The Red Clothes Of The Apocalypse: Li Gui Wenying’s Road To Redemption

In the next two months, a large number of evil ghosts emerged from the underworld, and all war zones gained a moment of peace.

But mutated creatures everywhere began to evolve. The most significant thing was that they began to fight in a planned manner, and some of them were even able to absorb resentment.

These mutated creatures that absorbed resentment targeted the evil spirits , and the war zone where I was was the hardest hit.

I looked at the mutated wall that was being torn apart and thinned by mutated creatures, and commanded the evil ghosts to strangle the mutated creatures and thicken the wall of resentment.

"help me!"

"Save us!"

I gritted my teeth and looked at the "people" calling for help outside the wall of resentment, and yelled at the new ghosts , "Don't let them in! Their soul fire is green!"

Half a month ago, a living person appeared outside the Wall of Resentment, asking for help. The unobservant ghosts did not pay attention to his soul fire, and only saw that there were no wounds on his body from being bitten by mutant creatures, so they let him in.

Unexpectedly, he was a mutated creature. He was discovered after biting two people in the small safe zone. Fortunately, he was controlled and eliminated in time, otherwise the area temporarily isolated by resentment would also become purgatory.

This incident also shocked all parts of the world at the time. Various countries re-examined whether there were mutant creatures sneaking into the safe zone, and also captured a few and sent them to the laboratory to study their evolution speed and reasons.

I looked at the wall of resentment that was more than ten meters thick in front of me and breathed a sigh of relief. After confirming that it would not be broken by mutated creatures in the next three days, I turned around and entered the conference room.

There are no other officers in the conference room today, but we, the relatives of the devils , are burning incense in the conference room.

It is the incense that is offered to us, the thing that keeps us in the world of the world.

After entering the conference room, the aroma of incense lingered, and I filled my mouth with big mouthfuls. The feeling of fullness made me sigh.

Eating incense is the only time for ghosts to relax.

Ghosts never get tired, so they are always on the front lines strangling mutant creatures and thickening the wall of resentment. However, under the impact of long-term emotional tension and strong resentment, ghosts can easily go crazy and lose their minds, so I stipulate that they take turns in batches. On the battlefield, eating incense alternately for half a month is considered a holiday.

The water ghosts also went into the sea one after another, and then lost contact. We had to forget the worst and think about it. Lin Mo and the others were already gone.

I lowered my head and stuffed the incense, thinking non-stop.

The Tenth Palace of Hell said that my son's death disaster has not occurred yet, and I don't know how to avoid it, so I have to pay attention to it at all times.


The phone vibrated in his pocket. It was a text message from an unknown number, but there was a trace of sinister energy lingering in the text message.

I thought it was some new ghost until I saw the content.

I stood up suddenly and walked over to my son and handed him the phone.

【I am Lin Mo. 】

[Mutated creatures have evolved intelligence, and some even capture people to study them, injecting them with the blood of mutated creatures to cause humans to mutate. 】

[The Prime Minister of Japan can indeed control mutant creatures, but he has lost most of his control rights. Mutated creatures more powerful than the Prime Minister of Japan have appeared on the seabed. 】

[The mutated creature does not have no soul, but after death, its soul is captured and devoured by the powerful mutated creature. The speed is so fast that the seducer from the underworld cannot receive the message. 】

Several text messages sent everyone present and the ghosts into a state of dizziness. Looking at my son's face filled with black energy, I understood that his life and death were in danger.

I grabbed my son's hand holding the phone and said, "Xiao Zhi, what do you want to do?"

"Mom, Lin Mo is in the sea area of ​​​​our war zone, and the mutated creatures in our sea area are the first to change. I will ask my superiors for permission to go to the bottom of the sea to have a look!"

His eyes showed the perseverance and irrefutability of a soldier.

I touched his cheek with trembling hands and did not stop him. My son has grown into such an outstanding figure alone in the apocalypse. I cannot stop his belief in serving the country and the people as a soldier.

All I can do is to accompany him. After the catastrophe of life and death, he will have an open life. If he cannot survive, I will avenge him and accompany him to death.

I nodded with tears in my eyes, "You can go, but I have to follow you."

