Okada Will Be The Villain Chapter 373 Sniper

The cool moonlight quietly shines on the gate of Aoyama Cemetery in Minami-Aoyama 2-chome. Many famous Japanese politicians, scholars and writers are buried here, such as Okubo Toshimichi, Kunikida Doppo, Yoshida Shigeru and so on.

After nightfall, most locals dare not pass by here. It is said that most of the supernatural events in Tokyo take place here. Newspapers often disclose that in the middle of the night, when taxi drivers take passengers to the cemetery and prepare to collect money, they find that the guests have disappeared.

Shiga is a young taxi driver. He has just returned to Shinjuku after sending a few girls to Sacred Heart Women's University. His mind is always circling the figure of a beautiful girl in the car just now. When he wakes up, take a taxi. The car has crossed Nishi Azabu and arrived at Nanqingshan.

The back of Shihe's head felt a little numb, alas, this road can only pass through the gate of Qingshan Cemetery, I hope nothing will happen to me.

But he still saw…

At the gate of Qingshan Cemetery, a man was drenched in water, waving to him for a taxi. When he got closer, he could clearly see that the man was holding a naked baby in his arms… It was broken, it must be a Two drowning ghosts, one big and one small! Shiga was so frightened that his soul almost went out of his body, his eyes were fixed, his hands were tightly gripping the steering wheel, and he rushed forward recklessly. Hurry up, hurry up, step on the gas pedal to the bottom, the car speeds like lightning.

There was a "snap" sound from the car door, and a gust of cool wind suddenly rushed in. In the rearview mirror, I suddenly saw those two drowned ghosts on the back seat… Oh my god! Shiga screamed in his heart, his neck felt cold, and he almost passed out.

The Qingshan intersection ahead was brightly lit, and a policeman set up a roadblock, waving a red stop warning sign in his hand, signaling him to pull over and stop.

Shiga slammed on the brakes, and the tires rubbed against the ground, making a shrill scream. Before the car came to a complete stop, Shiga opened the car door and jumped out, screaming at the top of his lungs: "Ghost! There is a ghost!" …"

The police quickly surrounded the car with guns.

Okada will give birth to wicked people_Wicked people will be born with wicked people_Shanggang Middle School Zhu Xiaosheng

The car door opened, and Han Sheng hugged Shen Caihua and stepped out of the car, his clothes were still wet, the sudden braking just now would make Okada a villain, causing Xiao Caihua to feel a little nauseous, he opened his mouth "uh" and spit out a tail The little fish landed at the feet of the policeman and was still alive and kicking.

The policemen looked at the baby spitting out the live fish, they were all surprised, they looked at each other in blank dismay, did they really meet a ghost?

"どいうつもり? (What are you?)" a policeman mustered up his courage and asked.

Han Sheng couldn't understand Japanese, so he thought for a while and took out the soaked ticket from his pocket, and handed it to the policeman.

"ka876…" The policeman shouted in surprise, "zhuhansheng!"

The policemen immediately became excited, and someone immediately reported to the Metropolitan Police Department through the car radio that Zhu Hansheng and his son from Hong Kong had been found.

Soon, several police cars came roaring, and section chief Nakamura and police officer Kono arrived.

"What did you say!" Officer Kono murmured with a pale face, "Chairman Shigeru Oshima, Kurosawa, and Taro Wuyuan are in the same group?"

"They are all members of the corpse sect," Han Sheng added.

"The Corpse Cult?" Section Chief Nakamura frowned after listening to Kono's translation, and his expression became extremely nervous.

"Section Chief, do you know about the 'Cut of the Corpse'?" Kono saw that something was wrong with his boss's expression, so he asked softly.

Nakamura pondered for a moment, and then slowly said, "It is said that during the "Onin Rebellion" at the end of the Muromachi Shogunate of the Ashikaga family, Yin people from the Central Plains participated in the riots, which lasted until the Azuchi era. Oda Nobunaga was involved in the Honnoji Incident He committed suicide, but Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the important minister of the Oda family, determined that it was the work of Yinren's "Jianshijiao", so he ordered to start a full-scale hunting of Yinren. People's news. Of course, these are all legends, and there are different opinions in the historical circles about whether there was such an organization in history as the "Cut of the Dead" and there is no consensus."

"Mr. Zhu, are you sure that they are the 'Cut Corpse Sect'?" Kono asked suspiciously.

"Sure, they are usually active at night, digging graves, inhaling corpse gas, very evil." Han Sheng nodded and said.

"Do they have any characteristics that are different from ordinary people?" Kono asked.

"Yes, there are corpse spots growing on Yinren's body, and the higher the skill level, the brighter the color." Han Sheng explained.

Shanggang Middle School Zhu Xiaosheng_Wicked people have their own grind_Okada will give birth to wicked people

"Officer Kono, take Mr. Zhu and his son back to the haunted house. Make a record of what Mr. Zhu said, and ask him to sign it and make it top secret. In addition, who do you talk to about Mr. Shigeru Oshima and the Corpse Cult? Don't even talk about it, do you understand?" Section Chief Nakamura urged, then murmured to himself, "If this is true, there is no guarantee that the 'Mutual Corpse Cult' will not infiltrate the Metropolitan Police Department. My God, the next Prime Minister of Japan will actually It may be the 'Cut Corpse Cult' that existed in Antu's time, it's too scary…"

Police officer Kono took Han Sheng and Shen Caihua back to the "ghost house" next to Nogi Shrine with a heavy heart, while Section Chief Nakamura led his troops straight to Qingshan Cemetery to arrest Kurosawa and Wuyuan Taro and his group.

