Horror On The Pond Read Online

I was nineteen years old that year. My father partnered with others to contract a pond to raise fish in Wuqing District, more than a hundred miles away from home. Since my father had something to go home and needed someone to replace him, I happened to be fine during the summer vacation, so I went to replace my father on duty.

I remember that the weather was sunny and sunny that day, I got on the bus at 7 o'clock in the morning, and set off on the road with excitement. After all, I haven't traveled much, so I am full of curiosity about the destination.

Some of the situations there were just what my father described…like who worked together. The more curious you are, the more anxious you are. And that bus feels slower than a bullock cart, so I can't bear it. While walking, looking at the scenery outside, the beautiful scenery of my hometown gradually blurred in my field of vision.

After wandering around for an estimated two or three hours, there were more and more ponds on both sides of the road, and finally arrived at the destination around 11:00 noon. The one who picked me up was a young man named Li who was partnered with my father! I call him Brother Li.

The first time I met Brother Li, I felt that he was very smart, although he was not tall. I belong to that kind of short and fat figure (about 1.65 meters) but with sharp eyes, and I can see that I am very shrewd and capable. Li Ge treats people very enthusiastically and is very good at talking: "My brother is here, hehe. I heard from your father that you are coming over, and I will ask your sister-in-law to cook some special dishes for you to cleanse the dust. Come inside!"

I was a little embarrassed for being so enthusiastic, "Brother Li, you are welcome. I have heard of your name a long time ago. My dad often mentions and praises you to me."

"Hehe, you're being polite, it's not as good as what you say!" He walked into the room of the headquarters while talking.

The house here is relatively simple, with three rooms and a small feed processing plant. The house faces the pool and backs to the road.

Brother Li and his wife, whom I call my sister-in-law, live in the second house, and the first house is the cafeteria where everyone eats together. Everyone gathers to eat in the cafeteria.

The lunch at noon today was pretty good. In addition to sister-in-law's specialty dishes, Brother Li also made a special dish of sweet and sour fish. Of course, it is not a luxury to eat a meal of fish that is originally a fish farm.

Those who had lunch together were all partners, Brother Li and his wife, Brother Shen and Brother Dong. Both of them are locals. Uncle Yi and Uncle Er are both from our village and came with their father.

The lunch was very rich and I was really hungry after sitting in the car for most of the day. Of course I was merciless when I saw such a rich lunch, and I started to gobble it up.

While eating and chatting, I learned about the work here: the water surface covers an area of ​​1,000 mu, and it is divided into nine ponds and two large ponds. The nine small ponds are all next to each other in the shape of a nine-square grid. It is estimated that they used to be a whole and then divided into a nine-square grid. The two largest ponds are also adjacent to the nine-square grid. Each pond is numbered, and each partner is responsible for two ponds during the day feeding fish.

Brother Li has a relatively large shareholding and knows a lot of technology. He is responsible for feeding the fish fry opposite the headquarters, which is the No. 1 pool.

Father is in charge of No. 5 and No. 6, Dong Ge is in charge of No. 2 and No. 3, No. 4 and No. 7 are in charge of Shen Ge, and No. 8 and No. 9 are in charge of Uncle Yi. And the two biggest ones outside the Jiugong grid, the two numbers ten and eleven, are under the responsibility of the second uncle. The division of labor here is clear and everyone is very harmonious.

When on duty, there are three shifts. During the day, each person manages his own pond. From 8:00 p.m. Once the situation is found to be good, the aerator is turned on in time, the main purpose is to prevent a large number of fish from dying due to lack of oxygen at night. (Because this intensive farming method leads to too much density of fish in the pond)

After lunch, my father explained briefly again and then got on the bus to go home.

In the afternoon, Brother Li took me around the fish pond to familiarize myself with the terrain.

I didn't know until I saw it myself, my good guy, it is indeed a thousand-acre fish pond. Even if it has been divided into nine squares, the area of ​​each pond is almost as large as a small lake.

The weather here in July is not so hot here. The breeze blows across the water, creating layers of ripples and slapping the river bank. From time to time, a few white waterfowls slide across the water with melodious singing.

I have never been to the beach, but here I feel like I am in the sea. The pond is surrounded by endless reeds, and the ups and downs are very spectacular when blown by the wind. The blue sky and the green reed ocean add a mystery of nature. The scenery is not to mention how beautiful it is. If you are used to living in the city, then coming here has a feeling of returning to basics.

