Japan’s Most Terrifying “King Of Haunted Houses” Was Built From An Abandoned Hospital, And No One Dares To Go Now!

Japan’s most terrifying “King of Haunted Houses” was built from an abandoned hospital, but now no one dares to go!

The playground that people most want to go to when they are young is the playground, because it is full of innocence and gives people a warm and beautiful feeling. Later, with the emergence of various entertainment facilities, all kinds of strange entertainment projects gradually increased. Compared with the kind of warm, dreamy and bland entertainment activities, some people who like excitement began to challenge some more thrilling ones. Projects, among which exploring haunted houses has become the choice of many people.


People who have experienced the haunted house should know that when entering the haunted house, the dark environment and the eerie background music , the most terrifying haunted house hospital in Japan , have made the whole atmosphere extremely tense. And the “ghosts” that appeared from time to time made the whole space scream again and again, causing people who were not afraid to break into a cold sweat. In fact, the reason why the haunted house is scary is not only because of the darkness in the haunted house and all kinds of hideous “ghosts”, but also because of people’s inner fear and awe of the unknown.


If we talk about thrillers, we will think of Japan for the first time, because many classic thrillers come from Japan, and Japan has always been a nation that worships ghosts, and the ghost culture is very famous. Therefore, there is a world-famous haunted house in Japan – Fuji-Q High Haunted House. This haunted house is rated as the largest and scariest haunted house in the world by Guinness World Records.


First of all, this world-famous haunted house is very bold in its location selection, because it was originally transformed from the Jiki General Hospital, which was a sensation in Japan due to smuggling and reselling of organs. The fear was felt before entering. In terms of interior design, in addition to the facilities background that ordinary haunted houses will have, Fuji Q Haunted House has also designed a complex maze, and the horror index has been raised to a higher level.


Many people in haunted houses enter together when they visit, but here, each visit is limited to 2-3 people, and it takes at least 50 minutes for them to get out of the haunted house, so many people will be rejected because they can’t persist. Forced to be taken out by the staff halfway. In addition, there is a very mysterious place in the Fuji-Q haunted house, which is its third floor. It has been closed to the public because it is rumored that a tourist has been scared to death here, but many people are very curious to know what is in this forbidden area. , would make it so terrifying.


Many people will be curious about new things. This is human nature . In addition to fear , there is a stronger desire to explore some unknown things. However, if your mental capacity is not enough, you should not try it lightly in a thrilling place like Fuji Q Haunted House. After all, you must ensure safety first in everything you do.

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