Ribbons In The Jungle

"Damn it, there's not even a bird or hare in such a big forest!"

Lu Wang cursed and irritably used his shotgun to pull out the branches blocking his way. Daji, the hound leading the way, turned back to look at his master, as if he had the same feeling as his master's words.

"Daji, don't leave, rest here!" Lu Wang walked to a big tree and called his dog to stop.

Daji barked softly, walked tamely to his master's feet, and lay down at his master's feet. He also raised his tail and kept wagging it.

Lu Wang leaned the shotgun next to him, took out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it, and took two leisurely puffs. He was filled with joy when he thought of the day he discovered this large and dense forest in the morning, thinking that this trip would be a fruitful one. Who knows? After wandering for a long time in vain, I got nothing, and I couldn't help but feel worried.

Daji, who was resting on the ground, suddenly straightened his neck in alertness, raised his ears and stared to the left. Not far away from behind a big tree, a white wolf quietly poked half of its head out and peeked over.

"Woof woof!" Daji suddenly jumped up and threw himself behind the tree like an arrow. Lu Wang also quickly grabbed the shotgun and jumped up, following Daji closely.

The white wolf was very cunning, darting left and right in the dense forest. Lu Wang was so dizzy following him that he couldn't aim and shoot, but he still pursued Daji.

After chasing him to a slightly open place, the white wolf suddenly lost track. Luwang was disappointed and had to stop with Daji.

It was almost dusk at this time, and it was very dark in the dense forest. Lu Wang was about to sit down and rest for a while, but unexpectedly found an abandoned shotgun lying on the ground, so he bent down to pick it up and inspect it. This shotgun was abandoned at some point, and the barrel and other metal parts were covered with rust, but it seemed that some of the parts were still usable.

While he was looking at the shotgun carefully, Daji suddenly took a few steps back, raised his head and barked nervously, as if he was panicking.

Lu Wang raised his head and saw a large tree with a crooked neck in front of him. There was a seven-color ribbon tied to the horizontal branch above his head. At this time, a gust of cool wind blew, and the colorful ribbons on the trees fluttered gently, creating dazzling colorful brilliance in the dark forest, which was breathtaking.

"It's so beautiful! What kind of cloth is this made of?" Lu Wang exclaimed. He put down the shotgun and ignored Daji's barking. He raised his hand to untie the ribbon and looked closely at it.

The fabric is soft and smooth to the touch, the colors are gorgeous and pleasing to the eye, and it seems to flow under the light. Although it has been exposed in the forest for a long time, it does not look old at all. Never before had such magical fabrics been seen in Louvain! I was so dazzled by it that I couldn't bear to let it go for a long time.

Daji was still barking. Lu Wang woke up with a start and looked at his watch. It was almost six o'clock in the afternoon. He estimated that there would be no harvest today. He shouted to Daji: "Stop screaming! It's getting dark. Go home!" Packing up the ribbon and Shotgun, follow the original path out of the forest.

It was dusk when we returned to the village. When my wife Yufen heard the dog barking, she hurriedly came out of the house and asked worriedly: "Why did you come back so late? I'm so worried! Why, there's nothing to fight with today?"

Luwang shook his head as he entered the house and said, "No, not even a bird."

Daji looked at Luwang and then at the hostess, and barked loudly again, looking anxious and nervous. Yufen squatted down and touched its head and said, "Daji, you're very hungry, aren't you? Don't worry, I'll feed you later."

Lu Wang said: "I don't know what happened to Daji today. He keeps barking loudly for no reason. He is probably really hungry. Feed him quickly!" He put away the shotgun and said to his wife: "You don't have to wait for me. After dinner, I’ll go to Zhihui’s house first.”

"Why is it so urgent? Let's go after dinner!"

"No, I'll be back soon."

Zhihui is Lu Wang's best friend since childhood. Now he works as a tailor in the county town and happens to be back in the village these days.

Under the lamp, Zhihui gently caressed the ribbon and marveled. He took a magnifying glass and studied the ribbon carefully for a long time. Then he raised his head and said, "This is the first time I have seen such a magical fabric. I suspect it is the legendary 'Seven Color Brocade' from the Qing Dynasty."

"However," Zhihui turned over the ribbon in his hand again. The method of making 'Seven Color Brocade' has been lost long ago, and the finished product is rarely handed down. I just accidentally heard it said by an old tailor in the county and read it in ancient books. "

Lu Wang was very interested and asked: "So is it 'Seven Color Brocade'?"

"I'm not sure yet. How about this? You can leave this ribbon with me first, and I will tell you after I check the ancient book in detail tonight."

Lu Wang nodded, said goodbye and went home.

The next day, Lu Wang finished his breakfast hastily and was about to go to Zhi's house to inquire about the results. Suddenly, his wife, who was feeding chickens outside, came in with a confused look on her face and said, "I heard that Zhihui is seriously ill…"

Lu Wang was stunned: "How is that possible? I was fine when I talked to him last night, how could he suddenly become ill! I went over to see him!" After that, he hurried out the door.

