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Known as the scariest story in Japan: The Cow's Head

There are thousands of horror stories in the world. If you ask which one is the scariest, you will probably get countless answers and different conclusions.

This is not the case, there is indeed one of the scariest horror stories in the world.

When I was in Japan, an old man told me that a Japanese story called "The Bull's Head" was the scariest story in the world.

I am a person who likes to read horror stories. Now that I heard that [Nuutou] is so powerful, I naturally want to know what kind of story it is. How scary is it?

I tried to ask the old man, but it turned out that even he didn't know the content of the story. He had only heard rumors about [Nuolou].

I didn't know if this work really existed in the world, so I tried to check everywhere and finally found some clues.

In the 40th year of the Showa Period [1965], the story of "Bull Head" was mentioned in a short story titled "Bull Head" written by Japanese weird novelist Komatsu Sakyo.

It must be made clear that the most frightening horror story in the world [Bull Head] is not the work of Sakyo Komatsu, it is just mentioned by Komatsu in his own novel.

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It is said that the real "Bull Head" was published in the early Meiji era. It was so terrifying that many people who read the story went crazy due to excessive stimulation, and some even died of anger, causing chaos in society. Therefore, Japan's X-series [Nuutou] was a banned book at that time, and the remaining books on the market were burned to prevent them from being circulated.

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Sakyo Komatsu was born in 1931. He graduated from the Department of Italian Literature at Kyoto University and worked as a magazine reporter. In 1961, he won the Japan Science Fiction Award for "Bringing Peace to the Earth". In 1973, he released his masterpiece "The Sinking of Japan", which not only won Awarded by the Japan Mystery Writers Association, the book has sold more than four million copies. [Bull Head] is one of his short stories. The original Japanese name of [Bull Head] is [Bull Head] [USHI NO KUBI]. Tsutsui Yasutaka was born in 1934 and graduated from the Faculty of Literature of Tongzhi University. He once published a science fiction fanzine and later won the title of Edogawa Ranpo, a master of reasoning. He devotes himself to creation with all his strength, and his works include "American Bomb", "The Last Order", etc. In recent years, he has also participated in the entertainment industry and filmed movies such as "Twins" and Japanese dramas such as "News Girl".

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I doubted whether the truth was that exaggerated. Later, a Japanese friend who loved reading learned that the famous Japanese writer Tsutsui Yasutaka

In the past, I mentioned the "Ox Head" in my column. He said that the "Ou Head" was extremely scary. Many people who knew the content of the story couldn't bear the horror and were frightened to death. They are still alive after hearing the story. The number of people has become smaller and smaller.

From this point of view, the most terrifying story in the rumors does exist, but I am starting to worry. [Niutou] If it is really as scary as the rumors say, can I bear it?

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My curiosity has been completely aroused, and I will never give up until I find out the story of [Nuutou].

When I was in Japan, I often visited a used bookstore in Kanda. Although I didn’t know the owner very well, we would always chat for a while when I paid to buy books. Of course, the conversation was about books.

The boss is over fifty years old and has been running a bookstore for more than twenty years. He knows everything about books, so I went to him specifically to ask about [Nuutou].

But when I mentioned the story of [Nuutou], the boss changed his face on the spot, which was unexpected.

I further asked him if he had seen or heard this story, and if he knew the content of the story. The boss, who was usually amiable and amiable, lost his composure and asked me to stop mentioning anything about [Nuutou] in front of him. . Apparently, the boss had heard the story, but why he had such a strange reaction, I’m not sure.

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Students collectively fainted after listening to [Nuutou]

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There are many related rumors in Japan about [Ox Head]. It is said that thirty years ago, most middle school teachers of that era had heard the story of [Ox Head]. Once, a middle school student took his students on a trip. They were bored in the station wagon. The teacher suggested that the students take turns telling horror stories. When all the students in the class had spoken and it was the teacher's turn, he, who was proud of his courage, announced that he was going to tell the story of "The Bull Head".The students were so frightened that they screamed when they heard the word "牛头". Some students even covered their ears harder to avoid hearing.