I watched his lips tremble as he wanted to say something. I shook my head, "It doesn't matter, son. Although I was thrown into the water, I am still half a water ghost. Mom will go with you."

He has his unshakable qualities that belong to a soldier, and I also have my unshakable qualities that belong to a mother.

My exile to the world this time is essentially for my son.

I watched him nod in agreement, then breathed a sigh of relief, turned around and walked towards the Wall of Resentment.

I don’t know when he will go to sea, but all I can do is try to make sure he has no worries.

These days, when I have free time, I will go to the conference room to eat some incense. I spend most of my time thickening the wall of resentment and strangling those mutated creatures, especially the intelligent ones.

If you kill one more, the residents in the rear will be safer.

Perhaps seeing my madness, the mutated creatures began to hesitate and even became anxious.

I caught a humanoid mutated creature, which was the injected person mentioned in Lin Mo's text message.

There was green soul fire floating on his shoulders. I tied him with resentment and stretched out my hand to pull out his soul. I brewed strong resentment with the other hand. If his soul is as crazy as his body, then I will beat him. Scatter him.

But he didn't. The moment his soul left his body, he became dazed, and then his eyes returned to purity.

Introduction: I am a ghost who has been dead for ten years.

Because I was wronged and died as a ghost during my lifetime, and after my death I was full of resentment and committed murder. However, the underworld was overloaded with dead souls, so the punishment was delayed on me.

Until August 24, 2023, Japan's nuclear sewage was discharged into the sea, and various biological changes occurred in the past twenty years.

The underworld and the earth jointly brought out the cruelest punishment for ghosts: exile to the human world.

"Wen Ying died in 2013 in the Gregorian calendar at the age of twenty-five. He was gang-raped by two men from the same village and then brutally murdered by her husband and dismembered her body into a river. After being accused of great injustice, she became a vicious ghost and killed dozens of people in the same village, right?"

I raised my eyes and twitched my lips as I looked at the Tenth Palace King of Hell sitting in the high hall.

This is the first time that the kings of hell from the ten palaces of the underworld have gathered in front of the public. It is for me and not for me.

The clothes I wore before death were stained red by blood and turned into evil spirits again, so after death they naturally became typical red-clothed evil spirits . I suppressed my inner fear of the Tenth Palace of Hell and looked at them with my eyes wide open, "Yes, but I Those who killed them all deserve to die!”

As I spoke, my eyes were still bloodshot with anger, because the resentment lingering around the anger also turned into reality, entwined in red clothes.

My words didn't stop.

"Wang and Li defiled me and tortured me for their own selfish desires. I hate them to the core. Where is my husband? He is timid and cowardly. After seeing me being tortured, he did not dare to conflict with the powerful Wang and Li. After watching the whole process, he killed me with a knife, cut my body into pieces and threw me to the bottom of the river!"

"And because I was afraid of ghosts and gods, I invited Taoist priests to nail my soul to the bottom of the river and scatter it, leaving me torn apart! Don't they deserve to die?"

The more I spoke, the angrier I became. Tears of blood fell from my eyes, and my teeth squeaked. "I was beaten by my husband during my lifetime, and no one said a word to me. After my death, he even said that I was a slut and deserved to be beaten." Beat them to death! They have committed a crime and deserve to die!"

After wandering in the underworld for thirty years, the hatred still lingers in my heart, even if I have killed those people.

Neither the Soul Seducer nor the Black and White Impermanence can lure my soul into the underworld. If King Qin Guang hadn't captured it personally, I could have waited for their reincarnation, and then let them die miserably from life to life until their souls were gone!

Seeing that my reason was about to be taken over by resentment, King Qin Guang waved away my resentment.

"Wen Ying, your great revenge has been avenged, your injustice has been settled, and they have been tortured in the living hell."

There was a hint of divine power in King Qin Guang's voice, which woke me up as I was about to lose my mind.

Following his words, I looked at Chu Jiang Wang Liwen, wanting to ask for proof.

King Chu Jiang didn't say anything, he just threw out a spiritual mirror.

The spiritual mirror floated in front of me, and the three people in the mirror were being tortured, wailing.

The familiar faces and voices, aren’t they the three culprits who caused me to die!

