Rebirth Of The Ghost-Eyed Business Girl On The 19th Floor Chapter 740: Lights Out At The Post Office

From the mouth of this man named Wanxing, Yang Jian roughly understood what the messenger was about, and it was not very different from what he expected.

First of all, whether it is Wanxing, the group of Li Yue and others who appeared in his hometown, or even a person named Zhang Tao who was investigated before, they are all messengers. This can be confirmed. However, in Before they became messengers, they were ordinary people.

The reason why I was chosen to be the messenger was because of an unexpected letter.

An unsigned, unsealed yellow paper envelope.

Everyone became a messenger after opening the letter, and then came to the post office in an incomprehensible way.

After entering the post office, their task is to deliver letters.

There are no rules for letters appearing in the post office, but as long as they appear, these people who become messengers will be brought into the post office and then deliver the letters to a designated location within the specified time.

The task is simple.

It's as simple as an ordinary courier, just receive the express and deliver it, and the task is completed.

However, this seemingly simple task hides many terrible things, as well as some rules that are not clearly reminded.

For example, you cannot tear up letters, otherwise you will be attacked by evil spirits.

For the messenger, being attacked by a ghost once is fatal, but if he can withstand that attack, it is equivalent to rejecting the letter delivery mission. However, this behavior of tearing up letters cannot be repeated, otherwise the ghost will appear. It will be more terrifying each time.

Yang Jian met Li Yue's group when he was in his hometown. He tore up a letter once, which was equivalent to indirectly helping Li Yue and others complete a letter delivery mission. However, the ghost he attracted has already invaded one of them. .

Secondly, there is a time limit for delivering letters. If the letter is not delivered within the specified time, all the messengers on this floor will die.

Without exception.

In other words, if you cannot complete the task of delivering the letter, you can only choose to tear up the letter.

"How many times have you sent letters?" Yang Jian asked coldly.

Wan Xing was still lying on the ground, with Sun Rui pressing his chest with a golden cane. He wiped the blood on his face: "I delivered twice, and I will deliver the third time soon, so I came here." Waiting for the letter to appear in the post office, the woman named Qian Rong appeared in the post office with me at the beginning, but most of the people in the same batch have died. The seven rooms are not full, but there is still one person. "

"I don't know his name, I just know that he lives in Room No. 7."

"There are only three of you on the first floor?" Yang Jian frowned.

"Everyone else who delivered the message died last time. According to normal rules, new people should join now… to supplement the dead messengers," Wan Xing said.

Sun Rui said at this moment: "There are only three of you in the whole building? I don't believe it. What's going on upstairs?"

"There is also a messenger upstairs. After delivering the letter three times, you will appear on the second floor next time and become the messenger on the second floor. In the same way, the messenger on the second floor will go to the third floor after delivering the letter three times, and so on."

Wan Xing's eyes moved: "I heard this from other people, but I'm not sure whether it's true or not."

He didn't dare to speak so harshly, lest he think he was deceiving them and be killed in a daze.

Tang Ling, the reborn ghost-eyed merchant girl_How many heroines are there in the reborn ghost-eyed merchant house_19th floor of the reborn ghost-eyed merchant girl

"Three times deliver the letter to the first floor. There are five floors in the building. There are seven people on each floor. The seven people should be a team."

Yang Jian had a thoughtful look on his face: "Is it similar to the selection mechanism? Eliminate useless messengers, retain the best ones, and select them step by step. The messengers who finally reach the fifth floor must be top-notch in mind and brains."

"If you don't have strong skills, you won't be able to carry out more than a dozen letter delivery tasks."

Sun Rui asked again at this moment: "What's the benefit of going upstairs?"

"I, I don't know, I only know that the delivery time is different on each floor. I only know that the higher the level of the messenger, the longer it takes to deliver the letter, and the longer the time between tasks, so the safer you are. , and also have a longer period of safety.”

Wan Xing continued: "Like me, there is usually a letter delivery mission about once a week."

"The number of missing people does not match the frequency of deaths." Sun Rui frowned.

What he was investigating was that about nine or ten people would go missing in Dahan City every day, and they were missing every day. If a letter was sent once every seven days, it stands to reason that a group of people would die in the shortest time, and it would not necessarily mean that the group would be wiped out every time. , some people can survive anyway.

"That's all I know for now. I'm really not sure about the other information. If you go upstairs, the messenger upstairs will definitely know more information." Wan Xing added.