Zhihui is indeed ill. When Lu Wang came to see him, he was lying slumped on the bed, with a sallow complexion, dim eyes, and no energy. He looked seriously ill.

When he saw Lu Wang, his lips moved, but he didn't even have the strength to speak. He only raised his hand with difficulty and pointed at the ribbon on the table next to him.

Lu Wang felt guilty: he must have stayed up late last night researching ancient books about "Seven-Colored Brocade", and he got sick because of overthinking. It was all his own fault. Zhihui!

He leaned down and asked softly: "Are you feeling uncomfortable? Have you seen a doctor? I'll call Dr. Chen from the village for you."

Dr. Chen came soon. After checking the pulse for a long time and asking the patient's family for a long time, he couldn't figure out the reason. He only vaguely said that the patient's blood energy was weak, and staying up late caused the deficiency fire to rise. Then he prescribed a few doses of Chinese herbal medicine that could replenish the body, replenish the vital energy, clear the heart and reduce internal heat, and left with a few words of instructions to his family members.

Feeling guilty, Lu Wang recommended himself to the county pharmacy to get medicine. When he came back, he helped boil the medicine and wait on the patients. He did not go home until dinner time. Before leaving, he took back the ribbon.

When he got home, Yufen refused to eat even after being told to eat. He walked straight into the room and sat alone on a wicker chair.

He took out the seven-colored ribbon, and while stroking it gently, he thought about what happened today. The more he thought about it, the more puzzled he became, and he didn't even want to get up and turn on the light when it was dark.

Later, Yufen came in several times to inquire about him with concern, but he didn't like to answer. Yufen got angry and ignored him, and went to bed alone.

Lu Wang sat on the wicker chair and gradually fell asleep.

In the haze, he realized that the ribbon in his hand suddenly turned into a colorful and poisonous snake. The snake's body was as thick as a human arm and was slippery and sticky, emitting a generally disgusting stench. The snake spit out fishy odor, slowly swam up to his shoulder, circled around his neck, and suddenly tightened its body hard!

Lu Wang was startled and hurriedly stretched out his hand to pull it open, but the snake tightened it tighter and tighter. He felt it became more and more difficult to breathe, almost suffocating. In a hurry, he woke up from his dream, and his clothes were soaked in cold sweat. A large area was soaked.

I don't know when a cold wind blew outside, and an unclosed glass window made a loud bang and was smashed into pieces. Yufen, who was sleeping soundly on the bed, was also awakened at this time.

"Woof!" Daji, who was guarding the door outside, suddenly barked. There was great fear in his bark, as if he had seen something terrible.

Lu Wang stood up and was about to open the door to see what happened, when suddenly there was another shrill howl from Daji, like the desperate howl of a wild animal on the verge of death. Lu Wang was shocked, quickly grabbed the shotgun, opened the door and rushed out.

Under the dim starlight, Daji was torn into two pieces alive, and his wife was screaming with power and ghosts . Her internal organs were scattered all over the floor. Her death was mysterious and terrifying, and it was too horrible to watch.

Lu Wang was trembling all over, and the cold sweat on his back kept pouring out. Suddenly there was a scream from behind: "Ah -" Lu Wang turned around suddenly, and it turned out that Yufen had witnessed Daji's miserable state and was so frightened that she fainted.

Lu Wang hurried over and helped his wife up: "Yufen, what's wrong with you? Wake up…" After a while, Yufen finally slowly opened her eyes. Lu Wang was overjoyed: "Yufen, are you okay? You…"

Yufen looked at Lu Wang with dull eyes, and suddenly screamed "Ah": "Daji is dead, Daji died so horribly!"

Lu Wang gently stroked her hair and comforted her softly: "Don't be afraid, it's okay! I'll bury its body later, and it'll be fine soon."

Yufen stared with frightened eyes, shivered and huddled, shaking her head constantly: "Don't come over, I'm not Daji, don't kill me…"

Lu Wang looked extremely uncomfortable and couldn't help but shed tears, but Yufen suddenly giggled "hehe" again: "Look, Daji is wagging his tail at me… He is asking me to come over and be with him… …whee!"

Looking at Daji's bloody corpse, and then at his insane wife, Lu Wang suddenly felt inexplicable grief and anger. He clutched the shotgun with both hands, stood up and roared around: "Who is it? What is it! Come out if you have the guts." , I, Luwang, will not be afraid of you——"

The roar of grief and anger echoed everywhere in the darkness, adding a bit of terror.


An unknown neighbor's child was frightened and started crying, but the cry soon became weak, and it was obvious that his mouth was covered by an adult. The timid villagers had long been frightened by the gusts of wind and strange noises outside, and no one dared to come out to see what was going on.

Yufen suddenly raised her head and stared at Lu Wang, with an evil look in her eyes. She suddenly rushed forward and strangled his neck with both hands! Lu Wang was frightened and hurriedly struggled away: "Yufen, what are you doing? Don't scare me!"

Yu Fenmu stretched out her hands expressionlessly and approached him step by step, and let out a shrill and terrifying cry: "Return my colorful ribbon…Give me my colorful ribbon…" Accompanied by the whistling wind, it was creepy. .