When the picture in the spiritual mirror changed, it was the villagers who had committed oral crimes and were suffering from the pain of having their teeth pulled out and their tongues cut off every day.

I stared at the spiritual mirror for a long time and couldn't look away. My heart felt as free as it had never felt in the thirty years since my death.

"Wen Ying, the underworld is overloaded, so after an evil ghost like you was lured into the underworld, the punishment has not fallen on you for twenty years, and they should have been punished after you."

King Chu Jiang took back the spiritual mirror and returned my sight.

"What do you mean?" I said hoarsely, looking at the Tenth Palace King of Hell in confusion.

They did not respond directly, but changed their tone.

"You still have a son in the mortal world. He has grown up and has a family. But his father committed sins and you also committed the sins of killing. Part of the sins of both of you will flow to him, and he will The catastrophe of life and death is coming."

I was filled with anger when I heard this, "He has been sensible and obedient since he was a child! Why!"

Looking back on the time when I was still alive, my son was my only warmth, but he was destroyed by me and his beastly father!

I want to rush to the second hall, I want to tear the souls of those three people apart! I want them to never be reincarnated!

"Wen Ying! The Tenth Palace gives you a chance to reverse your son's catastrophe!"

"do you want!"

The ten kings of hell spoke at the same time, and the divine power circulated in the palace, blocking my attempt to rush out, but it also repaired the scars on my body left by being dismembered.

Warmth that I had not felt in thirty years flowed through my body, and thirty years of hostility subsided at this moment.

"How to do it?"

I and a group of ghosts stood at the entrance of the spiritual resources department. I raised my head and looked at the long-lost sunshine. The voice of the Tenth Palace of Hell was still ringing in my ears, "There is a catastrophe in the world of the world, and your son's catastrophe is also in the catastrophe."

"Japan's discharge of nuclear sewage has endangered mankind. In recent years, the souls in the underworld have also been strange. Therefore, you are the first batch of experimental ghosts under the new policies of the underworld and the underworld. The Ten Palaces have discussed and exiled you to the human world!"

And as the ghost with the greatest resentment and the highest level of cultivation among this group of ghosts, I naturally became the leader.

I stepped into the department in front of me specially established for ghosts, the Spiritual Resources Department.

There were three men sitting at the long table in the room.

I looked at them. The soul fire on their shoulders was strong, and there was a golden light of merit protecting their bodies. They were probably the most incorruptible high-ranking officials in the country.

I nodded towards the ghost behind me.

The ghosts behind me naturally understood what I meant. The lights in the huge house were bright, but it was difficult to see ghosts in such a bright environment.

The two ghosts flew up and kicked out the lights on the roof. As the room darkened, the man sitting in the middle also spoke, with a hint of trembling in his tone, "Is it Miss Wen?"

I raised my eyebrows. It seemed that Shidian and Yangjian had communicated that I was coming.

I directed the ghosts to sit on the chairs, and I also sat down slowly, and lit the Yin candle in a leisurely manner.

The candlelight in the room was lit, and the Yin energy filled the air, so people in the Yang world could naturally see us.

The three men suddenly saw a room full of ghosts and their bodies trembled again and again. After wiping the insignificant sweat on their foreheads, they stood up. The man in the middle stretched out his hand to me and said, "Hello, Miss Wen. I It’s Xiao Li who is connected to the underworld.”

His eyes are pure, and although he is afraid, he is not timid. He is a good person.

I stood up and extended my right hand to shake his hand, "Hello, Minister Li, I am Wen Ying."

Now that we are here and we have determined that these three are good people, we should be strictly controlled. After all, we evil ghosts were also Chinese citizens before we died.

I waved my hand and placed a bunch of ghost mediums on the table, "Minister Li, this is the medium we use to come to the earth. If we commit evil that we shouldn't do, destroying the medium will seriously injure us, and then we can notify the underworld to kill us." Sent to the Tenth Hall to be tortured.”

"Of course, I don't want too many people to pay attention to this matter, lest some people have bad intentions."

After I finished speaking half frankly and half threatening, Minister Li nodded, "Yes."

"We ghosts still have people we care about alive. We hope that Minister Li and the country can help us find them and offer us some incense and candles through their hands to maintain our souls in the world of the dead."

I will hand over the prefectural statistics to Minister Li.