Sun Rui hit his chest so hard that he almost broke his ribs: "Haha, you want to trick us into going upstairs so that you can let go, right? You have a lot on your mind, but we and you trash It’s different, you are just ordinary people who are unlucky, we are professionals and we deal with these ghost things.”

"The upstairs we are seeing is not an upstairs in the traditional sense. It is a twisted ghost realm." Yang Jian raised his head and looked upstairs.

His ghostly eyes were peering.

As a result, the perspective in the ghost eye is pitch black, shrouded in darkness. There is no second floor, third floor, fourth floor, or fifth floor at all. Those are all illusions, or these floors do not exist where you see them. In another supernatural space.

Kind of like…a ghost realm within a ghost realm.

Layers upon layers, staggered and twisted.

Yang Jian looked a little solemn. If this was the case, he would not dare to invade casually, because the person who invaded might not be on the second or third floor, but directly lost in the ghost realm.

So the safest way is to be pulled to the second floor on your own.

"The people who built this ghost post office are definitely not simple. They have blocked all the loopholes, and this courier selection mechanism must have some purpose. Otherwise, it would be impossible to let the couriers go upstairs one by one. It's just I’m curious, is there a messenger on the fifth floor?”

Yang Jian looked at the highest floor.

There is no doubt that the messenger on that floor is the person closest to the secret of this ghost post office.

The knocker fell to his death from the fifth floor before he was alive.

Does this mean that the knocker was a messenger on the fifth floor during his lifetime?

"We have to find a way to go to the fifth floor of this building to have a look." Yang Jian made this decision in his heart.

But then his doubts arose.

Tang Ling, the reborn ghost-eyed merchant girl_19th floor of the reborn ghost-eyed merchant girl_Reborn ghost-eyed merchant house How many female protagonists are there

Ghost Eye's Ghost Realm cannot forcefully invade the fifth floor of the post office, so what method should be used to get up there?

Delivering a letter?

Do not make jokes.

It takes seven days to send a letter, so when should it be delivered?

Yang Jian didn't want to be a wage earner on the 19th floor of Rebirth of the Ghost-Eyed Business Girl , so he worked hard to wait for half a year, a year, and honestly sent more than a dozen letters and went upstairs slowly.

"Captain Yang, I think this building is not that simple. I can feel that there is a very scary ghost in a certain room in this building." At this time, Li Yang came over, his face was very heavy. said.

"Huh?" Yang Jian immediately came back to his senses: "Are you sure?"

Li Yang said: "There is no mistake. I have a sense of what is behind the door. It's just that this place is very weird. I was affected, so I can't tell the location clearly, but I can still be sure that there is a certain room upstairs." There must be a powerful ghost inside, and it definitely cannot be an ordinary living messenger."

Sun Rui narrowed his eyes: "So, in the thirty-five rooms, a ghost has already sneaked in? This is interesting. The messenger and the ghost deliver the message together. How can this be fun? Captain Yang, what do you think?"

"No, that's impossible."

Suddenly, Wan Xing became excited: "This room is for messengers. When a person dies, the room will be emptied and restored to its original state. There is no way that a ghost can sneak in. If there is a ghost, the room will be emptied." At the same time, the ghost will disappear and leave with it, so the room is the safest place."

"Oh, your messenger on this floor also knows so clearly?" Sun Rui looked at it and said, "You still said you didn't hide it?"

"No, no, no, don't get me wrong. I didn't want to hide it. This is the message sent by the messenger upstairs. Everyone must have passed it. It is an iron law and there will be no mistake." Wan Xing said.

Yang Jian said calmly: "Maybe you are right, but this is based on the normal operation of the post office, but what if this place is out of control? There are loopholes in some places, and it is not impossible to fool around. Besides, after being exposed to the supernatural, you are still so naive and believe in this ghost place."

"The ghost post office itself is unreasonable, and the rules and iron laws it follows are nothing more than a trick to deceive itself and others."

"It makes sense. If you need to tear open the envelope to enter here and become a messenger, then our appearance has broken this rule." Sun Rui nodded: "Nothing in this ghost place is worth believing. The more you believe, the faster you die." .”

Yang Jian agreed with him.

Do you believe in the rules of a supernatural place?

This reminded him of human skin and ghost closets.

There are similar rules. The human skin tells the truth, but it hides terrible traps. The trading rules of the ghost closet prevent traders from getting rid of the curse.