When they arrived at the scene of the river fall mentioned by Han Sheng, they could vaguely see a lot of shards of car glass scattered on the road, but there was no trace of Kuisawa's group.

"Go down to the water and have a look." Section Chief Nakamura ordered.

Two policemen with good water skills took off their clothes and dived into the Huling River one after another.

"Report, found a van underwater!" A policeman emerged from the water and said.

"Check to see if anyone is still inside." Nakamura ordered, and at the same time ordered his subordinates to use the vehicle-mounted wireless intercom to notify the headquarters, and immediately send an accident rescue crane to the scene.

There was no one in the van. The crane stretched out the boom, slowly lifted it out of the water, and then moved it onto a truck, ready to be pulled back to the Metropolitan Police Department for strict inspections, to collect fingerprints and find out the owner of the van.

"Notify the headquarters, immediately send a few frogmen to conduct an underwater search, and don't let go of an inch of the bottom." Nakamura continued to order.

"Yes." The subordinate replied.

It seems that this may be true… Section Chief Nakamura's heart sank.

The phone on the "Haunted House" table rang, and Kono picked up the receiver.

"The wrecked van was found in the river next to the Qingshan Cemetery. It seems that what Mr. Zhu said is true. Currently, Kurosawa and others are at large. I have asked Director Chuntian for instructions and will send them on the plane back to Hong Kong tomorrow. Well, if you stay in Tokyo for one more day, the danger will increase by one point. As for the 'Corpse Cult' and the situation involving Senator Shigeru Oshima, I have to think carefully about it, and it is not appropriate to disclose it for the time being. Remember, after the incident on flight ka876 From now on, Mr. Zhu and his son will be like heroes in the eyes of the Japanese, and if something goes wrong, the Metropolitan Police Department will not be able to explain it to the people.” Section Chief Nakamura said worriedly.

"Yes." Kono replied.

"Remember, send it to the plane secretly, and don't take the originally scheduled return flight, in case Kurosawa and the others or the Red Army destroy it." Nakamura urged.

"I understand." Kono nodded, he deeply felt the foresight of his boss.

After turning off the lights, Xiaocaihua was already exhausted after all the tossing, and fell asleep early. Han Sheng is lying on the bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. He will go back to Hong Kong tomorrow, and there are more difficult things waiting for him, that is, he will return to the jungle of Indochina to find the whereabouts of Mo Mo.

Kono couldn't sleep at night. Since boarding flight ka876, although it has been less than 24 hours, so many things have happened, it is simply thrilling. What kind of organization is this "Jianjiaojiao" that actually involves the candidates for the next Japanese prime minister?

After thinking about it, his spirit became more and more excited, and he simply put on his clothes and got out of bed, and came to the balcony outside the living room, standing silently in the darkness, letting the cool, moist and slightly salty Tokyo Bay sea breeze blow on his cheeks, and he was refreshed. Pull yourself together and start thinking about your next course of action after dawn.

Kono didn't know that on the roof of an ordinary building less than two kilometers away from him, there was a professional killer lying on his stomach, holding an American Barrett large-caliber sniper rifle. He's on camera.

Later (officially mass-produced in 1982), Barrett's large-caliber sniper rifle (caliber 50 sniperrifle), known as the "kiss of death", is so powerful that even if it only hits the arm, the power of its bullet will tear the entire human body into pieces. The effective range is 2000 meters, and it can almost hit a hundred shots.

This is a sample gun from the Barrett company, which was lost to the hands of this Japanese professional killer, and has caused several murders in Japan.

When choosing the "haunted house", it was considered that there must be no buildings in front of the window to prevent people from peeping. The window is nearly two kilometers away from the nearest building, so it was confirmed to be absolutely safe. But no one expected that the United States on the other side of the ocean would actually invent such a long-range sniper rifle.

When Mr. Oshima Shigeru learned that Han Sheng had escaped from Kurosawa, he was shocked, because Han Sheng already knew his details and had to be eliminated quickly. So he found the secret phone number of the "haunted house" he had called through the inside line, found the address of the haunted house, and immediately sent the number one professional killer in Japan to kill Hong Kong man Zhu Hansheng.

This time the Barrett sniper rifle used the Raufoss multi-purpose bullet produced in Norway, which could penetrate armor and explode into flames, even destroying helicopters and light armored vehicles. The killer believed that no one could escape from the gun.

Han Sheng heard the sound of Kono walking, so he also got out of bed lightly, and came to the balcony, the two chatted, and Han Sheng explained to Kono some knowledge about the "Cut Corpse Cult".

Two kilometers away, the sniper lying on the roof slightly moved the night vision device of the Barrett sniper rifle, put Han Sheng in it firmly, and then pulled the trigger…

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