Ghost Mystery 1 Five Passengers Who Floated Into The Car: The Thrilling Night Of The Xuancheng Daya Airport Driver

This ghost story unfolds the mystery of ghosts in an unpretentious way1, bringing readers into an atmosphere full of mystery and horror. From the beginning of the story, I was drawn in. The character Sao Gu Yang in the story, his doubts and fears, as well as his curiosity and spirit of exploration, all made me empathize. The plot design of the story is clever, compact and exciting, especially when Sao Gu Yang discovered that the five people in the car were actually ghosts, which made me hold my breath for the subsequent development. The atmosphere in the story is also very good. Through the description of Xuancheng Crematorium and Jingting Mountain, I felt a gloomy and terrifying atmosphere. In particular, the scene of the five people getting on the car in the story, and their urging in the car, made me feel a chill in my spine. In addition, the characterization of the story is also very good. Sao Gu Yang's nickname and his attitude towards life, as well as his pursuit of money, all made me deeply impressed by him. The emotional resonance and unique feeling that this story brings to me is that it makes me think about the impermanence of life and the existence of ghosts. The ghosts in the story are eager to rush to their destination, as if to remind us that some things in life are inescapable, whether it is life or death. At the same time, the pursuit of money by Sao Gu Yang in the story also made me reflect on the values ​​of life. The ending of the story also left a deep impression on me. The unexpected reversal gave me a deeper understanding of the theme of the story. In general , Ghost Mystery 1 , this ghost story successfully attracted me into a world full of horror and mystery with its unique plot design, tense atmosphere creation and vivid character creation. At the same time, it also made me think more deeply about life and values. This is a ghost story that is both professional and full of literary beauty.

Ghost Mystery 1_Ghost Mystery 1_Ghost Mystery 1

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