Nothing involving the supernatural can be so pure and harmless.

"But it's not easy for the three of us to handle this ghost place. Let's blow it up? Maybe the ghost in this building will escape, but if we leave it alone, this place will inevitably continue to get out of control, and I will have to take over again. , think about it, it’s really troublesome.”

Sun Rui held the cane and limped forward.

"Besides, this ghost post office has been involved in the ghost domain. Even if it explodes, it will definitely not have any effect. Team Yang, you are leading the investigation this time. Come up with an idea."

Tang Ling, the reborn ghost-eyed merchant girl_How many heroines are there in the reborn ghost-eyed merchant house_19th floor of the reborn ghost-eyed merchant girl

Yang Jian's eyes were slightly thoughtful.

Indeed, this ghost post office is very special, and it is almost impossible to deal with it.

"I want to go to the fifth floor to have a look." Yang Jian then said seriously.

"Go to the fifth floor? Then you have to deliver the letter. When will it be delivered? I won't do that, Captain Yang. It's not that I'm afraid of death, but it's just that this matter is too troublesome." Sun Ruili was stunned for a moment, then shook his head.

Yang Jian said: "I know, but the important information here is hidden upstairs. If you ask these newcomers on the first floor, you won't be able to find out anything."

He glanced at Wanxing.

I have delivered letters twice and am still a courier on the first floor. I am indeed a newbie.

Wan Xing's face changed and he didn't dare to answer.

At this time, he could see more or less that these three people were not newcomers brought in by the ghost post office, but came to this post office with a purpose.

We are specifically investigating this matter.

"You, who are you?" Wan Xing couldn't help but ask.

"Hey, you're not crazy now?"

Sun Rui smiled playfully; "I am Sun Rui, the person in charge of Dahan City. This is Yang Jian, the person in charge of Dachang City. One of the captains of the headquarters, he is responsible for supernatural events. Are you really bullying us as ordinary people? How dare you use Gun, Captain Yang is right, if you dare to do this outside, you will die ten times."

After speaking, he raised his cane slightly and patted his thin cheek.

"If you cooperate with us honestly, you may still have a way to live. If you don't deliver the letter, you may not die, but if you offend us, you will definitely die."

"The two people in charge came to the post office. It seems that this place has attracted the attention of the outside world. Do you want to go to the fifth floor? I have a way to go to the fifth floor quickly without following the rules of the post office. It just has to bear a lot of responsibility. The biggest risk is that we don’t know if many of us will dare.”


Another voice suddenly sounded.

I don't know when, the door of Room 17 opened. A young man who was less than twenty years old and looked one or two years younger than Yang Jian stood at the door and looked here with a calm face.

"Are you the messenger from Room 7 that Wan Xing said? What's your name? It seems you know something about the supernatural world." Yang Jian immediately turned his head and looked at him.

The young man said: "My name is Wang Shan. I was a student before I came here. I was still in high school. Because of some people, I entered the supernatural circle and learned about some things, but not much. Later, I was unlucky enough to be brought here by a letter. He became a messenger in a ghost place, but I came a while before him, and I have only sent two letters so far, and I still have the last one to go to the second floor."

"Although I don't know a few of them, I also know the identity and status of the person in charge."

"For a high school student to come to this damn place and still be so calm and successfully deliver two letters, you are much better than many people." Yang Jian stared at him.

The man is in good spirits.

19th floor of the reborn ghost-eyed merchant girl_Tang Ling, the reborn ghost-eyed merchant girl _How many heroines are there in the Reborn Ghost Shangyan Tower

Wan Xing's skinny cheeks and vicious manner were obviously suffering from severe mental torture. After all, not everyone can have such a big heart to ignore the influence of supernatural events.

"It's just luck. I'm nothing compared to the people in charge." Wang Shan smiled and became very humble.

Yang Jian said: "Don't waste time, tell me your method."

"Now is not the time to talk. Six o'clock is coming soon. After six o'clock in the evening, the post office will turn off the lights. If people stay in the post office and do not return to their rooms at that time, they will be killed by the ghosts wandering in the post office." Wang Shan reminded.

"Ghosts wandering in the post office? Didn't he say there are no ghosts?" Yang Jian frowned and glanced at Wang Xing.

Wang Shan said: "I speculate that there is, but it is not what the big brother said just now. This ghost has always existed in the post office and is not hiding in a certain room. However, the ghost will only be active after the lights are turned off. Time It will last until six o'clock the next morning."

