The Mysterious Pawn Shop

He Qi was a prodigal since he was a child. He always dreamed of getting rich overnight, and from time to time he took money from home to do business outside. In the end, he lost everything because of his incompetence. Now, he realized that he was not doing business. He became obsessed with gambling, but the casino made him lose all his money very quickly. Now, he has emptied all the money in the family, and he is heavily in debt outside. In despair, He Qi almost collapsed. He wanted to commit suicide several times. The mother who stood by saw it, felt pain in his heart, and hesitated for a long time Finally, he took out a box and said to He Qi: “This is the golden Buddha handed down from our family. You can pawn some money to pay off your debt!” After speaking, he left with tears in his eyes. Mother’s reluctance, because after all, this is the only ancestral treasure in the family, but what can I do? Now I can only pawn the Golden Buddha to pay off the debt, and earn money to support my mother in a down-to-earth manner in the future.

On the way, He Qi repeatedly thought about where to pawn the Golden Buddha. Later, he took the Golden Buddha and walked into the largest pawn shop in the town, but after a while, he walked out again dejectedly. Shopkeeper Feng of the pawn shop actually agreed to pay six hundred taels of silver, and as far as he knew, this golden Buddha was worth at least a few thousand taels of silver. Here, He Qi was completely desperate, walking staggeringly on the street, suddenly, a person walked towards him, stopped beside He Qi, He Qi looked at him strangely, and asked: “I know you Is it?” The man smiled and said: “You and I are indeed strangers, but I saw you holding the treasure but couldn’t find a good pawnshop. It just so happened that I knew a pawnshop. The boss never cheated people. It’s not far away, so I’ll take you along the way!” He Qi looked at this person carefully, and said, “Why should I believe you?” The person said coldly, “If you don’t believe me, forget it, just go to that miser, Shopkeeper Feng, Let’s go to the place!” He Qi was about to leave after speaking, “Okay, I’ll go with you.” The man turned his head and smiled, He Qi looked at him, although he still had some doubts in his heart, he still hugged him. With a fluke mentality, he left with him.

In this way, the two came to a remote place. He Qi saw a very hidden house at a glance. The four characters of “Yin Yang Pawnshop” stood out on it. Looking around, He Qi thought: “This place How can there be a pawnshop if there is no village in the front and no shop in the back? Could it be…” Thinking about it, He Qi felt even more uneasy. Seeing this, the man said: “Dude, don’t be so nervous, go in!” The two walked in, He Qi felt that this place was so gloomy. When he walked into the pawnshop, it seemed that it hadn’t been cleaned for a while, and it was covered with cobwebs. He could only hear the man yelling, “Come out, shopkeeper, here’s a guest.” He Qi anxiously Waiting, legs trembling all the time, at this moment, following the sound of footsteps, the door opened, He Qi took a look and was startled, what kind of person is this, he is wearing white clothes all over his body, even his hair and face are white Yes, with a ferocious face, just like Bai Wuchang in hell, He Qi was already very nervous, but now seeing the shopkeeper like this, he suddenly felt his scalp numb, the hair all over his body stood up involuntarily, and his limbs seemed to be unable to control. He stood there motionless, and later, he still said to the man tremblingly: “I… I brought a treasure today, please… ask the shopkeeper to see how much it is worth…how much.” The person next to him took the golden Buddha from He Qi’s hand and handed it to the shopkeeper. After examining it repeatedly, the shopkeeper said, “This golden Buddha is worth three thousand taels, come and get the money!” “Three thousand taels” He Qi was immediately excited When he got up, he forgot his fear and walked over immediately. The shopkeeper opened the drawer and took out a pile of money to He Qi. He Qi immediately thanked him and looked at the pile of banknotes, but he soon discovered that it was not banknotes. It was Mingbi, and he immediately let go of it, and Mingbi was scattered all over the place. The shopkeeper said: “We are all doing business with ghosts, so we use Mingbi.” He Qi was so frightened that he almost passed out. With a trembling body, he said: “I don’t want the Golden Buddha, let me go home!” After hearing this, the shopkeeper said, “If you don’t want it, forget it, and take the Golden Buddha back.” He Qi felt a little relieved when he heard what the shopkeeper said. Suddenly, he had an idea, and said to the shopkeeper: “Can I also use Ming coins to buy treasures here?” I can only accept the ghost coins sold by the boss.” After hearing this, He Qi immediately said: “Don’t worry, you can start business in two days.” So he immediately took the golden Buddha and walked out.

