Short Ghost Story

It was the winter of 1999, when I took a friend's truck to Hebei. The car passed by a village where our old classmate lived. It happened that the old classmate's father had just passed away, and the whole family was busy wearing sackcloth and mourning. After a few days of fatigue in the car, we had no choice but to sleep all afternoon at an old classmate's house. At night, he would keep vigil for others.

The corpse was parked in the main room, covered with white cloth and lying on the door panel of the kang. We traveled all over the country and were not afraid of these things, so we set up a table on the ground and played mahjong with the two family members of the deceased, the two brothers Zhao An and Zhao Guang. At about two o'clock in the evening, I felt hungry and wanted to go out to eat. But one person has to be left to watch, because we don’t know what will happen if a cat or mouse attacks us. Zhao An was brave enough to stay and watch by himself, and let us go out to eat and bring him a portion.

After eating and drinking at a small restaurant in the countryside, my friend sang a few love songs with the waiter before going back. As soon as my friend opened the door, he shouted "It's a scam" and ran away. I woke up immediately when I heard the wine, and ran away with another family member. We clearly heard the door behind us being slammed open. , rapid and heavy footsteps were chasing behind me, I bravely looked back, and saw the shadow in the darkness clearly wearing a melon-skin hat and chasing after me with claws and teeth. We ran even harder – finally we couldn't run anymore. The ones behind also caught up – TMD, it was Zhao An who was left to look at the body.

"You're good, Zhao An." His brother Zhao Guang pestered him: "Wearing a dead man's hat to scare us is too much for a joke…" "Take your hands away," Zhao An said breathlessly, "What are you doing? You're calling us a liar when you come back." Corpses are scaring me… Oh my god, I'm not afraid of ghost stories . You guys have finished eating, but I'm not going to run away without eating -" My friend and I looked at each other and smiled. It turned out to be a misunderstanding. But how could Zhao An put on the hat of a corpse? Zhao An said: "I was sleepy. A cat came out of nowhere and knocked my hat off. I picked it up casually. Who knew I would pick this up and put it on? Could it be that the dead man's hat was also knocked off by the cat?" At this point, everyone felt an ominous premonition welling up in their hearts . Not afraid of ghost stories , we hurried back.

There was chaos in the yard. People were squeezing in and out of the door, and some were climbing over the wall. This time it was really a scam! It was the dead old man who was jumping stiffly and chasing people in the yard! And when he was chased out, the whole village was in a panic.

The gentleman responsible for hosting funerals has experience. Let people throw pillows at the body. People did as they were told and threw pillows at the corpse. The corpse was cradled with too many pillows and was eventually crushed. People poured gasoline on the pile of pillows and burned the corpse.

Attachment: Sometimes when a person dies, there is still a breath of air left in the chest. If a cat, mouse or something rushes him, he will be falsely resurrected, which is commonly known as a fake corpse. However, this breath cannot sustain life at all. It will only cause the resurrected corpse to chase and bite like a wild beast. Finally, the breath will be exhausted and it will fall to the ground, and it will be considered completely dead.

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