"Chang Chen Tells Ghost Stories" The Singer's Warning

The following story is called: The Song Girl's Admonition

Zhu Xuecheng is an employee of a large company. He is very busy at work and rarely takes a break during the year. This time he finally got a vacation, so he joined a tour group that lasted a week, intending to see all the scenic spots in Malaysia. The trip started and they settled in a big hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Originally, two people shared a room, but that night, because there were not enough double rooms left in the hotel, Zhu Xuecheng had to temporarily be given a single room to live in. A few nights ago, Zhu Xuecheng stayed in a double room. Due to the different living habits of both parties, neither of them felt at ease. It was rare to be alone tonight, so he thought he would sleep well.

At around eleven o'clock in the evening, Zhu Xuecheng lay on the bed in a daze after washing himself. He had just fallen asleep when he was woken up by a sound. [You asked me how deeply I love you… How much do I love you…] He originally thought someone was speaking loudly, but after listening carefully, he realized that it was a woman singing a pop song… [My Love is also true…] Maybe this person wanted to be a singer, so he worked hard day and night to practice his singing voice. [My love is true…the moon represents…] Zhu Xuecheng tossed and turned and couldn't sleep, so he had no choice but to call the hotel's service desk. [My heart…a gentle kiss…] After a while, the hotel duty manager arrived. (Dong-dong-dong-)

Ghost Husband Song_Ghost Husband Interlude_What is the title of the song in Ghost Husband

Zhu Xuecheng lit the lamp and opened the door. It was very strange! The singing stopped abruptly the moment there was a knock on the door. Zhu Xuecheng requested to change rooms, but the hotel was full tonight and the manager could not meet his request. Now that the singing has stopped, Zhu Xuecheng no longer persists. But just as the hotel manager left and Zhu Xuecheng was still lying on the bed, the singing started again! [You asked me how deeply I love you…how much I love you…] Zhu Xuecheng could not wait to put a pair of earplugs into his ears and look at the time. It was already three o'clock in the morning! [My love is true… My love is true…] Hey… He couldn't sleep anyway, so he simply rolled over and sat up. [The moon represents my heart…] He wanted to find out who it was. singing.

Ghost Husband Song_Ghost Husband Interlude_What is the title of the song in Ghost Husband

Zhu Xuecheng opened the balcony door and found the answer immediately! [You asked me how deeply I love you…] The person singing was the female tenant living next door to him. The woman was standing on the balcony next to her and singing passionately, [How much do I love you…] By the moonlight, Zhu Xuecheng discovered that she was young and beautiful, wearing a pajamas on her body. The woman also noticed someone on the balcony next to her, and she immediately stopped singing. (Female) "Ah, I'm sorry, did I wake you up?" (Zhu) "Oh, no, no, no, it should be said that I was attracted by your beautiful singing…" Zhu Xuecheng said again After swallowing his words, he saw the woman leaning on the balcony railing and smiling at him. "Ha… don't lie to me about being happy. I know I'm not good at singing. Otherwise, I wouldn't practice so hard." "Oh, are you a singer?" "Well, yes, you're just a singer from Taiwan. You're a third-rate singer." "Actually, you're not bad at singing. You're better than many singers. Why should you be so modest?" "Thank you…" When someone praised her, the woman smiled gratefully and continued, "Tomorrow You have to go to Genting for a tour, so go to bed early, I'm going to bed too." After saying that, the woman smiled sweetly again, then turned and walked towards her room. But just when she was about to walk to the door of her room, she suddenly turned around and said to Zhu Xuecheng: "The mountain road from the foot of the mountain to Yunding is very difficult. I advise you to take the mountain cable car instead…" Zhu Xuecheng faced The woman suddenly fell in love with her, and he originally wanted to find out which nightclub she was performing at so that he could visit her next time. But the woman's figure disappeared immediately, apparently going back to the house to sleep.