"The only thing safe is the room."

"You know so clearly?" Yang Jian asked.

Wang Shan said: "I have also contacted the messenger upstairs, so I know this. There are still ten minutes left. I think some things should wait until tomorrow?"

As if to confirm what he said.

In the old post office, the originally yellow lights began to flicker at this time, and the lights became dimmer and gradually tended to go out. In addition, you could see the balcony on the fifth floor when you stood here and looked up. , but now the fifth floor was shrouded in darkness, making it impossible to see clearly.

The darkness eroded all the way down from upstairs, covering the fifth floor, then the fourth floor, and soon it would reach the third floor.

If this continues, this place will soon be completely plunged into a strange darkness.

"Captain Yang, it's better to leave here for the time being. There are many incomprehensible weirdnesses in this place. We are not messengers. There is no need to stay here and take unnecessary risks." Sun Rui suggested in a suppressed voice.

"It's true that safety comes first, but I came here for a purpose. I don't want to leave until I find the answer. And if the three of us join forces, if there is really a ghost attack, will we definitely die? You are too cowardly. Tonight Just stay here for one night and wait until tomorrow.”

Yang Jian made a decision and was ready to stay.

He was fully prepared and somewhat confident.

And he believes that although this place is weird, the degree of danger is definitely limited. After all, ordinary people can survive here.

In addition, the purpose of the post office is definitely not to kill people mindlessly.

If you really want to kill someone, why would you be bored and create a messenger to deliver a message?

"Okay, you lead the team and you make the decision." Sun Rui shrugged and refused to argue with Yang Jian.

Otherwise, if you get into a fight and fight, you will die.

If you think about it carefully, how unfair that is.

"We didn't receive a letter and forced our way into the post office, so it's best for the three of us to stay in one room to ensure that we can deal with various emergencies."

Tang Ling, the reborn ghost-eyed merchant girl_How many heroines are there in the reborn ghost-eyed merchant house_19th floor of the reborn ghost-eyed merchant girl

Yang Jian's eyes moved slightly and he pointed at Wang Shandao: "The three of us will spend the night in your room tonight."

Wang Shan's face suddenly changed slightly, and he said hurriedly: "This, this is not possible, you guys, it's not that I refuse you, but it is best for one person to live in a room. If there are more people, I heard that there will be some horrors It happened. When I first came here, I heard that two people had stayed in the same room overnight, and someone would die strangely the next day. It was suspected that there was something unclean in the room causing mischief."

"That's it."

Yang Jian said with a cold face: "If something bad happens, we will deal with it. It has nothing to do with you."

He was tough and gave no room for rejection.

Wang Shan stopped talking. He knew that he had no right to speak in front of these responsible persons.

Just talking and arguing.

Ten minutes and almost there.

The darkness above the head and the invasion reached the second floor. I was thinking about spreading to the first floor, and the lights in the post office on the first floor were dim and almost extinguished. On the 19th floor of the Rebirth of the Ghost-Eyed Business Girl , only some walls could be seen around the building. The outline, if it were darker, it would be really hard to see.

"The lights are going out, please hurry up, I don't want to be stared at by the ghosts wandering around the post office." Wang Shan said with a somewhat anxious tone.

Yang Jian didn't speak, just gestured.

The three people immediately walked to Room No. 7.

As for Wan Xing, whose face was covered with blood, and the woman named Qian Rong who was standing by at a loss, they hurriedly ran to their respective rooms after they realized what they were doing.


As the door closed, within a minute, the lights in the post office were completely turned off.

Darkness enveloped the entire post office, and the first to fifth floors were plunged into deathly darkness.

Even the neon lights next to the sign outside the door were dim.

But at this time.

The terrifying silence of the post office echoed with the sound of a dead footsteps.

That was the sound made by the corpse stepping on the wooden board. Every now and then, it creaked and floated over, if it was there or not, and the sound was very strange. When it was on the fourth floor, it only echoed on the fourth floor, and only a little bit downstairs. There was no movement at all, even if you pricked your ears, you couldn't hear it.

But occasionally, footsteps appeared on the second floor again, directly crossing a floor, as if appearing out of thin air.

However, in the end, the dead footsteps appeared again on the first floor.

Erratic and incomprehensible.

It seems that just as Wang Shan said, there is a ghost floating in the darkness inside the post office, which will only appear after the lights are turned off at six o'clock in the evening.

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