The information in the underworld is much more detailed than that in the earthly world. We evil ghosts all have relatives alive, but the cases of some ghosts are still unsolved. This information can also help them redress their grievances in the earthly world.

After explaining these damn things, I shut up and waited quietly for Minister Li to speak.

Minister Li turned on the computer and cast the screen.

"Ms. Wen, this is the information about the nuclear sewage discharged by Japan in August 2023. It contains more than 60 radioactive elements, causing marine life to mutate, and land life has also begun to mutate a few years later."

The photos on the ppt are comparison pictures of various deformed creatures and normal creatures.


There was a sound of retching next to me, it was a female ghost.

"How can this be a cat?"

I turned to look at the new comparison picture and almost vomited.

Cats used to be smart and cute, but cats that suffered nuclear pollution have grown two heads, seven or eight legs, and their internal organs are even exposed.

I have been in the underworld for so many years, but I didn’t expect that there have been overwhelming changes outside.

"Minister Li, please continue."

"In the past two years, human beings have also undergone changes. Most of the newborns are born with deformities, and a few adults have also undergone changes."

"The United Nations issued an order requiring all countries to establish safe zones to destroy these changed humans, calling it a plan to save the apocalypse."

I raised my eyes to look at Minister Li, and I felt his resentment and unwillingness.

Why are there these negative emotions?

"Minister Li, is something wrong?"

I was confused, but I asked.

"Japan discharged nuclear wastewater, but they were not affected. In other words, they deliberately created the apocalypse."

? What's the meaning?

Looking for death?

Minister Li saw the confusion of the ghosts and explained angrily, "When the global mutation began, all countries were making efforts to purify the oceans and try to curb this phenomenon. Only Japan did not take any action and continued to discharge nuclear sewage. For three years We just learned recently that the Prime Minister of Japan had long ago mutated nuclear energy, so he believed that this radioactive material was a weapon that they could use to conquer the country, so he wanted to pollute all mankind."

"In other words, his own mutation is what he thinks is positive, so he has a brain and lives longer than ordinary people. He believes that the humans in the world are his slaves and should crawl at his feet."

"This devil farts! How shameless! There are no slaves in New China!"

The person who said this was a ghost from the Republic of China. He was a hero during the Anti-Japanese War. Because of the tragic death of the Japanese, he came up to see New China with the Ten Palaces of Hell.

I stood up and patted the Republican ghost on the shoulder, comforting him to calm down.

"Minister Li, what do you need us to do?"

I know that since coming to the underworld is a punishment, it will not be a good job.

I just didn't expect it to be so tricky.

"Ms. Wen, global mutation is inevitable and cannot be stopped by human power, so we want to use your power to eliminate radioactive energy, but because ghosts are also a kind of material, we cannot guarantee whether this will have an impact on you."

I closed my eyes and understood what Minister Li meant. Maybe we can save the apocalypse, or maybe our souls will be driven away because of this.

But we have no choice because the person we care about is still alive.

I looked at the confused ghosts and nodded in agreement, "I understand, so I also ask Minister Li to find our relatives as soon as possible to burn some incense to ensure our energy in the world of the world."

"Minister Li, let's make arrangements."

After I said these words, the evil spirits and the candles were extinguished, the lights in the room were brightened, and all the ghosts dispersed.

I said, "Let's go take a look outside. We should be in a safe zone now."

I didn't leave, I just listened quietly to the conversation between Minister Li and others.

Minister Li's soul was shaking at the end of his speech. He was hiding something from me.

"Minister, why did you hide it from them?"

The man who spoke was named Chen and was standing on the left.

From what I heard, it was probably possible not to hide it from us, but Minister Li secretly decided to hide it.

Minister Li didn't speak, just shook his head and started making phone calls. While looking through the information I submitted, he communicated with the other end of the phone about the whereabouts of us ghosts.

I don't have the heart to listen, I'll find out eventually anyway.

When I turned to leave, I didn't see that the man sitting next to Minister Li gave me a meaningful look.

I stood at the border of the safe zone with the ghost from the Republic of China, listening to his long sigh, "The people in the safe zone live and work in peace and contentment, just like what you described to me when you died, but outside, there are no less Shuras on the eighteenth floor of the underworld." Hell, no wonder the Tenth Palace of Hell has exiled you to the human world.”

