As Night Falls, The Moth's Blood And Tears Of Revenge: Whoever Kills My Partner Will Pay The Price

This ghost story, with its unique way and profound connotation, successfully creates a tense and terrifying atmosphere, making people feel a chill in the quiet summer night. From the aspects of plot design, atmosphere creation, and character creation, this story shows a high level of art. First of all, in terms of plot design, the story unfolds in a very natural way, allowing people to enter a terrifying world unknowingly. The narrator of the story is an ordinary college student who walks with his friends on the campus on a summer night and listens to his friends telling ghost stories . This background setting makes the audience feel cordial and easy to resonate. As the story goes deeper, the plot gradually becomes tense, making it impossible to predict what will happen next. In particular, the reversal at the end of the story makes people feel both unexpected and terrifying, leaving a deep impression. Secondly, in terms of atmosphere creation, the story successfully creates a depressing and terrifying atmosphere through delicate description. The campus on a summer night, the breeze, the clouds, the grassy path, these seemingly ordinary elements, are no longer ordinary in the narration of the story. In particular, the little life deep in the grass and Feifei's expression when telling the story make people feel an inexplicable fear. This fear does not come from direct horror elements, but from imagination and speculation about the unknown. Finally, in terms of character creation, the characters in the story are vivid and have outstanding characteristics. Feifei is a sunny and cheerful college student on the one hand, but on the other hand, he is a person who likes to tell ghost stories and has dark interests. This contradictory character makes his behavior and performance in the story more fascinating. The behavior and performance of the three college students, Xiao A, Xiao B and Xiao C, make people feel real, but also make people worry about their fate. The emotional resonance and unique feelings that this story brings to me are mainly reflected in the exploration of human nature. In the story, Xiao A, Xiao B and Xiao C cruelly killed moths in pursuit of momentary pleasure. This behavior makes people reflect on whether humans also have similar cruel behaviors when treating other lives? This exploration of human nature makes this story not just a simple ghost story, but also a social allegory with profound connotations. In general, this ghost story has performed well in plot design, atmosphere creation, and character creation, which brought me deep emotional resonance and unique feelings. I believe that this story will leave a deep impression in the readers' memory and trigger people's thinking about human nature and life.

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