Is Jackie Chan Dead? "Taiping Guangji" Folk Ghost Story

This is the old man ’s story about his teacher.

After teaching, the teacher likes to walk around. I saw a child by the river outside the village that day. Who was he? The only son of the old Wang family of Qiancun. Lao Wang is considered a landlord, but he does not rely on wealth to deceive others. He devoutly believed in ghosts and gods, and even asked the town's temple to find the husband who sat in his family. He believed that in this way, the gods would bless his son's literary success. The teacher also knows this gentleman. He is a good person and has good knowledge. The two of them were friends of poetry and wine.

Let’s talk about Xiao Wang. He was squatting on the ground playing with a big turtle. He was a little nervous when he saw the teacher coming. The teacher asked him what are you doing? Xiao Wang said he came to the river to take a bath and saw this big turtle coming ashore to bask in the sun. I started playing out of curiosity. The child was neither gentle nor heavy, and he actually tortured the big turtle to death.

The teacher went over to take a look. The turtle was about the size of a pot lid, so it might not be ordinary. The teacher asked if anyone saw you playing? Xiao Wang said that there were several children who were here just now. The teacher knew that if Lao Wang knew that his son had tortured such a big turtle to death, he would cause an uproar. Tell your child that Jackie Chan is dead . If your father beats you back home, ask him to ask your husband for Taiping Guangji.

As expected by the teacher, Lao Wang heard from the villagers in the evening that his son had tortured a huge turtle to death, so he went home to settle the accounts with Xiao Wang. Xiao Wang was so frightened that he ran and said what the teacher told him. Lao Wang always admired the teacher's ability, so he went to the study to see his husband. The gentleman asked the purpose of his visit (he knew that his employer was illiterate), lowered his head and thought for a long time, and suddenly burst into laughter. Please sit down. Don't blame the child. Lao Wang was worried, what did he mean by teacher x? What should I do if a big turtle doesn't have any intelligence and comes to my house?

Sir, I know that Lao Wang admires the words in the book the most. Whatever was written in the book, he regarded it as a golden rule. So he took down Taiping Guangji and told him: There once was a fisherman named Zhang Huzi who netted a big fish one day. There are red words on the belly of the fish: "Nine climbs to Longmen Mountain, three times to drink Dongting water. After all, if you don't become a dragon, your life will end with a beard."

Lao Wang seemed to understand a little after hearing this. The gentleman comforted him again. It is most difficult for animals to practice Taoism. Tongziguan is very sad (Tongziguan means that if a boy kills a living being, the underworld is not guilty). I am afraid that the little king killed the big turtle with the help of God. Not only will it not bring disaster, but it may give some reward. Lao Wang left happily. It was just that Xiao Wang got a better deal, and he even got a delicious meal that night.

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