I also looked outside the safe zone and nodded in agreement.

There were humans with crab claws on their exposed spines. It was unclear whether they were octopuses with human faces or people with eight claws. All of them had a fierce look on their faces.

The armed forces in the safe zone fired with special guns, killing one after another, falling in pieces, and the soul fire was extinguished.

But these people, or monsters, did not have their souls floating out after death.

"Huh? Why don't they have souls?"

I closed my eyes and lowered my head, and did not answer the Republican ghost's words, but I knew that it was probably because radioactive nuclear energy can harm the soul.

In other words, we ghosts exiled to the world may indeed experience a second death.

I felt the call of the medium, turned around and drifted towards the spiritual resources department just now.

Even if I die a second time, so what, I just want to save my child.

The scene in front of me was even more explosive than what I saw in the ppt. Countless marine mutated creatures crawled out from the bottom of the sea. They were large or small, but without exception, they were all ugly and strange.

I asked a bride ghost to send a message to the frontline leader, then leaned forward, wrenched off a huge lobster head with resentment, and held the little girl who was almost bitten close to me.

"Build a wall of resentment here."

I looked at the battlefield full of grievances. I took the brunt of the grievances and built a protective line to intercept the unknown creatures that kept climbing up from the bottom of the sea. Several ghosts worked with me to absorb the grievances and build walls, and there were a few more. He constantly strangles monsters with resentment and pulls soldiers and civilians who are almost dead into the wall of resentment.

A group of people couldn't see the ghost, and could only watch blankly as the intercepted monsters kept coming up and dying.

Only the child I was holding in my arms and a few surviving children kept shouting that my sister is so awesome.

"Quick, quick, they have mutated!"


The Wall of Resentment only calmed down for a while before a commotion broke out. I turned around suddenly, and it was a person who had just been pulled into the wall, and he was bitten.

His wounds were growing new organs at an alarming rate, his eyes began to turn white, his mouth was drooling, and he even began to want to bite the people around him.

But it only started for a moment. The strong resentment hung him dozens of meters high in the air and then he fell down hard. His whole body was turned into a pulp.

It was the ghost of the bride.

I nodded at her and put my mind back into building a wall until this area was divided into a small safe zone.

I put down the child in my arms and prepared to rush out of the wall of resentment and strangle some of the monsters.

"Sister, don't go!"

The little girl's fleshy little hands held the corner of my clothes, and I felt soft when I looked at her wet eyes. She looked so much like my son.

My son was her age when I died.

I patted her head and said, "It's okay, I'll be back in a minute."

She was too young, and my resentment and yin energy would hurt her. I sent her to a soldier with strong soul fire, then turned around and rushed out of the wall of resentment.

A group of ghosts continued to absorb resentment and strangle monsters, while I was still observing while strangling monsters.

The monsters that climbed up from the bottom of the sea did not have soul fire, and the humans who were bitten and mutated by those monsters had soul fire, but it was no longer the blue color of the soul fire on the shoulders of normal people, but turned into green, so they did not have souls after death. .

The beach was stained with the blood of mutated creatures, and the smell filled the sky.

I filled up my resentment and suppressed the monsters that kept climbing up from the bottom of the sea. All the ghosts also followed suit.

Not long after, the monsters that rushed up without thinking began to linger and watch.

I squinted at the black monster, and had a bad feeling in my heart.

Not long after, they seemed to have been summoned by something, and they turned and left in unison.

"Lin Mo, go ahead, there's something wrong with them, be careful."

Lin Mo is a water ghost and is going to the bottom of the sea to record mutant creatures. When he heard my words, he nodded and turned around and went into the sea.

Our remaining ghosts also retreated into the wall of resentment.

I looked at the man in military uniform not far away holding the hand of the little girl I saved, and felt a sense of kinship.

He stood in the front of everyone, holding the girl in one hand and a burning candle in the other. He was tall and majestic.

I stood in front of the ghosts and looked at him with slightly red eyes.

I wanted to get closer, but I felt a little timid.

But the person in front of him solemnly and carefully handed the candle to the girl next to him, then knelt down on one knee and said, "Mom!"

