Hospital Ghost Stories | Girls At Children’s Hospital

Suddenly one day, Cheng Yi received a call from the concierge of the Children's Hospital saying: Doctor Cheng, your college classmate is here to see you. Cheng Yi took Zhao Mei and her daughter directly to the dermatology expert at the Children's Hospital. Cheng Yi ran back and forth to arrange a ward for Zhao Mei's daughter, Xiaocheng. Cheng Yi said: Zhao Mei took her child to see a doctor at Beijing Children's Hospital. The child's illness was about to be cured, but Zhao Mei suddenly left because of something urgent. Before she left, she asked me to notify her family and ask someone to take Xiaocheng home as soon as possible. . … Continue readingHospital Ghost Stories | Girls At Children’s Hospital

“Girlfriend” The Story Of Yin And Yang Eyes

When I was helping my girlfriend, who had basically recovered her normal vision, outside the hospital gate, I met an old classmate of mine, and I made an introduction. When I came back, I asked her why, and she said she saw a big black figure standing behind him. Although I am an atheist, I am also puzzled by this matter. Could it be a ghost coming out of the cornea? On the way home, I thought to myself: the pair of “yin and yang eyes” that originally grew on Hanya’s body are now transplanted on my girlfriend’s face. … Continue reading“Girlfriend” The Story Of Yin And Yang Eyes