The surrounding roads are all dirt roads, with a width of about five or six meters, it is not a problem to walk a small truck. In the middle of every two ponds there is a small earth house where they rest at night.

We walked around the pond for a full two hours. I asked Brother Li if I didn't understand, and Brother Li answered me one by one, so that I have a general understanding of this place.

Back at the headquarters and stayed for a while until it was time to feed the fish at five o'clock in the evening. Brother Li followed me to the pond that my father was in charge of, and helped me put in the feed.

A bag of eighty catties of feed is not light! Fortunately, I am strong enough to carry it.

Ten bags per pond is nearly two tons, which makes me sweat like a sweat, but fortunately, I am young and strong! Watching groups of fish enjoying their dinner is not to mention how happy I am.

After feeding for a while, it can be considered that the feeding is over, and we also went back to have dinner. Dinner is even more devoured because the physical exertion is too much and urgently needs to replenish energy.

After eating, everyone chatted for a while, and then went back to their huts to rest.

Brother Shen is on the pre-shift today, I am on the middle shift, and Brother Li is on the evening shift. Each person on duty is equipped with a strong flashlight and shakes it against the sky if the situation arises.

I went back to my father's residence. The earthen house of my father was very simply furnished. There was a bed and a table. There was a small 14-inch color TV on the table, and there were a few books on fish farming beside it.

I looked at the time, it's nine o'clock, hurry up and rest, today is on duty! I fell asleep in a daze on the bed, and I feel too tired today.

While I was sleeping soundly, I heard someone calling me. I rubbed my eyes and saw that it was Brother Shen and I who had come to take over the shift.

I looked at the time and it was one o'clock in the middle of the night, thinking how time flies. I got dressed and came out with a flashlight. Brother Shen and I went back to sleep after handing over.

I walked to the fish feeding platform and washed my face with water in my hands. The cool water hit my face and I didn't feel drowsy immediately. Carrying a flashlight, I went to the headquarters first and walked around. The street lights in front of the headquarters have been turned on, and they look so bright in the dark night sky. I glanced at the headquarters to find a good location, and then went along the road to No. 1, No. 4, and No. 7 ponds.

While walking, I used a flashlight to shine into the river. When I was talking, it was the first time I was watching the night alone in this deserted wild depression, and I felt a chill in my heart from time to time. Sometimes there is a "crash" sound according to the water surface, which may be that the fish are eating and startled by the light. Sometimes a few waterfowls suddenly flew out of the reeds and flew away with a frightened sound.

I kept cheering myself up in my heart: I am a man, what am I afraid of, and I have also learned Taekwondo and have kung fu. Before I knew it, it seemed that I had reached the end of No. 7 pond, so I turned to the road of No. 2, No. 5 and No. 8 ponds, and walked up to the lights of the headquarters in the distance.

I didn't care at first, and after walking for about five minutes, I suddenly felt more and more wrong. I found that no matter how I walked, the light at the headquarters kept such a long distance from me, as if the light would go away, and it would go away when I walked. I thought I was going wrong. But when I turned around, strange things happened again, there was a light in front of me, behind me, left, right. I don't know where to go, I can't find a light and walk up, it's still the same, the other three lights will run as far as I go, and they will never catch up.

I was really a little scared. I wanted to shout but I couldn't make a sound. What happened? Helpless, I had to find a cleaner place to sit down.

The tense nerves affect every cell of my body, and my scalp feels numb. The sound of the surrounding reeds being blown by the wind was not as pleasant as it was during the day, but it made people more cautious and panicked.

The constant walking made me feel weak and exhausted. At this time, no one knows what to do, think about it! How does it feel to be alone in the wilderness in the middle of the night and unable to get out! And I always feel blurry in front of my eyes, as if there is a figure shaking, it seems to be wearing a pair of red trousers, the upper body is also red clothes, and a white silk is tied around the waist. There are reeds fifty meters away from me!

I shook my head vigorously and opened my eyes to see that there was nothing in front of me, it was still reeds. I thought it might be a hallucination, but the palms of my hands were already wet with cold sweat. At this time, I saw a light shaking towards the sky far away from me. This is our only communication signal.

Because mobile phones were not popular at that time! After I saw it, I waved the beam of the flashlight to the sky to indicate my position! After seeing my reply, the beam of light came towards me, I kept shaking, and the beam of light was getting closer and closer! It took nearly 20 minutes for Brother Li, holding a flashlight, to arrive in front of me!

