderweb-like face, and she screamed in fright, He seemed to be running away.

Lixiang died, she died silently. In the world of old age, sickness and death, who would care about such a foreign woman. The police hastily closed the case on such a matter, saying that Lixiang provoked men in the bar and got jealous with her colleagues. As a result, she was raped and jumped off the building. , there were a lot of scoldings on the Internet, with comments saying that Lixiang was a bad girl and a bad woman. Because of this, Xuancai quickly changed hands of the bar, because some people said that where people died, people would often die again, and continuously, Business people will more or less believe it.

Soon, Xuancai was transferred, and the bar's business was very good. But every night, in the storage room on the sixth floor and on the rooftop on the seventh floor, there was a figure floating in the air. You would only find it inadvertently, when you look closely. There was no sign of anyone. At that time, many people said that there was an evil spirit who wanted to lock up his life and was waiting for his enemy to take the bait. One night, eight men were drinking in a showy manner. When the wine was high, they wanted to flirt with girls.

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At this moment, a gust of cold wind came over, and then, a beautiful woman in white clothes came gracefully, like the fairy Chang'e. How could there be such a beautiful woman in this place, and she seemed familiar? The woman said gently: "Hello, brothers, welcome to Xuancai, I would like to toast you all."

The woman in white brought the wine glass from nowhere and drank from it. The scarred man and the others were overjoyed. They must have found a treasure tonight. In their eyes, there was no woman they could not win. This woman became their target prey. , they drank together for three rounds. The man with the scar and the others were so drunk that they fell into unconsciousness, but the woman in white was calm and relaxed, as if she was drinking boiled water.

By the time the eight men woke up, it was already closing time. Didn't anyone notice that there were still people there late in the morning and late at night? The scarred man was furious: "It's unreasonable. This bar is actually closed. How can we get out?"

At this time, a long voice came over, "Go jump off the building."

"Who?" The scarred man asked reflexively, but no one could be found.

The atmosphere was incredibly quiet for a moment. You could even hear the sound of water dripping from the toilet in the distance. Several men could also hear the beating of each other's hearts. They looked everywhere for the source of the sound.

The scarred man asked: "Who are you? Are you a human or a ghost?"

"Are you afraid of ghosts?" The terrifying voice asked leisurely, as if floating like the wind, very eerie.

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The scarred man was a little timid and said: "I am not afraid of people or ghosts. If you have the ability, come out."

The voice came again: "I don't dare to come. I don't want you to die so quickly. Why don't we play a game and guess who among you will die first?" The scarred man yelled: "Who is playing with you?" Our buddies are very good at games, and we often play with the same woman.”

"Pa" The man with the scar was slapped by someone. His face was instantly swollen, two teeth were knocked out, and the corners of his mouth were bleeding. Who is this? I can't believe that people have so much strength.

The Scar Man and others started to get scared. They were like ants on a hot pot. However, the voice disappeared and never appeared again. The voice disappeared, but the atmosphere became more and more uncomfortable. It was hot. The whole environment began to heat up and the temperature soared. , reaching fifty degrees at an incredible speed. The heat can drive people crazy, especially when it is so hot that there is no water. It lasted for a long time. The scarred men couldn't stand it anymore. They had never suffered this crime before. All the doors and windows were damaged. It was so closed that even if they did not perform any life-saving exercises, they were all sweating profusely. The heat penetrated their organs and made their whole blood vessels burst. Several people gradually became exhausted and their mouths became dry.

At this time, a woman in white appeared in their sight. She was the one who had been drinking with them before. The scarred man wanted to tear this woman apart, but he was so hot that he didn't even have saliva to moisten his mouth to speak.

Suddenly, the woman's face was beyond recognition, and her face was covered with blood stains like spider webs. They suddenly saw Lixiang. Yes, wasn't this woman Lixiang?

At this time, the temperature began to drop. After the feeling of heat was eliminated, it suddenly dropped to the freezing point. It was as cold as Lixiang's hatred. Several people began to tremble with coldness. This was definitely a deep hatred that could not be eliminated. Lixiang gradually froze them.

A glimmer of light began to shine. Daytime was about to come, but the road in Liwan Plaza was in a mess. It was said that countless ice cubes fell to the ground from the seventh floor. After the ice cubes melted, it was clear that they were fingers, eyeballs, noses, etc. Mouth and other things, who is so cruel.

A ghost becomes a ghost after death_A novel about a ghost who becomes a human being after death_Will a person become a ghost after death

No matter how they investigated, the police never found out what happened. According to eyewitnesses, a few men were drinking and got drunk for some reason. As a result, they were trapped in the bar. That was how it was in the morning.

Kong Yi happened to be paying attention to all the news about Xuan Cai. She felt that she knew the cause of death of eight people. She even knew that Li Xiang had turned into a ghost and wandered on the sixth and seventh floors of Liwan Plaza every night. She was in panic all day long. She was afraid Being retaliated against, she closed the door and locked the windows, not daring to go out. She was afraid that if she went out, she would be torn to pieces by Li Xiang's ghost. If she really wanted to die, she would rather starve to death at home or die of thirst than let Li Xiang take revenge.

On a dark night when I couldn't see my fingers, the wind lifted the curtains of Kong Yi's house, hit the door of the room, shook her bed, knocked on the walls of the room, and moved the vases in the room. But was it really the wind? Can wind pass through walls and do whatever it wants in a room? Kong Yi saw a figure covered in blood floating back and forth in front of her.

Time passed little by little, and Kong Yi's fear reached its extreme. At this moment, one hand grasped Kong Yi's leg without hesitation, and then dragged it rapidly, and finally threw the object from high altitude, toppling Kong Yi's body. He was thrown from the seventh floor of Liwan Plaza and smashed into a meat pie that even his own mother didn't recognize.

Ten people died in Liwan Plaza all at once, and all of them died from the seventh floor. Liwan Plaza, which has been soaked with evil spirits, is always gloomy and gloomy, even though the dog days of June are always oppressively gloomy. Major shopping malls in Liwan Plaza began to withdraw.

Later, people who knew Feng Shui came up with a plan to use all evil-proofing objects on the square floors, such as mirrors, swords, door gods, etc. However, no matter what methods were used on the sixth and seventh floors, they could not stop the problem of ten people jumping to their deaths at the same time every day every year. The sixth and seventh floors have been shelved. There will always be people nearby who say that these two floors are occupied by ghosts and no one can take them away.

Liwan is a bustling commercial plaza and one of the city's iconic plazas. The shelved sixth and seventh floors have become a worry for the developers. This is the source of money. How could it be shelved like this? No matter how unknown it is, the developers will I will try my best to rent it out.

In the past ten years, businesses have come to take advantage of it every year, but every year someone has jumped off a building and died. No one can stop it, and deaths never stop…

This story is full of horror and suspense elements. Through Li Xiang's tragic experience and her revenge, it shows a story about betrayal, hatred and supernatural power. The plot is compact and the atmosphere is eerie, which can attract readers' attention very well. The ghost figures and continuous deaths in the story add a layer of mystery to Laiwan Plaza, making it a scary place. Overall, this is an engaging ghost story that will stimulate the reader's imagination and curiosity.

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