, the teacher ignored the students’ excessive reaction and told the story. After finishing speaking, the station wagon suddenly stopped suddenly. The teacher found that most of the students on the bus had turned their eyes white with fright and fainted. The teacher was heartbroken. Knowing that he had caused an accident, he immediately asked the driver to drive to the hospital. Unexpectedly, the teacher was shocked when he saw the driver's appearance. It turned out that even the driver was scared out of his mind. The seat was covered with his cold sweat. The driver's hands were shaking and he told the teacher that he could no longer do it. Driving on, you can see how terrifying the bull head is.

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After that, I tried to inquire from people with different backgrounds and heard several versions of the [Nuolou] story. Although the content was terrifying, it did not scare me half to death, so I believed that none of them were the true versions as rumored.

Unexpectedly, one day, a friend who worked for a publishing house in Japan told me that he knew a writer who had heard the story of "The Bull Head". I immediately asked to arrange a meeting.

The writer lived in Chiba, and I took a special trip to visit him. He is over sixty years old and has written a lot in the past. In recent years, his output has been low and he is in a semi-retired state. Let's call him Mr. S.

Mr. S didn’t know my purpose at first. I just falsely claimed that I was his reader and wanted to meet him anyway.

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I made some preparations in advance and read several of his works. When we met, I first praised him and talked with him for a while about his works, and then got to the point and asked him about [Nuutou]. .

After hearing this, Mr. S had a very solemn look on his face and asked me why I asked about the scary story.

I told him truthfully that I was curious about the story and wanted to see what the world's scariest horror story was.

Our conversation at that time must be written down, otherwise it will be difficult to understand Mr. S’s reaction.

[Young man, I advise you not to know the content of that story. Mr. S said kindly.

[Now that I know this story, if I can’t listen to it, I won’t be able to let it go. ] I said.

[Before I heard it, I felt the same as you, but after I knew the content, I regretted it. I regretted listening to that terrible story. The shadow… I will never be able to get rid of it in my life… I will never let go… The story was carried into the coffin and never mentioned to anyone again. I really don’t even want to think about the content of the story…] After saying that, Mr. S had goosebumps all over his body.

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[Please make an exception and tell me! Please! Please! ]My sincere plea

Might as well tell you. After listening to the story of [Ou Head], something unfortunate will happen to you. Mr. ]s still said sincerely.

[It doesn't matter! No matter what, you must know the content of the story today! ] I have given up.

[In this case, I am happy for you! [Niutou] This story takes place…]

Mr. S started to tell, but when he remembered the content of the story, he held his chest in pain.

I was shocked and immediately informed her wife. By the time the ambulance arrived, the severe pain in Mr. S's chest had subsided.

When the ambulance crew carried Mr. S into the car and sent him to the hospital, he said to me: "I am old, and recalling that story in my head, my heart can no longer bear it. Go ahead." Ask another person who has heard of [Ou Head]. ]

To this day, I still look for the rumored [Bull Head] story.

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When I was asking around for the story of [Nuutou], I heard a related story from a history student. Rumor has it that in the early years of the Meiji period, Japan X conducted a large-scale land inspection [farmland yield statistics and population survey]. Officials found some cow skulls and human bones buried underground in an abandoned village in the Northeast. They were puzzled. At first they thought they were some kind of ritual sacrifice. In order to understand the truth, a thorough investigation was launched. The conclusion was that there had been a serious famine in the area and all the edible birds and animals had been eaten by the villagers. One day, a deformed man with a head as big as a bull's head wandered into the village as lost. The villagers knew that he was a human being, but in order to wrap his belly, they falsely claimed that he was a cow, beat the man alive and slaughtered him to eat. He became addicted to eating and forced people out of the village. They tied a cow's head on his head, falsely claiming it was a cow and slaughtered it to satisfy his hunger. This self-deception was used to reduce the guilt of cannibalism. The villagers didn't want this disgraceful thing to spread, so they exaggerated it, saying that something bad would happen to anyone who listened to [Nuowu].

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