His voice was deep and sad, and for a moment my eyes were covered with blood-red tears.

This is my son.

The military conference room was filled with officers. We ghosts were floating in the air. My eyes were still fixed on the leader sitting in the center.

He is nearly forty years old, and his face has wrinkles, and his eyes are no longer as clear as when I died, but more of the sadness and indifference of experiencing the end of the world.

He led a group of officers to thank us for temporarily setting aside a safe zone so that the soldiers could have a moment of rest.

Many people have been exhausted from long-term battles with mutated creatures.

I shook my head, and all the ghosts avoided the bows and thanks of these soldiers, "You are people of the Sun, such a gift will only hurt us, and besides, haven't you noticed that these mutated creatures have begun to evolve?"

The former sentence once again made my resolute son's eyes red, and the latter sentence directly shocked the generals in the room.

"Evolve? How can you still evolve?"

I pursed my lips and thought of the mutated creatures that had just moved neatly, "Yes, at first they just rushed upwards mindlessly. Later, they became hesitant after being strangled by resentment. I also saw a few huge mutants. The creature threw the smaller mutated creature next to it onto the beach, and finally retreated as if under command."

I looked at my son who was turning blue and asked tentatively, "Were they like this before?"

He shook his head stiffly, "It's never been like this before. Maybe it's because I've never been strangled like this before?"

The bride ghost on the side shook her head and took over what I wanted to say, "No, at first they did bite people when they saw them. After being strangled by us, the first ones to change were the mutated creatures with soul fire. Those who have been bitten are the first to lose consciousness and the first to evacuate.”

"So we suspect that they did not completely lose their minds after being bitten, but were just controlled. Moreover, those mutated sea creatures are also evolving, and there is a mastermind behind the scenes who can order them."

I nodded and suddenly remembered what Minister Liu said about the Japanese Prime Minister, "The Japanese Prime Minister is the first human being to mutate and has independent consciousness to discharge nuclear sewage. Can he also control these mutated creatures?"

"It's not clear, but we need to report this news so that people in other war zones can also pay attention to this."

"Well, I will contact the underworld, and the Tenth Palace of Hell will send some ghosts to other war zones."

I looked at my son who was looking sad and took the initiative to suggest ways to help. After hearing my words, the other officers also looked relaxed. After all, they had seen our combat capabilities just now. If there are more evil ghosts on the battlefield, those exhausted soldiers can be well. Rest and don't have to worry about someone getting bitten and mutating again.

After saying that, I asked my son to blow out the candle and we were ready to go out.

At this time, he stopped me and said, "Mom, their relatives are all in the small safe area in the back."

I turned to look at my tired son with a smile on his face, and suddenly thought of what Director Liu of the Spiritual Resources Department said he had hidden from us.

It turns out that they found the person we were concerned about early and sent him to the small safe zone closest to us.

I nodded, and the ghost standing behind me looked at each other with joy, and looked at me with pleading eyes.

"Go, but don't get too close to the elderly and children. Our yin energy and resentment will affect their life span."

When the candle went out, I walked out of the conference room and went to the girl I saved.

My son said this is his daughter, my granddaughter.

I looked at her frowning face in her sleep, reached out and touched her forehead, took out the trace of nightmare that was affecting her sleep and crushed it.

Her eyebrows and eyebrows resemble those of my son when he was a child, but it's a pity that he was born in the last days and did not enjoy the blessings, but the radiation.

My heart softened and I couldn't bear to look away.

I don’t know how long I watched, but a hoarse male voice sounded from behind, “Mom, you can give her a hug.”

I followed the voice and looked back. It was my son who had just taken off his military uniform. He was approaching me step by step.

He knelt down at my feet and kowtowed.

"Get up. I can't get too close to her. It will affect her. You have grown up and are doing well. Mom is sorry for you."

I watched my son, who was nearly forty years old, lying on my lap with tears in his eyes, telling me about his life after I died.

He said that logically, because his father killed someone, he could not join the army, but at the end of the world, he rescued the previous chief of the army and was recognized as his godson by the previous chief, supporting and promoting him along the way.

"It's time to thank him. You should be filial to him."

My son nodded.

This is a long-lost moment of warmth between mother and son after thirty years of separation.

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