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Early the next morning, as soon as Zhu Xuecheng got up, the phone rang. (Ring… ring…) "Hello. Hello? Hello… talk…" He picked up the phone, and what came out was the familiar voice of the woman last night: "Sir, don't forget my reminder, try to Let them change their minds and not take the tourist bus to climb the mountain, but take the cable car instead…" Zhu Xuecheng was a little confused. He came to the door next door to find the female singer from Taiwan and ask her what she meant. . (Dong dong – dong dong dong dong – dong dong dong -) But he knocked on the door for a long time but got no response. At this time, a waiter passed by. "Sir, what are you doing ?" "Ah, I want to talk to the guest in this room…" "Sir, you may be mistaken, this room is never rented to anyone…" "Why?!" "I don't know, that's what the manager ordered." Huh? what happened? The mystery in Zhu Xuecheng's heart became even greater. He hurried downstairs and happened to meet the tour guide Lao Lin. Zhu Xuecheng took the opportunity to ask: "It is said that the room next to me has never been rented out. Do you know why?" Lao Lin was originally a day-long worker. As soon as the smiling man heard this question, the smile on his face immediately disappeared, and he excused himself and ran away. Zhu Xuecheng's doubts became even greater…

Ghost Husband Interlude_Ghost Husband Song_What is the title of the interlude in Ghost Husband

After everyone boarded the tourist bus, Zhu Xuecheng found an opportunity. He pestered Lao Lin and asked him to explain clearly. Lao Lin couldn't bear the pestering and could only say: "Hey… that house is so noisy." There have been ghosts several times…so the hotel manager secretly stipulated that no rentals are allowed, even if it is full." Haunted? ! ! Zhu Xuecheng immediately thought of that woman. "Yes, let me tell you… That was last year, a Taiwanese female singer came here to perform on stage. Although she didn't sing very well, her appearance was outstanding. She thought that the rich man took a fancy to her, so she gave her a performance every night. She came to cheer her up, and later, they finally got along, and the singer also fell in love with him and wanted to marry him. But the young man was just greedy for her beauty and had never thought about marrying her. As soon as the question was raised, he She disappeared without a trace. The female singer couldn't think about it for a moment, so she committed suicide in the house next to yours."

Ghost Husband Song_Ghost Husband Interlude_What is the title of the song in Ghost Husband

Zhu Xuecheng wakes up like a dream! A wave of fear came over me. He said dreamily: "No wonder there was no response when I knocked on the door…" "Nonsense!! No one has lived in that house for a long time! What door are you knocking on?" Lao Lin stared at Zhu Xuecheng in surprise. Zhu Xuecheng let it slip. He could only tell the truth about what happened last night… Old Lin suddenly felt horrified after hearing this! He told Zhu Xuecheng not to tell others about this matter to avoid emotional fluctuations, and then drove off. When the car drove to the foot of the mountain, it started to rain for no reason in the clear sky! ! ! And the thunder was loud, as if to prove that the woman's prophecy was about to come true! ! So, after hesitating for a while, Lao Lin decided that all passengers should take the cable car up the mountain instead. When the cable car reached the top of the mountain, it rained harder, but the group finally arrived safely…

While having dinner that day, bad news came from the foot of the mountain: Two tourist buses crashed on the mountain road this afternoon, killing and injuring several tourists! At the same time, Kuala Lumpur’s police station and mental hospital are anxiously studying strategies, because this morning, a woman complained that last night, in the hotel where she stayed, a man said something to her while she was enjoying the cool air on the balcony. She left with some incomprehensible words, and the man's eyes were dull, almost posing a physical threat to her… At this time, Zhu Xuecheng's wife was frantically looking for her husband in Kuala Lumpur, because he was a nocturnal patient and was not suitable for going out by himself. , she didn’t know her husband’s illness yet, but she saved everyone…

Well, here’s what I’m going to tell you: The Showgirl’s Advice

[You asked me how deeply I love you…how much I love you…]

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