Folk Ghost Stories

Lao Cai is a famous doctor in Lan City, no matter how serious the disease is. After taking a pulse check by him, the disease can be cured after taking the medicine he personally prepared. The most amazing thing is that he charges very low fees. He doesn't charge for the poor people he meets, and even gives away the medicine. Therefore, his prestige in Lan City is very high, and many people come to see him for medical treatment.

It is said that there was a poor man named Wang Er in Lan City. He had a daughter who was only 28 years old. She had white lips and teeth and was pretty. The matchmaker who asked for her hand in marriage almost broke through the threshold of his house.

Wang Er made a promise to plant his flower in the rich family's field. For a time, there were a lot less matchmakers. There were not many rich families in the city, and almost none were willing to marry their poor families.

Just when Wang Er was worried, the richest man in the city, Liu Yuan's family, sent a matchmaker to propose marriage to his son. Wang Er was so happy that he agreed to the marriage.

Unexpectedly, Wang Er found out that he had been deceived when he married his daughter. He had promised to marry the young master of Liu Yuan's wife's family, but he was actually marrying Liu Yuan's wife as a side wife.

In anger, Wang Er went to Liu Yuan's wife's house to cause trouble, and was beaten with wounds all over his body by Liu Yuan's wife's thugs. After returning home, a fire broke out and he almost died. The family invited Lao Cai to diagnose and treat him. Lao Cai looked at Wang Er's pale face and said, "I will prescribe him some medicine to treat external injuries first, and then I will give you a medicine to treat the illness in your heart." After that, he asked Wang Er's family to follow him to get the medicine.

That night, when Lao Cai was walking, he walked a little further until he reached the backyard of Liu Yuan's wife's house. He wandered around in the backyard of Liu Yuan's wife's house for a long time, looked at the well next to his house, and then went home with his hands behind his back. .

The next day, Liu Yuanwai came to see Lao Cai with a green face. After Lao Cai took his pulse seriously, he looked troubled and kept shaking his head.

When Liu Yuanwai saw this posture, he thought he had some strange and incurable disease. He was so frightened that he was covered in cold sweat . Can he be cured ? He quickly asked: "I said, aren't you a miracle doctor? Shaking your head doesn't matter. Can't you cure my disease?"

Lao Cai shook his head and said: "It's not that it can't be cured. The prescription is to make you give up something to avoid being unhappy. But your disease must be cured by this medicine. If it is not cured, I'm afraid your life will be short."

Liu Yuanwai grabbed Lao Cai's hand anxiously and said, "You said, there is nothing I wouldn't give up as long as I can survive."

Lao Cai whispered in Liu Yuanwai's ear for a while, and Liu Yuanwai's face suddenly changed, and he hesitated for a long time without saying anything.

Lao Cai waved his hand and said, "That's all. Since you can't let go, just go back!"

Liu Yuanwai lowered his head and thought for a while and said: "Okay! I'll give it up." After saying that, he went home. Not long after he returned, he saw a small sedan coming out of the back of his house and delivered to the door of Wang Er's house. Wang Er's daughter got out of the sedan and ran back home.

When Wang Er saw that his daughter Wan Bi had returned home, he was overjoyed and his illness suddenly recovered.

Later, people were curious about what Lao Cai said to Liu Yuanwai to make Liu Yuanwai return Wang Er's daughter? In fact, it's very simple. Lao Cai put some medicine in the well of Liu Yuan's wife's house. After taking this medicine, the man will be impotent for a few days, but it will not cause any serious harm to the body.

Mr. Liu had married a new concubine, and before they could even move in together, his body was no longer useful. I had to go to Lao Cai for treatment. Lao Cai told him if the dead sperm could be cured , he could give up his new concubine and it would be cured immediately.

Sure enough, this dose of medicine cured both Wang Er and Liu Yuanwai.

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