The Ghost Under Guanyin Seat

In the early days of liberation, in Liandong Village, there was a Guanyin Temple built on the mountain. Usually there was no incense, but on March 3rd of the lunar calendar, people from several neighboring villages would come here to worship Guanyin, and devout believers would put the temple Weeds that had grown for a year in the front and back of the temple were carefully removed.

There was a lot of heavy rain this summer, and there were small flash floods and mudslides from time to time. Liu Er, who lives closest to the Guanyin Temple, went out that day and found that the Guanyin Temple was buried in the collapsed mud and rocks, and the Guanyin statue was also smashed to pieces. Only the stone under the Avalokitesvara Seat rolled to the side intact.

Liu Er saw that the black stone was still flat, so he moved it back home. He wanted to use it as a stool to sit on, but then he thought it was the seat of Guanyin, so it seemed not very good to sit on it by himself. So he put the stone at his door, thinking that if someone came to visit, he could serve some tea.

At night, Liu Er lay on the bed ready to sleep. There was a deep “woo hoo” sound, which always lingered deeply in my ears, no matter how I blocked my ears, the sound could get into my mind. After tossing and tossing for most of the night, Liu Er finally fell asleep in a daze.

But it was the same on the second and third day. At night, there was always a haunting sound of “woo woo”. No matter how daring Liu Er was, he felt some fear in his heart.

On the fourth day, Liu Er ate early, and before it got dark, he got into the firewood pile at home. The high pile of firewood was just enough for Liu Er to see the situation in front of and behind the house. Clearly.

It was getting dark gradually, and when a gust of wind blew by, the sound of “wuwu” sounded, and Liu Er suddenly shivered with fright. Looking for the sound, Liu Er gradually fixed his eyes on the stone at the door of the house. As the night grew darker, two places on that black stone slowly lit up, faint green, like ghost eyes. After looking at the “ghost eye” for less than two seconds, Liu Er yelled and fell off the woodpile. Then he ran away like crazy.

The next day, Liu Er invited Taoist priests, and took the people from the village to carry the stone to the entrance of the village. Everyone set up firewood, and the Taoist chanted scriptures while lighting the fire.

The fire had only been burning for a while, when suddenly it rained heavily, and the lightning flashed and thundered so loudly that a big waist-thick tree next to it was chopped off with a “snap”. Everyone fled in all directions. I don’t know who fell and kicked the stone, and the stone rolled to the old Wang’s house at the head of the village with a crackling sound.

Lao Wang is a widower, and he is accompanied by a vicious big black dog on weekdays. Everyone in the village is afraid of the big black dog, and other dogs in the village are also afraid of the big black dog. Except for Lao Wang, the dog saw people biting people and dogs biting hooks.

When the rain stopped, the stone also stopped firmly in the yard of the old Wang’s house. Lao Wang also listened to some movement, and walked to the yard with the big black dog. When Lao Wang saw a black stone suddenly appeared in the yard, he wanted to take a closer look, when a strange thing happened.

The big black dog, which is used to being ferocious and vicious, would not go away with its tail between its legs, and Ren Laowang refused to get close to the stone. Lao Wang was also getting old, he pushed the stone, but it didn’t move, so he didn’t care much.

Unexpectedly, at night, Lao Wang and Liu Er encountered the same thing. The stone screamed “woo hoo”, and the ghost eyes with green light made people panic even more.

Soon this matter spread throughout the village, and slowly reached the town. Everyone said that the ghost was imprisoned in that stone, and it was suppressed by Guanyin in the temple before. So everyone started raising money to build the Guanyin Temple, hoping to send this ghost into hell again. But it takes time to build the Guanyin Temple, and Lao Wang really couldn’t bear the sound of “whooping” at night, so he packed up his bags and ran to the county town to find his only son. 【Complete collection of ghost stories】

Lao Wang’s son Xiao Wang felt strange when he heard what his father said. As a highly educated man, he certainly knew that there could be no ghosts and ghosts in this world, so he decided to take his friends from the geological team back to his hometown to find out.

The geological team saw that it was just a piece of ordinary ore. After erosion and weathering, some small holes had formed, and the wind would make a sound. And because the wind was strong at night and the surroundings were very quiet, the originally weak voice seemed very clear. As for the “ghost eyes”, there are only traces of other mineral elements in the two slightly larger holes, which can emit fluorescence at night.

Lao Wang scratched his hair and smiled, thinking how shameful he was without education. After sending off the geological team, Lao Wang began to explain the reason for the formation to other people in the village, but some people in the village still felt scared, because the old black dog was afraid of that big rock, and Lao Wang couldn’t explain this, because The geological team did not explain this to him.

Later, when the Guanyin Temple was repaired, everyone moved the stone into the temple and placed it under the seat of Guanyin. Afterwards, everyone never heard the “woo hoo” sound, and didn’t see the “ghost eye” any more. Because the “ghosts” were suppressed, the new Guanyin Temple continued to burn incense every day. When Lao Wang saw that the whole village went to the temple, Lao Wang also took the big black dog to the temple once. As a result, the big black dog was not afraid of the stone and even barked at the stone a few times.

Once Xiao Wang came back to visit Lao Wang, and Lao Wang told his son about his doubts. After hearing this, Xiao Wang carefully asked about the performance of the big black dog and what happened in it. Finally, he laughed and said: “Dogs are actually very afraid of sound, such as lightning and thunder. Suddenly there was a thunder and lightning, and I saw a big stone rolling into the house. I am afraid that the smart big black dog mistakenly thought that the sound of thunder and lightning was made by the big stone.” , so I became afraid of the stone. Then the stone made noises from time to time, so the big black dog never dared to approach it! This is the empathy effect!”

After listening, Pharaoh nodded half-understood. In the end, Lao Wang still felt that he would not explain this matter to the villagers, because he had never read a book, and he did not understand the “empathy” his son said, and he could not explain it.

As a result, the story of the ghosts under the Guanyin Temple in Lianhua Village spread everywhere, and the incense in the Guanyin Temple continued for a long time.

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