Brother Li's first words when he saw me were: "Brother, why did you come here?"

I breathed a sigh of relief and asked, "Brother Li, am I not in our fish pond now?"

"It's two miles away from our place. After I woke up, you didn't take over the shift with me, so I came out to look for you. I searched for your house, but I couldn't find you. I was also very anxious. I shook the beam of light for a long time, and finally saw your response. At first I thought I made a mistake, because this is someone else’s pond. Thinking it's really you!"

After listening to what Brother Li said, I felt my head go numb! how can that be possible? Two miles away from us, I can't run so fast even if I run! I moved my body a bit, and it was fine! So I walked and chatted with Brother Li, and when it came to what happened just now, Brother Li also felt incredible! But I didn't tell Brother Li when I met the man in the red pants, maybe I felt it was an illusion, and it was a bit unreliable to say it, but it seemed that I was a liar!

Brother Li took over the night shift, and after returning home like this, I was also sleepy, so I lay down on the bed and fell asleep!

After working here for a period of time, I got used to the environment here and got along well with everyone.

There is a kind of red fish here, which is the same color as blood all over the body. When it comes, it is a piece, and the water reflected is all red. Brother Li and the others said that this kind of fish is not allowed to be caught. I have always been very strange.

Brother Li also raised three dogs, all of which were given unique names. The thin white dog has a pointed mouth, a thin body, and a streamlined body. It is the fastest runner, and its name is "Lightning". ! The other is a shepherd dog, thick all over the body, a bit like a wooden pier, everyone calls it "Fatty", it really lives up to its name! This dog has the strongest temper, especially when it is eating, it is really disrespectful! It dares to bite anyone who passes by, as long as it sees this one, it turns its back eyes to look at people, bared its teeth and makes a sound of "Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" I'm welcome here. Even Brother Li, who is the master, gave him three points! But it also has advantages! It is to really protect the master, and when it sees the master being hurt, it will definitely be the first to rush up, even if it is not an opponent, it will fight to the death! There is also a black vegetable dog named Xiao Hei. This dog has a more docile personality and is not very eye-catching, but Xiao Hei is the smartest among the three dogs!

I usually like to train them to play, Xiao Hei can learn what I have taught once, and Lightning has to learn it three times. After learning, each dog will be given a steamed bun as a reward! And that fat man! Damn it, I can't teach it twenty times, it's so stupid, I kicked it angrily, it immediately rolled its eyes and made a "woo woo woo" sound at me, Xiao Wang turned his face again. If there is no way, reward it with a steamed bun to coax it! How stupid!

These three dogs have their own strengths, and I often take them with me on the night shift for three nights! It is also mainly because I feel that the lineup is relatively strong and psychologically sound! Why do I introduce the three of them? Because what happened next was even more incredible.

After dinner that day, everyone sat and chatted in the headquarters room, which was around 20 o'clock!

I was also talking a little dry mouth, remembering that there are cucumbers growing outside! I went out alone, came to the cucumber stand, and looked for cucumbers with a flashlight.

The moon was very round that night, and the sky was dotted with stars, intertwined with the lights of various houses in the distance to form a splendid painting. Just when I found a huge cucumber and wanted to reach out to pick it, through the cucumber stand, I saw that there seemed to be lights flickering on and off on the edge of the No. 6 pond under my jurisdiction! At first I thought I was blind, but when I looked carefully, it was indeed in the reeds on the bank of No. 6. It seemed that there was a lamp and the light was red!

I thought it was a fish stealer, but I was wondering at the time, this man is really sick, how can he steal a fish and still have a red light? I immediately turned around and went back to the house and whispered to Brother Li without alarming others!

Brother Li listened, and after we discussed it, I took Fatty and Xiao Hei and chased him from the edge of the pond on No. The dirt road went around and blocked him, because the side of No. 6 was full of reeds and mud pits, like a swamp, I guess he would not dare to go there at night. With that being decided, we started to split up.

I took Fatty and Xiao Hei, and with a strong iron pipe in my hand, I approached the target quietly, patted the two dogs as I walked, and signaled them to keep quiet! This time, even the fat man was very obedient and understood what I meant. The two dogs even made their usual panting sounds significantly lower. Hehe, it has to be said that I usually train well!

Because the distance is not very short, so after walking for nearly ten minutes, the distance to the goal is getting closer and closer! When I arrived, that is, the place where the light was about 20 meters away from me, suddenly…the light stopped flickering!

