Bed Vixen

The White Fox Shows Up as a Matchmaker

In the two half hills at the foot of Changbai Mountain, there was a young man named Mu Tie. Both his mother and his mother died when he was young, and he grew up eating a variety of meals.

In the autumn of this year, Mutie dug a century-old wild ginseng deep in Changbai Mountain. This hundred-year-old mountain ginseng is hard to come by, and it can be sold for at least one hundred taels of silver. The owner of the mountain goods store saw that wood and iron didn’t understand the market, so he only gave him ten taels of silver, plus a piece of white fox skin.

Mu Tie had never seen ten taels of silver in his life, not to mention getting a glossy fox fur, so he happily agreed.

Mu Tie spread the white fox skin on the kang as a mattress. The wild fox fur is really a treasure. In cold weather, the kang does not need to burn much firewood, and sleeping on the fox fur mattress is so hot that you sweat.

In the middle of the night, Mu Tie felt hot all over and couldn’t fall asleep. He drank a scoop of cold water but couldn’t cool down his body, and began to think of women in a daze. Just took off the only shorts on his body, lay on the fox fur, and stroked the smooth and soft fur of the fox with his hands, as if he was caressing the woman he had admired for a long time. Gradually, Mu Tie was immersed in the pleasure of having sex with the woman . After the climax, Mu Tie’s mind began to regain its composure. He blushed for what he had just done. Fortunately, I was alone, otherwise no one would laugh at me!

At this time, a delicate woman’s voice came: “Master, do you want a wife?” “Who?” Mu Tie was quite surprised, how could there be a woman in his home? Few people come to their home, let alone in the middle of the night. Mu Tie got up quickly, put on his trousers, lit the lamp, and looked around. “My lord, I’m on your bed!”

Mu Tie looked at the bed, his quilt was spread messily on the top of the kang, and the fox fur mattress was pressed down with pillows, who was there?

“My lord, I am the white fox under you.”

“White fox? You… why are you talking?”

Mu Tie asked in horror.

“Just now I was nourished by the son’s pure yang essence, which made me recover part of my mana. I came here to thank you!”

“What you said is true?” Mu Tie asked with a blushing face, “You are a fox with magic power, how did you end up like this?”

The white fox said: “I was injured by a magic formation set up by a Taoist priest and fled to the deep mountains and old forests. At the critical moment when I practiced kung fu to heal my injuries, a hunter captured me. He peeled my skin and sold it to a mountain shop. My soul should enter the next reincarnation and continue to reincarnate, but I have a debt of gratitude, so the soul is attached to the skin, and I hope that one day I will meet someone who is destined to help me realize my long-cherished wish.”

Seeing that Baihu’s words were sincere, Mu Tie believed it. He asked the white fox, “What can I do for you?”

Baihu said: “Now, the most urgent thing is to bring your daughter-in-law back. In Fangjiazhuang, fifty miles away, there is an old man named Fang, who has a youngest daughter named Fang Xiaojiao. As long as the young master obeys my arrangement, Fang Xiaojiao can come to marry you soon. “

When Mu Tie heard that he could marry a beautiful daughter-in-law, he was naturally happy and agreed.

Grandpa is here to pick up his daughter-in-law

In the early morning of the next day, Mu Tie followed the instructions of the white fox, wrapped the fox fur around his neck as a scarf, found a fairly neat coat and hat to put on, and set out on the road.

Fifty miles away, it’s not far. Mu Tie soon arrived at Fangjiazhuang, outside the gate of Fang Yuanwai’s mansion. There are two servants guarding the gate of Fangfu. Mu Tie saluted and said: “Please inform your family members that the little pump master has come to pick up his wife.” If it was before, Mu Tie would have to be beaten up. But today is different, Fang Yuanwai passed down a message to the people in the mansion: Whoever can find a husband’s family for the little girl, will reward three taels of silver! The two guards heard that Mu Tie was here to marry their young lady, and rushed to deliver letters to the staff.

Fang Yuanwai’s youngest daughter, Fang Xiaojiao, is neither ugly nor disabled. Why is Fang Yuanwai so eager to marry her off? It turned out that Fang Xiaojiao, who has always been smart and pleasant, suddenly suffered from an evil disease the year before last, and she was demented all day long. Seeking medical advice everywhere was of no avail. Old Yuanwai’s original wife died for many years. Someone suggested that Yuanwai take a concubine as a joy, but this concubine was also accepted, and Fang Xiaojiao’s illness did not improve. One day, Fang Xiaojiao scared the concubine of the old man and passed out. If the coquettish concubine is sick, is it okay? Fang Yuanwai spared no expense to ask a famous doctor to rescue her, and he bought a hundred-year-old wild ginseng to bring her back to life. This little concubine was crying and making noises, and Fang Yuanwai had to ask Fang Xiaojiao to drive Fang Xiaojiao out of the house. The Fang member was helpless, he was reluctant to part with his concubine, and he couldn’t bear to let his little daughter suffer, so he spread the word that finding a husband’s house for his little girl Fang Xiaojiao was the end of his mind.

The Fang family is a big family in ten miles and eight villages. Everyone knows their every move. Everyone knows that the youngest daughter of the Fang family is insane. Who would want to marry her? In this way, more than ten days passed, and no one came to propose marriage. Today, I heard that a young man said he was coming to marry Fang Xiaojiao. Of course, Fang Xiaojiao was very happy.

The old man saw that Mu Tie was dressed in coarse linen, and he was wearing a pair of old cloth shoes. There was a hole in the top of the shoe, and his big toe was exposed. Only the fox fur scarf around his neck was considered high-grade. Fang Yuanwai asked Mu Tie: “Young man, have you seen my lady?”

