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While hiking, he broke into a small village with only one family. There were only three people in this family, an old man in his sixties and his two daughters.

The old man was very enthusiastic and kept asking his daughter to bring him tea and water, prepare dinner, and also brought out a lot of fruits from the mountains for him to eat.

He immediately saw the red berry, a small red berry that he had only eaten as a child, but the faint sweetness had never been forgotten.

He grabbed a bunch of red girls and ate them full of ghost stories . One of the old man's two daughters went to cook, while the other sat by the window and watched him.

Looking at the way he was eating, he covered his mouth and smiled. Seeing that he loved to eat, the old man suddenly became solemn and said, "Young man, do you know? We don't have red girls at first."

One year, a girl was tricked by people in the city and became pregnant, so she jumped off a cliff dressed in red. From then on, our place was covered with red girls in front of and behind the mountains. "

The old man suddenly came to his ear and said mysteriously, "I heard that whoever eats this red girl will always see a girl in red clothes following him and staring at him until the person is stared at. Go crazy and jump off the cliff."

He shuddered involuntarily, and kept glancing at the girl sitting by the window from the corner of his eye. She was wearing a red dress.

The girl suddenly pursed her lips and laughed silently, and the old man also laughed. He was relieved, "Master, you don't want to be so scary! You already have two daughters, why are you still making such a joke? !" The old man suddenly stopped laughing: "Young people have scary ghost stories , what are you talking about? I only have one daughter!"

He looked towards the window, but there was no girl in red there, only a string of dazzling red girls hanging by the window.

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This story is based on a hiker who mistakenly enters a small village. Through the legend of the red girl told by the old man, it creates a mysterious and weird atmosphere. The red girl in the story is not only a delicious fruit, but also a cursed symbol, which makes people feel the potential fear while enjoying the delicious food.

The climax of the story is when the old man suddenly reveals the fact that he "only has one daughter", which shocks and puzzles both travelers and readers. The disappearance of the daughter in red by the window, and the final scene where only a string of red girls are left hanging by the window, adds to the suspense and horror of the story.

Overall, this is a story full of folklore and thriller elements, which makes people keep guessing and reasoning during the reading process, and also creates a strong curiosity about the story behind the red girl. The ending of the story leaves an open space for imagination, making people not only frightened but also have profound thoughts about the complexity of human nature and the mystery of the countryside.

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