With the dim moonlight, I seem to see a red thing, walking along the direction of No. 6 pond facing me.

Have you found me? Impossible, I was afraid of being discovered, so I kept the flashlight off, not to mention, if he found me, why didn't he run fast but walked slowly? With doubts, I didn't dare to speed up to chase, I was afraid that I would be alarmed and he would run away again!

Brother Li didn't come over for a long time, which made me even more anxious! No matter how slow you are, don't forget that you should be faster than me on a bicycle! It's been almost twenty minutes and you haven't met me yet. Could it be that you are waiting at the intersection? Or is the car broken? I really don't understand! Don't think so much anymore, just keep going! Let's see who is so bold to come here to steal fish!

I followed this red shadow at a distance of 20 meters, and for about three minutes, this red shadow suddenly disappeared before my eyes!

I was shocked…what's the situation? How did you come here and encounter strange things! Are you blinded again? impossible! I've been watching it for a long time, and I have to get to the bottom of everything I say this time.

I made up my mind and kept going, and came to the place where Hongying disappeared! At this time, the moonlight was a little dim, and the water was covered with a layer of mist. From time to time, from the reeds came bursts of wailing sounds of unidentifiable birds! I stood here and looked around and saw nothing. There is a water platform built with wooden stakes by the side of the pond. It should be used for feeding fish when others contracted the fish pond before!

After we contracted the contract, for convenience, we moved the fish platform to the opposite side, because No. 5 and No. 6 are next to each other, so that the fish can be fed at the same time, and it also saves a lot of walking, so this fish platform will be scrapped even if it is left here. . When I was staring at Yutai, I suddenly heard the reeds behind me "cracking"! Immediately, I felt numb all over my body and got goosebumps.

Fatty and Xiao Hei yelled "Wow, woof" at the same time. Holding the flashlight in my left hand and the iron pipe in my right hand, I walked step by step towards the reeds about two meters away from me. The reeds were still shaking. And there are Fatty and Xiaohei to embolden me!

When I came to the trembling reeds, I don’t know where I was so bold at the time. I used an iron pipe to push away the reeds, and at the same time pointed the flashlight in my left hand at the bottom…

Everyone, no one can stand it! I describe my feeling at that time, as if my whole body was electrified, my whole body was numb, and I felt that my hair was all standing on end.

What do you think I saw? Just half a meter away from my feet, I clearly saw two legs, wearing red trousers, wearing a pair of red embroidered shoes on the feet, with yellow hydrangea on the toe, and a white silk belt tied around the waist. This person is side lying.

The reader said: Have you seen what this person looks like? See clearly? Think about the wilderness, the moon is dark and the wind is high, what it feels like for me to play with embroidered shoes and red pants! I didn't even dare to take pictures of the upper body! My hands were frozen, I was stupid at the time, my head was as big as a pumpkin, where can I see clearly! The only thing left in my ears is the sound of my heart beating, almost jumping out of my throat, staring at the thing on the ground, my body didn't move for five seconds, when the thing stood up from the ground When I got up, I just woke up, shook my head vigorously, threw the flashlight on the ground, held the iron pipe more than one meter long with both hands, and looked at this thing!

My thought at the time was: If it gets close to me again, I will fight it out, regardless of whether you are a god or a ghost! As long as you take a step closer to me, I will fight to the death.

The meaning of this thing really wants to make do with me, and I feel cold sweat dripping down my forehead.

At this critical moment, Fatty and Xiao Hei rushed forward with a whistling sound! This thing was also very agile, turned around and went down the reeds, and disappeared into the reeds.

After a while, the fat man came back covered in muddy water. It took me a long time to recover. well! These two dogs saved me at a critical moment…

Um? Where is Xiao Hei? Why did the fat man come back? I kept whistling into the reeds, but I didn't see Xiao Hei coming back!

At this time, Brother Li just came over with lightning! As soon as I saw Brother Li, I told what happened just now. Miss Liuyuan, who was staring at Brother Li, bumped into a ghost , her expression was obviously full of disbelief!

I asked Brother Li where he went just now? Why did it take so long to come here?

Brother Li said that he had just encountered the same thing as me last time. He was riding a bicycle and couldn't get out no matter how he went around. Finally, he heard me calling Xiao Hei's name here, so he followed the sound with lightning to find him.

