Family Ghost Stories

In the past few days, I have been tortured by fear. I often cry in the corner of my parents' room. I pray that my parents can come back soon, but they have gone to their hometown to hold a funeral for my grandpa, and it will definitely be a month before they come back.

In fact, I shouldn't be scared because there is an old woman upstairs.

Our house is not for one-person living, but has a structure similar to that of a united household. It is a house with upstairs and downstairs, and two families live in it. Our house is on the first floor, and we share a toilet and a kitchen with the family upstairs. The family upstairs is only occupied by an old woman most of the time.

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That old woman had a kind face and seemed to be a nice person. I once asked my father why she was alone. Did she have no children?The father replied that she lost her little grandson, her daughter-in-law committed suicide, her son ran away, and a good family was destroyed.

Maybe the old lady couldn't bear the loneliness, so she opened a baby nursery, where a few busy office workers kept their newborn babies.

So the upstairs was a mess every day, with babies crying and old ladies humming sleep songs. It was always so noisy that I couldn't sleep peacefully, so I simply put on my headphones and listened to the music. After midnight, it became quiet. .Maybe it's because my parents are with me, maybe it's because my father likes to take long naps, maybe it's because the Walkman has too much reverberation, and I missed a lot of things I should have heard. By the time everything is over, it's too late

Stories about ghosts in the family_Audio novels about ghosts in the family_Short stories about ghosts in the family

I remember that the day after my parents left, the Walkman ran out of power, so my ears had no care. I could only hear the noisy sounds upstairs. Time passed slowly, and around twelve o'clock, everything was calm. But just when I was slightly sleepy, I heard the sound of chewing something crispy, such as "ga ding". If there was no rhythm, it would sound very regularly, which disturbed me and I couldn't sleep. , I was holding the quilt there and thinking, is the old lady eating carrots there?

I finally fell asleep at three o'clock, but at four o'clock I was awakened by the need to pee. I rushed out without thinking, and then suddenly opened the toilet door.

The scene in front of me shocked me greatly. The old woman was gargling her mouth and then spitting out a mouthful of blood.I think I fainted from fright on the spot, and I told myself: It must be a dream, otherwise I wouldn’t feel any pain even if I fell down.

Ghost Stories

Sure enough, when I woke up the next morning, I found that I was still alive and lying well at home.So I packed up and went out to say good morning to the old lady. The old lady had already prepared the rice and sliced ​​the crispy carrots. I smiled to myself, how could I regard such a good old lady as an ogre?

However, the next night, there was still a "clicking" sound. I suspected that the old woman had the habit of eating late night snacks. In the morning, the old lady still got up earlier than me and made me breakfast, including porridge, tea eggs, and carrots. She picked out several pieces of carrots for me with chopsticks, and then said proudly: "These are the most tender ones. The old ones don’t taste good.”

The third night was the most unforgettable night for me. At first, a couple came, seemingly to have a baby, but the old woman just remained silent, and finally said: "They are all with me." The couple went crazy. I was looking for the child in the house, and finally found a pile of bloody and rotten meat in the storage box behind the toilet. I also went out to take a look at it. The scene was so frightening that I felt a twinge in my stomach. The smell was disgusting, and the baby's skin seemed to have been cut open with a scraper. Nothing was missing, except for the bones. The wife was crying on the side, and the husband called the police on his cell phone. The police searched the whole house, even our house, and finally found a large metal box under the old lady's bed. It was sealed extremely delicately, but when it was finally opened, many female police officers fainted on the spot. Several mothers watching the scene secretly wiped away tears. What a terrifying scene it was. Seven or eight babies were stuffed inside. Some of them were already rotting, and one of them was already shapeless. But there was one thing in common. They were all. Eviscerated.

Short stories about ghosts in the family_Stories about ghosts in the family_Audio novels about ghost stories in the family

Then the old woman was taken away by the police. The next day, I saw a piece of news: "A 70-year-old woman ate a baby's bones. The scene was horrific and tragic."

So I was very scared. After all, the bed in my room faced the old lady's bed upstairs. However, in fact, I was not that worried. Those few nights were peaceful.

It was not until a few days later that another piece of news was published in the newspaper that my life changed so much. The news was: "The old man-eating man suffered evil consequences and was executed this morning."

Stories about ghosts in the family_Short stories about ghosts in the family_Audio novels about ghost stories about the family

That night I fell asleep around ten o'clock, but around twelve o'clock I was woken up by the unfortunate and disturbing urge to urinate. At this moment, I heard a long-lost "quacking" sound upstairs. My nerves immediately sobered up, and then I slowly stood up, opened the door, and walked slowly toward the second floor, and then arrived at the old lady's door.

I put my ear to the door. There was silence inside. I was rejoicing when I suddenly felt a cold feeling behind my back, so I turned my head. There was someone behind me – the old lady. She still looked kind and kind, and then said to me: "These are the most tender ones, the old ones." It doesn’t taste good.”

I don’t remember how I crawled back to my home, and I decided not to stay in my own room. I only stayed in my parents’ room, holding the Guanyin statue in my hands, and stayed awake all night.

Friends, do you like carrots?

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