Streamers! This ominous ribbon! Lu Wang felt a sting in his heart. He took out the ribbon from his trouser pocket and waved it forward: "Okay, I'll give it back to you! Don't harm Yufen, just let her go!"

As soon as Yufen saw the ribbon, she immediately closed her eyes and slowly slumped to the ground.

The gusty wind suddenly disappeared.

"Yufen!" Lu Wang hurriedly helped Yufen up. He looked at the ribbon in his hand and suddenly threw it to the ground with hatred. Then he sighed and sat down helplessly.

Early the next morning, the neighbors gathered together, pointing at Lu Wang's house from a distance, and talking about it.

"The Luwang family was haunted last night! The wind was so sinister, it was so scary!"

"His dog kept barking like crazy, and he and his wife were crying and shouting, as if they were really crazy!"

"Lu Wang must have caused some dirty things outside and came back to cause trouble last night!"

"Yes, yes! The couple must have had an affair!"


With a "squeak", the closed door opened, and Lu Wang walked out with a shotgun in his hand. The neighbors hid far away as if they had seen a ghost, and occasionally poked their heads over to look over.

Lu Wang had a gloomy face, lowered his head without saying a word, closed the door behind his back, and set off straight to the entrance of the village alone.

He came to the forest where the seven-color ribbon was found. The trees were still green, but his mood was no longer as relaxed and leisurely as before. The forest was dense and large, and there was no Daji around to help him find the way. He could only rely on his memory to find the path into the forest that day.

After walking around for a long time, I finally found the big tree with a crooked neck. He scanned the surroundings carefully and found nothing unusual, so he took out the ribbon and put it on the branch, tying the two ends of the ribbon into knots as they were.

He took two steps back, looking at the seven-colored ribbon that brought him misfortune one after another, and felt various emotions in his heart.

Just as he was about to leave, the forest suddenly became dark, and a whistling wind blew around him. The situation was just like last night.

Lu Wang felt "good" in his heart, and held the shotgun tightly with both hands. The back of his neck was suddenly filled with cold wind, as if someone was standing behind him and blowing air on his neck. He suddenly turned around and was frightened.

I saw a figure standing in front of me that appeared and disappeared. His face was pale, his eyes protruded like goldfish eyes, and his tongue protruded from his mouth, hanging out for a long time. He looked extremely terrifying.

Lu Wang felt a chill rising from the soles of his feet and rising to the top of his heart. His hands and feet were so weak that he could hardly hold the shotgun firmly. Without thinking, he quickly pulled the trigger with his finger.

With a "bang" sound, the hot iron sand passed through the figure's body with firelight, and hit the trunk of the big tree behind, emitting wisps of green smoke.

The "person" was not injured at all, and still stood in front of Lu Wang without saying a word, staring firmly into his eyes.

Lu Wang gritted his teeth and yelled: "I'll fight you!" He raised his shotgun and rushed towards the figure desperately, but Nazhi missed the target. Looking back, the figure was standing behind him at some point.

Lu Wang's eyes turned red with rage, and he pounced desperately on the mighty and ghostly wife again and again, trying to fight the strange shadow, but he failed every time. The strange shadow always appeared behind him silently.

He began to feel desperate and just wanted to escape from this ominous place as soon as possible, but the strange shadow stopped in front of him again, its dead fish-like eyes staring steadily into his eyes.

"Go, go… Throw down your shotgun, put your head in the ribbon… Go, go…" The voice of the strange shadow is sometimes sharp, sometimes hoarse, like the sound of a mouse grinding its teeth. Goosebumps all over my body.

Lu Wang's eyes gradually lost their brightness and became hollow and dull. He threw down the shotgun obediently, walked slowly to the crooked-neck tree, grabbed the ribbon with both hands and hoisted himself up, then put his head into the ribbon, and then put his hands down, and the tough ribbon immediately tightened around his neck.

The strange shadow looked at Lu Wang waving his hands and kicking his feet, struggling painfully. A proud smile seemed to appear on his pale face: "Go, go… you become my substitute, and I will It’s time to reincarnate…go, go…"

Lu Wang finally stopped struggling, and his flailing limbs stopped. His face turned purple and black, his eyes bulged, a tongue stretched out long, and his heart had already stopped beating.

The corpse was dangling from the tree.

"Ho ho… ho ho…" The strange shadow made a strange sound from its throat that sounded like laughter and gasping, and its figure gradually disappeared with the cold wind.

Several white wolves seemed to have been watching for a long time, and now they ran out of the corner in a swarm. Two tall white wolves opened their sharp teeth skillfully, biting the legs of Lu Wang's body and pulling it from side to side, and the body fell down with a "snap".

The white wolves howled happily, biting the limbs of the corpse and dragging it deep into the forest, leaving behind a puff of smoke that could not subside for a long time.

The forest slowly returned to calm, as if nothing had happened.

A gust of cool wind blows, and the colorful ribbons on the crooked neck tree flutter gently in the wind, creating dazzling colorful brilliance in the dark forest, which is breathtaking.

Under the tree, an abandoned shotgun lay leaning…

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