Brothers Share Fruit

He Lao's two sons, He Qiang and He Feng, had a conflict many years ago when police were investigating ghost cases . They were on the same page and refused to give in to each other. Therefore, before he died, He Lao insisted not to let them come. He asked his lawyer to help him handle his funeral affairs and explain the distribution of his inheritance.

A week later, He Qiang and He Feng hurried over, and when they met, they were so noisy that their faces turned red. The lawyer quickly proposed dividing the estate immediately. Mr. He has made a lot of money from stock trading for many years. If the distribution is unfair, the two brothers will really fight.

The lawyer took out the will and read it aloud. Mr. He's method of distributing the inheritance is a bit strange. It is said that the two brothers should distribute the inheritance based on the method of dividing fruits when they were children.

"How did you divide the fruit when you were children?" the lawyer asked.

He Feng waved his hand and said, "Easy! When we were young, our family was poor. My dad could only buy one apple at a time. He divided an apple into three equal parts. Each of us brothers would eat one portion, and the remaining portion would be divided into three equal parts. , each of us eats one…and so on."

As the two brothers spoke, they began to formally divide the inheritance. In one hour or two hours, the inheritance was divided into three figures. The lawyer reminded them that according to this calculation, it would never be clear. He Qiang immediately said: "You can tell the difference! This is how we divided apples when we were children. At the end of the day, I didn't want them anymore and gave them all to my brother."

When He Feng heard this, he became anxious: "Who said that? When we divided the cantaloupe, I didn't want the last share , so I gave it to you. I know you like to eat cantaloupe!"

"Then look at this inheritance today…" the lawyer asked.

The two brothers were stunned for a moment. Looking at their father's portrait on the wall, they suddenly understood something.

He Qiang pushed the last few hundred yuan in front of his brother and said: "According to the old rules of dividing apples, the rest is all yours." He Feng also quickly pushed the money to his brother: "According to the rules of dividing cantaloupes, these are all yours." Here you go." The two brothers pushed back and forth until their hands touched each other. After a moment of hesitation, they finally held each other.

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