After The Ghost Died, The QQ Avatar Flashed In The Middle Of The Night: A Campus Love That Transcends Life And Death

This ghost story contains deep emotions and rich imagination. It is not just a horror story in the ordinary sense, but also a moving chapter about love, regret and forgiveness. In terms of plot design, the story cleverly uses the cycle of time to interpret a simple QQ exchange into an affectionate dialogue across life and death. From the perspective of atmosphere creation, the background of the story is set in the quiet late night after the ghost died . By describing Fang Nan's inner anxiety and fear, as well as the sudden miserable scream, the readers feel a chilling atmosphere. In terms of character creation, Fang Nan and Huang Yili are full and real. After the ghost died , their inner world was carefully portrayed, so that readers can deeply understand and empathize with their emotional entanglements. It is particularly worth mentioning that the character creation of Huang Yili in the story is not only a gentle and tough female image, but also a soul full of tragic colors. Her persistence in love and deep affection for Fang Nan, even after death, still reluctant to leave, such a setting makes the love story between Fang Nan and Huang Yili more poignant and moving. At the same time, the thoughts on love and life contained in the story also make people think deeply. How the power of love can cross the boundaries of life and death, and how people should face and forgive when they miss love in their lives. In addition, the emotional resonance that the story gave me personally was my sympathy and understanding for the character of Fang Nan. Fang Nan's timidity and regret, his love for Huang Yili and his inner struggle all made me empathize. In life, how many of us have missed the happiness we could have because of timidity and regrets. This story shows us the power of love and regret, as well as courage and forgiveness in the face of life and death in the form of a ghost story. In general, this ghost story left a deep impression on me with its unique plot design, tense atmosphere creation and profound characterization. It is not only a thriller, but also a moving and thought-provoking literary work.

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