Short Ghost Story

★ Bicycle

This story is one of my colleagues who experienced it when I was working in the south. Is there any very pornographic ghost story ?

(My colleague is from Ganzhou, Jiangxi, and her family is in a rural area. Her name is Guo Hong. Please forgive me if I disclose any privacy or offend the deceased)

When Guo Hong was thirteen, around 1993, she stayed at her classmate's house one night. Her classmate's father had just been buried yesterday, and her family was still immersed in grief. Guo Hong's father had a beloved black car. Zi Che, Fang is in the west room of the house, and his family lives in the east room. There is a living room in China and Canada. The houses in Jiangxi are all about three rooms. The east room and west room are very close. It is necessary to clarify his father’s name here. Cause of death – His father accidentally fell off a not too high cliff while riding a bicycle at night and passed away (Jiangxi has more mountainous areas, complex terrain, and ravines scattered throughout).

At that time, the bicycle was placed in the west room. Guo Hong and her classmates and family were asleep in the east room at night. In the middle of the night——

Guo Hong heard the sound of a rotating bicycle coming from the west room (the second sound was dictated by my colleague Guo Hong).

Guo Hong looked at his classmate. Unexpectedly, his classmate also woke up and opened his eyes to listen to this strange sound. Guo Hong asked what was going on, but his classmates didn't know. Later, everyone in his family recovered, but no one dared to get up and check.

The "Gala Gala" figure lasted for a while and then disappeared. The two of them were holding the quilt and shivering – they agreed that it was the soul of the deceased who had come back to play with his car –

I asked my colleague at that time if he might have encountered small animals, such as the cat at home. My colleague said that his classmate didn’t have any cats or dogs at home. The West Room was very clean and empty, and there was only a bicycle. It couldn't have been touched by a mouse.

I continued to ask my colleagues, just to find out if there were any pornographic ghost stories . I didn’t really believe it was ghosts, because I thought there were too many uncertain factors that caused the sound.

I asked again, was the sound clear? Could it be a hallucination? (Shame, his family members heard it, so it must not be a hallucination. I have a problem with my IQ.) How long did the sound last? Do you think of it again in the future? ?

Guo Hong said, "It was very clear. The sound rang for a few minutes, and then it rang once (about late at night). I don't know if it rang again."After what happened, she never dared to sleep at his classmate's house again.

I don’t know why Guo Hong went to sleep at his classmate’s house that night. After all, someone had just died at his classmate’s house? I didn’t ask him why.

This story is very short, but very touching. Thinking about it now, I still feel a little cold in my heart.

They all agreed that the ghost came back to see his favorite bicycle. There is a saying in the countryside that after a death in the family, the ghost will return home within the first three days. It is commonly known as "chuhu" and then leave forever. Well, the bicycle rang at night happened to be within the same three days, so the family naturally believed it. However, I think there are many uncertain factors in the sound, such as the contact of small animals such as cats, or external factors such as wind. Then I asked all these questions to my colleague, and she They all deny the above reasons. First, he does not keep cats or dogs at home. There may be rats in that house, but it is too far-fetched to blame the rats! The rats made the bicycle rotate, and they just died at his classmate's house. This is such a coincidence during such a sensitive period. Have you ever seen a mouse playing with a bicycle? Secondly, there is no way for wind to enter the room. Even if there is a small amount of wind, it will not be enough to make the bicycle rotate!

Later, my colleague never stayed at that classmate's house again. I was very sorry. I said you should go and have a look at that time. It was a waste of an opportunity to find out whether there were ghosts or not.

The above story makes me feel a little cold now that I think about it. On a dark and windy night, a bicycle that had just died started to rotate without any external force, and this bicycle in your eyes It’s only a few meters away, aren’t you scared? You might say there’s nothing to be afraid of. Who are you kidding?

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