Let's talk together and don't look for it, let's go back and talk about it! Bring Fatty Lightning, two people and two dogs back to the headquarters!

When we arrived at the headquarters, the two of us talked with the adults, and everyone felt incredible!

Brother Shen’s father happened to be there that day. After listening to our narration, he twirled his beard and told us a short story: According to the legend of the old people, there is a pool called "Xiyu Pond".

We have to start from the years of war. In this generation, there is a heroine named Xiyu. She is very handsome, and possesses special marksmanship skills that are extremely accurate. Whenever the devil raises the gun to fire, she can use the bullet to go through the hole of the pistol and shoot the devil's commander. die.

The devil both hated her and was afraid of her, because Miss Xiyu liked to wear a red dress with a white thick belt around her waist, so the devil nicknamed her "White Silk Red Witch"!

But the villagers respectfully call her "the girl in white silk and red dress"!

Later, there was a traitor named Hu Ji who betrayed Miss Xiyu and was surrounded by devils. She fought against the devils alone, but was outnumbered until the last bullet was left, and she committed suicide by drinking a bullet.

She was only twenty-six years old when she died, what a pity! After the inhumane enemy got her body, he gritted his teeth in hatred, cut off her head cruelly to ask for credit, then tied a stone to her body, and threw her into the deep pool.

At that time, some people heard the sound of people crying in this area at night, and many people died in the war here, so the place was later changed into a mass grave.

According to the old people, it was the crying souls of the dead!

Later, the Eighth Route Army sent people to steal the head back secretly. It turned out that the head had been kept in a container bottle in the Japanese research laboratory and soaked in formalin solution.

Seeing that Xiyu's face remained unchanged, everyone was heartbroken. Fortunately, the head has not rotted! Another group of people went to salvage the body, and Hu Ji, the traitor who betrayed Xiyu at that time, was also among them.

A strange thing happened during the salvage. When everyone dived to salvage, suddenly a huge vortex appeared in the water, and many people were sucked into it, but everyone was fine! It felt as if there was something supporting it under my feet, and it didn't sink, but the traitor was gone.

After a while, two corpses floated up in the deep pool, one of them was a headless corpse, his hands were tied upside down, he was wearing red clothes, and a white silk was tied around his waist! The other body was that of Hu Ji.

Everyone salvaged the two bodies and found that there were finger marks on Hu Ji's neck, as if he had been pinched, and his eyes were wide open, as if he had seen something terrifying before he was alive.

Everyone salvaged the two corpses and found that there was still a skin bag in the arms of the traitor. When they opened it, they found that it was a letter from Hu Ji to the Japanese to tell the Japanese, and there was still 20 yuan in the ocean!

Only then did everyone know the details of this guy, but the Eighth Route Army treated people with benevolence and righteousness, and no one would be enmity after death, so they carried the traitor's body far away and buried it deep.

And that headless corpse was identified as Miss Xiyu's.

Everyone endured incomparable grief and buried her head by the edge of the deep pool! Strange to say, there has been a new species of red carp in the deep pool since then, the color is as red as blood. When this kind of fish swims out of the water in groups and pairs, it can make the pool water red! Because this kind of red fish specializes in eating red algae in the water, it can purify the river water and is beneficial to the growth of other fish! So fishermen put this fish in polyculture with other fish.

Everyone said that Miss Xiyu turned into a red fish after her death to protect the local people. From then on, everyone named this deep pool "Xiyu Pool".

Later, due to local water conservancy development, this land was used, and Xiyutan was connected to other rivers, so it could not be found. This is our legend about Xiyutan and red carp.

Brother Shen's father told the story briefly, then took a deep breath and said, "Of course the legend is a legend, and the truth has yet to be verified, but I still feel very strange when you introduce what happened to you two. It seems that this The legend is true!"

"Yeah!" I took the topic and said, "I find it incredible what happened these few times, besides, Xiao Hei hasn't come back yet, and I don't know where he has gone."

Everyone pondered for a while, and everyone went to sleep, and those on duty went to their own business! After hearing this story, I didn't feel that Miss Scary had bumped into a ghost , but that the nation has such a hero worthy of admiration!

That night I had a strange dream, in which I fell into a mountain stream in a daze.

There is mist in the mountain stream, just like a fairyland.

Just when I was at a loss, I heard chaotic footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw a group of people running towards me, shouting as they ran: The mountain ghost is here! run! Monk Zhang Er was puzzled by what I heard.