“I haven’t seen it before, I came here because of the name.” Mu Tie said. “Since you have never even seen my little girl’s face, why did you say you came to marry her? This is too absurd!” Fang said angrily.

“Old fellow, to be honest, I was instructed by an expert to marry your young lady. Miss Fang and I have been married for three generations. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the young lady to come out and see you.” Mu Tie said very calmly. .

How could Mutie be so sure? It was all the words that the white fox told him in his ear.

Fang Yuanwai asked his servants to bring Miss Fang Xiaojiao out. Fang Xiaojiao was still yelling from afar, but when she saw Mu Tie, she immediately calmed down, staring at Mu Tie in a daze. Mu Tie hurried forward, hugged Fang Xiaojiao, and said, “Good wife, will you go home with me?” Fang Xiaojiao nodded frequently. The old man Fang was shocked. Ever since Fang Xiaojiao suffered from a strange disease, no one could communicate with her. Seeing Fang Xiaojiao and Mu Tie today seemed to be reunited after a long absence, he had to believe the saying that they were married for three generations. The party member Wai was overjoyed, and hurriedly ordered the kitchen to prepare wine and good food for Mu Tie, and cleaned the room and left Mu Tie to stay first.

past life

Why did Fang Xiaojiao, who has always been insane, show such an affectionate look when she sees Mu Tie? This is also the trick of the white fox. When the white fox saw Fang Xiaojiao coming in from the door, he was still as beautiful as a flower three years ago, but he was out of his mind, knowing that he had been hit by the “soul charm” of the fox gate and hadn’t solved it yet. Baihu asked Mu Tie to hug Fang Xiaojiao in the past, just to get closer to undo the “Soul Curse” on her body, but she tried, Fang Xiaojiao was under the curse for too long, and she couldn’t break it with her own magic power. Helpless, the white fox cast another “love at first sight spell” on Fang Xiaojiao. This kind of spell can make the recipient do everything they want, which is the housekeeping skill of a vixen. Therefore, when Fang Xiaojiao met Mu Tie, she fell in love with him like an old lover.

Back then, the white fox was cultivating in the depths of the mountains, and wanted to find a beautiful woman with both talents and looks like her. The white fox picked left and right, and found Fang Xiaojiao. The white fox cast a “soul-sucking curse” on Fang Xiaojiao, and asked Fang Xiaojiao to come to the back garden at three o’clock every day to use as a specimen for himself to practice. Half a month passed, and it was about to be accomplished. The servants of Fang’s mansion discovered Miss Fang’s strange behavior of going to the back garden in the middle of the night, and told the old man Fang. Fang Yuan invited wandering Taoist priests to set up formations around the back garden, the white fox was really fooled, if not for some Taoism, he might have lost his life on the spot. The white fox fled to the deep mountains with wounds, and was captured and skinned by hunters. But she never forgot Miss Fang’s family. She felt deeply guilty for bringing such suffering to others through her own faults, so she thought of a way to return Fang Xiaojiao’s freedom with the help of wood and iron.

Mu Tie lived in Fang Yuanwai’s house for more than half a month, eating and drinking well. Fang Yuan ordered people to tailor several sets of clothes for Mu Tie, all of which were made of high-quality fabrics. As the son-in-law of the Fang family, how can he be poor? Mu Tie and Fang Yuanwai were particularly close to each other, playing chess with Fang Yuanwai on weekdays, and accompanying Fang Xiaojiao around the mansion, they lived in harmony like a family.

On this day, Fang Yuanwai said to Mu Tie: “I have already recognized you as uncle, you can take the little girl home.”

Fang Yuan dispatched two carriages, which were full of daily necessities, and sent Fang Xiaojiao to the carriage, which was considered married.

Timothy returned home. I found that my mud- thatched house with air leaks in all directions disappeared, and it became three brick houses made of bluestone . It turned out that these days, Fang Yuan sent people to inquire about Mu Tie’s situation. After a few days of investigation and visits, the servants came back and reported to the outside members: Mu Tie is a simple and kind person, but his life is hard and his family is too poor.

Upon hearing this, Fang Yuanwai said, “It doesn’t matter, as long as he treats my little girl well, we can help him.” In this way, Fang Yuanwai established a family business for the Mutie couple.

Mu Tie led Fang Xiaojiao into the house. Facing his bewildered newlywed wife, Mu Tie showed embarrassment: How will we live in the future? I can’t communicate with my wife!

At this time, the white fox said: “You put me on her head, and I will give you a smart and beautiful daughter-in-law.”

Mu Tie quickly put the fox skin on Fang Xiaojiao’s head. I saw white smoke slowly rising from Fang Xiaojiao’s head, and after a while, the fox skin disappeared and penetrated into Fang Xiaojiao’s flesh, blending into one. Fang Xiaojiao’s black hair turned into white hair in an instant.

Mu Tie was dumbfounded. Fang Xiaojiao giggled and said, “Master, what are you still doing?”

Seeing that Fang Xiaojiao’s eyes were no longer the original demented look, Mu Tie blinked cleverly. It was the first time Fang Xiaojiao spoke to herself, and it was as nice as Baihu’s voice.

Fang Xiaojiao said: “I can’t restore Miss Fang’s original soul, I can only attach my soul to her. In the future, we will form a complete person to serve the young master, okay?”

What else can Mu Tie say, the daughter-in-law is both beautiful and smart, and she was so moved that she burst into tears.

Two years after their marriage, Mu Tie and Fang Xiaojiao gave birth to a pair of sons. They named their children: Papaya and Muli, which is to take half of the two characters of fox, so they don’t forget their white fox mother. The two children are capable of both literature and martial arts, and both became generals when they grew up.

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