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When I was very young, the original place was demolished, and our family moved several times. In the end, I settled down here. It used to be a village, but due to the expansion of the city, it became a suburb of the city.

There is a very strange custom here, every child in the family has to put a paper talisman from the temple in his pocket. Following the customs of the country, my mother also gave me a paper talisman and told me to always keep it in my pocket. I was very obedient and carried the paper talisman every day when I went out to play.

However, some friends didn’t take the paper talisman seriously. They even made fun of me for being timid, and even didn’t take me to play. Later, I carefully hid the paper talisman in my underwear, and lied that I didn’t have the paper talisman either. In this way, I got to play with those little friends.

There is a strange old man not far from my house. The old man’s eyes are full of strangeness, and I dare not look at him more. Whenever he met me, he would drag me to his house. His hands were cold and heavy, and he often squeezed my hands very painfully. So every time I avoid him carefully, but no matter how careful I am, I will meet him every time I go out.

I told my family, and my mother listened, and went to tell him several times, and it was because of the old man that he stopped talking.

Usually, when the family members go to work, a few friends and I have nothing to do, so we will meet up to play on the hill a mile away.

That day, five or six friends and I had a great time playing on the small mountain bag, and it was dusk before we knew it. I don’t know who shouted loudly: “Look, what is that in the sky?”

When everyone heard this, they all looked towards the sky and saw a gray cloud in the blue sky in the distance. The shape of the cloud seemed a bit weird, as if it looked like a person. I saw that the cloud was getting darker and blacker, and it seemed to be drifting here. Gradually, we saw clearly that it looked like a ghost. The ghost has hands and feet, and he can even see every hair on him clearly.

The legend of Detective Monk Zhao Linger died_How did Ghostinger die?_The child was thrown to death by the washing machine

It’s really strange that Yun Duo has this shape, and some of the bold little friends point to Yun Duo and laugh.

The cloud-turned ghost changed into another shape. He stretched out his sharp claws and pointed towards us, approaching us at a faster speed. I suddenly felt that the ghost’s eyes were somewhat familiar, yes, the old man’s eyes are like this!

“Run!” I shouted to everyone, “That’s a real ghost…”

When I yelled like this, the other friends were also scared, and everyone was about to run down the mountain. The strange old man appeared, and he said to everyone: “Come here with me!”

When the little friends heard this, they didn’t bother to think too much, and followed the strange old man to the other side of the hill. I have always been very afraid of this strange old man, so I didn’t dare to follow him, turned around and ran home desperately.

That night, I heard that adults from various families were looking for children, and I, a participant, naturally became the object of inquiries from adults. I told everyone everything, and the adults pried open the strange old man’s house, but found nothing.

So, everyone got together, twenty or thirty young and middle-aged people searched together on the hill, and finally found two dying children, but the strange old man and the rest of the children went nowhere.

Dead_Child was thrown to death by washing machine_Legend of Detective Monk Zhao Linger died

The two children were rescued, they just vaguely remembered that after they ran into a gloomy cave with the strange old man, the ghost turned from the cloud flew in front of the strange old man, and the two of them overlapped together. Then, everyone fainted from fright amidst a burst of terrifying laughter. However, it is worth mentioning that, like me, these two children secretly hid the paper talismans in their pockets. It is said that a similar situation happened in this place a long time ago. Including the children who have died now, a total of forty-eight children died unexpectedly!

A year later, I heard that some people found decomposed bodies of children in pools and caves, but none of them had a heart, and the forensic doctor could not tell, but guessed that the heart might have been taken away by wolf dogs. However, fearing for my safety, our family has moved away from there.

More than ten years later, I established an engineering team myself, and the engineering team will be stationed wherever there is a live engineering team. Unexpectedly, a construction project was taken on this day, and it turned out to be the original location of Xiaoshanbao.

I was about to go back to that horrible place again, and I was terrified in my heart, not daring to take on that job. However, Li Shou, the new manager, told me that the engineering team is in difficulty in funding and needs work.

After thinking about it, I still haven’t told what happened before. After agreeing to the project, I secretly reassured myself that it has been so many years since Gui Ying’er died, and there should be nothing wrong with it. However, I was more careful. I kept the original paper talisman. This time when I was going back there, I carefully sewed the paper talisman onto the shirt.