In fact, He Qi had a very clear plan in mind, that is, to exchange the silver for Ming coins, use the Ming coins to buy treasures from this yin and yang pawnshop, and then sell the treasures to other pawnshops in exchange for silver. You know, the value of silver and Ming coins They cannot be compared. Thinking of this, He Qi immediately sold the Golden Buddha to shopkeeper Feng for 600 taels of silver, regardless of whether the price was reasonable or not, and then bought Ming coins from the so-called Boss Wang who sold them, , He Qi found that the price of Ming coins sold by Boss Wang was indeed expensive, several times higher than other shops selling Ming coins, but He Qi still gritted his teeth and exchanged six hundred taels of silver for Ming coins. The person who He Qi went to the Yin Yang pawn shop also appeared suddenly, and said to He Qi: “Let’s go, our shopkeeper is waiting for you.” During the conversation, He Qi knew that this person was named Tian Hu, who was specialized in communicating with ghosts. While talking, He Qi came to the yin and yang pawn shop again, and said to the shopkeeper, “I’ll take I spent a lot of money to buy your baby.” After looking at it, the shopkeeper invited He Qi to the room. As soon as He Qi walked in, he felt such an old small room, but the inside was so gorgeous, and there were so many treasures, the shopkeeper said : “You can choose two treasures here with the money. Before the shopkeeper finished speaking, He Qi picked them up. In the end, he picked an ancient mirror and a set of pearls. In his opinion, these two things are better than his own.” The golden Buddha is worth a lot more. After leaving the Yin Yang pawn shop, He Qi brought two treasures to shopkeeper Feng’s pawnshop. Unexpectedly, even the most stingy shopkeeper Feng looked at the two treasures and said that the two treasures were very valuable. , and paid 10,000 taels of silver to buy these two treasures from He Qi. In this way, He Qi paid off all the debts, redeemed the Golden Buddha, and lived a comfortable life.

Later, He Qi frequently went to Boss Wang to buy Ming coins, and then bought treasures at Yinyang pawnshops. Moreover, in order not to let others know how he made money, he would sell treasures at different pawnshops every time, and even went to the Yinyang pawnshop several times. He became a treasure in another country, although he has been doing business with ghosts, but for the sake of money, he still risked it all. In this way, in less than a year, He Qi became the rich man of the wealthy side, although he said to the outside world that he He made money by doing business, but this also aroused the suspicion of the local magistrate, so he decided to investigate the matter carefully. By chance, the magistrate came to shopkeeper Feng. At that time, shopkeeper Feng was still carefully examining the matter. Looking at these two treasures, he didn’t know that Zhixian was coming. Zhixian looked at these two treasures inadvertently, but suddenly his face turned pale. Liancheng, and that set of pearls is even more unbelievable. They are all rare night pearls. Even the emperor didn’t own a few of them. Now that he saw a set, the county magistrate immediately asked, “Master Feng, where did you get these two pieces?” Baby?” Shopkeeper Feng was taken aback, but when he talked about it, he still smiled and said, “I bought it from that prodigal place of He Qi. You say he is stupid or not, but I spent the money on these two treasures.” Ten thousand taels will be yours.” After hearing this, the magistrate immediately went to He Qi’s house to arrest He Qi.

In the court, the county magistrate asked He Qibao about his origins. He Qi, who had lingering fears, had never been in court before. Seeing this scene, he immediately became nervous. After a while, he told the whole truth. Afterwards, he immediately asked He Qi to lead the way to find the so-called “ghost pawn shop”, and knocked open the door. The two people inside were obviously unprepared, and they were all arrested at once. The shopkeeper said: “Don’t pretend, I know you’re not a ghost. The Jiangyang thief Li Jin who gave the emperor a headache decades ago is you, right? And that person is your son Li Hu, am I right?” Li Jin snorted. He said in a low voice: “So what, if I hadn’t believed that boy He Qi wrongly, could you have caught him?” He Qi who was on the side was very surprised, and asked: “Since you are not a ghost, why do you want Ming coins?” ?” Li Jin glanced at He Qi, but didn’t open his mouth. The county magistrate said: “If you don’t tell me, I’ll tell you for you. That Boss Wang is your accomplice. The government has been holding on tightly these two days. You know that this place will be exposed soon, and you are eager to get rid of these treasures.” , but you are also afraid that we will catch you if you sell these treasures to the outside world. You just saw the greedy He Qi, so you pushed the boat along the way and came up with the idea of ​​asking He Qi to sell your treasures in other pawnshops, and then let him in Boss Wang’s place buys Ming coins to make money for Boss Wang, and the Ming coins at Boss Wang’s place are much more expensive than other places. Although you can’t get much money for one treasure, you can still make a lot of money after you sell them all. , you can also push all the crimes to He Qi, and you pretend to be a ghost to deceive people, am I right?” Li Jin lowered his head and was escorted out.

The magistrate turned around and said to He Qi: “You acted as a middleman for them and sold stolen goods. You should be punished, but since you were also used by others without knowing it, all the property you got this year will be confiscated and returned to you.” Take care of your mother!” He Qi nodded helplessly. In this way, He Qi lived a poor life again, but he was very confident, because he bought and sold treasures everywhere this year, and he had already obtained another very valuable treasure, that is experience. He Qi believed that sooner or later he would have One day, he will make the whole family live a good life again.

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