At this time, some people had already passed me, and suddenly a person bumped into me with a "plop", and fell to the ground with me at the same time.

I watched this collide with me, and the person lying on top of me was stunned! This girl is so beautiful, she is almost face to face with my eyes, her oval face is like a full moon, her eyebrows are curved with willow leaves and her eyes are almond-shaped, her nose is dark and cherry-shaped, her teeth are like jade, she has black hair, and her hair reaches her eyebrows. Covering the stems with the back hair is like clouds covering the moon! So beautiful!

We all stood up at the same time, and she said to me anxiously: "Brother, run! The mountain ghost is here!"

"What mountain ghost?" I asked.

"Here, that's it." The girl pointed her finger, and I followed the direction of her finger to watch…

There was a monster, about a foot long from head to tail, its whole body was like a ladder, its limbs were particularly sharp, and it rushed over shaking its head and tail.

I was stunned for a moment, and the monster's forelimb just inserted into the girl's left trouser leg.

The girl yelled for help, I couldn't care less in a hurry, so I picked up a small tree trunk by the side of the road and rushed to fight the monster. I was hitting the monster on the front leg. After the monster was hit by me, it immediately left the girl and ran away.

The girl got up from the ground and thanked me for saving my life! I was still in shock, and then I woke up, and I looked at the girl again. She was about 1.67 meters tall, and she was covered in fiery red, with red clothes, red trousers, and red shoes, and a piece of white silk tied around her waist. I feel déjà vu,

"What's your name girl?" I asked.

The girl smiled at me, "My name is Xiyu!"

ah! Why is this the same name as the character in the story that Brother Shen's father told?

My heart was pounding. "What's going on here? Am I in a dream or in reality?"

"Our group has been here for a long time, and we can't leave here because of this monster that has been suppressing us. Thanks to you, little brother, please help us get out of here! We all want to reincarnate and leave here as soon as possible. "

reincarnation? Are these people already…? With a disturbed mood, I listened to the girl's pleading face telling me.

I took a look, and the people who came back one after another didn't know what to do, they just felt that their faces could not be seen clearly.

"How can I help you?" I asked!

"Although this monster is gone now, it will come back. We can only leave here if we get rid of its real body. Brother, please."

As soon as the girl said this, she heard a strange roar behind her! The monster ran towards them again. I wanted to save them, but I couldn't move my whole body.

"What is the real body of that monster?" I yelled at the girls, but they had all disappeared.

Just when I was extremely anxious, I vaguely saw a black shadow running towards me! I felt my face was wet, and I opened my eyes in a daze. It was already dawn, and it turned out to be a dream! Why! Who is licking my face? Blackie! I found that Xiao Hei was wet under my bed, looking at me with his tongue out!

I hugged Xiao Hei's neck excitedly, "Where did you go, I'm so worried!" It's a pity that it can't speak!

I found a cloth and wiped off the muddy water on it. Xiao Hei shook the water on his body, it was basically dry, then grabbed my pants with his mouth, and ran outside, as if there was something wrong!

I followed it curiously and stopped after walking for about fifteen minutes.

I looked around, hey! Isn't this the place where the accident happened yesterday! I saw Xiao Hei jumping onto the wooden water platform, and uttered a very desolate whine to the river below the water platform!

what's the situation? Is there something under the water? I found a wooden stick and stuck it underwater to explore.

The water was about two meters deep, and the head of the stick had already touched the soil in the river, but it felt hard under the soil, as if there were boards or something. After poking it twice again, I heard a hollow sound of "dongdong"!

I didn't continue poking, because something suddenly came to my mind… That dream seemed to be true… I removed this abandoned water table that day…

The summer vacation passed quickly, and I also left here. When I was leaving, I bought some river lanterns and put them down where there was a water platform. I prayed silently in my heart and then went home.

The price of fish in that year was extremely high, and it was said to be rare in a hundred years. Anyone who has shares here has made a fortune, and we withdrew the shares after working for one year.

The price of fish fell in the second year, some of them saved their capital, while others lost their money.

Later, I heard from my father that before us, those who raised fish here basically lost money. Somehow, they lost money inexplicably! We are extremely lucky.

When cleaning the pond in the winter of that year, a coffin was cleared from the place where I removed the water platform in No. 6 pond. There is a hole in the lid of the coffin, which should have been pierced by a leg of the water table.

Since then, I have never been to that once frightening and unforgettable place…

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