The construction team soon moved in. After the hill was flattened, we set up camp on the spot and prepared to start laying the foundation the next day. We worked non-stop for three days and nights to complete the project.

That night, the workers all slept next door. I lit the lamp and carefully studied the drawings in the shed. It was too hot, so I had to continue working with my shirt off. Until nearly one o’clock in the middle of the night, I was about to go out of the work shed to pee and go to bed. As soon as I opened the door, there was a gust of mountain wind outside, and I felt a little cold, so I took the shirt and put it on.

Death_The child was thrown to death by the washing machine_How did the ghost die?

Just after urinating, I heard a shrill voice piercing the sky. When I looked up, I saw a black cloud appearing in the sky!

Needless to say, the old ghost reappeared. I was shocked and ran to the work shed yelling. I found a figure in the shed, probably because the workers heard my voice and got up to investigate. I was saved.

Unexpectedly, when I rushed into the work shed, a huge fear suddenly hit me, and I saw that strange old man was actually in the work shed! Seeing me, the strange old man grinned and said, “You’re finally here, and you’re the only one left.”

I called out to the workers next door, but there was no response from the next door.

I saw a black shadow directly penetrated from the roof of the shed with a “boo”, and he and the strange old man slowly merged into one body. Amidst a burst of creepy laughter, the ground under my feet suddenly collapsed, and I fell into the darkness, and I fell into a coma immediately.

When I woke up, I saw that I had fallen into a terrible pit. I looked at my watch, it was already past six in the morning. Shouting for help, some workers rushed to the rescue after hearing it.

Before they got the rope to save me, I saw a stone chair in the pit. Under the stone chair, I saw a piece of yellow paper with no words on it. After thinking about it, I put the yellow paper in my pocket. After all, this was the only evidence of the ghost.

Death_The child was thrown to death by the washing machine_How did the ghost die?

After being rescued, I found that the big pit was in the work shed. The workers were also very puzzled. They didn’t hear such a big commotion. This is a collapse!

Afraid of causing unnecessary panic, I didn’t tell the story. After arranging the work for the workers, I decided to go to a temple not far from here to inquire about the situation.

At this time, Li Shou, the supervisor, also came over. He said that I looked too bad, so he should stay with me. I thought about it and agreed. The two of us went to the temple together. The small temple here has long been dilapidated, and there is only one old monk left.

I told the old monk all about the ghosts I encountered in the past and last night, and then showed the old monk the yellow paper. The old monk listened to my narration silently, then looked at me and Li Shou before taking the yellow paper. He grabbed a handful of incense ash and sprinkled it on the yellow paper, muttering something, words appeared on the yellow paper immediately. However, the text is like the number of days, and I can’t understand it at all.

The old monk read it to me, and it basically meant that the ghost had already eaten forty-eight hearts, and the remaining one was about to become a demon. There are names on it, besides the friends who were familiar with me at the beginning, and of course my name!

In addition, the old monk also told me that it was because of the magic talisman on my body that I was not plotted against by ghosts.

It seems that this ghost has been spying on me for a long time, but luckily I have a paper talisman with me. Hearing that I carried a talisman to save my life, Li Shou asked me to take it out for him to see.

Dead_Child was thrown to death by washing machine_Legend of Detective Monk Zhao Linger died

I took out the paper talisman sewn into my shirt, and Li Shou suddenly snatched the paper talisman from my hand, tore it to pieces three times, and then changed his countenance, becoming that strange old man’s. appearance!

“Haha, I don’t have this piece of paper anymore, it’s all because of you, a bald ass. I’ve been optimistic about my heart for a long time, and no one can stop me. I’m going to eat the forty-ninth heart now… “Li Shou didn’t pay attention to the old monk at all. After speaking, he directly stretched his claws to my chest.

I was terrified and thought it was over.

Just when the ghost’s hand was about to touch my skin, the old monk threw out a string of Buddhist beads. The bead strangled the ghost’s neck at once, and got closer and closer, only entangled the ghost to roll all over the ground. With a sudden “coax”, the ghost disappeared, only a puff of black smoke gradually drifting in the wind.

“Thank you, Master, for saving your life. I will definitely rebuild the temple.” I was still in shock, and said quickly, “However, this ghost will not come back.”

“The ghost has disappeared since then.” The old monk said silently, “I will also go back and report to the Buddha.”

After speaking, the old monk disappeared, leaving me standing there blankly.

—Time Ghost—

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