“Girlfriend” The Story Of Yin And Yang Eyes

My early girlfriend‘s surname was Zhang Yunlan, and she was short in stature and fair in appearance. Although he does not have eyes or pearls, he is born with color blindness. Therefore, the matchmaker enthusiastically introduced me to her, who looked like a yaksha on the outside and as beautiful as an angel on the inside. His girlfriend brought tears to her eyes from her womb, and she suffered from eye disease that was thick with light. Seeing the heroine in such pain every day , I borrowed money to take her to Xinyi People’s Hospital for cornea replacement surgery. Although the operation was a success, there were constant disturbances afterward, and some strange and strange things happened, which made me tremble with fear and sleep day and night.

On the morning of discharge, the sun was shining brightly. When I was helping my girlfriend, who had basically recovered her normal vision, outside the hospital gate, I met an old classmate of mine, and I made an introduction. When the old classmate reached out to her enthusiastically, the always generous girlfriend suddenly looked at each other’s face in horror, to be precise, looked behind him along his ear, and quickly hid behind me. I was very embarrassed at the time. When I came back, I asked her why, and she said she saw a big black figure standing behind him. I said you stop talking nonsense in broad daylight. Who knew that after three or four days, I got the information: my old classmate died in a car accident.

Another afternoon, I met a little boy from school at the mouth of the alley. My girlfriend pulled me to the side of the road in horror. A few days later, the little boy fell from the building. After that, there were old man Zhang bitten by a dog in the south of the village, old lady Xu drinking pesticides in the north of the village, a woman in the west of the village, and the east of the village…

Although I am an atheist, I am also puzzled by this matter. Could it be a ghost coming out of the cornea? I went to the hospital to inquire about the origin of the cornea, but the hospital has a policy of keeping the organ donors confidential.

By car and boat, I traveled thousands of miles to a place in Guizhou, which is a poor and remote small mountain village called “Changsheng Village”. All the houses in the village have been burnt to ashes, and no one lives there. I found an old woman far away from the village. After chatting, it was the mother of Han Ya, a fifteen-year-old cornea donor. I pleaded again and again, and the old woman burst into tears.

Han Ya was born dumb. When her father died young, Hanya was able to help her mother with housework when she was five or six years old. At the age of seven, he became uncharacteristically strange. One day, Hanya stood at the door of a villager’s house, jumping and jumping frantically, gesturing with both hands. Three days later, the family’s teenage son drowned. Every time Hanya went to someone’s door, this kind of thing happened again and again, and many people died in the village. Therefore, the villagers saw the devil as if they saw the devil, and used sticks, stones, fists and feet to drive Hanya and her daughter out of the village.

One day, Hanya ran back to Changsheng Village and danced wildly along the gates of various gates and households. She seemed to have a danger signal and wanted to try her best to tell her, but she couldn’t express her bitterness. The villagers were ignorant and puzzled, so they beat her to death with all their strength, and her mother cried and found Hanya, only half a breath left. Three or four days later, a fire destroyed the village, and there were no survivors. After that, Hanya and her daughter lived begging in a small town a hundred miles away. The girls were often beaten, scolded and driven away in the small town, because Hanya’s strange behavior was even more extreme than when she was in the village. People are dying in the town. Therefore, every time the mother and daughter came to the door to beg for food, they were bombarded and beaten.

Hanya’s mother cried and continued: “Although Hanya can’t speak since she was a child, she is not stupid. Others don’t understand her gestures, and she can guess 60-70% of the meaning: Hanya can see the dark shadow behind the dying person, so she kindly reminds her, but no one can understand the meaning. In the end, when she saw hundreds of thousands of black shadows everywhere in the village, she was also frightened. Although she tried her best to call the police, she was unable to change the fate of the whole village.

The mother and daughter who beg for nothing are often hungry, and they are beaten and scolded by others and have nowhere to go. Poor Han Ya hanged herself in a dilapidated house in town when she was fifteen years old. At that time, a group of medical experts from other places happened to come to the town for a free clinic, and they buried Hanya and took her cornea for money. Hanya’s mother returned to Changsheng Village alone to make a living by herself.

On the way home, I thought to myself: the pair of “yin and yang eyes” that originally grew on Hanya’s body are now transplanted on my girlfriend’s face. We have been living together for half a year, will this supernatural ability infect me a little or a little? Then I thought about it: After my girlfriend was cured of her eye disease, she found that my heart and my appearance were so incongruous, and she was trying to find a way to break up with me. The world is so big, the land is so big. Society is like an ocean, with vast oceans and many ships. My girlfriend is getting ready to step on the new Titanic, raise the sails of sex life, and embark on a new journey. What am I thinking about? What’s the use of being lazy?

Arrive at the station in the middle of the night, reach home and knock on the door. Lai Sui, my girlfriend, opened the door for me without paying attention. When he saw me, he suddenly widened his eyes, as if he had seen a monster, with a look of horror on his face, and his eyes followed my ears and looked behind me.

I was stunned for a moment, and then calmed down: Although I am poor, I have always been benevolent and virtuous in life, and I do not do evil things. The Buddha said: In a family of good deeds, there must be Yu Qing. Those who accumulate good will be rewarded. Although life is impermanent, fortune and misfortune are caused by bad ghosts, the heroine , what am I afraid of?

My girlfriend began to turn her frightened eyes slowly to her side, but she tried her best to get closer to me. And I just want to step back as soon as possible, because at this time, I have vaguely seen a big black shadow coming in behind me, a dim but vaguely visible big black shadow, standing on my girlfriend’s side with extremely flamboyant and drifting movements behind…

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